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45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree You Need

45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree You Need

Are you looking to find the best household cleaning supplies that won’t break the bank? If you’re looking for cheap cleaning supplies that really work, I’ve got you covered. I have found the best cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree. Yes, Dollar Tree!

They have a huge assortment of cleaning supplies for bathrooms, kitchens, and every other room in your whole house as well as a selection of caddies to store supplies, and so much more.

Plus their amazing line of La Totally Awesome Cleaners and disinfectant sprays. They are a game-changer in cleaning your house.

Keep reading and find out why Dollar Tree will be your new go-to cleaning supply store.

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Did you know you can order online for items at Dollar Tree and either have them shipped to you or pick up your order in the store for free?

I love this when I don’t have time to shop but need more cleaning supplies. It’s a huge time saver!

45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree and how to make an organizational Caddy.  These must have products will clean your whole house. Let me help you find the cleaning items that will work for you! #cleaning #cleaningsupplies #organization #dollartree #dollartreefinds

45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree You Need

For this Dollar Tree cleaning supply guide, I’ve broken it into sections for the bathroom, kitchen, caddys, laundry room, and general cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Supplies for the Bathroom

La’s Totally Awesome – This is the most popular cleaning spray at Dollar Tree. It works on everything to clean and disinfect. It’s really great at cleaning up grease stains, too.

45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree and how to make an organizational Caddy.  These must have products will clean your whole house. Let me help you find the cleaning items that will work for you! #cleaning #cleaningsupplies #organization #dollartree

The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner – This toilet bowl cleaner is one of the best I have found on the market. If you live in an area with hard water, this works wonders on getting out those rings left in the toilet.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – This is also another great option to keep your toilet bowl clean.

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Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet – Drop a bleach tablet into your toilet to keep it clean without all the scrubbing.

Weekly Cleaning Rountine made easy with a Free Printable Checklist. Get organized and take the stress out of cleaning your house. #cleaning #cleaningchecklist #weeklycleaningroutine #cleaningroutine

Toilet Bowl Brush – Use this toilet bowl brush along with your toilet bowl cleaner and make your toilet really shine.

Glass Cleaner – Make sure your mirrors have no smudges with this great mirror cleaning solution.

La’s Totally Awesome Foaming Bathroom Cleaner – Works great to clean your bathroom and shower with Bleach.

Tile Plus Mold Remover – Do you have some mold in your bathroom? Use this spray to help get rid of it.

Foaming Bathroom Cleaner – This is great for cleaning out your bathtub, shower, toilet, and bathroom sink.

LA’S Totally Awesome Fresh Scented Daily Shower Cleaner – A daily shower cleaner to use with a Fresh Scent

Scrub Brush – When you need to really scrub your bathtub or shower, use this scrub brush.

Squeegee – These are great for cleaning the doors of your shower and getting rid of all the water residue.

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Caddy for Cleaning Supplies

Keep all your cleaning supplies organized and easy to carry around the house with a cleaning supplies caddy. You will find a couple of different organizational options while shopping at Dollar Tree.

Caddy – Find a smaller caddy with a handle that can be easily carried around the house with you. This saves time and makes your cleaning day a lot easier.

Baskets – Use a smaller basket with handles to carry and contain all your cleaning supplies. I like to use the oval-carrying totes.

Storage Bin– Pick one of the many different-sized storage bins and use it to keep your cleaning supplies organized in your cabinets.

Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List. Make your week less hectic with this simple organization tip. Click to download for free. #freeprintable #mealplanner

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Save money on cleaning a kitchen with these proven-to-work cleaning supplies.

Stainless Steel Scrub Brushes – Use these to clean out your oven and tough food stains on pots and pans.

Sponges – General sponges perfect for washing dishes.

Sponges that Hold Dishsoap Wand sponges are the best cleaning hack to hold your dish soap. I feel like it speeds up the time I spend dishwashing by having the soap already in the sponge.

Magic Erasers – I absolutely love magic erasers! You will be amazed at how well they work to get any marks out of your counters, walls, skid marks on the floors, and crayon marks.

Broom and Dust Pan – Sweep up all the food on the floor from your kids with a small broom and dustpan.

Buckets – Pick up a bucket to use with your new mop.

La Totally Awesome Cherry Blossom All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser + Spot Remover– This is a great cleaner for all over your kitchen. Plus it has a great cherry blossom smell when you’re done cleaning.

Dish Soap – Dollar Trees has a variety of name-brand dish soaps made by Dawn, Palmolive, and Ajax. They come in different scents, too.

Drying Rack for Dishes – Dry off your dishes with a plastic drying rack.

Trash Can – When your trash can starts to smell, pick up a new one for only $1.

