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40+ Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

40+ Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids

Bring some fun and excitement to your child’s next party with these hilarious birthday party games for kids. They’re easy kids’ party games you can create at home to keep kids entertained during the whole party.

You’ll find indoor & outdoor party games the kids will love and beg for more. Get inspired for your next birthday party with our awesome party game ideas for kids.

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40 Birthday Party Games for Kids. Indoor & Outdoor game ideas the kids will love. Find a few and keep the kids entertained the whole party.

40+ Fun Birthday Party Game Ideas for Kids

To help you find the best party games for your child’s birthday I’ve divided up the list by indoor and outdoor party games. Get inspired by reading the different party game ideas and then plan your party.

Your first step in planning your party is deciding whether you will host it at your home indoors or outdoors. Then pick the games you want to play and create a timeline. After that just plan the food and invitations and your set.

Can’t be with family this year consider throwing a virtual party with fun Zoom Games for Kids. It’s a great way to celebrate with faraway friends too. 

Plan a birthday party by age group or if your child is becoming a teen check out Cool 13-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas or Epic Teen Birthday Parties too!

Indoor Party Games

When you review these party game ideas keep in mind that many of the indoor games can be played outside too and vice versa.

Help yourself make party planning easier with our Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist and a complete timeline of everything you need to plan a party.

Plan the best birthday party with this easy to follow free printable birthday party checklist for kids parties.

1. Balloon Stomp

Birthday Party Balloon Stomp Game for kids. A fun and cheap games kids will have a blast playing.

What You Need – Balloons, Ribbon, Candy

How to Play – Stuff a small piece of candy into a balloon then blow it up. Tie the end of the balloon to a ribbon. Then tie the balloon to each child’s leg.

When you say go kids will try and stomp on the other kid’s balloons. If your balloon pops you’re out and the kid who stomped it gets the candy. The winner is the last child left with a blown-up balloon.

TIP – Use candy that doesn’t mush easily if stomped on. Also, have extra pieces of candy to give the kids who are out to keep anyone from getting too upset.

Find 15 more Balloon Party Game ideas and plan all your entertainment around these cheap games kids love.

2. Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Free printable PDF. Fun party games for kids to play on Zoom, Classroom parties, birthday parties, road trips, school brain breaks, holiday parties and virtual parties. Funny questions that will have kids, parents and teachers laughing and having a great time together. #wouldyourather #kidsgames #gamesforkids #partygames #schoolgames #holidaypartygames #classroomgames #virtualgames #zoomgame

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Game. Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Kids can answer in the chat feature or raise their hands for their answers. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Get a free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Try these themed Would You Rather Questions too – Would You Rather Halloween,  Would You Rather ChristmasWould You Rather Teens & Tweens, and Would You Rather Valentine’s Day 

3. Charades Ideas for Kids

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 8 Charades categories & words lists.

Kids will love this fun game of Charades plus it’s super easy to run all you need are the words and your set to play.

To get ready first, print out our Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids with 144 Words & 8 Categories to choose from.

Then break the kids up into teams. You can do two larger teams or if you have a lot of kids maybe make 4 teams.

Have a bowl with the printed-out Charades words for the kids to pick from when it’s their turn. I suggest folding over the papers so no one sneaks a peek (:

The first player on a team has 1 minute to act out the word on their paper. If their team guesses the word before the 1 minute is up their team gets 1 point. If they don’t guess the word the other team has one chance to guess the correct answer and win the point.

The trade-off between teams taking turns until all the kids have had a chance to act out a word.

The winning team has the most points at the end of the game.

FREE Printable Charades Ideas for Kids or Christmas Charades for the holidays.

Plan an awesome Birthday Scavenger Hunt with free clues to help kids find their birthday presents this year. A fun new birthday tradition your kids will love.

4. Escape Room Party

Kids will love these Escape Room Games to play at classroom parties, family game nights or birthday parties. Kids can read the story, follow the clues and solve the Challenge.

If you’re looking for more of a mental challenge try an Escape Room birthday party. It’s a super fun game and your kids will love the challenge of solving the puzzle of an Escape Room.

What You Need – Storyline, clues, and puzzles to solve.

We like to use the Escape Room Geeks Printable sets or Lock Paper Scissors Kits. They have everything you need for the game already created for you. Just print it out and you’re ready to go.

See our full review in Best Printable Escape Room Games for Kids to find the right difficulty level for your kids.

How to Play – First, download and print out the storyline and clues to solve the puzzle.

