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Fun & Cheap DIY Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree

Fun & Cheap DIY Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree

Gift baskets are a great way to give a unique gift made just for your friends and family. They can also be a really affordable gift with a few easy DIY gift basket ideas using Dollar Tree items.

You’ll be amazed at what cute and thoughtful baskets you can make for under $10.

These cheap gift baskets will help you save money on gifts for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Kids’ birthdays, housewarming, teacher gifts, thank you gifts, and more. But the best part is creating a basket filled with items your friends and family will be really excited to open.

Follow along and I’ll teach you how to make Dollar Tree gift baskets with tons of different ideas to inspire you to create the perfect gifts this year. Plus a list of things to put in your gift baskets for each basket theme.

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Top list of DIY Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree

How to Make DIY Gift Baskets at Dollar Tree. They're an easy & fun birthday or Christmas gift idea that will save you money while still buying a gift they'll love. You'll be amazed at the unique gift ideas you can make for $10. It's the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for-friend or family. Plus it's quick to make as a last-minute gift idea. Check it out and find the gift you've been searching for!

Who doesn’t love getting a basket filled with unique goodies made just for them? Instead of just one gift, you have tons of fun gift items to open and enjoy.

What you’ll really love is how easy & cheap gift baskets are to make once you have some inspiration. Use this list of DIY gift basket ideas to help you create the perfect present at your local Dollar Tree.

No need to spend tons of money to show your friends and family you care. They’ll love that you took the time and effort to create a basket filled with their favorite things.

If you don’t have time to shop did you know you can order online at Dollar Tree and get free shipping to your local store? This is a game-changer during the busy holiday season.

Tips for Making Gift Baskets

Before we go through the DIY gift basket ideas here are a few tips to help you make a gift basket from Dollar Tree. These are all the commonly asked questions when creating gift baskets.

Decide on a Gift Basket Theme

Before you go to the store have an idea of what type of basket you would like to make. For instance a Coffee Lovers Basket or Spa Day basket. This will help you focus once you’re in Dollar Tree.

What Type of Basket Do You Use

Once you know your theme it will help you decide on the type of basket or bin to use.

For example, if it’s a teacher’s gift try a reusable bin they could also use in the classroom. Or for a kid’s gift a bin with a lid so they can also use it for storage later.

If you want your gift to look pretty use an actual basket, especially for Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts.

Fun & Cheap Birthday Party Decorations for kids from Dollar Tree. The Best party supplies and ideas found at Dollar Tree. Throw a great birthday party for your kids and save money doing it. Find cool birthday theme ideas too!

How Many Items Should Be in the Basket?

First, find the basket or bin you would like to hold your gifts. You can then decide on how many items you need based on the size of your basket. As you shop add items to your basket or bin to see how they fit.

You can basically have your basket created before you leave the store which is great.

I would suggest that you have at least 3-4 items in a small basket and at least 8-10 items in a large basket.

How to Fill the Bottom of Your Basket

You will want your gifts to show at the top of the basket so adding some fill or bulk at the bottom will help prop them up.

Decorative Shred from Dollar Tree to fill the bottom of your gift basket.
Decorative Shred Filler

I would suggest you use crumpled-up tissue paper or decorative shred to take up the bulk of the space on the bottom of the basket. You’ll find these near the gift bags and wrapping paper.

Another idea is to use foam floral blocks to fill up the bottom of the basket or bin. These can be found near the fake flower section in the store.

How to Arrange Your Basket

You want to make sure most of your gift items show at the top of the basket. So spread your gifts out with the taller items in the back and shorter items in the front. Use your fill to help fill in any space you need at the bottom.

Shop Instore or Online

The items below I found in the store but you can also buy items online from Dollar Tree. We all have such busy lives ordering online can be a huge time saver.

If you order your items to pick up in-store you won’t pay a shipping fee.

Gift Tags

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Save money on greeting cards with these free printable Gift Tag Templates. Print them out and add a ribbon to the gift tag that you can tie to the gift baskets.

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WWYF 728x90

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Get your Free Printable Christmas Gift List Tracker and wish lists. Make it easy to keep track of all the holiday gifts you need to busy, shopping lists and budget with these free and easy holiday planners.

You can also try our Free Printable Gift Lists to plan out all the holiday or birthday gifts you need to buy and your family’s wish lists.

Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Basket filled with Holiday ornaments, Gingerbread cookie mix, funny Christmas napkins, potpourri, nutcrackers and more from Dollar Tree. An cheap holiday basket idea friends & Family will love.

Create a Christmas-themed gift basket to bring when visiting friends and family for the holidays. Try using this Christmas oval bucket if you don’t want to use a traditional basket.

Things to put in the gift basket

Get more Christmas Money Saving tips in our DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Gift Ideas.

Christmas Baking Basket

Small DIY Christmas Baking Bin with a reusable holiday Tupperware from Dollar Tree. A fun & Cheap hostess gift idea to bring to Christmas parties.

A small Christmas basket idea is a holiday baking basket. Try to add items they can use to make a specific type of baking goods. Such as cupcakes with cake mix, frosting, and cupcake liners.

