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64 Easy 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Kids

64 Easy 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Kids

Are you stuck for ideas on how to make your 9-year-old’s birthday party extra special? Well, you’re in luck! This article will provide you with tons of creative and fun birthday party ideas that any 9-year-old would love. From hosting a themed party with games and activities at home to the best birthday party places to go. There are plenty of easy ideas to choose from that will make the birthday boy or girl feel like the star of the show.

Our complete list of 9 year-old birthday party ideas will help you find the perfect birthday party games and fun activities to throw an awesome kid’s birthday party. So let’s get started planning an unforgettable birthday celebration for your child to make it a special day they’ll never forget.

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Unforgettable 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas to Make it a Memorable Day

64 Things to Do for Your 9 Year Olds Birthday Party. Fun & Unique party ideas to help you plan the party theme, games and activities. From sleepovers to obstacle course, Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, spa parties & more. Use this list to get inspired to find the birthday party your child will be super excited about and remember.

There are tons of fun 9 year old birthday party ideas you can use to host an awesome party. Use this list as inspiration to help you pick out a few party themes your child will love.

Then talk it over with your son or daughter and pick the party theme they are super excited about. All you need is one good idea and your party will be set.

Now it’s time to plan your party!!

Party Planning

I know planning a party can seem overwhelming with our busy lives but don’t worry you can do it!

Grab our free printable birthday party checklist to help you get started. It has all the tasks and things to do to plan a party in an easy-to-follow 8-week checklist.

Make planning a birthday party easy with this free printable birthday party checklist.

If you are planning a last-minute party don’t worry you’ll find tons of ideas below that you can throw together like Escape room games you can print out and play that day, Minute to Win It games with items in your home, easy movie nights, printable scavenger hunts and more.

Use the following steps to start planning your next birthday party.

First Step

Before you can plan your party you need to decide how many party guests you will be inviting. For a ninth birthday party, it is often a choice of inviting their closest friends or the whole class.

The guest list will help you decide on the venue and what is a manageable party with the number of kids you plan to invite. For instance, 20 kids at a sleepover party would be too much but at a Trampoline Park, it would be perfect.

Second Step

Decide if you want to host a party at home or a party location near you. Keep this in mind while going through the kid’s birthday party games & activities below to find one that best fits your needs.

Third Step

Read through the 9 year old birthday party ideas below and find one or two good ideas to create your birthday party theme. Pick out a party idea that will be extra fun for your child’s personality so that you know it will be a special day for them.

On your child’s actual birthday make sure to add some meaningful birthday traditions to do as a family. They’ll love starting a new family tradition all about them.

After you read this find even more ideas in our Favorite Birthday Party Ideas for Boys Ages 9-11 at Home.

Now that you have your plan let’s find you the best 9 year old birthday party ideas and birthday party games for boys & girls.

DIY Obstacle Course

Entertain kids at 9 year old birthday parties with a fun Obstacle Course in your backyard.

Set up an easy DIY Obstacle Course in your backyard. To make the course use items you already have at home or cheap obstacle items from Dollar Tree.

You want to make a route with a start line and end line for the kids. You can time them to see who makes it through the course the fastest and give that child a prize. Or have everyone be a winner and give medals out to everyone who completes the course.

Obstacle Course Ideas – hop through hula hoops, balance over a longboard on bricks, crawl under chair legs, zig-zag between cones, and use your swing set slide.

If you don’t want to make a DIY course we added this cool Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course between 2 trees one year and it was a huge hit. Now we just put it out for the kids to play on all summer long.

Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt for kids. A fun outdoor party game or backyard game kids will love.

Send the birthday kids on a scavenger hunt in your backyard or inside your house. You’ll give them a series of clues or checklist to follow and see which kids can get to the end of the scavenger hunt first.

Grab these free printable Scavenger Hunts for kids indoors and outdoors. Just print and play!

This free printable Neighborhood scavenger hunt is a fun activity for Birthday Parties.

