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Easiest After School Routine Kids Can Follow Daily in 2021

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Is your life chaotic after school and it’s stressing you out? Don’t worry you can fix that with an easy after-school routine that will work for you. You’ll be amazed what a difference adding a daily schedule for kids can make.

The best after-school routines are ones that let your kids decompress after school but also ensure kids get all their tasks done. It’s a balance that sounds hard to find but you can do it.

I’ll go through everything to consider when you’re creating your own after-school schedule so you can make a stress-free daily routine for kids and parents.

I know it sounds hard but it really is easy once you know how to do it and find a plan that works for your family.

Plus you’ll get our free printable After School Checklist to help keep you on track. So let’s get started and create the perfect after-school routine for you!

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How to Make an After School Routine That Works for You

How to make a simple After School Routine for Kids. Stop having chaotic afternoons with a daily after school schedule your kids can follow. It will help get you organized and finding more time to just enjoy your kids. Use the Free printable After School Checklist to help you stay on track. Just print it out and get started today!

There are so many things to consider when determining what you’re after-school routine will be. Such as your kid’s personality, what activities they’re in, and the best times to do their homework.

But don’t worry I’ll walk you through this so you can make your after-school time less stressful and enjoyable for everyone.

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Why You Need an After School Routine

Less Arguing

Do you find yourself spending tons of time arguing about putting shoes away, asking where their backpacks are, and telling your kids to do their homework?

The best part of a routine is there is less arguing because everything they need to do is set and it just becomes part of their daily lives.

Sets Expectation

Your kids will know exactly what they need to do every day so you won’t have to nag them. Once you get the routine going they will know they are expected to hang up their backpack and do homework after dinner for example.

These routines will be set so there is no questioning or forgetting what needs to get done.


An after-school routine helps both parents and kids have consistency in their daily routine. You’re not asking them to do something one day and not asking them to do it another day. This is usually where the kids and you get upset.

Having an after-school checklist everyone can look at helps all of you stay consistent. Plus kids really thrive when there is a consistency to their day and they know what to expect.

Keeps You Organized

Organization is the key to taking away the daily stress in your life with kids. When your kids hang up backpacks and put away their lunch bags you can easily find them in the morning. This helps make your day start out easier too.

It also reminds everyone to go through their backpack to look for any papers sent home or homework the kids need to do. This way you are keeping on top of everything and not running around the last minute to finish some project or fill out papers that were sent home.

Having a set time to do homework will also make things less hectic so kids aren’t trying to finish assignments at the last minute which tends to stress everyone out.

You can end that by sitting down at a certain time each night to go over their work even if it’s just 5 minutes to make sure everything is completed.

Creating Your After School Routine

Now the question is what should I do after school with the kids? Let’s go through the after-school activities and what to consider adding to your daily routine.

At the end grab your FREE Printable After School Checklist or the Blank After School Checklist to make your own schedule.

Put Away Backpacks & Lunches

DIY Backpack stations to help get kids into the after school routine of hanging up their backpacks and coats.
DIY Backpack Station

Start with getting your kids into the routine of emptying their backpacks and hanging them up after school.

Consider creating a DIY Backpack station or cubbies to store their backpack, coats, and shoes. This way there is a designated spot to hang the bags and it sets the expectations where they should go.

The kids should also make sure to take out any papers they brought home or folders from their backpacks.

Then I would suggest having the kids bring their school lunch bags to the kitchen. This will help you or the kids be ready to pack school lunches easily the next day.

If you consistently ask your kids to do this it will become routine and then you won’t even have to ask it will be just what they do after school.

Snack Time

Kids will love these healthy after school snack options they can grab themselves.

I don’t know about your kids but mine are starving after school. So once their backpacks are hung up it’s time for a healthy after-school snack.

A huge time saver is making your snacks ahead of time and having them ready in your fridge or pantry for the kids to grab. I know it sounds like a lot but I promise you it will make things smoother after school.

Plus it gives your kids some independence to pick out their own snack from the choices you left for them.

See how I did it in my DIY Pantry Organization Ideas for Snacks & School Lunches.

Let Them Decompress

Add Outdoor play time to your daily after-school routine for kids. Get your kids exercising and having fun playing outside each day.
Outdoor After School Fun

After snack time let the kids have some Free time to play. It’s a long day at school and they probably need some time to just relax and play.

This is when you need to decide if you will let the kids be on electronics or not. I would suggest setting the precedent right when you begin your routine so there is no fighting about it later on.

Give the kids ideas of what they can do during Free time such as play outside, build legos, do a craft, play a board game. Here are tons of fun indoor activities and outdoor activites for kids they’ll love.

I would suggest you try and balance out a certain amount of time to go outside or play indoor games with electronics time.

Tip: You can set time limits on their iPads or pick specific shows so can restrict the amount of time they spend on electronics.

