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43 Board Games for Teens They’ll Be Excited to Play

43 Board Games for Teens They’ll Be Excited to Play

Want to get your teens off their phones and engaging with friends and family? Use these fun board games for teens to entice them away from their electronics and get them hanging out in person with people. Yes, they might grumble at first but once they get into the board games they’ll have a blast. They may even agree to a family game night with the whole family (the horror!)

Whether you’re playing a classic game, a strategy game, a party game, or a new popular game you’re sure to entertain even the hardest-to-please teens. You’ll be amazed at what a simple game can do to get your teens talking and laughing with you again.

Keep these in mind too as birthday and holiday gifts when you can’t think of fun gift ideas for this age.

Alright, let’s get you ready for your next family game night or teen hang-out with our list of the best board games for Teens.

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Best Board Games for Teens

43 Fun Board Games Ideas for Teens. Entertaining games for parties, family game nights, gift ideas or just to play while hanging out on the weekends. Find a variety of unique games from funny games to cooperative & strategic games. Your sure to find a board game your teenagers will have a blast playing & you'll love that they ditched their phones to play.

One of the best ways to get your kids to spend time with family or their friends is to distract them with a good game. Especially with some great strategy games where they’ll have to really focus on the task at hand to solve the problem. This can be done with fun cooperative board games or cool printable Escape Room Games.

If you want more of a lighter game to get everyone laughing check out the funny games and classic games on the list. There are also some great party games for your next teen party, holiday party, or sleepover.

If it’s Christmas time make sure to visit our favorite Christmas Board Games for Families too.

Alright, are you ready? Look through the list of board games for teens below to find the right game for your kids. The game board ideas are broken up into Classic games, Strategy games, Popular games, Family Board games, and Party games.

Here are our top picks for Teen board games:

Classic Games

Who doesn’t love to play a classic board game? Their always fun which is why kids have been playing with them for years. It also brings back great memories for you while enjoying family time with your kids. Kind of a win-win!

1.Uno Attack

Age – 7 & Up

Number of Players – 2-10

This version of Uno Attack is a new twist on the classic game. With this card game, you get a machine that shoots out Uno cards when you can’t find a match.

The shooting cards add an extra element of fun and make it more of a challenge to win. Which makes it a great choice for teens hanging out at home or at parties.


Age – 8 & UP

Number of Players – 2-4

Generations have played this game and there’s a reason. It’s really fun!

In Parcheesi, your goal is to get all four of your game pieces home. But in the process, you can knock your opponent’s pieces back or blockade them from getting to their home base.

The more you play the better your strategies will get to win the game. It’s definitely a mix of luck with your dice and strategic thinking.

3. Clue

This is your classic who dunnit game. Have teens get together with their friends and try to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy.

In this updated version teens have the option to ask questions of the Ghost of Mrs. White through Amazon Alexa. If she’s in a good mood she might give you answers if not watch out!

4. Monopoly

Age – 8 and Up

Number of Players – 2-6

This classic game will bring out the competitiveness of your teens. Players will buy, sell and trade properties to try and win the game. While using strategic thinking to decide if they should add houses or hotels to their properties without going bankrupt.

5. Risk

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-5

Fight off family and friends to dominate the world in this classic game of Risk. You’ll have to use strategies and forward-thinking to decide your next move to attack, gather troops, or defend your territories.

This is a long game so plan to spend the night immersed in a game of Risk.

6. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Age – 8 and Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This family edition of the trivia game has both kid and adult questions in 6 different categories. This makes the questions alittle easier for younger generations than the originial Trivial Pursuit. 

7. Battleship 

Age – 7 and Up

Number of Players – 2

This classic game has kids trying to figure out where their opponent’s battleships are hidden on their board. 

8. Scrabble

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This classic crossword puzzle game has been one of the most popular board games for years. Even now it’s still beloved by young adults. 

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. Perfect game to get teens engaged as conversations starters or fun at parties.

Strategy Games & Cooperative Games

Get your teens really concentrating and using their critical thinking skills to solve these strategy board games and cooperative games. Cooperative board games have players working together to solve puzzles and challenges rather than working on their own.