If you have enough parents to help consider going on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. Break the kids up into groups paired with an adult. Let the teams know what the time limit is and the area they are allowed to search in the neighborhood.

When you say go they head out on their scavenger hunt. Whichever team comes back with the most items checked off their list wins.

Grab this free printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt to get started.

Tip: Plan an exciting Birthday Scavenger Hunt to help your kids find their birthday presents this year. They’ll love the thrill of searching the house for their presents!

Plan an awesome Birthday Scavenger Hunt with free clues to help kids find their birthday presents this year. A fun new birthday tradition your kids will love.

Treasure Hunt

Plan an Awesome scavenger hunt with these free Treasure hunt clues & answers. The printable has 20 clues which you can use all at once or break up into two scavenger hunts. Your kids will love the thrill of this indoor scavenger hunt.

Send the kids on an Epic Treasure Hunt through your house or backyard. You can create customizable treasure hunts in minutes with Riddle Me that the kids will love.

It’s so easy just enter the type of event (ie: birthday), location of indoors or outdoors, age group, hiding spots in your house you want to use, and the number of riddles. The system will quickly generate all the fun riddles you need for the treasure hunt.

Next, print out the clues and hide them around your house. At the end of the treasure hunt leave a small prize for each kid. The prize could even be their goody bags if you do this at the end of the party.

If you want the game to go longer you can add on an activity for the kids to do after they find each riddle. This would help fill up the whole party.

Bonus you can also create birthday invitations and thank you cards when you set up the Riddles.

Use this cool Riddle Me program for their birthday party and then the rest of the year as a fun activity for your kids. There are thousands of Riddle options.

Riddle Me works as a great last-minute game you can print out before the party too!

Learn more about how to make a treasure hunt in our Best Treasure Hunt, Clues & Riddles for Kids.

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

Ice Cream Bar

Create a fabulous make-your-own ice cream bar for the kids. They will LOVE it! Put out a couple of different flavors of ice cream to choose from. Then use small bowls to have tons of different toppings for the ice cream sundaes.

You can even put a candle in the birthday child’s ice cream sundae and let the kids all sing before eating their ice cream.

Ice Cream Topping Ideas: chocolate sauce, camel sauce, hot fudge, gummy worms, M&Ms, chocolate chips, crushed toffee, cut-up candy bars, sprinkles, crushed Andes candies, whipped cream, crushed Oreos, cherries.

Tip: Double-check if any kids have allergies before creating your ice cream bar.

Slumber Party

Host a Sleepover birthday party for kids. There are tons of fun activities and party games kids will have a blast doing at the slumber party.

Invite your child’s close friends to a sleepover party to celebrate their birthday. There are tons of fun things to do at a sleepover party from having a spa night to board games and movie nights.

Don’t forget to have some yummy food for dessert and breakfast in the morning.

Nerf War Party

Nerf Gun Birthday Party Ideas, decorations and activities to play. Fun Nerf Gun Targets and games for your party. Plus good bag ideas and birthday cake. Everything you need to throw the best Nerf Wars Birthday Party for 9 year olds.

Kids this age will have a blast doing a Nerf War Birthday Party. You can easily host one of these in your own backyard or a larger space in your house.

Create DIY bases out of cardboard boxes by spray painting them with camouflage spray paint. These will be the obstacles for the kids to hide behind. Have each child bring their favorite Nerf gun and you can supply the Nerf Darts and safety glasses.

The kids can break up into two teams and play Capture the Flag. It’s a wild but super fun party.

Learn How to Throw an Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party. If your child likes the Fortnite video game you could easily make this into a Fortnite Themed Birthday Party.

Nerf Targets

Awesome Nerf Gun Games & Nerf Targets for Kids to play at parties.

Set up a rotation of Nerf Targets around your backyard for the kids to shoot. I would suggest setting up at least 5 different stations.

