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Fun Age-Appropriate Chore Charts For Kids Ideas & Templates

Fun Age-Appropriate Chore Charts For Kids Ideas & Templates

I am so excited about this week’s guest post from Janey at Shutterfly on age-appropriate chore charts for kids. Janey provides free printable chore chart templates and gives the reader easy tips on how to introduce more responsibility into your child’s life.

Use these simple chores chart ideas by age to make adding chores an easy transition into your daily life. I know this is something I could use a little help with and I hope it can help you out too!

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Fun Age-Appropriate Chore Charts For Kids by Age & Chore Chart Templates

Adding some responsibility into your child’s day-to-day can oftentimes be a bit of a challenge. We want our kids to still be able to play and enjoy their childhood but as they get older, it’s imperative that we also teach them to value hard work, practice good hygiene and learn about the importance of helping others.

To help get you started, I thought I’d share these fun, age-appropriate printable chore charts from Shutterfly.

These customizable chore charts by age are made for three different age groups including toddlers, kids ages four to six, and older kiddos ages seven to ten.

Another thing I like about these chore chart templates is you can choose a point and reward system that works for you and your kids. You’ll be able to establish the best routine and rewards to help them stay consistent and motivated! 

Tips On Introducing Family Chores

1. Keep Things Simple 

Whether they’re toddlers or starting chores at an older age, try to keep their chores simple and straight-forward.

If a chore involves many different steps to complete, it might feel overwhelming and you might end up with partially completed chores.

Instead, break a complex task into a few different chores to give them the satisfaction of checking things off their list little by little. This will also help keep them on task!

Back to School Coloring Pages & All About Me worksheets for kids. Great for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary school age kids. Print them out and us on the first day of school.

2. Add a Challenge

Add a couple of challenging tasks throughout their week. Try to think of chores that will encourage them to put their thinking caps on!

This can be anything from helping you build a piece of furniture, fixing something around the house, or any other project that involves being resourceful. 

3. Assign Age-Appropriate Chores

It’s best to assign chores that supplement what they’re learning at home or school.

For example, things like washing their hands before every meal, eating a good breakfast, and picking up their toys are great chores for toddlers since they’re further developing their motor skills and building good habits. 

4. Give Praise

It’s important to create a positive association with chores. Be sure to praise your little one often after they help you, a relative or a friend to give them a boost of confidence and encourage them to continue practicing good deeds. 

5. Establish a Reward System

Rewards are great motivators! Keep in mind that rewards don’t always have to be toys, candy or money. A dinner of choice, a trip to the beach or a fun, messy science project can also be great prizes for completing their chores. 

Whether it’s caring for a pet or cleaning their room, chores are a great way to teach your kids some valuable lessons. Remember to be patient, allow them to figure things out on their own, and lead by example! 

Don’t forget to download your free printable chore charts with chore recommendations for every age.

An alternative to the free printable is a magnetic chore chart. Once you decide on the chores add it to the board and kids can check it off when they’re done.

Here is one we use at home. It works great for multiple kids too just change the color of the marker. Magnetic To-Do

Magnetic To-Do List for kids to track their weekly chores at home.

Are you ready to get your kids to start helping out at home? I hope these free printable chore charts for kids by age will help get you started. The templates are easy to print out and set your family on the right track.

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