Next, break the kids up into teams, and give each team a separate space to sit and solve the puzzle. Basically, you just don’t want them to hear what the other team is saying so they don’t cheat.

To start the game you can either read the storyline to all the kids or give each group the sheet to read themselves. After that give each group a set of clues to try and solve the puzzle and break out of the escape room.

The escape room kits are created by age group so you can find one that will be easy enough for all ages at the party. You’ll find games that will work for kids ages 5 years old to Teenagers.

This has been one of our kid’s favorite party games so check out our Escape room games review & plan your party.

Find more ideas to turn your party into an Escape Room Birthday party with an escape room laser maze, invitations, decorations, party favors, and more.

5. Hot Potato

What You Need – An actual potato or get the electronic Hot Potato that plays timed music to make it easier to run the game.

How to Play – Have the kids sit in a circle. When the music starts they begin passing the potato. When the music stops whoever has the potato is out. The winner is the last child still in the game.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

6. Saran Wrap Candy Ball

What You Need – Pieces of Candy or small trinkets for prizes, 2 -3 boxes of Saran Wrap (Cling Wrap), 2 dice, and a tin pie holder (to roll dice)

How to Make Your Saran Wrap Ball – Start by laying out a couple of layers of Saran Wrap on a flat surface. Then add a prize and roll it into a ball. Next, add another piece of candy in a different location and wrap a few more pieces of Saran Wrap.

Rotate the ball each time you wrap it so the wrapping starts in different locations and is harder to open. Also, make sure to keep shaping it into a ball as you go.

Keep going with alternating between wrapping and adding a prize until you’ve wrapped all your prizes.

How to Play – Sit the kids in a circle to play. Each round has an “unwrapper” and dice player sitting next to each other.

When you say go the unwrapper starts unwrapping and the dice play throws their dice until they get doubles. Use the pie tin to throw the dice into so they don’t roll too far.

When they get doubles the unwrapper has to stop and can keep any prizes that came out while they were playing.

The ball is then passed to the dice player who now becomes the unwrapper and the player next to them is the dice player. Keep going like this around the circle until you’ve come to the last prize.

Tip: I would add the best prize you are giving in first when wrapping the ball. This way the last prize of the game they open is your best item.

7. Treasure Hunt

Plan an Awesome scavenger hunt with these free Treasure hunt clues & answers. The printable has 20 clues which you can use all at once or break up into two scavenger hunts. Your kids will love the thrill of this indoor scavenger hunt.

Send the kids on an Epic Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt through your house or backyard to find the hidden treasure. You can create customizable treasure hunts in minutes with Riddle Me that the kids will love.

It’s so easy just enter the type of event (ie: birthday), location of indoors or outdoors, age group, hiding spots in your house you want to use, and the number of riddles. The system will quickly generate all the fun riddles you need for the treasure hunt.

Next, print out the clues and hide them around your house. At the end of the treasure hunt leave a small prize for each kid. The prize could even be their goody bags if you do this at the end of the party.

If you want the game to go longer you can add on an activity for the kids to do after they find each riddle. This would help fill up the whole party.

Bonus you can also create birthday invitations and thank you cards when you set up the Riddles.

Use this cool Riddle Me program for their birthday party and then the rest of the year as a fun activity for your kids. There are thousands of Riddle options.

Riddle Me works as a great last-minute game you can print out before the party too!

Or use this premade free printable Treasure Hunt Clues & Riddles for Kids.

8. Detective Games

How to Make invisible Ink to write secret messages while playing a detective. All you need is baking soda, water, Q tips, paper and grape juice.

Plan a fun Mystery party with exciting Detective Games for kids. Tell the kids a detective riddle and have them write their answers in invisible ink to create secret messages. While it dries play escape room games, or have a teddy bear scavenger hunt with clues.

You’ll find tons of ideas in our Mystery & Detective Games for Kids.

9. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a fun Birthday Party Game for Kids.

What You Need – Enough chairs for all the kids but one. So if you have 12 kids have 11 chairs. Plus music to play during the game.

How to Play – Place chairs in two rows with the backs of the chairs touching the row behind them. Kids begin by forming a circle around the chairs.

When the music plays the kids walk in a circle around the chairs.  When the music stops they must sit down on a chair.

The kid who does not get a chair is out. Each round after someone is out, remove a chair and play again. In the end, you will have one chair and two players. Whoever gets that chair is the winner.