Do Your Homework

DIY Homework Station a designated spot for kids to do their homework. This will help you keep on track with your after school routine.
Homework Station

I find the time of day that kids can best focus on homework is different for each kid. Some kids do better getting their homework done right away while others would prefer to do it after dinner.

This might be something you have to play around with and see what works best for your kids.

They may be too wound up after school to settle down and do school work and playing outside after snack is a better option. While other kids might never get their homework done if they don’t do it right away.

Another thing to consider is what after-school activites you have this will play a role in when homework needs to get done too.

Having a designated homework station is also a huge help. Create a place kids can focus and just work on their homework without any distractions.

Daily Chores

Add kids chores into your after school routine to teach your kids responsibility.

As part of your after-school routine get your kids doing chores at home. It’s a great way to teach them some responsibility and help out around the house.

It can be as simple as making their bed or when they get older helping with the dishes and taking out the trash. Use our age-appropriate chore chart to give you some chore ideas to start.

Adding chores to your daily routine will help make it an automatic thing they do each day and not become something they dread doing each day.

Dinner Time

Plan a family dinner every night as part of your daily routine after school. Catch up as a family and enjoy time together.
Schedule Family Dinner Time

Dinner time is different for each family with their work schedules and after-school activities. Figure out what time of day works best for your family to eat and adjust the rest of your after-school schedule around that.

For instance, if you like to eat early maybe your kids can do their homework after dinner. But if you tend to eat late they should probably get their homework done before dinner.

Having family dinners together is a great way to hear all about your kid’s day and connect with them. It’s time off electronics and just focusing on each other.

Another great way to bond as a family is to plan a family game night. Try scheduling a game night at dinner time once a month and have a blast playing games together.

Use our Family Game Night Printable to get 12 Months of pre-planned printable game ideas, food ideas, prizes, and more. Everything is already planned for you so you can just relax and have fun together.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

Reading Time

DIY Cardboard Reading Nook to get kids excited about reading during their daily routine.
DIY Cardboard Reading Nook

I always add reading time into our daily routine so that we don’t forget to do it. Reading is so important for kids of all ages but it can get skipped when we get so busy.

Making 20 minutes of reading part of your daily routine will ensure you get it done every day.

We like to do our family reading time before bed so everyone calms down and relaxes enough to sleep. When the kids were little we would read to them and as they got bigger the kids started reading to themselves before bed.

If your kids are going to read earlier in the day make a comfy ready nook to inspire them to hang out longer and read. We made a cool DIY reading nook out of a recycled cardboard box. It was a huge hit!

So make sure to schedule reading time into your after-school routine.

After School Activities & Sports

Make sure to add after school sports and activities to your daily routine and checklist.

The after-school activites and sports are what can throw off your daily schedule. But don’t let this stop you from creating a daily routine.

Your routine does not need to come with a set time you can just keep a general checklist of what you need to do each day. Then adjust that around your after-school activites.

Printable After School Routine

Make creating your after-school routine easier with our FREE printable after-school checklist & schedule. It has all these items we listed in an easy checklist format to follow.

Hang it up on your refrigerator and get started today.

Grab Your Free Printable After School Checklist & Schedule. It will help you create an easy daily schedule for kids after school.

Want to create your own After School Routine? Grab our blank daily schedule and fill in what you want your kids to do.

Make your own After School Schedule Checklist with this blank form. Just print it out and add in your after school routine for kids.

Be Flexible With Your Daily Routine

You do not need to be rigid about your after-school routine. This is supposed to be something to help you and if it starts stressing you out that won’t be helpful either.

Use the checklist as a guide for after school but don’t feel you need to always do each activity in order or every day. Just do your best and figure out what works for your family.

Getting Your Kids to Do the Routine

This can be the trickiest part of starting an after-school schedule or routine. The best way to set your routine is to be consistent in what you’re asking your kids to do.

If you ask them to accomplish the same tasks every day then it will just become your routine. I think the first week will be the hardest while you’re changing your kid’s old habits. But once it’s set you’ll find it to be easy to keep up.

A great time to start these routines is Back to School or after a school break like winter break. But don’t let this keep you from getting started if you are ready just go and your kids will follow.

Are you ready now to get yourself organized and start your after-school routine? I am telling you it will make such a huge difference in your stress level with the kids after school.

Once you start your daily routine things will go so much smoother. Plus the after-school checklist will keep you focused on what everyone needs to get done.

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Easy Daily After School Schedule for Kids to follow. Learn how to create a daily routine that will work for your family and makes after school time less chaotic. Use the FREE Printable After School Checklist to help keep you on track too!
How to Make an After School Routine & Schedule for kids. Use the FREE printable After School Checklist to get you started and learn how to create a daily routine that will work for your family. It's going to make your day so much less chaotic and disorganized. So get started today with your new After School Routine.

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