Have a small prize at each station for the kids to take after they play. It can be small erasers, candy, nerf key chain

Petting Zoo

Is your child an animal lover? See if there is a local petting zoo that would host birthday parties. Kids this age will still have a blast feeding goats and petting rabbits and other small animals.

Lego Party

Plan a fun Lego birthday party for 9 year olds with fun lego challenges.

If you have a big Lego fan at your house plan an awesome LEGO party. We threw this party for one of our sons and it was a huge hit.

Here’s a fun Lego challenge game to play. Get a bunch of random Lego pieces and put them in bins for the kids. Give all the kids 30 minutes to use the pieces to create something out of the Legos they are provided. You can give the kids a theme so they have direction or just let them use their imagination.

To take up more time give them a couple of challenges and pick out a winner after each round that will win a prize.

Another idea is to purchase small lego sets for each child. The kids can build the set while at the party. Then take home the set they build as their party favor.

Add to the party favor these cool lego brick candies. Kids can build with them or eat them. These were a big hit at our son’s party.

Find more Lego Party ideas in Awesome Birthday Parties for Boys.

Pool Party

A pool party is always a hit. See if your local swimming pool hosts birthday parties. This will usually include a certain amount of time to swim, lifeguards, and a private party room to have pizza and birthday cake after the party.

Bring some fun pool floats, floating basketball hoops, skip balls, dive sticks or pool noodles for the kids to use.

Sports in Your Local Park

9 year old wills love a sports themed birthday party. Play soccer, basketball or baseball with your kids closest friends at the local park by near you. It's an easy birthday party idea to host and super fun to play.

Does your child love sports? Then why not have a sport-themed party? Sports are great 9 year old birthday party ideas for active kids. Head to your local park with these outdoor birthday party ideas.

TIP: Make sure to call the park district and see if you can rent or reserve the space so no one else is using it while you’re hosting the party.


Have a soccer shoot-out using the soccer nets already up at your local park. Pick one child to be the goalie and have the rest line up and see if they can kick the ball past the goalie into the goal.

If you have a big group of kids you could also play a soccer game.

Make sure to have a prize for the shoot-out winner like a soccer trophy or soccer medals for all the kids.

Home Run Derby

Use a local baseball field to host a home run derby. Use cones to create your own home run line to make it easier for younger kids to hit. Have one group of kids in the field trying to catch the ball and another group lined up waiting to hit the ball. You can have a parent pitch to the kids.

Once everyone hits switch the groups so they all have a turn. Give out a baseball trophy to the winner of the derby.


If you have a basketball hoop in your driveway you can host this party at home. If not head to the local park with a basketball court. Kids can play the game Knock Out or divide up into two teams and play a game of basketball.

At the end have a trick shot contest and see who can make the craziest shots. They’ll love seeing what shots their friends try to make. Give the winner a basketball trophy.

Picnic In the Park

After playing sports in the park plan a picnic lunch for all the kids. You can bring food or have pizza delivered to the park. End the picnic with a nature walk around the park or a big game of tag.

Minute to Win It Party Games

Exciting Minute to Win it Games for Kids parties. These 1 minute challenges are a hilarious birthday party idea for all age kids. Their easy to set up and super fun to play.

Plan a fun Minute to Win It Party for your kids. These are quick one-minute challenges that are pretty hilarious to watch. Kids of all ages will have a great time trying to see who can complete the challenge before the timer goes off.

You’ll find great 9-year-old birthday party ideas in our 20 Easy Minute to Win It Games. Simple games to play and set up with items you have at home.

Escape Room Game Party

A fun birthday party game to play with kids are thrilling Escape Room Games.

Hosting an Escape room birthday party has been some of my kid’s favorite games to play. These thrilling games will get all the kids involved in trying to solve the clues to “escape the room”.

The best part is the party is made super easy by using printable Escape room games that have everything you need to host the party. Just print it out at home and you’ll be ready to play. This is a great option for last-minute party planning too.

Video Games Party

If your kid is a gamer plan a fun video game party. Have the kids pick a multiplayer game so several kids can play at one time like Fortnite or Minecraft. Ask friends who have a Switch to bring it to the party so that more kids can play.

