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How to Throw an Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party

My sons love having Nerf Wars, so of course they wanted Nerf Birthday Parties to celebrate their birthdays. We have thrown two super fun birthday parties with all their friends and have learned a trick or two along the way. For each party we created great DIY targets, Nerf games and party favors. These parties are pretty easy to put together and much cheaper than booking a laser gun facility. So, follow along with me and I will show you how to throw the Best Nerf Wars Birthday Party.   

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Prepping for the Nerf War Birthday Party 

Turn your backyard or basement into a Nerf War with DIY targets and bases. You can easily make these at home and it will hardly cost you anything. 


I created two targets for the Nerf Wars. 

Target # 1 –  First, I bought pool noodles and cut them to approximately 8 inches. Then I wrapped the noodles with the printable targets you can download for free below. I used regular scotch tape to secure them to the noodle. It’s that easy! Tip: Find cheap pool noodles at your local dollar store.  

DIY Nerf Gun Targets
DIY Nerf Gun Targets

 Free Printable Nerf Gun Targets

Target # 2 – Get a few empty cans of Pringles and wrap them with colored paper which can be glued to the can.  These targets can be propped up on a ladder or boxes to give different levels to shoot.   

DIY Nerf Gun Target
DIY Nerf Gun Target

DIY Bases

For the Nerf War, you are going to need bases. The kids will need somewhere to duck and hide and shoot. Plus, it just seems cooler especially if you have an open backyard or basement.  The first step is to start gathering large empty boxes of all shapes and sizes. Ask your friends and neighbors to save some for you. Or ask your local Costco or grocery store for some. Next head to Home Depot or Menards and pick up some spray paint in camouflage, orange, brown and green. Take the boxes out to the grass or somewhere you can get paint and spray the boxes mixing the colors to look like camouflage.

Spray Paint for Nerf War Birthday Party
Spray Paint for Nerf War Birthday Party

Last step, tape a group of boxes together and spray paint Team # 1 or Team # 2 with the orange spray paint. I used large rocks in our yard to anchor the boxes to the ground so that they wouldn’t fall over.  

Nerf Wars Birthday Party Bases
Base for Team # 1
Nerf War Birthday Party Base
Base for Team # 2

 Party Favors and Equipment for the Party 

Supplies for a Nerf War Birthday Party
Supplies for a Nerf War Birthday Party

The kids will need several supplies for the Nerf War. A debate we had was if we should buy the kids nerf guns or not. The first party we threw we purchased the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster for all the kids. The Strongarm is a good starter nerf gun all the kids can use and has a reasonable price point. The second party we decided all the kids had their own nerf guns they would rather use, so we just had the kids bring their own. To Buy or Not to buy is a decision you will have to make based on your guest list.   Tip: If you decide to give out the guns, label each gun with a piece of masking tape and the child’s name so their are no mix-ups.

Other items to purchase for the kids are safety glasses, lots of bullets, and a canvas work apron. What is a canvas work apron? It is a canvas tool belt to hold nails, but we use it to hold nerf gun bullets so the kids don’t need to stuff their pockets with the bullets. You can find these aprons at Home Depot or Menards for $1.00. Very reasonably priced and practical. Find a picture below. Also, don’t forget the safety glasses. You want to make sure the kids are safe. I added links to the safety glass and nerf bullets we purchased from amazon. I found that the off brand nerf bullets worked just fine for the party. They are cheaper and you will need a lot. The kids will go through them fast. I did notice on some reviews people said the tips were harder but we did not notice the difference between the Nerf gun brand and generic brand. 

Canvas Tool Belts for Nerf Wars Birthday Parties
Canvas Tool Belts for Nerf Wars Birthday Parties

I consider all of these items to be the kid’s goody bag or favor. Especially if you decided to give them all a nerf gun. However, the year we did not give away the gun I gave the kids a small goody bag of candy too.  Also, I let the kids “help” pick up the nerf bullets at the end of the party by letting them take some home. It’s the fastest clean up you will ever see.  

Day of the Party 

Set up a table at the entrance to the party with all the kids favors. I used an orange table cloth and orange streamers to make it festive. On the table, lay out the nail apron filled with 10-20 bullets, safety glasses, and a Nerf Gun, if included.  If you want to distinguish the teams, you can cut bandannas length wise and tie to the kids arms. Pick two colors ,one for each team, and place it on their nail apron.

Nerf Gun Party Favors
With Nerf Guns
Nerf Birthday Party Favors
Without Nerf Guns

Start the Party with Nerf Target 

While the kids are coming in and getting settled, let them start by shooting the targets. I tried to make three stations so the line wasn’t too long at any station and to give them variety. After the Nerf stations, we took a quick break for pizza before starting the Nerf Games. Tip: Try to have a tarp or something behind the targets so that when they miss you’re not running all over for the bullets.  

Nerf Gun Party Targets
Nerf Gun Party Targets

Capture the Flag Nerf Gun Game

To give a little structure to the Nerf War, we played the game Capture the Flag. While the kids are eating pizza, hide two different color bandannas or flags. Split the kids up into two teams. Each team will be searching for a specific color flag. Make sure to show the kids what the flag looks like before you hide it.  

Capture the Flag for Nerf Wars
Bandanas I cut and used for Capture the Flag game.

When the game starts, kids will use their bases for cover. When they run out to search for the flag, the other team is able to shoot at the kids that are searching. If a participant is shot, they have to go back to their base and start over. I also put boxes with more bullets out in two places as refill stations. Whichever team finds the other team’s flag first wins the game.

Depending on how long the game takes, you can play it again or take a break for cake while you hide the flags for the next round. After the second game, we ask the kids if they just want to run around or play capture the flag again.  

We usually invite parents who want to also play to come a little bit early for pick up and join in the fun. The kids love when the parents play and it’s great for the parents, too.  

When the party is done, if all the boxes aren’t destroyed, we usually keep a few for the kids to play with at a later time.  You will also find the kids will reuse the targets, too.  Once the kids find out how fun this is, all their friends will want to play it again.  

If you follow these tips, you should be all set for your own Nerf War Birthday Party. I did add a few other things below to help with decorations. I hope your family will have as much fun as we did throwing a Nerf War Birthday Party. It is definitely a party your child and his friends will not forget.  

If you have any questions or any great tips of your own, please leave them in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers! 

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How to throw the best Nerf Birthday Party. Find all the ideas and your'll need to plan your party. It includes, fun Nerf games, favors, DIY targets, and free printables. #birthdayparty, #kidsparty, #nerfparty, #partyideasHow to thorw an Awesome Nerf Birthday Party with ideas for games, favors, pintables, nerf targets, bases and more. It's a party your kids will never forget.Throw an Awesome Nerf Birthday Party with ideas for games, favors, pintables, nerf targets, bases and more.








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