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Cheap Birthday Party Decorations for Kids at Dollar Tree

Cheap Birthday Party Decorations for Kids at Dollar Tree

Don’t spend tons of money on birthday party decorations for kids, head to Dollar Tree and save money. You’ll be amazed at all the great party supplies at dollar tree. Everything you need for party decoration ideas from the invites to balloons, table cloths, and goody bags.

Even though you’re saving money on cheap birthday party decorations they look like they’re from an expensive party supply store. Follow along to see which party decorations and supplies you should be buying at Dollar Tree.

If you can’t be in person this year with family and friends consider throwing a virtual party with fun Zoom Games for Kids. Use these decorations as your background.

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Cheap Birthday Party Decorations for Kids at Dollar Tree

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Decoration & Supplies from Dollar Tree. Find out how to save money on kids birthday parties and still make it look great. Tons of birthday themes and ideas to make an unforgettable birthday party.
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Party Supplies


Birthday Party Decoration tablecloths from Dollar Tree.  #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Dollar Tree has tons of different color tablecloths to brighten up the tables at your party. They are all for a long rectangle table but you can cut or fold them to fit smaller tables.

The tablecloths don’t just come in solid colors either you can get patterned table clothes to go with your child’s birthday theme. Some examples of what you’ll find are Happy Birthday, Princess, and Lego table clothes.

Plates and Napkin

Just like the table clothes you can find solid color plates and napkins and patterned. Use the patterned plates to go along with your themed birthday party or just go with the ones that say Happy Birthday.

Tip: Most of the plates are paper and are strong enough for cake and pizza but if you’re having heavier food you might want one of the plastic plate options.

Forks & Knives – They also have plastic forks and knives but they are not very sturdy. They do work well for cake.


Birthday Party Candles from Dollar Tree. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Pick up candles for your child’s birthday cake. Dollar Tree has candles with numbers, plain and ones that say Happy Birthday. I mix and match to make the cake look fun and give my kids more candles to blow out.


Best Birthday Party Decorations & signs from Dollar Tree. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Pick up Birthday Party signs to hang at your event space or home. The signs really help decorate your party room.

They have yard signs with Happy Birthday too which would help guests find your house. It’s also exciting for the kids to announce to all the neighbors it’s their birthday.

DIY Birthday Sign

DIY Dollar Tree Birthday Decorations for Kids birthday parties. Use pool noodles and balloons to make a cool birthday sign.  #dollartree #birthday #DIYbirthdaydecorations

Create your own cool birthday candle displays with pool noodles, sharpie, masking tape, and balloons. Everyone will be talking about your awesome birthday decorations. Don’t tell them how easy it is to do.

To make these candles rubber band together the number of pool noodles as your child’s birthday. For instance, if your child is 6 you’d need 6 pool noodles.

Use a small bin as your base to hold the bottom of the noodles

Base for the DIY Dollar Tree Birthday Sign

Then blow up a yellow balloon for the top of each pool noodle. With an orange sharpie draw a flame. Tape the balloon with masking tape to the pool noodle.

To hold these up I would suggest putting them against a wall or door. To hold ours up we put a rubber band around a pool noodle and use a binder clip to hold the band to a doorknob.

DIY Birthday Signs made with Dollar Tree Items

Finish it off with a Birthday Sign hung above your candles.

Sports Subscription Boxes are a fun Birthday & Christmas Gift Idea for Kids. They'll be thrilled each month when they open a box filled with items from their favorites sports. Each box is chosen with a child's age so their sure to get the perfect gift. Give the gift that keeps coming with these fun Sports Subscription Boxes. #gifts #giftideas #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts #subscriptionboxes #sports #boys #girls

Invitations & Thank You Notes

Birthday Party Invitations for kids from Dollar Tree. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Pick up your birthday party invitations and thank you notes at Dollar Tree. They come in smaller amounts of 8 in a package but with it only being a dollar it’s still cheaper than cards at Target or Party City.

Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper

Stopping spending so much money on gift bags and wrapping paper when you can pick them up at Dollar Tree. They have tons of options and with the savings, you can spend more on the gift.

Birthday Cards

Need a card to go along with your gift. They have tons of options for fun birthday cards for kids and adults. Prices vary from 2 for $1 to $1 per card.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Birthday Party Decorations Ideas


Birthday Party Balloons for Kids parties from Dollar Tree. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Every birthday party needs a few balloons. We have found the helium balloons at Dollar Tree are the best and last forever.

The balloons are generic Happy Birthday balloons but are so much cheaper than buying balloons at Party City. If you don’t need a specifically themed balloon I would pick them up at Dollar Tree. It’s a great place to save some money for your party.