You can plan a game tournament with the kid who wins going on to play the next round of kids and see who can make it to the end winning the most games.

Game Truck Party

Host a game truck at your house for the party. It’s a huge semi-truck that will park in front of your house and has multiple gaming stations inside. It allows tons of kids to play at the same time and you don’t have to leave your home.

Put out tables and chairs on your driveway or in the garage to have cake and pizza after the time is up for the game truck.

Trampoline Park

Invite your kids friends to a trampoline Park birthday party. It's a great idea when you have larger groups attending the party.

You can plan a big birthday bash at a trampoline party. Check to see if they have a private party room to have birthday cake and pizza after the kids jump.

This party is always a hit as kids love to jump and run around with their friends.

Super Fun winter birthday party ideas & themes for kids, tweens and teens. Find the perfect party ideas to host with party games & themes all ages of kids & party guests will love.

Indoor Playground

See if you have an indoor playground in your area that hosts parties. This is a great option for winter birthday parties. The kids can run around and get their energy out while playing indoors.

DIY Laser Maze

Create a DIY Hallway Laser Maze for a fun activity at birthday parties at home.

Create an easy DIY Hallway Laser maze for the kids to go through. You can make it by taping streamers to the wall at different levels and angles. Then tape pictures or shapes to the wall that kids need to touch as they go by to add an extra element of difficulty.

The kids will try to race through the laser maze and back without touching the streamers. See who can race through the maze the fastest.

Tip: Use painter’s tape to hold up the streamers so the paint doesn’t come off your walls.

Learn how to make a DIY Hallway Laser Maze.

Outdoor Backyard Games

Host a backyard birthday party with fun backyard activities like potato sack races, relay races, Frisbee golf, Hula hoop contest and more.

Take advantage of your outdoor space with easy outdoor birthday party ideas. These fun 9 year old birthday party ideas will keep all the kids entertained.

Look through our favorite outdoor birthday party ideas and pick out a couple of games to play with the kids. Here are a few examples:

Relay Race – Create a DIY Wand with paper towel rolls. Have the kids line up and run a track in your backyard. Space out the team around the track. When they come to a teammate pass the relay wand. The first team over the finish line wins.

Frisbee Golf – Place buckets around the yard and have kids try to throw a frisbee into the bucket

Hula Hoop Contest – Who can keep the hula hoop going the longest

Musical Chairs – Play a few rounds of musical chairs in your yard.

Potato Sack Races – Have the kids race to the finish line while jumping in potato sacks.

Learn how to play all these games and more in our Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids.

Movie Night Party

Show your child’s favorite movie at your home or see if a local movie theatre hosts parties for kids. Make sure to serve some popcorn and candy to eat while watching the movie.

Outdoor Movie Night

Host a nighttime party with an outdoor movie night. Hang up a large white sheet between trees or on your house. Use a movie projector that works with cell phones so you can access movies on your streaming services.

Set out big blankets and cushions for the kids to lounge on while watching the movie. Then set out a Popcorn bar for the kids to snack on during the show.

Popcorn Bar Ideas – Have several flavors of popcorn like butter, caramel, and cheese. In small bowls have M&Ms, Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon, Pretzels, Marshmallows, Trail Mix, or Peanuts to add to their popcorn.

Balloon Games

Balloon Games are affordable birthday party games for 9 year old birthday parties. Find tons of different games to play at a backyard birthday party at home.

These are great 9 year old birthday party ideas that don’t cost a lot to host. You mostly just need a couple of bags of balloons to create these fun games. So it’s a great idea if you are looking to save money on a party at home.

Here are some Balloon Game ideas:

Keep It Up – Give each child 2 balloons and have them put one hand behind their back. See who can keep both balloons up in the air the longest

Balloon Relay Race – Line the kids up into groups and have a chair across the room from the kids. When you say go the first kid grabs a balloon and runs to the chair. They need to sit on the balloon and pop it.