I put this gift in Holiday Tupperware they could use to put the dessert in after they bake it.

Things to put in the gift basket

Christmas Wine Basket

Create a Wine Christmas Gift Basket with Dollar Tree Items. Find cute wine and drink glasses with holiday saying to add to the basket with Christmas ornament.

Do you have a wine or scotch lover you need a gift for? At Dollar Tree, they have tons of wine glasses and cocktail glasses with cute holiday sayings. Add a few of these glasses to a basket with a bottle of liquor. On the bottle add a festive Christmas ornament.

Tip: You could do this basket for any occasion. They have tons of glasses in store with different sayings other than holidays like Weddings, Birthdays, and Teacher gifts.

Things to Put in the Gift Basket

Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Fun Holiday gift basket with Hot Chocolate, peppermint, hot chocolate bombs and more. A great Christmas gift idea.

Hot chocolate is a great gift basket idea for all ages. Especially when you add the Christmas items they have at Dollar Tree.

Things to Put in the Gift Basket

  • Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • Santa Coca Mix
  • Chocolate Stirring Spoons
  • Peppermint Stirring Spoons
  • Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit
  • Christmas Mug
  • Add a few more Christmas candies to fill up the rest of the basket

Movie Lover’s Basket

Movie Gift Basket filled with cheap Dollar Tree items like popcorn, candy, DVDs, drinks and more.

Family and friends who love movies will enjoy this basket for Christmas, Father’s Day, hostess gifts, and birthdays. You could either put it all in a cute basket or in a large plastic popcorn box.

At Dollar Tree stores they usually have an area with DVDs to buy. They will not be the latest movies so go for more of a throwback movie theme.

Things to put in the gift basket

You could also add a beer or bottle of wine for adults but this would not be from Dollar Tree.

Spa Day Basket

DIY Spa Day Gift basket ideas from Dollar Tree for Mother's Day, Birthdays and Christmas

Give the mom, friend, or girlfriend in your life the gift of relaxation with a Spa Day gift basket. These are great Mother’s Day gifts or Birthday gifts.

Things to put in the gift basket

Find more spa ideas in our Easy Self Care Gift Ideas for Busy Moms.

Housewarming Cleaning Basket

DIY Cleaning Gift Basket for a Housewarming Gift Idea. A cheap basket ideas with cleaning supplies from Dollar Tree.

Welcome friends and family to their new home with a basket of cleaning supplies they can use. We’ve tested Dollar Tree cleaning supplies and they work great! Plus it’s something every new homeowner needs.

Instead of using a basket add the gifts to a plastic carrying tote, which they can use to carry the supplies from room to room. Or put all the supplies in a laundry basket they can use later in their laundry room.

Things to put in the gift basket

Get more ideas in our 45 Best Cleaning Supplies at Dollar Tree You Should be Buying.

Baker’s Gift Basket

Ultimate Baking Gift Basket. Save money filling the basket with Dollar Tree items such as cookie mix, whisk, oven mitts, measuring cups and more. It's sure to be a hit at birthdays, Mother's Day or as a hostess gift.

An easy baking gift basket that even your friends who don’t bake will enjoy. This gift can be added to a cute basket or add items to a mixing bowl they can use while they bake.

Things to put in the gift basket

Coffee Lovers Basket

DIY Coffee Gift Basket for coffee lovers at Christmas and Birthdays. Fill the basket with a list of things from Dollar Tree from coffee to cute cups and towels.

Does your family or friends love their coffee? Create a cute coffee gift basket for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, hostess gift, teacher gifts, or Birthdays.

Things to put in the gift basket

BBQ Gift Basket

List of Things to put in your BBQ Gift Basket for Father's Day, Christmas or Birthdays. A cute basket made with Dollar Tree items such as BBQ sauce, seasoning, funny BBQ towels and more.

A BBQ gift basket is perfect for that hard-to-shop-for man in your life. This would be the perfect Father’s day or birthday gift for guys who like to grill. It would work for a housewarming gift too.

Things to put in the gift basket

Teacher Appreciation Basket or Bin

Fun Teacher Gift Basket Idea with a list of school supplies for the classroom.

Say, thank you to your child’s teacher with a fun Teach Appreciation Gift. Give this teacher gift basket at the Holidays, End of the Year, or teacher appreciation week.

You can either give the gift in a cute basket for the teacher as pictured above. Or add the gift items to a reusable bin they can use in the classroom later. Both will look cute and are sure to be a hit with the teacher.

DIY Teacher Gifts with a Bin of Classroom supplies for Christmas & End of Year gifts.

School supplies are always a welcomed teacher appreciation gift. You can ask your teacher what they need or just add a bunch of school supplies you pick up at Dollar Tree.

I added to this basket a cute Inspire table sign for the teacher too.

Things to put in the gift basket

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Index cards
  • Dry erase markers

Another idea is to use a Plastic Tumbler and fill it with a few school supplies. Then add a gift card to Starbucks or Target so they can get a little something for themselves too.