Trash Bags – Trash bags can get really expensive at the grocery store. This is a great place to save some money.

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Laundry Room Supplies

Laundry Detergent – You will find a large variety of Laundry detergents at Dollar Tree.

Hangers – I always keep a couple of hangers in my laundry room to quickly hang up things I take out of the dryer. This keeps me from having to iron, which I am not a fan of.

Mesh Laundry Bags – Have your kids gather up all their laundry in a mesh laundry bag to bring to your laundry room.

Laundry Baskets – Store all your dirty laundry in a laundry basket, then tote that to your washing machine to clean when you’re ready.

I like to have a couple of baskets, one for a cold wash and one for a warm wash. It’s a huge time saver if the laundry is already sorted for you when it’s time to do the wash.

Wooden Clothing Clips – If you want to air dry some of your clothes or if you have a delicate item that can’t be dried in the dryer, use wooden clothing clips.

You can hang up a line in your laundry room and then just clip the clothes to it. Very old-school and effective.

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General Cleaning Supplies

Gloves – Keep your fingernails from chipping by wearing plastic gloves while cleaning.

Paper Towels – You will need a bunch of these while using the cleaning sprays.

Empty Spray Bottles – Great for making homemade cleaning supplies.

Glass Jars or Plastic Containers with Tops – Another great way to store homemade cleaning supplies.

Microfiber Cleaning Towels – These are one of my newer finds at Dollar Tree that I love. You can use these cloths both wet or dry to clean windows, mirrors, floors, walls, and more.

Plus they are great dusters for TV screens, computer equipment, tables, and anywhere else with dust.

Rags – Find packages of rags to use for cleaning.

Dusting Brush – This small dusting brush is great for cleaning blinds and ceiling fans.

Furniture Polish – Get rid of all the dust on your tabletops, china cabinets, and more with furniture polish. Use this with one of the Dollar Tree Rags

Q-Tips – I love to use Q-tips to clean out small spaces like keyboards, hairdryers, or any other small spaces in your house.

Toothbrushes – Toothbrushes are also a great way to clean small spaces. I use them to clean the corners of my shower.

Bleach – Bottles of bleach are great to really disinfect your house and make homemade cleaning solutions.

LA’s Totally Awesome Carpet Spot & Stain Remover – Easily get out the stains on your carpet.

Arm & Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator – Get any smell out of your carpet with this new fresh scent.

Pet Odor Neutralizer – Eliminate the smell from your pet with this easy spray.

Greenbrier Kennel Club Pre-moistened Pet Wipes – Great for cleaning off your pets without using shampoo and water when they come into the house. No more dirt tracked into the house by your pet.

No Scrub Microwave Cleaning Hacks that will take you 20 Minutes with no effort.

Cleaning Tips with cleaning Supplies from Dollar Tree. Save money and find out which cleaning supplies you should be buying to clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room and more. Make your house sparkle. #dollartree #dollarstore #cleaningsupplies #cleanyourhouse #cleaningtips

For those of you who hate cleaning, you’ll love our DIY Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People. Their insanely easy cleaning tips for deep cleaning your house with the least amount of work. Your gonna want these tips!

While you are cleaning don’t forget to clean your Dishwasher and Microwave. Get rid of all those food crumbs and stink with easy cleaning hacks using Vinegar and Baking Soda. It will take you 20 minutes with these no scrub cleaning methods

Then clean your front loading washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps. No more smell and mold in your machine!

Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Before you head to the store, print out this free printable Cleaning Supplies list. It will help you remember all the supplies you need when you’re shopping.

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Are you ready to Start Cleaning?

Are you now ready to start cleaning your house? These cheap cleaning supplies from Dollar Tree are going to make this task so much easier.

Head to your nearest Dollar Tree to get started or order online and do Free Shipping to your Local Store” target=”_blank”>free pick up at your local Dollar Tree. Either way, you will be saving a ton of money on your monthly cleaning supplies.

While you’re cleaning your home why not work on decluttering too? It’s easier than you think! Check out these simple stress-free steps to Declutter Your Home.

Do you have any favorite cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree or questions? Write to me in the comments, I love to hear from my readers.

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45 Best Cleaning Supplies & Products from Dollar Tree. Plus a Caddy to get your organized. Find out what you can't miss out buying at the dollar store. #dollartree #dollarstore #cleaning #cleaningproducts #diy #caddy #dollartreefinds
Best Cleaning Supplies to clean your house from Dollar Tree. Save money cleaning supplies that work great and cost less then at the grocery store. Find out which cleaning supplies you need for your home.  #cleaningtips #cleaningsupplies #householdhacks #dollartree

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