Once it’s popped they run back to their next teammate. Keep going through until the whole team has finished. The first team to finish wins.

Surprise Pop – Fill a small group of balloons with lollypops and a bunch of balloons with just air. Fill a floor space with balloons. When you say go the kids start to stomp the balloons to find the lollypops.

Find more Balloon Party Game Ideas your kids will enjoy.

Superhero Party

Throw a super cool Superhero Party for 9 year olds. They'll love dressing up like their favorite characters and doing superhero challenges. Find out how easy it is to throw a Super Hero Party.

Hosting a Superheros party is an awesome 9 year old birthday party ideas.

Have the kids dress up as their favorite character from a superhero cartoon or movie. Encourage friends to pull out their old Halloween costumes to save parents money.

A fun activity would be to give each child a white t-shirt that you have used puffy paint to add the outline of a shield on the front. Have each kid use markers to decorate the inside of their shield to represent what super hero they want to be. Then give each child a superhero cape to wear with their t-shirt.

Once they’re dressed as superheroes have them run through a DIY obstacle course. Kids can take on the bad guys by dodging and weaving through helium balloons weighted down to the floor. Here are some fun superhero balloons to use.

Find more Superhero party ideas in our Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Boys.

Princess Party

Let your daughter be a princess for a day with a Princess Party. The kids can dress up in pretty dresses, tiaras, or a dress shirt and pants.

For an activity, the kids can create beaded necklaces or bracelets to wear. Then let them dance to Disney songs while pretending to be princesses.

Tea Party

Host a backyard Tea party for kids birthday parties. They'll love dressing up and having tea sandwiches and fruit infused water. It's an easy birthday Theme the girls will love.

Host a sweet tea party for your 9 year olds birthday. This would pair nicely with the Princess party. Serve the girls fruit-infused water in pretty cups. Then have small tea sandwiches and small cakes for the kids to eat.

Add to the fun with some dress-up clothes like boas, tiaras, and cute clip-on hats.

Star Wars Party

A fun 9 year old birthday party idea is to plan a Star Wars Theme party. Kids can dress up like Star Wars Characters and have a lightsaber battle.

Have all the kids dress up as their favorite Star Wars Characters. Host a lightsaber battle using pool noodles while the kids stand on a long plank. Then have the kids use the force and their lightsabers to keep balloons up in the air.

These inflatable lightsabers work great too if you don’t want to make the lightsabers. The best part is they won’t hurt when they inevitably hit each other.

After the games let the kids hit a star wars pinata and get all the candy.

For dessert serve cupcakes topped with Star Wars chocolates made with these cool star wars molds.

Find more Star Wars party ideas in our Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Boys.

Science Party

STEM project for Kids an Erupting Volcano you can easily make at home. Kids will want to do it over and over again.

Entertain the kids with a few cool science experiments for more unique 9 year old birthday party ideas. Kids love these awesome Volcano experiments and Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment.

Rain Cloud in a Jar is a fun Science Experiment for Kids to try at a 9 year old birthday party.

For the rain cloud in a jar experiment, you could let each child individually do this experiment. Just pick up a round glass vase for each child at Dollar Tree along with the shaving cream and food dye. It will make a cheap and fun science activity.

Charades Game

Free Printable Charades Ideas & Word List for Kids. A fun birthday party game with 192 words with 10 different categories. All you need to do is print out the Charades Words and your ready to play!

Host an exciting game of Charades at the party. Start by breaking the kids up into two groups that will compete to win the game.

All you need are these free printable Charades Word lists to play the game. Just cut out the words and add them to a bowl.

Each team will have 1 minute to have a player pick out a word and act it out for their teammates to guess. If the team guesses the word correctly in under 1 minute the team gets a point. Trade-off teams playing and make sure everyone on the team gets a chance to act out a word.

The biggest challenge for kids is to not speak when it’s their turn only to act out the word. When everyone has gone the team with the most points wins the game.