The great part is you win as a team which makes them a fun board game to play in group settings or on a family game night.

If your kids enjoy playing games as a team check out our Favorite Cooperative Board Games for Families.

9. Unstable Unicorns

Age – 14 and Up

Number of Players – 2-5

This is a strategic card game where your two favorite things are unicorns and destruction. You’ll have to build your unicorn army and betray your friends to win the game. Whoever has the best strategy wins the game.

10. Spirit Island

Age – 14 and Up

Number of Players – 1-4

This teen board game is a fun cooperative game. It also has a science fiction feel to it as Spirit island comes under attack from invaders.

These invaders or colonists are taking over the island and upsetting the natural balance of the spirits. As the spirits of the island, you’ll have to work as a team to grow your power and fight off the invaders.

11. Pandemic

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

Four diseases are threatening the world and your team must work together to stop the outbreak. Each player has a different role and their own special talent to help the team. You’ll have to use all of your skills together to save the world!

12. Eldritch Horror Board Game

Age – 14 & Up

Number of Players – 1-8

Go on a thrilling adventure with Eldritch Horror a game based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. In this complex cooperative game, you and your colleagues must travel the world fighting off the ancient evil that is trying to take over the world.

Your team will travel the world solving obscure mysteries and using your skills and weapons to hold off the ancient evils. Are you up to the task?

13. Doomlings

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players  – 2-6 

The end of the world is coming to the doomed planet you are on and players will need to try and keep the local species alive. Score points by using your species’ different traits and adapting to your environment. You’ll need to use some strategies to get the most points and win the game before it’s over.

This exciting card game has infinite ways to end which makes every time you play thrilling as you never know what will happen.

14. Forbidden Island 

Age – 10 & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

Go on an adventure to a forbidden island to collect 4 sacred treasures. Players will have to work together and use problem-solving skills to survive the island and complete their mission.

15. Trekking The National Parks

Age -10 & Up

Number of Players – 2-5

This is the perfect game for teens who love nature and hiking National Parks. It’s a fun strategic game that will teach you more about the great National Parks in the USA.

16. Azul Board Game

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

A unique strategic tile placement game for teenagers they’ll enjoy playing with friends. Teens have to plan carefully their next move to slow down or stop their opponent. 

17. Blokus

Age – 5 and Up

Numbers of Players – 2-4

Blokus is more like Tetras and is a very strategic game. Don’t pay attention to the age range on this game. When the older kids play together the game gets harder as they strategies better the placement of their blocks.

Each player will have a set of blocks with different shapes and you’ll need to find a place on the board to fit all your blocks. Your goal is to be the first player to get rid of all your block pieces.

18. Escape Room Games

Fun printable Escape Room games for teens to play together.

I am putting printable escape room games under strategy games but it could easily be under popular games or family game nights categories. These are hugely popular right now to play with groups of teens.

Kids work together as a team to decipher the clues, and puzzles so they can “escape the room”. Add to the excitement by giving the kids a time limit of when they need to break out of the room or break up into teams and see who solves all the puzzles first.

We like to use printable escape room games because they have everything you need in one complete packet. Just print it out and start playing. It’s a great last-minute game!

Funny & Popular Games

Here are some of the favorite games teens are playing right now. They are popular board games teens enjoy playing with their friends.

A funny game is a great way to keep your kids engaged longer while playing board games. It’s amazing what a little laughter will do to bring out your teen’s smile.

19. The Settlers of Catan

Age – 12 & Up

Number of Players – 3-4

This popular board game brings your teens back to the 19th Century trying to make a new life heading west. What we love about this game is there are so many different scenarios that every time you play it will seem like a new game.

However, the strategies you pick up and learn will help you get better each time you play too. It’s a fun social game in which you’ll have to use plenty of strategic thinking to win.

20. Catan Expansion Packs

Age – 12 & Up

Number of Players – 5-6

Want to be able to have more players on the Settlers of Catan? Then grab this Catan Board Game Extension which will allow 1-2 more players so you’ll get a total of 5-6 players.