Balloon Holders

While buying balloons make sure to get a weight to tie the balloons down. They always have plain colors and sometimes you’ll find one the shape of a small bag with characters on them such as Legos or Princesses.

The balloon holders also work as fun centerpieces.

Balloon Games

Add fun & cheap Balloon Games to your birthday party. All you need is a bag of balloons to keep the kids entertained.


Birthday Party Decorations with streamers for kids parties.  #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Make your event space or house festive with different color streamers. Tape them across the room and on the birthday child’s chair.

Tip: If you tape them with painter’s tape to the wall you won’t ruin your paint.

Balloon Door Decorations are a Meaningful birthday traditions kids love. They'll be so excited to open the door on their birthday morning and see the balloons and streamers.

Another fun idea is to decorate your child’s door with streamers and balloons. Your kids will love waking up to their door decorated on their birthday. If you like this idea find more meaningful birthday traditions to celebrate your child’s birthday.

Picture Booth

Photo Frames for kids Birthday Parties from Dollar Tree. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Kids love to take pictures and be silly. They now have picture booth supplies at Dollar Tree. One way to create the picture booth is to hang their large photo prop backgrounds on your wall.

The second way is to use their photo frames (pictured above) and have the kids hold them up while taking a picture. The borders on the photo frames have themes such as sports or princesses.

Goody Bags

All the kids are hoping for a great goody bag after a birthday party. Create fun goody bags without spending a ton of money. First, pick out bags you want to use as goody bags.

Then find items to add to your bags. Here are a few ideas of what to put in your goody bags

Goody Bag Items

Small figures – Super Heros, My little Pony, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Disney Figures, Army Men

Playdoh – Buy a small container for each bag.

Card Games – They have several small boxes of card games such as Go Fish

Lego Sheets and Legos – They are generic but still fun for the kids to get a bag of new legos to play with.

Party Favors – Dollar Tree has a whole section of party favor items

Candy – Add a few pieces of your child’s favorite candy in each bag

Birthday Party Theme Ideas at Dollar Tree

Need a theme for your child’s birthday party? Here are a few themes that Dollar Tree tends to keep in stocks from plates to decorations.

Need more theme ideas? Check out our Top 10 Favorite Birthday Themes for Boys.

Super Hero Theme

Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Pick up Super Hero plates, napkins, candles and photo frames. To decorate the table get a few of the small superhero figures to spread around the table cloth.


Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Buy their Dinosaur plates and napkins and get a green table cloth. Add a few of their larger Dinosaur figures to decorate the table.

In the goody bag give each kid a few small Dinosaur figures to play with at home.

As a fun activity let the kids try to be paleontologists. Pick up some sand, small dinosaurs, shoebox-size plastic bins, and paintbrushes at Dollar Tree.

In each bin add the sand and bury the dinosaurs. Kids can use the paintbrushes to try and find the dinosaurs like a paleontologist on a dig. Or make one large bin they kids can take turns searching.


Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

They have tons of Disney Characters at Dollar Tree. Use these for decorations and pick out Micky Mouse Plates or Princess Plates. Add Mickey, Pluto, and other Disney characters to your goody bags.


Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

Dollar Tree has a large section in their birthday area for Princess items. Find signs, plates, napkins, table cloths, placemats, cups, and good bags.

For decorations buy the play crowns and set one in front of each child’s seat. Then use the pink streamers and balloons to decorate the room.


Goody Bag ideas for Kids Birthday Parties Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

This is a great theme for boys and girls cause every kid loves Legos. In the birthday party area, you’ll find a section on Legos with plates, napkins, banners, hats, table cloths, cups, and more.

For an activity buy each kid a small lego base and lego pieces to let the kids build. It’s a great transition activity when you need to fill up some time between pizza and cake.


Birthday Party plates and decorations from kids. #birthday #partysupplies #partydecorations #birthdayparties #partiesforkids

They do not have specific sports but instead general sports themes with football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. The plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths have all four sports on them. They even have birthday invitations with this theme.

For goody bags get some smaller size foam balls to add in with candy.

Birthday Party Checklist

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Get organized with the ultimate birthday party checklist. Everything you need to remember to do before the party. Just print it out and you’re ready to start party planning.  Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist.

Did you get some great party decoration ideas to start planning? I have saved a ton of money on birthday decorations for kids by buying party supplies at Dollar Tree.

It always looks great and frees up money for you to spend on party venues, food & activities. The things kids will really remember.

More Popular Birthday Party Themes

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Bonus you’ll get our free Birthday Party Checklist.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

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Dollar Tree Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas for Kids. Get fun birthday themes & supplies with Dollar Tree products. Find out what you should be buying at Dollar Tree to save money on your child's Birthday Party. #dollartree #dollarstore #kidsbirthday #birthdayparty #birthdaydecorations #partysupplies #birthdayideas

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