Grab these Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids

Water Park

Take a group of kids to a local water park. They’ll love the thrills of going down the slides and swimming in a wave pool. Make sure to check and see if the waterpark has a party package including a place to have birthday cake during the party.

Laser Tag

Host a laser Tag Birthday party in your backyard or a Laser Tag location for an active and exciting 9 year old party.

Kids will love a thrilling game of Laser tag. The best part is no one is being hit by nerf darts or paintballs just invisible lasers.

You can either purchase laser guns for groups or find a local place in your area that will host a laser tag party.

Make Your Own Pizza

Let the kids make their own pizzas at a Pizza Party. Give each child pizza dough to roll out and yummy toppings to personalize their pizza. A fun activity and meal for birthday parties or sleepovers.

Kids love pizza so why not host a make-your-own pizza party?

Give each child a ball of pizza dough to roll out into a pizza shape. Then let the kids add their own pizza toppings from items on your DIY toppings bar. It will be fun to see who is adventurous with their pizza choices.

Pizza Topping Bar Ideas: Pizza sauce, pesto sauce, olive oil & garlic sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, cooked sausage, pepperoni, sliced bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, shredded chicken.

Miniature Golf

A local miniature golf course is a great place to take a group of kids for a birthday party. Check to see if they have a private party room or an area to have a birthday cake after the kid’s golf game.

Slime Party

Have the kids make their own slime. They’ll love making it and playing with the slime afterward. Bonus they can take home the slime as part of their party favor too.

Find tons of easy slime recipes on Pinterest.

Tie Dye Party

Kids will have a blast making tie-dye t-shirts at your child’s birthday party. Buy plain t-shirts for all the kids coming to the birthday party. The rest of the supplies you need are dye, rubber bands, buckets, water, stirrers, and metal tongs.

Use the rubber band to make different sections of the shirt. You can dip each section into a bucket with dye or have a squirt bottle with the dye in it to spread.

Learn how to make Tie Dye Shirts on Pinterest.

Selfie Station

Create a DIY photo booth where the kids can take funny pictures. Create a birthday backdrop with a long 10th birthday sign. Then hang streamers or shiny ribbons down the wall as your background.

Add a few funny birthday signs to hold while the kids take pictures and your photo booth is set.

You can take pictures and text them to the parents or if the kids have phones they can take selfies.

Spa Party

Let the girls enjoy a fun spa day theme for 9 year old birthday parties. You can paint their nails, do face masks and enjoy a tea party.

Plan a relaxing Spa Party. This is a party that will make the girls feel older and more sophisticated. Kids can do facemasks and paint each other’s nails. Let the girls wear pink spa robes to help them feel like they are really at a spa.

Make sure to play fun music they’ll love in the background to give it a little bit of a party atmosphere. Pair this spa activity with a sleepover party and your set.

Place on trays tea sandwiches, and small desserts accompanied by water that has cucumbers or is fruit infused.

For the goody bags give the girls eye masks, yummy-smelling lotions, a nail file, and a nail polish bottle.

Dance Party

Crank up the toons and get the kids dancing. Let the birthday child help create a playlist of music all their friends will like. Move the furniture out of the way to make room for a spacious dance floor. Then let them all show off their dance moves.

Runway Party

This party is so much fun. Get a bunch of dress-up clothes for the kids to wear. I would suggest going to the local Good Will and picking up different clothing items.

Let the kids create an outfit out of the clothing options. Maybe even have a few boas and fun hats for the kids to wear.

Then roll out a red carpet and have the kids show off the outfits they created while walking to dance music. It’s a silly and fun party they’ll have a blast at!

Backyard Camping

Host a Backyard Camping Party for 9 year olds. The kids can sleep in tents, roast marshmallows and play ghost in the grave yard.

Host a group of kids for a backyard campout. Set up a few tents in the backyard and have the kids bring sleeping bags. You can roast smores and tell ghost stories around the fire.

Then let the kids play ghost in the graveyard or hide and seek in the backyard.