10. Laser Maze

Indoor DIY Laser Maze for kids to keep them busy on rainy days when your stay indoors. #indoorgames #indooractivities #lasermaze #kidsactivities #kidsgames

What You Needstreamers, painters tape

How to Play – Create a fun laser maze for the kids to climb through at the birthday party. It’s super easy to do with streamers taped across your hallway.

I suggest using painter’s tape so that you don’t ruin the paint on your walls.

When it’s all set up let your kids try to get through the maze without touching the lasers (streamers). To make it a game have the kids race through and time them to see who is the fastest.

Learn more about making your own DIY Hallway Laser Maze.

11. Freeze Dance

Fun Freeze Dance Game for Kids to play at Birthday Parties.

This is a simple game that can be played when you need something quick to take up time and get the kids wiggles out.

What You Need – Music to Play

How to Play – When the music starts the kids start dancing. When the music stops they need to freeze. Anyone who doesn’t freeze is out. The last child still in the game is the winner.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

12. Bingo Games

What You NeedBingo Cards to play

How to Play – Kids each get a Bingo card and chips to cover their card. The parent will then call out a picture or number on the cards. If kids have it they cover that square with a chip. The first to get a row with chips wins.

13. Minute to Win It

Hilarious Minute to Win It Game for Kids Parties at Birthday. Quick one minute games kids and adults will love playing.

Spice up your party with a few competitive Minute to Win It Games. Each game only takes a minute to play and they are hilarious to watch. You can do a few different games or just stick to one.

Read our top 20 Minute To Win It Games for kids and find one that’s perfect for your party.

If your kids are older try these Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens.

For Holidays and Winter parties try – Minute to Win It Christmas Games

14. Scavenger Hunt

Kids will be thrilled to search for their birthday gifts with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Grab these free printable Birthday clues & riddles to set up an easy birthday scavenger hunt at home. It's a great birthday tradition to start to create unforgettable memories with your kids.

What You Need – Printable Scavenger Hunt Clues and Prizes. Use our Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Indoors & Outdoors or try these free Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues.

How to Play – Hide your clues around the house and prizes before the kids start. Break the kids up into teams and give them the first clue to get started. Then let them roam the house to find all the clues and eventual prize.

TIP: Print out the clues in a different color for each team so they know when they find their clue. Then rearrange the order of clues for each team so they are not all headed to the same place at the same time.

Treasure Hunts are another fun scavenger hunt with clues to plan throughout your house. Use these free printable Treasure Hunt Clues.

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

15. Have Airplane Races

Fun birthday party game - Paper Airplane Races. Kids will love designing and racing their paper airplanes.

What You Need – Blank 8X11 Paper, Crayons, Paperclips

How to Play – Let the kids start out by folding and decorating their planes. Then have them line up and see who’s plane flies the furthest. To keep it going add paper clips in the next round to the tip and see if it changes the outcome.

16. Balloon Challenges

Fun Party Game - Balloon Challenge

What You Need – Balloons

How to Play – Give each kid a balloon you’ve blown up (not helium) and see who can keep the balloon up in the air the longest without it touching the ground. Make it harder by having them keep one hand behind their back.

Find more balloon games in 15 Favorite Balloon Games for Parties.

17. Play Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag for Nerf Wars. A great Birthday Party Game. #birthdaypartygame #partygame #nerfwars #nerf

What You Need – Something to be a flag could be a bandana or a piece of cloth. You’ll need one for each team you have.

How to Play – A parent hides each team’s flag around the house and the team that finds their flag first wins.

Bigger Challenge – If kids are a little older make it more challenging by adding in Nerf Guns.

Each team still searches for their flag but if you are shot by an opponent’s Nerf dart you have to go back to your base and start searching over again.

Get more details in our How to Throw the Best Nerf Wars Birthday Party.

18. Hide & Seek

This is a classic game and great for smaller kids’ birthday parties. You’ll be surprised how excited a group of kids will be to play hide & seek.

How to Play – One child is the seeker the others are the hiders. The seeker closes their eyes and counts to 10. While they do that the other kids hide.

The first kid they find is the seeker for the next game. Continue to keep searching until all the kids are found then start another round.

19. Mummy Wrap

This is a great game at Halloween time but honestly, it’s really fun any time of the year.

What You Need – 2 Rolls of Toliet Paper per team

How to Play – Divide the kids up into teams. Each team then picks one person to be wrapped up like a mummy. When you say go each team will work to cover that person with toilet paper.

