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Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party Ideas (Updated 2021)

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My sons love having Nerf Wars, so of course, they wanted a Nerf Birthday Party to celebrate their birthdays. We have thrown two super fun Nerf gun parties with all their friends and have learned a trick or two along the way with the best Nerf Wars Birthday Party ideas.

For each party, we created cool nerf party ideas with DIY targets, Nerf party games, supplies, bases, and party favors. Everything to make these parties easy to put together and much cheaper than booking a laser gun facility.

So, follow along and find out how to throw an awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party.   

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Ultimate Nerf Wars Birthday Party Ideas and Games. Learn how to host an easy DIY party by building bases, playing capture the flag and create favors and goody bags. All you need to know for a unforgettable Nerf Gun Birthday party!! #nerfwars, #kidsbirthday, #nerfgunbirthday

How to Throw an Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party

Nerf Targets, Bases & Battlefield

To prepare for your Nerf gun party you need to create your bases, battlefield, and DIY Nerf Targets. This is the most time-consuming part so make sure to start before the day of the party.

You’ll be amazed at how you can turn your backyard or basement into a Nerf War with these simple DIY party ideas. Plus you’ll save money by making these bases and targets at home.

If your kids love Fortnite turn the Nerf party into a Fortnite Themed birthday. Combine both party ideas for the ultimate kids’ birthday.

Nerf Targets 

I’ve created two targets for the Nerf Party but to find more ideas check out Kid’s Favorite Nerf Gun Games & Targets. 

Target # 1 – Use Pool Noodles – I bought pool noodles and cut them to approximately 8 inches.

DIY Nerf Gun Targets to use at the birthday party.
DIY Nerf Gun Targets

Then I wrapped the noodles with the printable targets you can download for free below. I used regular scotch tape to secure them to the noodle. It’s that easy!

Tip: Find cheap pool noodles at your local dollar tree.  

Free Printable Nerf Gun Targets

Target # 2 – Get a few empty cans of Pringles and wrap them with colored paper which can be glued to the can.  

Easy DIY Nerf Targets made out of Pringles can. A fun Nerf party game for the kids to play.
DIY Nerf Gun Target

These targets can be propped up on a ladder or boxes to give different levels to shoot.   

Target # 3 – DIY Spinning Nerf Target with a Cardboard box. Make your targets more challenging by trying to hit a moving target. Kids love these and there cheap & easy to make.

Get directions on how to make a DIY Spinning Nerf Target.

Cool DIY Spinning Nerf Targets for Kids. Learn how to make this easy Nerf targets out of Cardboard boxes. Your kids will love it!.

DIY Bases & Battlefield Ideas

DIY Nerf War Battlefield Ideas for Nerf Birthday Parties. Learn how to make these cool nerf bases at home.  #nerfparty #nerfbases #nerfwarbattlefield #nerfbirthday

For a Nerf War, you’re going to need a battlefield and bases. It will give the kids somewhere to duck n hide and shoot. Plus, it just seems cooler especially if you have an open backyard or basement.  

The first step is to start gathering large empty boxes of all shapes and sizes. Ask your friends and neighbors to save some for you. Or ask your local Costco or grocery store for some.

Make DIY Nerf Bases & battlefields with spray paint and boxes.
Spray Paint for Nerf War Birthday Party

Next head to your local hardware store or Amazon for spray paint in camouflage, orange, brown, and green. Take the boxes out to the grass or somewhere you can get paint and spray the boxes mixing the colors to look like camouflage.

Last step, tape a group of boxes together and spray paint Team #1 or Team #2 with the orange spray paint. I used large rocks in our yard to anchor the boxes to the ground so that they wouldn’t fall over.  

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Cool DIY Nerf Base for kids at home Nerf Battles. It's super easy to create these cool battlefields to use at Nerf Gun Birthday Parties.
Base for Team # 1
DIY Nerf Battlefield for Nerf Wars Birthday parties. Cheap and easy to make in your backyard for an awesome Nerf Birthday party.
Base for Team # 2

If you don’t have time to make cardboard bases use mesh netting to create a quick base. We threw it over some sawhorses and our backyard climber.

Mesh Netting to create a Nerf Gun Base for Nerf Wars.

It worked great as spots to hide behind for the Nerf War and the mesh netting gave an army feel to the party.

Free Printable Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids to use this Summer. Stop arguing with your kids about electronics and use this summer checklist to set expectations.

Nerf Party Supplies

Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns to use at kids Nerf birthday parties.

The kids will need several party supplies for the Nerf War. A debate we had was if we should buy the kids nerf guns or not.

At the first party, we threw we purchased the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster for all the kids. The Strongarm is a good starter nerf gun all the kids can use and has a reasonable price point. (shown below)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Nerf Gun to use at kids Nerf Parties.

