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Exciting Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Kids Free Printable

Exciting Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Kids Free Printable

Looking for a fun way for kids to find their birthday presents this year? Add some extra excitement to the birthday celebration with a fun birthday scavenger hunt for kids.

They’ll be thrilled to follow the birthday scavenger hunt clues around the house in search of their birthday gifts. It’s a fun birthday tradition that will make this special day more memorable for the birthday boy or girl. 

The free printable birthday treasure hunt clues make creating your own birthday scavenger hunt easy for parents. Use it as a birthday party scavenger hunt or at a family birthday party. 

Check out this unique way for kids to find their birthday presents with this super fun birthday scavenger hunt for kids.

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Fun Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Make getting birthday presents even more exciting with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. The free printable scavenger hunt clues have cute riddles to help your kids find their presents. This fun birthday idea can be your new birthday tradition. Just print it out and play.

A great way to give the birthday child a memorable birthday is to play a fun birthday scavenger hunt to find their presents. 

How to Make a Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Here is what you need to do to create a scavenger hunt for kids. 

1. Create a birthday version of riddles that will give your kids clues on where they need to search the house for their presents. Use our Free Printable Birthday Clues.

2. Think about the clue locations you’d want your kids to hunt. Such as the front door, bathroom mirror, laundry room, play room

3. Pick the order of the different locations you want the kids to search. I like to have them running all over the place so the first clue might be in a bedroom and the second clue might be the front door. 

​4. Cut out the clues into smaller slips of paper and put them in order for you to hide.

5. Your first clue is the starting clue that you will give the kids. Do not hide this clue.

The second clue will be hidden in the location the first clue points them. Then the next clue will be hidden where the second clue leads the kids. This goes on until you get to the last clue. 

6. The last clue is where you will leave their birthday gifts. I like this to be a closet or the oven or someplace you can keep the presents hidden. 

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to find all the clues first. 

Make planning a birthday party easy with this free printable birthday party checklist.

Free Printable Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Gifts

Kids will be thrilled to search for their birthday gifts with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Grab these free printable Birthday clues & riddles to set up an easy birthday scavenger hunt at home. It's a great birthday tradition to start to create unforgettable memories with your kids.

Make creating your own scavenger hunt easy with our Free Printable Scavenger Hunt for kids.

It has six scavenger hunt riddles with a birthday theme for your kids to follow throughout your house. This indoor scavenger hunt will create lasting memories for your whole family.

Kid’s Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunts are a great way to entertain kids at birthday parties. Grab this free printable birthday scavenger hunt list and give one to each kid. Then send them off on a search around your house for the items on the list. It's the easiest birthday party game ever!

Send the kids at the birthday party on a Birthday Scavenger hunt throughout your house. If you don’t want the kids all over your house leave these items in 2-3 rooms for the kids to find and let them know where they can search.

It’s a super easy party game just print off the hunt and you’re ready to play!

Grab this free printable Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt.

Plan an Awesome scavenger hunt with these free Treasure hunt clues & answers. The printable has 20 clues which you can use all at once or break up into two scavenger hunts. Your kids will love the thrill of this indoor scavenger hunt.

Another fun way to entertain kids at your next birthday party is a fun scavenger hunt or treasure hunt.

The kids can team up to search the house for all the items on the scavenger hunt list. Or search on their own and see who can be the first to find all the clues. 

You can give out a prize to the winners such as small gifts or candy. 

Kids will love the excitement of a Treasure hunt birthday party and using their problem-solving skills together to find the prizes at the end. 

​The location of the last clue is also a great place to leave the kid’s goody bags for the birthday party. It’s the perfect way to end the party. 

You can also create a virtual scavenger hunt to do with family members or friends that live far away using Zoom.

Just email the scavenger hunt list to the parents and the kids can search their own home when you say go. The first child back to the Zoom camera with all the items found wins the game. 

Plan your whole birthday party with these 40+ Fun & Easy Birthday Party Games to play before or after the scavenger hunt.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Find tons of ideas for scavenger hunts in our full list of Exciting Printable Scavenger Hunts for kids to print and play.

Get the kids at the party outside for their scavenger hunt with these fun outdoor scavenger hunt ideas. 

Backyard Hunt

​This scavenger hunt you can easily do in your own backyard

Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt for kids. A fun outdoor party game or backyard game kids will love.

Neighborhood Hunt

Head out into the neighborhood with your family to find all the items on this fun Neighborhood hunt

Use this free printable neighborhood scavenger hunt for birthday parties & family game nights.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Need a fun beach activity? Try free printable Beach Scavenger Hunts for kids. An easy beach game to help kids explore the beach when you need a break from the water. You'll get a picture scavenger hunt for younger kids & a beach checklist for older kids to help them hunt for beach balls, shells, sand castles, and tricky beach items like something in the shape of a star. Just print it out and add it to your beach bag for an easy summer activity for kids.

Fun Beach Scavenger Hunts for beach vacations or a family day at the beach this summer.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Two Camping Scavenger Hunt Printables for kids. A free camping game with a picture hunt for younger kids & scavenger hunt checklist for older kids. A fun camping activity for the whole family to help you explore your campgrounds or keep kids busy while setting up camp. Just print the scavenger hunt ideas and play!

Entertain kids at your campgrounds with free Camping Scavenger Hunt printables for kids.

Teen & Tween Scavenger Hunt

Get those picky Teens to enjoy birthday games with this Selfie Scavenger hunt for Teens. 

Teens & Tweens will have a blast on this fun photo scavenger hunt to take selfies for each item on the list.
Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions to rememer what you kids, tweens & teens were like each year. Just print it out and let you kids fill in the answers.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Plan a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt for kids with this free printable outdoor scavenger hunt ideas checklist. Take selfies of each item on the list to win. Great for birthday parties, kids' parties and family game nights. Just print it out and play!

Another really fun idea for birthday parties is a photo scavenger hunt. These hunts are done in your neighborhood and are great outdoor hunts for a little bit older kids 

On your child’s big day break up the kids at the birthday party into small teams. 

Then give each group the list of things to find in your neighborhood. The kids will need to take a photo or selfie of each item to prove they found it. 

The first group back to the house with the list complete wins the Photo Scavenger hunt. 

Tip: Make sure to set a time limit so everyone knows when they need to be back at the party.

Grab your Free Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Holiday Scavenger Hunts

You can use scavenger hunts for all sorts of occasions. Here are a few more free scavenger hunts for holiday celebrations. 

Christmas Scavenger Hunts

Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas & Lists for parties at home, virtual parties & exploring neighborhood light displays. See who can find all the holiday items on the list first. A fun party game kids and adults will enjoy this Christmas.

​Easter Scavenger Hunts

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Free Printable for Virtual Easter Parties or at Home Easter Hunts.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunts

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for kids. Fun scavenger hunt ideas to find at home or in the classroom. Use this easy party game for Valentine's Day Parties. All you need to do is print it out and play.

Are you ready to create unforgettable memories with your kids? They are going to love this new tradition of doing a birthday scavenger hunt to find their birthday presents. 

Don’t forget to grab your Free Printable Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids.

Plan an awesome Birthday Scavenger Hunt with free clues to help kids find their birthday presents this year. A fun new birthday tradition your kids will love.

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Make this birthday extra special with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt to find kids gifts this year. Use this free printable birthday scavenger Hunt clues to plan the hunt in your house. They will be so excited!!