There are two ways you could pick winners. 1 – The first to wrap the entire body of the player. 2 – The first to go through all their toilet paper.

TIP: It’s tempting to buy cheap toilet paper but it tends to rip easily and it is harder to wrap the mummy.

20. Tennis Balloon

Fun Indoor game for kids - Balloon Tennis. It's an easy DIY kids activity perfect for days you stay at home on rainy or winter days. #kidsactivities #kidsgames #balloontennis

What You Need – paper plates for each kid, popsicle sticks for each kid or wooden spoons, masking tape, crayons, and balloons.

Balloon Tennis is a fun indoor game for Kids to play for parites or on rainy days at home.

How to Play – Have each child start by decorating their paper plate and taping it to a popsicle stick or wooden spoon. Then team up kids in twos and give each team a balloon.

When you say go one player throws the balloon up and the team hits the balloon back and forth like a game of tennis. If a team’s balloon touches the ground they are out. The last team left in the game wins.

Need Balloon Games for a larger group of kids? Check out Balloon Party Games for Kids

21. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This is a classic game for smaller kids and is loved by all.

What You NeedPin the Tail on the Donkey Kit with a poster, eye mask, and fake tail to pin.

How to Play – Hang the poster up on the wall and give each kid a donkey tail to pin. The first child puts on the mask and tries to pin the tail on the donkey while blindfolded. Continue by letting each child try. In the end whichever tail is the closest to the right spot wins.

TIP: If you want to do this more than one time use painter tape on the back of the tail to easily take them on and off without ripping the poster.

22. Indoor Bowling

What You Need – 10 Empty Water Bottles, One Soft Ball or use a kid’s bowling kit.

How to Play – Set up the water bottles like bowling pins. Then have the kids roll the ball and see who can knock down the most pins.

TIP: Set up the pins with a wall behind them so you can easily pick them up and they don’t roll all over when knocked down.

Zoom Games

Have a party with friends and family that live far away with a virtual birthday party. Kids will love playing Zoom Games like Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, scavenger hunts, charades, bingo, and more.

Get more ideas on how to play Zoom Games with kids.

Plan a Sleepover Party

Plan the Ultimate Slumber Party with fun sleepover games, ideas, activities and food. Easily plan your whole night with these cool things to do at a sleepover to keep kids, tweens & teens entertained all night long.

Plan an awesome sleepover party to go along with these fun birthday party games.

Outdoor Party Games

If you plan to have an outside party and it ends up raining you can adjust many of these to also be fun inside party games.

Find even more Backyard Birthday Games in our Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids.

23. Obstacle Course

What You Need – Cones, Hula Hoops, ladder, 2 sturdy buckets, a long board, or anything you have at home that might work in an obstacle course.

How to Play – Create an obstacle course in your backyard for the kids to run through one at a time. If you want it to be a competitive game, time the kids to see who runs through the fastest

Obstacle Course Idea – Line up 5 cones for kids to weave through, then hop through a hula hoop, next cross a balance beam (board & two buckets), and end by running through a ladder laid flat on the ground.

This can be easily adjusted to whatever you have lying around the house. I’ve even taped cut-out shapes that the kids hop through like frogs.

24. Piñata

Birthday Pinata for parties with kids.

Kids love to line up and hit a Pinata filled with candy or treats. You can find fun pinatas for all the different themed birthday parties. Find your child’s favorite character or a cute smiley face.

25. Hula Hoop Contest

What You Need – Several Hula Hoops

How to Play – Have kids start hula hooping at the same time and see who can last the longest.

26. Play an Epic Game of Tag

What You Need – Nothing except glow stick necklaces for the nighttime game.

How to Play – Choose one child to be the tagger and the rest run. The tagger tries to tap one of the runners. Once they do then that person is the new tagger.

Zombie Tag – The tagger is a zombie and the rest of the kids are humans. Once a human is tagged by a zombie they become a zombie too and begin tagging the humans. Whoever is the last human left is the winner.

Freeze Tag – When kids get tagged in this game they have to freeze. In order to unfreeze another kid needs to crawl between your legs to free you. But they must do this without getting tagged themselves. The last kid, not frozen wins.

Glow in the Dark Tag – Have each kid wear glow stick necklaces and play tag at night in the backyard. Before you play this make sure they have a safe place to play in the dark with no obstacles in the way or streets close by to run on.

27. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Get the Kids outdoors & active with a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt with friends. A great birthday party game or summer activity for Teens, Tweens & kids. Use the free printable Photo Scavenger Hunt ideas & checklist to play. Kids will take selfies of all the items they find on the list. The first to find all the scavenger hunt ideas wins!

If the kids are a little bit older send them on an exciting Photo Scavenger Hunt through your neighborhood. All they need is the free printable Photo scavenger hunt checklist and a smartphone.

The kids will need to find the items on the list and take a selfie with each item. See which team can find the most items before time runs out!

28. Water Balloon Baseball

What You NeedWater Balloons, bat, bases

How to Play – Put the kids on two teams. One goes in the outfield and the other team waits to bat.

The pitcher will throw 3 water balloon pitches. If the batter hits it they advance to first base and the other players move to the next base or make it home.

If the batter misses all three pitches they are out. You score by making it around all the bases just like a real baseball game.

This is a really fun party game on a hot summer day.

29. Water Balloon Battle

Water balloon Party Games for Kids. A great birthday party idea.

What You Need Water Balloons and a large bucket for each team

How to Play – Break kids up into two teams and each gets a bucket of water balloons. Then let the kids throw the balloons at the other team. You can do a line down the middle to keep them from getting too close with the balloons.

TIP: When the game is done tell them the faster they pick up all the balloons in the grass the quicker they can eat the cake. That way they are all cleaned up before the end of the party.

30. Water Balloon Toss

What You NeedWater Balloons

How to Play – Have kids pick a partner and line up in two long lines facing their partner. Kids will throw the water balloon to their partner to catch.

Start out with the kids close and after each round have the kids take two big steps back. If you drop the balloon and the balloon bust then your team is out. 

31. Spoon Races

What You Need – Large wooden spoons, water balloons, and small cones or chairs to race around – If it’s cold you could use ping pong balls instead of water balloons.

How to Play – Give each player a wooden spoon and a small water balloon for the spoon race. When you say go they race around the cone and back to their starting position. The goal is to make it back without dropping the water balloon.

TIP: Don’t put too much water in the balloon so that it can fit the size of your wooden spoon.

32. Sack Races

Fun Party Game for Kids - Sack Races

What You Need – Pillow Slips for Each Player and cones /chairs

How to Play – To do a sack race kids step into the pillow slip and need to hop from the starting line around a cone and back to the starting line. It’s a race so the first back to the starting line wins.

TIP: If you want to make a project out of it let the kids decorate their pillow slips before you play and then take them home as part of a goody bag.

33. Basketball Shooting Contest

What You Need – A basketball hoop and basketball

How to Play – Draw chalk lines every couple of feet from the basketball hoop. Start by having the kids all shoot from the closest line.

Whoever, makes it goes on to the next round and shoots from the next line. Keep going until you make it shooting from all the lines.

If there is more than one kid left at that point have each kid shoot until they miss and are out. The kid that is left is the winner.

34. Backyard Nerf Wars, Targets & Fortnite Battles

Nerf Birthday Party Games for kids. Fun Nerf bases, targets and games.

What You Need – Nerf Guns, Bases

How to Play – Divide the kids into two teams each with their own base. They can use Nerf guns you provide or have the kids bring their own from home.

When you say go the kids try to shoot the other team with their Nerf darts. If kids get shot then they’re out. Kids can use their Nerf bases and obstacles you set up in the yard to hide behind. The team with players left at the end wins.

Get more details on Nerf War Parties, Nerf Gun Games & Targets, and Fortnite Birthday Parties for creating bases, games, goody bags, and food. Everything you need for a complete party.

35. Tug of War

Best Party Game for kids - Tug of War

What You Need – A large rope, and a small one to create a line

How to Play – Lay out a long rope on the grass and place a line in the middle of the rope on the ground to indicate where the players need to pull too.

Divide the kids into two groups and have them stand on their side of the rope. When you say go they pull and try to get the other team to step over the line.

36. Relay Race

What You Need – cones, paper towel rolls as the baton

How to Play – Create a track for the kids to run in your backyard using cones. Then divide kids up into teams of 3 people. Each team will get a baton (decorated paper towel roll). 

The first runner on the team will line up at the start line and start running when you start the timer. When the 1st runner gets to the finish line they pass the baton to the next runner who then runs the track. The second runner then passes the baton to the third and final runner at the start line. 

The first team to have the 3rd runner cross the finish line wins the relay race. 