At the second party, we decided all the kids had their own nerf guns they would rather use, so we just had the kids bring their own.

To Buy or Not to buy is a decision you will have to make based on your guest list.  

Get a better idea of the best Nerf Guns for your kids in our review of The Best Nerf Guns for Kids.

Tip: If you decide to give out the guns, label each gun with a piece of masking tape and the child’s name so there are no mix-ups.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Canvas Tool Belts

Use Canvas tool belts to hold kids Nerf Bullets during Nerf Games.
Canvas Tool Belts for Nerf Wars Birthday Parties

We buy each kid a canvas tool belt. The belt is made to hold nails, but we use it to hold nerf gun bullets so the kids don’t need to stuff their pockets with bullets.

You can find these aprons at Home Depot or Menards for $1.00. Very reasonably priced and practical.

Safety Glasses

Protect Your Kids Eyes while playing with Nerf Guns by using safety glasses. A must have Nerf Party supply for safety.

You want to purchase safety Glasses for each child to make sure you are protecting their eyes. I order them in bulk and use whatever is leftover throughout the year when my kids play at home.

Nerf Darts

You'll need tons of Nerf Darts for a Nerf War at home.

You will need to buy tons of nerf bullets for the party. I found that the off-brand Nerf bullets or darts worked just fine. They are cheaper to buy and the kids will go through them fast so you need a lot.

I did notice on some reviews people said the tips were harder but we did not notice the difference between the Nerf gun brand and generic brand.

I purchase 500 for a party of 20 kids. Here are the ones we ordered

You could also consider a Nerf Party Set that includes safety glasses, bullets, and a face mask for each kid.

Nerf Party Favors

I consider all of the items above to be the kid’s goody bag or favors. Especially if you decided to give them all a nerf gun.

However, the year we did not give away the gun I gave the kids a small goody bag of candy and small items.

Here are a few other Party favor ideas:

Also, I let the kids help pick up the nerf bullets at the end of the party by letting them take some home. It’s the fastest clean up you will ever see.  

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Nerf Party Decorations

Nerf colors are blue and orange so I would use those colors to decorate for the party.

Use orange, blue, or camouflage table clothes to cover your party favors table, food table and where the kids will eat their pizza.

To save money we love to buy Cheap Dollar Tree Party Decorations and usually buy our table clothes there.

For plates and napkin, you can pick up plain orange colored plates or buy Nerf Party Plate sets.

Lastly hang up some orange and blue steamers to add to the decorations. You can even tape a few Nerf Bullets to the streamers.

Party Set-Up & Timeline 

Set up a table at the entrance to the party with all the kid’s favors. I used an orange table cloth and orange streamers to make it festive.

On the table, lay out the nail apron filled with 10-20 bullets, safety glasses, and a Nerf Gun, if included.

Set up Your Nerf Wars Birthday Party with a cool party favors table.
Party Favors Set Up
Party Favors Table for Nerf Gun Birthday Parties with safety glasses and a tool belt for nerf bullets.
Party Favor Set Up Without Nerf Guns

If you want to distinguish the teams, you can cut bandannas lengthwise and tie to the kid’s arms. Pick two colors, one for each team, and place it on their nail apron.

Start the Party with Nerf Targets 

While the kids are coming in and getting settled, let them start by shooting the targets. I tried to make three stations so the line wasn’t too long at any station and to give them variety.

Find lots of Nerf Target Ideas to get you started.

Nerf Targets to set up at Nerf Parties at home. Fun Nerf Game ideas the kids will love to play.
Nerf Gun Party Targets

After the Nerf stations, we took a quick break for pizza before starting the Nerf Games.

Tip: Try to have a tarp or something behind the targets so that when they miss you’re not running all over for the bullets.  

Capture the Flag Nerf Game

To give a little structure to the Nerf War, we played the game Capture the Flag. While the kids are eating pizza, hide two different color bandannas or flags.

Split the kids up into two teams. Each team will be searching for a specific color flag. Make sure to show the kids what the flag looks like before you hide it.  

Capture the Flag is a fun Nerf Gun Birthday Party Game for Kids.
Bandanas I cut and used for Capture the Flag game.

When the game starts, kids will use their bases for cover. When they run out to search for the flag, the other team is able to shoot at the kids that are searching.

If a participant is hit, they have to go back to their base and start over. I also put boxes with more bullets out in two places as refill stations.

Whichever team finds the other team’s flag first wins the game.

Depending on how long the game takes, you can play it again or take a break for cake while you hide the flags for the next round.

After the second game, we ask the kids if they just want to run around or play capture the flag again. If you would like to change to a different game for the second round check out more Fun Nerf Gun Game Ideas

We usually invite parents who want to also play to come a little bit early for pick up and join in the fun. The kids love it when the parents play and it’s great for the parents, too.  

