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Fun Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas & Shadow Art for Kids

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas & Shadow Art for Kids

Looking for a fun outdoor activity for kids? Get them outside doing something creative with Shadow Art for kids. They’ll love these fun sidewalk chalk drawing ideas and paper shadow art with their favorite toys. Shadow art makes it easy for kids to trace their toys and make them come alive on paper or with chalk on your sidewalk.

Find out how easy it is to create this fun art project for kids.

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Fun Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas & Shadow Art for Kids

Fun Outdoor Kids Activities - Ideas for Shadow Art & Chalk Drawing. Kids will love the cool drawings they can make with their favorite toys.  Perfect activity when your stuck at home. #kidsactivity #activityforkids #shadowart #chalkdrawings #kidsart

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas

Kids can use anything you have at home to make sidewalk chalk drawings. All you need is a box of chalk and a little creativity.

My kids like to trace their shadows doing activities they enjoy such as playing hockey or riding a bike.

Next, bring out some toys and have the kids trace them and color the shadows in. We made dinosaurs on our driveway.

You can also make it a game. Give them a category and ask them to draw something like a rainbow, a forest, bugs, flowers, or even a picture of themselves.

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Shadow Art

Shadow Art can be done on a picnic table or driveway. For the art project, place a piece of paper down so the shadow will cast across the paper. Then let the kids trace the toy they want to draw. After they are done tracing, they can color in the picture.

This works best earlier in the day and later in the day when the sun is in a good position to make shadows.

Tip: If it’s breezy, tape down the paper so it won’t move with masking tape.

Let kids find their favorite toy and trace it. Here are a dinosaur and stormtrooper we drew.

Another fun thing to do is to make a scene with a group of toys that are similar. We did a dinosaur scene, Disney characters, and figures from the movie Sing.

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Do your kids have a favorite Lego creation? Trace that too!

Shadow Art Drawing with Lego Figures. Fun outdoor kids activity. #kidsactivities #activityforkids #shadowartforkids

Kids can even trace that trophy they are so proud of receiving.

Cool outdoor kids activity Shadow Art Drawing. Kids can trace the silhouettes of their favorite toys or trophy they are proud of receiving. Great way to entertain the kids when your stuck at home.  #kidsactivities #activityforkids #shadowartforkids

Shadow art is a really fun kids activity they will want to do over and over again. Use these sidewalk chalk drawing ideas to get started and then let the kids come up with their own creative ideas. It’s a fun way to spend time outdoors doing mess-free art projects.

Is there something fun your kids like to draw? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from our readers.

Chalk Games for Kids

Extend your playtime outside with fun chalk games for kids. Turn your sidewalk or driveway into a big game board, scavenger hunt, or obstacle course. Younger kids will love a color search and hopscotch.

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More Ideas of Things to Do with Kids

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Fun Shadow Art & Chalk Drawing Ideas for kids. A cool outdoor activity using your kids favorite toys silhouette. Enjoy art projects outside on a sunny day. An entertaining kids activity. #shadowart #shadowartideas #chalkdrawings #outdooractivitiesforkids #kidsactivities
How to do Shadow Drawing with kids. It's a fun outdoor activity for kids. Children will love tracing the silhouette of their favorite toys like dinosaurs. Find out how easy it is to do! #shadowdrawing #shadowart #kidsactivity #activityforkids #dinosaurs

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