37. Corn Hole or Bean Bag Game

What You Need – 8 bean bags, 2 corn hole boards

How to Play – Place the two cornhole boards across from each other. Adults do 24 feet apart but see what works best for your age kids. 

2 kids will team up and each pick a side to start. They will then each have two turns to try to throw a bean bag into the corn hole. Players must be standing behind the corn hole board by them to throw to the other sides corn hole board. 

Kids will switch off throwing the bean bag with the other team. After all eight bean bags are thrown kids add up the points and switch sides to try again. In a regular game, you go till a team gets 21 points but with kids, you might want to do 10 points. 

38. Duck Duck Goose

What You Need – Nothing

How to Play – Duck Duck Goose is a classic birthday party game for young kids. It’s super simple and little kids really enjoy playing it. 

Have all the kids sit in a large circle. Then have the birthday child walk around taping kids’ heads and saying duck duck goose. When they get to goose the child’s head they are touching must jump up and try to tag the birthday child before they run around the circle and sit back in the open seat. The kid will be the next child to walk around the circle. 

39. Red Rover Red Rover

What You Need – Nothing

How to Play – This is a good game for a large group. Split the party guests into two teams that will stand in a straight line across the yard from each other. 

The first team will decide on a child from the other team to call over to try and break through their side. The team will yell “red rover, red rover, send (name) over”. The chosen player will run across the yard and try to break through the gripped hands of the other team. If they can’t break through then they join that team. 

Whichever team ends up with the most kids on their side wins. 

40. Egg Toss

What You Need – hard-boiled eggs

How to Play – Egg Toss is a great party game to play in an open space outdoors. I would suggest using hard-boiled eggs so that there is less of a mess. 

Have the kids pair up with a partner and stand across from each other. Give each team one hard-boiled egg. The first person will toss the egg to their partner and the partner will toss it back. If both kids catch it then they take a big step back. Keep going until they drop the egg. The last team left that hasn’t dropped the egg wins.  

41 Squirt Gun Race

What You Need – Plastic cups, heavy string, water guns

How to Play –  This is a fun game for older kids but really kids of all ages will enjoy the challenge. To set up tie two strings across the yard in equal lengths. Add to each string a plastic cup by adding a hole on the bottom and sliding it onto the string. The object of the game is to have the kids use the water in the squirt gun to push the plastic cup to the other end of the string. 

Have the players line up at the end of one of the stings. When you say go they start squirting the cup with water. The first player to get the cup across the string wins. 

Find even more Backyard Birthday Games in our Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Plan an awesome Birthday Scavenger Hunt with free clues to help kids find their birthday presents this year. A fun new birthday tradition your kids will love.

Send your kids on a thrilling birthday scavenger hunt to find their birthday presents this year. They’ll be so excited to solve the riddles & clues leading to their gifts. A great family tradition to create fun memories for everyone.

Birthday Interviews

Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions for Kids, Tweens & Teens.

Make sure you’ll remember all your kid’s favorite things each year with a Birthday Interview. Good questions to ask your kids on their birthday to capture that year of their life. It’s so much fun to hear your kid’s answers and to look back on them when they’re older.

Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions for Kids

Birthday Party Checklist

Be ready for your upcoming birthday party with our free printable birthday party checklist. Everything you need to remember to do before the party.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

I hope that you have found a few fun birthday party games for kids to use. These easy party game ideas should keep the kids entertained throughout your whole birthday party. Whether you need indoor or outdoor party games I think I have you covered.

Get some free game ideas too in our 60 Fun & Free Things to Do with Kids Screen-Free.

Do you have any great game ideas you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments I love to hear from readers.

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Birthday Games & Activities

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Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

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30 Birthday Party Games for Kids. Indoor & Outdoor game ideas the kids will love. Find a few and keep the kids entertained the whole party. #birthdayparty #partygames #birthdaypartygames #gamesforkids #kids #indoorgames #outdoorgames
40 Fun & Easy Birthday party games & ideas kids will love. Hilarous indoor and outdoor games to play at home. Use this mix of unique and classic games to help you plan your whole birthday party to make it a memorable party your child and their friends will have a blast playing.

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Quick Weeknight Dinners & Snacks for Kids

30 Birthday Party Games for kids they'll Love! Keep the kids entertained at your next birthday party with these cool birthday activities. Perfect for parties at home or a rented space. Be ready for your child's next birthday. #birthdayparty #partygames #partiesathome #kidsgames #kidsactiviites #kidsbirthdays