If your kids like playing Fortnite make the Nerf Party into a Fortnite Birthday Party theme with just a few tweaks.

When the party is done, if all the boxes aren’t destroyed, we usually keep a few for the kids to play with at a later time. 

You will also find the kids will reuse the targets, too.  Once the kids find out how fun this is, all their friends will want to come over and play it again.  

Want more Nerf Gun Game Ideas?- Check out these cool Nerf Gun Games & DIY Targets

Birthday Party Checklist

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Get organized with the ultimate birthday party checklist. Everything you need to remember to do before the party. Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist.

Birthday Gift Ideas

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So, now you have your party planned what are you going to give your son as a birthday present? Use our list of the 20 Coolest Gift Ideas for Boys Age 10-12 to find the perfect gift.

Nerf Guns are also a great gift idea for Nerf Birthday Parties. We have created a Buyers Guide and Review of the Best Nerf Guns for Kids. Read the pros and cons and figure out which Nerf Gun is perfect for your child.

More Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

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Here are a few more birthday party ideas & Themes for Boys to help you plan your child’s birthday.

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If you want to throw a social distancing party consider throwing a virtual birthday party with fun Zoom Games for Kids. It’s a great way to celebrate with faraway relatives too. 

Alright, you are all set! If you follow these tips, you should have an awesome Nerf Birthday Party. I did add a few other things below to help with party decorations. I hope your family will have as much fun as we did throwing a Nerf Gun Birthday Party.

If you have any questions or any great Nerf gun party ideas of your own, please leave them in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers! 

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Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

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  1. Thank you so much for your ideas. We are having our own Nerf War Birthday party for my 11-year old tomorrow. The weather doesn’t look like it is going to cooperate so we will be taking our camo boxes to the local junior high gym. Wish me luck!!

  2. This is awesome! Just what I needed. I didn’t see the link for the safety glasses. Would you please tell me what kind you ordered?

        1. No the kids didn’t have any issues with the glasses falling off and we still use them all the time when they play nerf guns. We also had a mix of ages with younger siblings and the glasses worked great. Hope they work well for you too!

  3. Great article. We are based in Australia and run NERF War Parties also. They are a lot of fun and are actually very safe as long as the kids keep their glasses on!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great article. Agree with all the comments about safety glasses. Our boys live Nerf Wars. I will definitely use your target ideas the next time we have a Nerf party.

  5. very awesome ideas, thank you. my almost 10yr old son wants to have nerf war for his bd at a park. not sure tho if nerf guns are allowed at a public park in california? does anyone know? thank you.

    1. Hi- Well I am not sure but I don’t see why not if you were not near other people you were going to hit with bullets. Why don’t you check with your local park district or whoever oversees the park to be sure.

  6. We followed your party plan, and the event was a great success. I have two additions to offer:
    1)We learned through the planning process that Nerf now offers an upgraded version of the gun you used that is called “NERF n-Strike Elite Disrupter Blaster.” It’s basically the same gun except it has a front-loading design which makes it easier to load the bullets. We were glad we provided guns to each boy, as it definitely evened the playing field. Perfect choice.
    2) As it was January, no pool noodles could be found in our area, but we tried a variety of other recyclable options and found that half gallon plastic milk jugs made a good alternative. If you successfully hit them, they pop nicely into the air a bit! Large, metal cans also were a good choice, as they make a nice “plink” sound when you hit them.

    We did have some trouble adequately refereeing the game, as it was difficult to see from any distance if a bullet actually hit one of the boys. Any tips on how you handled this?

    1. I am so excited for you that your party went so well!! I love the idea of milk jugs as targets. Such a great idea as we all have them and would cost nothing. Great to hear their is a new version of the gun too I will have to check it out. Lastly the refereeing can be difficult. We usually play on the kids honor system but step in when they disagree and just call for a do over if we didn’t see it. This usually will satisfy the kids. Thanks so much for letting me know how the party went and all the great tips!!

  7. Wow ,kids feel like real hero . Great article thanks for sharing . They are a great family activity too, having family battles, or everyone for themselves.

    1. I agree great family fun too! Or just to invite the neighbors over for a battle. We do this all the time not just at birthday parties. Glad you enjoy it too!

  8. I have never heard of a nerf war birthday party, what an amazing idea! It looks like a lot of work but I’m sure it’s worth it. I’ll suggest it to my son for his next birthday party. Thanks for the post!

  9. If the kids bring their own guns, were there any issues on “fairness” about someone having a gun that held more bullets, etc.?

    1. Great question. It wasn’t an issue for us I think because they wear the belts filled with nerf bullets. But if you think it could be an issue maybe split the teams up based on what nerf guns they bring. Then it would be fair.

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