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144 Easy Charades Ideas for Kids & Printable Words Lists

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Looking for a fun family game night idea or party game for kids? Then you’ll love our free printable Charades Ideas for kids. This hilarious game is a blast to play with both kids and adults. Plus with the easy charades categories & word lists, it allows all ages in your family to play together.

Find funny Charades categories like Animals, Food, Things to Do, Sports, Places, Disney Movies, Halloween, and Christmas. You’ll learn how to play Charades and have 144 Charade ideas so you can play the game over and over again without running out of options.

It’s sure to become one of your favorite family game nights. Or play it for a quick & fun birthday party game or a school party game. Your kids are going to beg you to play!

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Family Charades Ideas for Kids & Adults

Best Family Charades Ideas, Categories & Words list that all ages will enjoy. Plan a fun family game night or holiday party with this free printable Charades Words list. You'll get fun categories like Food, Animals, Disney Movies, Things to Do, Sports, Places, Christmas & Halloween. With 144 different words you can play this game over & over with out repeating. All you need to do is print it out & start having a blast together.

Charades is a hilarious and entertaining game to play with all ages. Watching your kids, friends, or family act out the different charades words will have everyone laughing and having fun together.

Our easy charades ideas for kids were created with simple word lists so that the whole family could play together.

There are 8 different charades categories letting everyone find a topic they like to act out. Plus it gives you enough word options so you can play the game over and over again.

I’ve used these as both a fun family game night and at my son’s school parties and it was a hit at both. This would also be a fun holiday game to play with friends and family.

Don’t worry about writing down all the categories there is a free printable below with all 144 Charades Words.

How to Play Charades with Kids

To play charades you are acting out the words with motions rather than talking to get your teammates to guess your word.

It’s important to go over the rules before you start the game so that everyone knows how to play. Similar to if you play a Minute to Win it Game or plan a White Elephant exchange that way there is no arguing about the winners.

Teams or Against the Clock

First, decide if you want to break up into teams with a larger group or race against the clock individually on a family game night.

Number of Rounds

Decide the number of rounds you will play before you start the game. For instance, each team will let each player go one time or two times. Each time everyone on your team has gone you’ve completed one round.

Cut Up the Word List

Cut up your charades word list and add the pieces into a bowl so no one can see what the words will be. You could even fold the pieces over so players don’t peak.

Choose the Player

Pick the player or actor to start for your team or which individual to start if playing against the clock. The players will all rotate so everyone gets a chance to act out the words.

The first actor picks out of a bowl one of the charade words and starts.

Act it Out

A player will have 1 minute to use motions and gestures to act out the word on their slip of paper. They may not talk! If they do they automatically lose the point.

Charades Signs

Players can use some common Charades signs and hand motions to help act out the words.


Make sure to have paper and pen to write down the score as you go under each team’s name.

Playing in Teams – If the player’s team guesses correctly in under 1 minute they get a point. If they do not guess correctly the other team gets a chance to make one guess. If the other team guesses correctly they get the point.

Playing Individually – The person who guesses the answer correctly in under 1 minute gets the point.

If no one guesses correctly no points are awarded and you go onto the next actor/player.


The team or individual who has the most points after the pre-determined number of rounds wins the game.

Charades Categories & Word Lists

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids with 8 different Charades Categories and 144 Words. Learn how to play this fun party game and then grab your free printable words lists. Enjoy playing categories like Food, Sports, Places, Disney Movies, Things to Do, Christmas and Halloween. This game will have everyone laughing & having a blast.

There are eight different Charades categories – Animals, Food, Things to Do, Sports, Disney, Places, Halloween & Christmas.

Each category has a list of words to go with the category theme.

Our free printable Charades Ideas for Kids has all eight charades categories and word lists you’ll find below.

You can click below to download now or keep reading to check out the lists of words.

Food Charades Words

Silly Food Charades Ideas for Kids with free printable word lists.


Corn on the Cob




Cotton Candy



Eating Soup

Ice Cream



Animal Charades Words

Fun Animal Charades Ideas for Kids with free printable word lists.













Disney Movie Charades Words

Fun Disney Movie Charades Words List Game for kids. Free printable Disney Charades category to use at your family game nights, kids birthday parties, school parties or holiday parties. Just print it out and play today!




Toy Story

The Little Mermaid

Mary Poppins


Mickey Mouse

Finding Nemo



Darth Vader


Donald Duck




The Beast


Minnie Mouse


Fairy Godmother

Jiminy Cricket


Things to Do Charades Words

Free Printable Things to Do Charades Words List for Kids. Fun charades ideas with action words kids will love acting out in this hilarious party game.

Ride a Bike

Go Fishing

Take a Nap

Do the Limbo

Playing Soccer

A Pillow Fight


Licking Ice Cream

Playing Baseball


Rowing a Boat

Playing Checkers

Horseback Riding

Climb a Tree

Build a Snowman

Playing Card Games

Go Skiing

Raking Leaves

Playing Tennis

Playing Duck Duck Goose

Drive a Car

Read a Book

Mow the Lawn


Sports Charades Ideas

Easy Sports Charades Ideas for Kids with a printable Word List.


Do Yoga

Playing Golf

Water Skiing

Raking Leaves

Playing Basketball


Playing Volleyball


Playing Hockey

Play Soccer

Playing Frisbee

Places Charades Ideas

Free Printable Places Charades Category for kids. Easy Words lists ideas you can print out and play at your next kids party, family game night or holiday party.




Grocery Store

Amusement Park

Swimming Pool







Christmas Charades Ideas

Funny Christmas Charades Ideas for Kids with a free printable word lists.

Enjoy these funny Christmas Charades Ideas we’ve loved at Family Holiday Parties.

If you want more Christmas game ideas check out our Free Printable Christmas Games for kids and our hilarious Minute to Win It Games for Christmas.


Santa’s Workshop

Nutcracker Ballet

Christmas Cards

Home Alone Movie

Elf on the Shelf


Decorating a Gingerbread House

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Snowball Fight

Hot Chocolate



Mrs. Claus

Gingerbread Man



Christmas Stockings

Making Cookies

Ice Skating


Let it Snow


Little Drummer Boy

Halloween Charades Ideas

This is a great game for kids’ school parties and Halloween parties at home.







Trick or Treat

Face Paint

Witches Hat

Spider Web


Monster Mash

Bobbing for Apples


Haunted House



Witches Broom

Black Cat


Halloween Party

Go on Hayride

Zombie Brains

Make Sure to Grab Your Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids Words lists and be ready for your next party!

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 8 Charades categories & words lists.
Click Here for Free Printable Charades Words Lists

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Make planning a night at home with the kids stress-free with my Family Game Night Planner. It includes 12 family game ideas for each month of the year plus tips, food ideas & prizes.

All you have to do is print out your family game night planner and you’ll be ready for an awesome night at home with the kids.

Are you ready now to plan a fun party or family game night with these Charades Ideas for kids? I hope these easy charades categories & word lists will inspire you to enjoy playing games with your kids.

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Charades is a fun Party game for kids. Use these easy Charades ideas and categories to play at family game nights, birthday parties, holiday parties or school parties. The free printable has easy categories like Food, Things to Do, Animals, Disney Movies, Sports, Places, Halloween & Christmas. 144 different word choices so you can play over and over again. Print it out and start playing Charades with your Kids today.
Learn how to play Charades with kids plus 8 Charades categories and free printable with 144 words lists. Everything you'll need to play this fun game with kids at School parties, family parties or birthday parties.

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