Glow in the Dark Tag

This is a great party game for sleepovers or backyard campouts. Give all the kids some glow-in-the-dark necklaces to wear. When it’s nighttime let the kids run around the backyard playing tag with their glow wear.

Tip: Make sure there is nothing in the backyard the kids will trip over in the dark.

Ice Skating Party

Take the kids ice skating for the birthday party. Ask everyone to dress warm and rent skates for all the kids. Check with the local ice rink to see what type of party package they offer for birthday parties.

Roller Skating

If you don’t like the cold make it a Roller Skating party. Again rent roller skates for all the kids. See if the roller rink has any special event days like a dress-up night or fun music night for the kids.

Have birthday cake and soft pretzels at the roller rink when you’re done skating.

Artists Party

If your child enjoys painting host a painting birthday party. Give each child a small canvas and paint and let them create a beautiful picture to take home as they party favor.

Does your child like to do art? Plan a fun art project for all the kids to do. You can get an individual canvas with mini easel for all the kids to paint.

9 year olds will have a blast painting with bubbles at birthday parties. A great art project for kids.

Another idea is to let the kids paint with bubbles which are really fun for the 9 year old age group. Honestly, the options are limitless when it comes to art.

Ceramics Party

Host the party at a local Paint Your Ceramics location. They will supply options of small ceramic items for each child to paint. When they finish the kids can take home their project as their party favors.

Bowling Party

A fun 9-year-old birthday party idea is a Bowling Party at your local bowling alley.

Host a classic bowling party for the kids. Most bowling alleys have party packages that allow all the kids to bowl a few frames and a private room for the birthday celebration afterward.

Visit a Local Museum

Have a Night at the Museum theme for the party. Check if you have a local small museum that will host birthday parties. Plan a scavenger hunt around the museum for the kids as a fun way to explore it.

Attend a Local Play

If your child enjoys acting and the theatre see if there is a local playhouse or even a high school play you can take the kids to see. Afterward, take the kids for ice cream to celebrate the birthday kid.

Rock Climbing Party

Host a Rock Climbing birthday party for your kids. They'll love the challenge of climbing the indoor rock walls.

If your child is more adventurous take them to an indoor rock climbing wall. Let all the kids try to climb the wall a couple of times and see who can make it to the top.

Diary of a Wimpy Kids Party

There are tons of great Diary of a Wimpy Kids posters to hang to set the mood for the party. Then play games like these:

Cheese Touch Game. It’s a modified version of musical chairs. Set out enough chairs for each child at the party. On one of the chairs add a picture of moldy cheese. When the music starts the kids walk around the chairs when it stops they sit down. The child who sits on the moldy cheese chair is out. Take one chair out and keep going until there is only one child left on a chair without the moldy cheese.

Play Toss the Bugger Game – Have each child pair up with a partner and stand across from each other. Give one player a blob of slime (AKA boogers) Have the kids toss it to their teammate. If they catch it have the kids take one huge step back. See which team can be the furthest apart and still catch the boogers.

Hello Kitty Party

For fans of Hello Kitty host a sweet Hello Kitty-themed party. Give each child Hello Kitty Ears (headband with cat ears) then paint their faces to look like cats.

For activities, you can tie-dye shirts with different shades of pink, make pink beaded bracelets, or paint a Hello Kitty Stone.

Water Balloon Battle

If your hosting a summer birthday party at home have an awesome water balloon battle in your backyard.

Have an epic water balloon battle in your backyard. Get a ton of water balloons for the party. I like to use Bunch O Balloons because you can fill up a ton of balloons at once with your water hose. Once filled up add all the water balloons to two huge bins.

Break up the kids into two groups and give each a side of the yard. Use something in your yard to create a line down the middle so they know which side they are on. When you say go let the kids start throwing with the basic rule of not aiming at each other’s head.

You can have a team win that has the most hits or just play for fun.

