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Kids Cheap Birthday Party Ideas Are Fun & Budget-Friendly

Kids Cheap Birthday Party Ideas Are Fun & Budget-Friendly

Throwing a memorable birthday party for your child doesn’t have to break the bank! With a little creativity, planning, and some cheap birthday party ideas, you can host a fun kids’ party without overspending. From DIY decorations and party favors to budget-friendly games there are tons of ways to throw an unforgettable party that’s affordable. Explore these clever money-saving tips and find the perfect birthday party theme for your kids.

Whether you’re planning a party at home or in a local park, these tips will help you stretch your party budget while still creating a special day for the birthday boy or birthday girl. 

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Fun & Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Fun & cheap birthday party ideas, tips & themes to help you host an easy and budget-friendly party at home or in your community. Get tips on how to save money and simple party themes that are cheap to host but still tons of fun for kids. Let's make this next birthday a memorable and affordable party to make your kids feel special!

Use these cheap birthday party ideas and tips to help you host a birthday celebration that’s memorable and affordable. Our tips will help whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to host a budget-friendly party. Check it out and get inspired for your kid’s birthday party!

How to Throw a Budget-Friendly Birthday Party

Easy Birthday Party tips and tricks for a budget-friendly party at home. Learn how to save money and still make it a special birthday for your child.

1. Have a Plan

The best way to save money on a birthday party is to plan it out in advance. This will help you understand what all your expenses will be and give you time to figure out places to save money. 

Use this Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist to help you start party planning. 

Make planning a birthday party easy with this free printable birthday party checklist.

2. Create a Budget

Decide before you start how much you can spend on the party by setting a realistic budget. Then as you plan keep this budget in mind so that you do not go over in spending. 

3. Keep Your Guest List Small

Consider just inviting your child’s closest friends as party guests. When you invite the whole class it can get really expensive. The larger number of guests the more the party will cost. 

4. Host at Your Own Home

Save money on rental space by throwing the party at home. This is the number one place to save money!!

5. Find a Cheap Venue

If you don’t want to host at home another option is finding a cheap venue to throw the party.

Some ideas are – To use a local park area, rent space at a park district building, community centers, church space, or a meeting room in a library. 

6. Pick a Good Time to Host

Host the party in the middle of the day or in the morning so that you do not have to serve lunch or dinner. 

7. Send Free Invitations

Send out a free Evites to the kids for your invitations. No need to pay for cards or stamps parents will get the invitation in their email inbox.

8. DIY Decorations

Make your own DIY decorations with Dollar Store or Dollar Tree balloons, steamers, and birthday signs. Get inspired with ideas in Cheap Birthday Party Decorations at Dollar Tree. All our favorite party supplies to buy and ways to save money for kids’ birthday parties. 

If you have leftover decorations from a prior birthday party make sure to use that too!

9. At Home Entertainment

Entertain the kids at home with cheap DIY party games and activities to keep them busy and having fun. You can play the birthday games in your living room or outside in your backyard.

10. Make Your Own Birthday Cake

Bake your own cake or cupcakes at home to save money on dessert. If you don’t like to bake make an Ice Cream bar with all the toppings for the kids. 

11. Serve Cheap Food

If you’re going to host the party during a meal time a great option for cheaper food is Domino’s Pizza or hot dogs and chips. You might not love Dominos or Papa Johns but the kids don’t mind. 

12. Cheap Party Favors

A great way to save money on goodie bags is to pick up party favors at Dollar Tree or the Dollar Store. You can find small toys, games, and candy to add to the party favors they take home. The kids don’t care if it’s an expensive goody bag or not just that they got some candy on the way out (:

13. Ask Friends or Family to Help Out

If you are hosting a bigger party at home or in your local park it’s a great idea to get some help from a few other adults. Don’t be shy about asking another parent or your family members to help you out. It will make hosting on your own a lot easier. 

14. Throw a Party Every Other Year

Consider hosting a big party every other year for your child to save money. On the year you don’t have a party there are tons of meaningful birthday traditions to celebrate with kids instead of a party. 

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

Budget-Friendly birthday party themes and ideas to host easy parties at home or in your local park.

Find a cheap birthday party theme that your child will be excited about and you can afford. These inexpensive birthday party ideas are all popular right now and really easy to host.

Scavenger Hunt Party

Plan a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to go on during the party. They’ll love the competition of trying to find all the items first. You can even have a prize for the winner. 

There are tons of free printable scavenger hunts to choose from that will be easy to implement for kids to teens. 

Here are a few free Scavenger Hunts to choose from:

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

Treasure Hunt Clues for Home – Follow the clues to find the hidden treasure.

Nature Scavenger Hunt – Try this in your backyard or go to a local forest preserve or park. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Send the kids out into the neighborhood in teams to find all the items on the list. If the kids are younger send them with an adult. 

Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Read the clues and see who can get to the prize at the end first. (This is also a fun way for the birthday child to find their birthday gifts)

Kids at Home Scavenger Hunt – Send kids on a search throughout your home for all these items on the checklist.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt – Get the kids outside and running around your backyard

Sleepover Party 

A sleepover party is a classic birthday party for good reason it’s always fun and super cheap for parents to host. All you need is a few games, a movie, and plenty of snacks for the kids to have a great time together. 

Get ideas on How to Host the Coolest Sleepover Party

DIY Arts & Crafts

Go to your local craft store and pick up a few crafts for the kids to make or things to paint. It will be so much cheaper than going to a pottery painting location.

Some ideas are to have the kids paint rocks with this rock painting kitwooden letters to paint their initials, or make slime

DIY Paint & Sip Kids Party

Tween Girls love this fun kid-friendly paint-and-sip party. You can easily host it at home by having the kids watch a YouTube video on how to paint a picture. The video will give you a free teacher the kids can see and follow along with on how to paint. Just play the video on a large TV screen and have the kids sit at tables around the screen. 