21. Exploding Kittens

Age – 7 & Up

Number of Players – 2-5

This game has exploded in popularity because it’s an easy card game to play and really fun. This quick game only takes about 15 to play so you can play it over and over again.

You’ll draw cards and try to avoid the exploding kitten card. It’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette but much safer (;

22. 5 Second Rule

Age – 10 & Up

Number of Players – 3 or more

The 5 Second Rule seems easy but it’s not however it is hilarious. One player will read off a topic on a card. Then the other players have 5 seconds to come up with 3 related things to the topic.

The answers are usually really funny as you have so little time to answer that the players just yell what’s at the top of their minds.

23. Throw Throw Burrito

Age – 7 & Up

Number of Players – 2-6

This funny game is a cross between dodgeball and a card game. One player said, “it’s like Uno meets Nerf”.

Kids will collect cards, play their hand, and sometimes throw burritos. Don’t worry the burritos are foam but I’d still clear some space to play. This game is a blast to play and your teens will really get into the excitement of the game!

24. Sushi Go

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-8

This is a really fun card game to play on family game nights or at parties. Your goal is to create the winning sushi combination by pairing up the cards with the highest points together. This edition is the deluxe version which allows you to adjust the difficulty level for teens.

25. Quiddler 

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 1-8

This is a great game for the entire family or as a party game as up to 8 people can play.  Players will have to make short words out of the decks of cards that come with the game. 

26. Farkle Dice Game

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 2-4 

A quick and easy dice game Teens can play while chatting with friends and family. 

Family Board Games

A great part about these games is you can play them with your older kids and younger children.

Get more ideas in our Awesome Family Game Night Ideas & Tips for a Great Night.

27. Disney Villainous

Age – 10 & Up

Number of Players – 2-6

Disney-loving families will be so excited about this board game. Players pick from 6 iconic Disney Villains and need to complete their evil plan before anyone else does. You can cast curses and set traps to help you win. Get immersed in your character and figure out how to complete your ultimate evil plan.

There is a Marvel Villainous too for all those Marvel fans out there.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

28. Watch Your Mouth

Age – 8 & Up

Number of Players – 3-10

This is the best game and so funny to watch! One player wears a mouthguard and try’s to say a phrase written on the deck of cards. The other players need to guess what they are trying to say and it’s hilarious to watch.

There are four categories – Classic, Sing It, Pop Culture, and Head-To-Head. All 210 phrases are family-safe so it’s a great game to play with younger kids and your older teens in the family.

29. Taco Vs. Burrito

Age – 7 and Up

Number of Players – 2-4

A funny and quick card game for families. All ages can play this game but it will be even more fun for teens as they can use strategies to win the game. It only takes a few minutes to learn and 10-15 minutes to play.

Tip: It’s a great game to bring on a family road trip or family vacation.

30. Otrio

Age – 8 and UP

Number of Players – 2-4

This game is a twist on Tick Tac Toe. It’s a great family game as all ages will be challenged to make the right moves.

The object of the game is to get three in a row just like Tic Tac Toe but in this game, you can have up to three items in a square. This makes it harder to follow what your opponent is doing-especially if there are 4 players. Kids and parents will have to come up with their own strategies to win.

31. Qwirkle

Age – 6 and Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This game works for the whole family as it can be a simple matching coloring and shapes game. But what makes it a great choice for older kids is you need to be strategic and forward-thinking in the tiles you pick to place. Players score points for the number of tiles they can get in a row.

Best Family Game Night Printable with 30 pages of pre made family game ideas you'll love.

Party Games

A great way to entertain a group of teens is with a party game. Add these games to our fan-favorite Minute to Win It Games for Teens and your party is planned.

Here are some fun game ideas for parties.

32. Beat That

Age – 9 & Up

Number of Players – 2-8

This game is referred to as the “Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges” and that really describes it. Players will pick a card with a ridiculous challenge using the random items in the box. Then they bet on if they can complete the task. If you do you’ll earn points. Your goal is to earn the most points in the game.

This is an awesome party game and it’s sure to get those hard-to-please teens engaged and laughing.