Get More Teacher Gift Ideas in our Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $20

Easter Gift Baskets for Kids

Fun items to stuff your kids Easter Baskets from Easter Candy to games and stuffed Easter bunnies. All with items from Dollar Tree.

There are tons of items at Dollar Tree to stuff a fun Easter Basket for your Kids. Make sure to go at least a month before the holiday to find the best Easter-themed items.

Things to put in the gift basket

  • Easter Candy
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Stuffed Animals – Bunny or Ducks
  • Small Games
  • Card Games
  • Easter Stickers
  • Easter coloring book
  • Playdough
  • Slime
  • Disney Figures or Kids Movie Figures
  • Matchbox Cars

Find more unique Easter Basket Ideas for Kids of All Ages they’ll be so excited to get from the Easter bunny. If you have boys make sure to check out these Super Cool Easter Basket Gifts for Boys.

Kids Gift Basket Ideas

Cheap DIY Kids Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree Items. Save money and make birthday and Christmas gifts your kids will love. Girls, Boys & Teens will be excited about fun activity baskets, craft baskets, technology basket, travel basket, games and more. You'll be amazed what awesome gift baskets you can make at Dollar Tree.

There are tons of fun DIY gift basket ideas you can create for kids at Dollar Tree. Here are a few ideas to give you a place to start when creating your basket for Birthdays, Christmas, or family vacation.

Once you get in the store look around the kid’s section and you can find items tailored specifically to what your child likes.

If you’re planning a birthday party make sure to visit our Dollar Tree Birthday Supplies, Decorations & Goody Bag ideas. Why not save some money on their birthday party too?

Kids Activity Basket

Kids Gift Basket filled with games & activities they'll love. A unique list of things to add to the Dollar Tree basket. You'll save money and the kids will be excited to play.

Create a fun activity basket for kids’ birthdays or Christmas this year. This can be a mix of toys, activity books, art projects, games, sports balls, and more.

Things to put in the gift basket

Find more Kids’ Activity Ideas check out our Easy DIY Outdoor Games for kids with Dollar Tree Items.

Themed Gift Buckets

Fun Dinosaur Gift Baskets filled with kids toys and activities from Dollar Tree. Cheap & unique gift ideas they'll love for Christmas, Birthday and Easter.

Check the kid’s section or seasonal section to see if there are any themed buckets you can fill for the kids.

Above is a Dinosaur bucket I found the kids loved and I just filled it with fun kids’ games & activities.

Travel Gift Basket

Fun DIY Travel Gift Basket Ideas for Kids. Cheap travel games and toys to keep kids busy while you travel.

Headed on a vacation? Give your kids a travel bucket filled with fun things to do on a road trip.

Lots of families are giving experience gifts now for Christmas or birthdays. If you are trying that this year it would be a great addition to a travel experience gift.

Things to put in the gift basket

Find tons of travel activity ideas in our 15 Best Travel Games for Kids at Dollar Tree. Includes Busy Bag ideas too!

Sports Baskets

Sports loving kids will be so excited to get a basket filled with all different types of sports balls from Dollar Tree.

For your sports-loving kids, you’ll find tons of small balls, basketball hoops, tennis rackets, and more at Dollar Tree. Fill a basket with lots of different balls and games.

Things to put in the gift basket

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseballs
  • Small baseball bat and ball
  • Wibbly balls
  • Bouncy balls
  • Basketball hoop, tennis racket, paddle ball

Artist Gift Caddy

Turn a Caddy into your Art Supply Gift Basket for kids. Fill a Dollar Tree caddy with colored pencils, glue, markers, paint, crayons, scissors and more. Great Christmas or Birthday gift idea.

Give the gift of art with a fun Artist Basket to kids for birthday and Christmas. You can include items you’ll find the in school supply aisle and the craft aisle in Dollar Tree.

For this gift basket, I would use a caddy so they can carry their art supplies to a table to work and have somewhere to put them away when they’re done.

Things to put in the gift basket

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glue sticks
  • Water paint
  • Coloring books
  • Construction paper

Girls Gift Basket

Create a girly basket for Christmas and birthdays this year. Put it all in a bin that has a top so they can store all the toys when they’re done.

Things to put in the gift basket

Find more girl gift ideas in our 45 Hottest Tween Girl Gift Guide for 2023.

Boy Gift Baskets

Create a basket just for your son that he’ll be excited to open and play with this year.

Things to put in the gift basket

Find more boy gift ideas in 35 Best Gift Ideas for Boys in 2023

Tween & Teen Gift Basket

Make those tweens & teens in your life happy for birthdays or Christmas with a cool gift basket just for them.

Things to put in the gift basket

I hope you have found a few DIY gift basket ideas to give to your friends and family for Christmas, birthdays, and throughout the year. It is an easy and cheap gift to give that you can make unique for your friends and family’s personalities. These gift baskets are sure to be your new go-to gift!

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Bonus, you’ll get a free printable Gift Tags to use on your gift baskets. Just print it out and tie a ribbon to your basket with your gift tag and your present is ready.  

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