Water Balloon Baseball Game

Create a baseball diamond in your backyard and use water balloons instead of baseballs. Break the kids up into two teams and have one in the field and one in the “dugout”.

Give the players in the field 2 water balloons each and a bucket of water balloons to the pitcher. When the batter is up if they hit the balloon they can start running to the bases but if the players in the field hit them with a water balloon they are out. If the batter does not hit a balloon in 3 pitches they are out. Continue to play the game like a regular baseball game.

Go Kart Racing

Head to your favorite local Go Kart track and let the kids race around on the Go Karts.

Pokemon Parties

Set the theme with fun Pokemon party decorations. You can give each child a small pack of Pokemon cards and let the kids either play a Pokemon game or start trading the cards. The cards can be part of your party favors too.

Zoo Party

Take a smaller group of your child’s closest friends to the zoo for the day. Enjoy walking around to visit the animals and taking in a show a the zoo. Treat the kids to ice cream or lunch too.

Beach Party

Host a fun Beach Party for your child's 9 year old birthday party.

Let your child pick a few close friends to take to the beach for the day. Make sure that all of them can swim before you go and try and find a beach with a lifeguard.

Bring with you fun beach games like frisbee, SpikeballBeach Tennis, or big beach balls.

You could also give each kid a cheaper snorkel set to play with in the water and look for fish. Just make sure to give a quick lesson on how to use a snorkel properly. This can be the kid’s goody bag item too!

Don’t forget to bring a small speaker they could play music on too. Spend a couple of hours hanging out and swimming at the beach.

Arcade Party

Let the kids play games at the local arcade. They love playing these games and winning small prizes at the end with all the tickets they won.

Ropes Course

Take a group of kids to a local Ropes Course for a birthday party. Kids will love the challenge of the ropes course and have a blast at the birthday party.

Challenge the kids to make it through a local ropes course. Kids will love making their way through all the obstacles to finish the ropes course.

Watch a Local Sports Team

Find a local sports team playing your child’s favorite sport and head to a game to watch. Many AAA baseball teams have party packages to make planning the day easier for a bigger group.

Magic Show

Go see a local magic show or create your own DIY Magic Party.

For a DIY Magic party hosted at your house purchase a couple of Magic kits. Break the kids up into small groups and give each team a Magic kit.

The teams will have 30 minutes to learn a couple of magic tricks. Then have each team put on a magic show for the rest of the kids. They’ll love seeing how each group performs its magic tricks.

You can even get a Magic Wand and Magicians hat for each kid to wear while performing.

Garden Party

Have the kids paint small flower pots in your backyard. While the paint is drying have a picnic for all the kids. When the picnic is over have each child add dirt, seeds, or a small flower to their pot. The best part the flower pot can be your party favors too!

Save Money on Party Favors & Party Decorations

Fun & Cheap Birthday Party Decorations for kids from Dollar Tree. The Best party supplies and ideas found at Dollar Tree. Throw a great birthday party for your kids and save money doing it. Find cool birthday theme ideas too!

My secret to saving money on party decorations is Dollar Tree. They have tons of fun birthday themes and general birthday items like plates, napkins, tablecloths, balloons, and more.

Dollar Tree is also a great place to find party favors to hand out at the end of the party. You’ll find cute movie figures, sports balls, small games, slime, playdough, coloring books, candy, and more items to fill up a goody bag.

Check out our favorite Cheap Birthday Party Decorations & goody bags at Dollar Tree and see what you should be buying at the Dollar Store.

Want to Save More Money? Learn how to host a budget-friendly kids’ party with these Smart & cheap birthday party ideas for kids. Simple things you can do to cut costs while still hosting a fun and memorable birthday party.

Make Sure to Grab Your free printable birthday party checklist to make party planning easier and help you get organized!

Plan the best birthday party with this easy to follow free printable birthday party checklist for kids parties.

I hope you have found the perfect 9-year-old birthday party ideas for your child. Fun things to do to celebrate them turning 9 years old that will be memorable for the whole family.

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