33. A Game of Cat & Mouth by Exploding Kittens

Age – 7 & UP

Number of Players – 2 (more with tournament play)

This party game is like pinball but on a fiercely competitive level. The box unfolds into the game where players compete to get the ball into the cat’s mouth. Play this game in Tournament mode to make it an entertaining party game. Then see who in your group can win the whole tournament.

34. Relative Insanity

Age – 14 & Up

Number of Players – 4-12

This hilarious game was created by the comedian Jeff Foxworth and is the perfect game for bigger groups. The first person will read a card with a scenario but not finish the sentence. The other players need to finish the sentence with a phrase on their cards.

This leads to some pretty funny answers as their cards will have answers that don’t match the scenario. It kind of reminds me of Mad Libs. In the end, it’s really funny to hear how everyone in the group finishes the sentence.

35. Phone Phever

Age – 13 & Up

Number of Players – 3+ players or as teams

This is the perfect game for your smartphone-addicted teens. You’ll use the game board and your smartphone to answer trivia questions and complete challenges showing how the telephone has shaped our society.

Kids can play individually or as a team which is why I like it as a party game. The game tagline is “you don’t need to be smart only your phone needs to be smart”. See if your kids are up to the challenge!

36. What Do You Meme?

Age – 17 & Up

Number of Players – 3-20

This additive meme game is based on the Tik Tok crazy. Teens will try and create the funniest meme by pairing the phrase cards with a Tik Tok photo card. There is a rotating judge to decide which person or team comes up with the funniest meme.

There is even a QR code on the back of the Tik Tok photos so you can watch the Tik Tok video. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the crown. This game is recommended for 17+ as it has some mature content.

Tip: There are tons of different versions of What Do You Meme from family to different Careers, to the Show the Office. Find more What Do You Meme Versions.

37. Cards Against Humanity

Age – 17 and UP

Number of Players – 4 – 20+

This is a hilarious and somewhat inappropriate game which is why older teens love it. The game itself describes it as a “party game for horrible people”.

A player will read a phrase card and the person with the most outrageous answer wins. Which will keep teens laughing throughout the whole game.

If your kids really get into this game there is an expansion pack with more phrase prompts.

38. Smart Ass

Age -12 & Up

Number of Players – 2-6

Find out which teen at your party is the biggest Smart Ass. In this fast-paced board game you will have 4 different categories of cards which you need to answer – Who Am I, What Am I, Where Am I, and Hard Ass. If you get it right you move closer to home on the board.

But there is a twist you don’t have to wait your turn to answer whoever knows it just shouts it out. So you’ll need to be quick with your answers to win. This game is so much fun to play with teens.

39.Code Names

Age – 10 & UP

Number of Players – 2-8

Did you know there was a Spy among you? In this fun game, you’ll break up into teams and try to figure out who is the spy on the other team. A Spy Master will give each team clues to help them solve the mystery.

40. Fast Track

Age – 5 and Up

Number of Players – 2

This is a fast-paced game to put out when teens are having a party. It’s only two players but they can challenge the winner to the next game.

Teens will use the rubber band to sling the pucks across the game board to their opponent’s side. The first player to get all the pucks to the other side wins. I find the quick pace and challenge of this game makes it a hit with teens.


Age – 12 & Up

Number of Players – 4-8

This is an awesome party game it’s like the old Telephone game but with drawings. Don’t worry you don’t need to be an artist just draw what you see and pass it on to guess.

42. Fact or Crap

Age – 12 & Up

Number of Players – 3 -8 

Laugh with friends and family reading trivia questions with an attitude. You’ll read a card with several facts and players will have to decide which are true and which are crap. 

Don’t all these board games sound like so much fun!! These really are some of our very favorite board games for teens. I hope you found a few your kids will love too!

43. Double Ditto

Age – 10 & Up

Number of Players – 4+

See which of your friends think alike with this funny game. The first player will read from a deck of cards a question and then each player writes down two top answers to the question. Then read your answers and see whose silly answers match for a double ditto. 

More Game Ideas for Teens

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Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. A funny game kids will want to play at school, holiday and birthday parties. Print it out and connect with your teens today!

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