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Free Checklist Template Printables to Get You Organized for Kids Activities

Checklist Templates to Organize Kids Activities and School

Are your afternoons like mine, a crazy rush to get to all the kids’ activities? They come home from school and it’s a mad dash to get homework done, eat some type of meal, then pack up all your gear and head off. The trick for me is to remember what we need before we rush out the door. Whether it’s soccer shoes, baseball bags, ballet flats, or musical instruments there is always something to remember.  By the time we get out the door I am totally stressed. So, I came up with my Checklist Template to help get me organized and de-stress my afternoon.  

I created an activities checklist that I hang in our mudroom for the whole family to see. It includes what they need to wear and what they need to bring. Right before we leave we read through the list to make sure we haven’t forgotten things like a soccer ball or baseball hat. It helps me feel like I don’t have to remember everything as we are rushing. I started making these lists a year ago and it really has gone a long way to relieve my stress. It has just become part of our family routine now. An added bonus as they learn to read, they can use the list to get everything packed up themselves.   

Free Printable Checklist Template

I am attaching two free pintables I use for my home. The first is the activity list and as a bonus there is a second list for School Mornings. I hope this is helpful to your family too!! Please share in the comments with our readers any great ways your family is getting organized and de-stressing. I love to learn from my readers too! 


Click on link below to download

Activity Checklist


Click on link below to download

School Morning Checklist


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Checklist Templates to Organize Kid Activities and School


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