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Free Printable Christmas Family Feud Questions & Answers Game

Free Printable Christmas Family Feud Questions & Answers Game

Looking for an easy and super fun Christmas party game? Your family and friends will have a blast playing Christmas family feud with questions and answers included. Family feud is the perfect holiday party game to play at home or at Christmas parties. It’s simple to set up and quick to play with a small or large group.

Just print out the Christmas-themed survey questions like in the 1970s TV show. Then team members will try and guess the top answers to get the most total points to win the game. 

All you need to play is the family feud Christmas questions and a list of answers all included in the free printable Christmas game. It’s a game both adults and kids can play together which makes it perfect for family gatherings this holiday season. 

Keep reading for detailed instructions and to grab your free printable Christmas family feud game. 

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Fun Christmas Family Feud Party Game

Need a fun Christmas Party Game? Families love Christmas Family Feud with these free printable questions and answers sheets. The game is super easy and so much fun to play and watch. Can your teamates guess the Top Christmas Answers? Find out and make this your new Christmas Tradition!

Who didn’t love watching Family Feud growing up? The excitement of trying to guess the answers with the highest points before the buzzer went off. Then wondering how the players didn’t know the correct answer to win the game. It was so much fun!

This nostalgic game is still on TV today so even kids know how to play it. Which makes it a fun game for all ages to play together. Kids and adults will try to guess what the most popular answers will be to the Christmas Questions. It’s the perfect game to play this Christmas season with family members and friends.

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What is Family Feud

Family Feud was a TV show in the 1970s that has been brought back to TV with game host Steve Harvey. The basic idea of the show is to have two families competing to see who could answer questions by giving the most popular answers. Each of the possible answers is ranked by user data to give a point value to each answer.  Whichever team has the highest score at the end is the winning family. 

How to Play Family Feud

Christmas Family Feud is the best game to play at Christmas time at home or at your next Family Christmas party. Just grab the free printable Questions & answers and your ready to play!

This is a pretty easy game show to play and recreate at home. You don’t really need anything more than the family feud questions and answers free printable to play. To make it a holiday game all are Christmas family feud questions. 

What you Need – Family Feud Christmas questions & answers, game buzzer, timer on your phone

1. Print out the free printable Christmas Family Feud Questions and Answers

You could write the answers and points on a poster board next to the question number. Cover each of the answers with a piece of construction paper taped over the answers. After the players answer you can pull off the paper to reveal the top answers and points. If you don’t have time just read the questions off the free printable. 

2. Pick a game host to read all the questions

3. Divide up your party guests into two teams with opposing teams sitting across from each other. I would suggest no more than 5 people on each team so you can play 5 rounds of the game. If you have more the rest of the party guests can be the game show audience. 

4. Have each team pick a team captain

5. Have a buzzer or bell players can hit when they think they know the answers at a table set up in front of the room. 

6. Designate a person to run the timer on their phone.

Christmas Family Feud Game Instructions

The team captain will be the first team member to play. They will go up to the table set at the front of the room to start the game in the face-off. The game host will read the first questions. The first player in the face-off who hits the buzzer will have 5 seconds to try and answer the questions with the most popular answer. Meaning the answer with the highest possible score or the #1 answer.  

If the player gives the #1 answer their family or team can choose to pass the round or play the round. If they play both team captains go back to sit with their team. 

However, if the player does not give the #1 answer then the other person in the face-off gets 5 seconds to try and give the #1 answer. If he/she does give the #1 answer then their team gets to choose to play a round or pass. 

If neither team chooses the #1 answer the team that chooses the highest answers gets to pick to play or pass on the next round. 

To play a round the next player in the family will then give an answer to the same question but they must say an answer that has not already been given. They will have 5 seconds to answer. You want their answer to appear on your poster board as one of the answers.

You will then continue on to the next player in your family trying to answer the question with your goal being to get all answers on the list. 

However, if the answer does not appear on the answer list your team gets a strike. If your team gets three strikes for wrong answers then the opposing team gets the opportunity to win all the points for that round.

The other team has 1 chance to collectively come up with 1 team answer that is one of the remaining answers. If they pick an answer on the board they are the winning team and get all the points. If they do not pick correctly the original team gets points for all the answers they got correct. 

Continue the game with the second player on the two teams starting the face-off and the game host reading the next question. This time when you go back to your family round you will continue with the person who was lined up after the face-off player.

Players will keep doing this until they have gone through all the family feud questions. I suggest doing 5 rounds of the game so that each player can do the face-off at the beginning of the round. 

How to Find the Winning Team

After each round, the team that won adds up all the answers they got correct and the corresponding points. All the points are listed on the answer sheet next to each possible correct answer. When you create your poster with the answers add the points next to each possible answer to make this easier. 

The winning family or winning team is the one with the highest score at the end of the game. 

Free Printable Christmas Family Feud Questions & Answers

Grab your free printable Christmas family Feud questions and answers and be ready to play this game at your next Christmas dinner, Christmas party, office party, or classroom party. 

Christmas Family Feud Game is the best Christmas party game for kids & Adults. Grab your free printable Christmas Family Feud questions and answers and you're ready to play this easy and fun holiday game.

Family Feud Sample Questions & Answers

The following questions are a few of the 10 Christmas Family Feud questions and answers. The first answer will get five points and go all the way down to the last answer with 1 point. 

Name a popular Christmas decoration Answers: Christmas Tree – 5 points, Lights – 4 points, Ornaments 3 points, Tinsel 2 points, Wreath 1 point

What’s a common Christmas wish or sentiment? Answers: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, Season’s Greetings 

What might children leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? Answers: Milk, Cookies, Carrots (for Santa’s reindeer), Note, Mince Pie

What’s your favorite Christmas morning tradition? Answers: Opening presents, Checking Stockings, Big Breakfast, Watching Christmas Movies, Going to Church

What is something you might hear on Christmas Morning? Answers: Laughter, Christmas Carols, Bells, Wrapping Paper Ripping, Thank you

Don’t forget to grab your Free Printable Christmas Family Feud Questions

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Are you ready to play your own family feud game this Christmas? I think it will be a super easy and hilarious game to play with family and friends.

All you need is the free printable Christmas family feud questions and answers and your set. It’s the perfect addition to any family Christmas party and a great way to entertain your party guests.  

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Kids & Adults will love playing the Christmas Family Feud Game at your next family Christmas party. It's easy to play with the free printable family feud questions and answers. Everyone will have a blast competing to be the first team to name the most popular answers for each question. A fun party game to get everyone playing and talking this Christmas season.