Give each party guest a small easel with a canvas, paint, and paint brushes. Then serve fruit smoothies and yummy snacks to eat and drink while they paint and chat with each other. 

Here is a cute YouTube video to teach kids how to paint a Sea Turtle. 

Minute to Win It Party 

Plan a bunch of quick and hilarious Minute to Win It Games. They are easy to set up and quick to play with 1-minute challenges that will have all the kids excited and cheering on their friends. 

You can even make it a contest and see who can win the most games to get a coveted prize at the end. 

Funny Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens

Board Game Party

If you host a small group with just close friends plan a board game party. There are tons of fun board games to choose from depending if your kids like funny games or more strategic games. Cooperative Board games are a great choice if you want the kids to work together to solve the game rather than play against each other.

Pick a few different games that the birthday child likes and then let the kids at the party pick their favorite games to play. 

Here are a few places to get ideas for fun board games for kids.

Best Cooperative Board Games for Kids

Thrilling Mystery & Detective Games

Family Game Night Ideas – Tons of fun games to try

43 Cool Board Games for Teens & Tweens

Escape Room Party

An Escape Room party venue can get really expensive but you can host a thrilling and budget-friendly option for the party at home. All you need is a printable escape room game with all the clues you need to host the party.

The printable versions have a printout for the kids to follow along and a parent packet so you can help when needed. Most include evites, and printable decorations which makes planning the party even easier!

Get the kids really excited about the party by having them dress up in the theme of the escape room game or provide some costumes.

Find out how to host the Best Escape Room Birthday Parties at Home

Spa Party

Host a budget-friendly spa party at home. Let the kids paint each other’s nails, have a tea party, eat finger foods, and wear face masks. Play fun music in the background and let the girls chat and enjoy each other’s company.

If you want to splurge get each girl a spa robe and eye mask to wear at the party and take home as their party favor. 

Party Games

If you like a more traditional birthday party plan a bunch of easy DIY birthday party games to play in between having pizza and cake at home. I would suggest finding 2 – 3 games the kids would like.

If it’s warm outside try these fun outdoor games for parties too.

Backyard Picnic

Host a fun backyard picnic with outdoor games, backyard scavenger hunts, and a BBQ picnic. You can make it simple with hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and fruit.

The kids will have a blast running around and being outside together. The best part is your house won’t get messy!

Movie Night 

Have your child pick out their favorite movie and host a movie night party. You can easily combine this with a sleepover party or make it a sleep-under and have the kids go home late that night.

Create a popcorn bar with fun toppings to add to their popcorn bowl. Some ideas are – M&Ms, pretzels, gummy bears, Oreos, small chocolate chips.

Sports Party

Host an active and fun sports party in your backyard or public parks. Decide what your child’s favorite sport is and play that in the park. You can use the park picnic tables and picnic shelters to have cake after the game is done. 

Some easy games to run are – a Flag Football game, Soccer Shoot Out, or Homerun Derby (start closer to the fence if kids are younger). If you have enough kids play a whole game of their favorite sport.  

Balloon Birthday Party

Balloons are a really budget-friendly item to use for games. You can buy a big bag of balloons at the Dollar Store and you’re set for the party. Some easy balloon game ideas are – keep it up, plan a balloon relay race, water balloon fights, balloon stomp, and more. 

Pool Party

Do you know someone who owns a pool? Ask if you can host a party at their house and let the kids swim in the summer. Invite a manageable number of kids that you can watch to make sure their safe. Then plan some fun pool games to play with dive toys or swim races. Have cake and pizza on the grass by the pool. 

DIY Cooking Classes

If your child likes to cook host a DIY Cooking class at home. You can teach all the kids how to make a yummy dish or dessert. A really easy option is to bake cookies and let the kids decorate them when they come out of the oven.

Another idea is to have the kids make their own pizza by setting up a pizza bar. This will give the kids their meal at the party too!

Nerf Party

No need to pay for a laser tag facility you can host a Nerf birthday party at home. Have the kids all bring their own Nerf guns to play and you can supply the Nerf darts and safety goggles. 

Create your own DIY bases and obstacles by spray painting boxes with camouflage paint. Set up the party in your basement, backyard, or local park. 

Let the kids all play capture that flag game and see which team can win the Nerf prize at the end. 

Learn how to host the Ultimate Nerf Birthday Party

DIY Science Party 

Do fun at-home science experiments with the kids.  You can create an erupting Volcano or unlock the dinosaurs frozen in eggs. There are tons of cheap DIY science experiments on Pinterest to do at home. 

Charades Party 

The kids will love a fun game of Charades and watching their friends hilariously act out the words. All you need is a free printable charades word list and a timer to play.

You will divide the kids up into two teams and see which team can correctly guess the Charades words acted out by their friends. 

Birthday Party Ideas By Age Group 

Want a birthday party theme that is more specific to your child’s age group? Get inspired with these great birthday party ideas.

9-year-old Birthday Party Ideas

10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

11-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

12 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

13-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Epic Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Are you ready to save money and still throw an unforgettable birthday party? I hope you found a few cheap birthday party ideas to help you plan a budget-friendly party your child will have a blast at with their friends. 

Don’t forget to get your Free Printable Birthday Party Planner to help you get ready for the party!

Plan the best birthday party with this easy to follow free printable birthday party checklist for kids parties.

Need More Birthday party ideas?

Visit my Birthday Page or Teen & Tween page to find all of my helpful birthday planning ideas. 

You’ll find great gift ideas and planners to help you get ready for any upcoming birthday parties. 

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