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Funny Christmas Pictionary Words List – Holiday Party Game

Funny Christmas Pictionary Words List – Holiday Party Game

This Christmas entertain family & friends with a fun game of Christmas Pictionary. It’s a hilarious and easy party game to play with our Christmas Pictionary words list. The best part is both kids and adults can play so it’s perfect for family Christmas parties.

Everyone will have a blast trying to guess what their friends and family are drawing and seeing which team can win. Enjoy playing Pictionary at Holiday parties, as a zoom virtual game, or family games nights over winter break. You could even play it at school parties with kids.

The free printable Christmas words list can be used for Pictionary or a fun game of Christmas Charades too.

Follow along and learn how easy it is to play and good Christmas words to use for Pictionary. Find out if it’s the perfect holiday game for your family this year.

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Christmas Words for Pictionary Printable List for Parties

Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Word List. A fun family holiday party game to play with kids and adults. Just print out the word cards and you'll be ready to play.

Ready to play the funniest holiday game that both kids and adults will love? It’s one of our favorite free printable Christmas games and I am sure it will be yours too!

Ready to play the funniest holiday game for both kids and adults? Use this great game of Pictionary at family gatherings, youth groups, Christmas parties, or classroom parties over the Christmas season. 

The holiday guessing game comes with free printable game cards to make it easy to play. All the host needs to do is grab the free Christmas Pictionary words below and you’re ready to play.

It’s one of our favorite free printable Christmas games and I am sure it will be yours too!

Just add to your party lineup a game of Christmas Bingo, Christmas Trivia Quiz, or Christmas Family Feud, and your whole party is set!

What You Need to Play Christmas Pictionary

You only need a few items to play the Christmas Pictionary Game.

  1. Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Words List digital files
  2. Large Pad of paper or drawing board to draw your pictures (use a tabletop easel pad to make it easier)
  3. Markers to draw the pictures.
  4. Bowl to hold the Pictionary words.
  5. Something to use as a timer (ie: your phone)
  6. Piece of paper to track each team’s scores.

How to Play Christmas Pictionary

Have a fun family Christmas Party with Christmas Pictionary Words List. A free printable holiday game kids and adults will have a blast playing.

This is a pretty simple game but let’s quickly go over how to play and the rules of the game.

1.Print out the free printable Christmas Pictionary words list.

2. Then cut out the word cards and fold each Pictionary word over. Add all the words to a bowl folded so no one sees the words ahead of time.

3. Decide if you want to play on teams or individually. If it’s a Christmas party I would suggest doing teams but for Family Game Nights you can do individual players.

Pick the teams ahead of time so you can make them more even and there is no arguing at the party.

4. Have each team decide who will go first to draw the words. The first player to draw picks a word out of the bowl. When the timer starts they will have a time limit of 1 minute to draw pictures to represent their Pictionary word on the drawing pad.

The person drawing may not speak if they do the team loses the point for that round.

While the player draws their team members get to yell out their guesses of what the player is drawing. If they get the correct answer during the 1 minute time frame the team wins the point.

If the team does not guess the picture the other team gets one guess to see if they know the answer. 1 point will go to the other team if they correctly guess the answer.

5. Rotate through all the players so that everyone gets a chance to draw.  At the end of the game, the team with the highest score wins.  

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Printable Christmas Pictionary Ideas

Pictionary is a hilarious Christmas Party Game Kids & Adults will love. Grab this Free Printable Christmas Pictionary word list and you'll be ready to play. Try it at family holiday parties, school parties & virtual Christmas parties too!

There are 32 holiday-themed words in our Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Game. You will also get a sheet of blank cards to add your own great ideas.

All you need to do is click the download link and your printable cards will be sent to your inbox. Print out the list of Christmas words and you’re ready to have so much fun at your next holiday party or family get-togethers. 

Download your free printable Christmas Pictionary Words List to your computer and print it out.

Good Christmas Pictionary Words

Here are some sample Christmas Pictionary Words that are a mix of Christmas Carols, Christmas movies, Christmas activites, and Holiday characters. 

Deck the Halls

Frosty the Snowman

​Blue Christmas

​Frosty the Snowman

We Three Kings

​Cookies for Santa

Advent Calendar

Sleigh Ride


Home Alone Movie

Nativity Scene


Santa’s Elves

Snow Angel



​Yule Log

Five Golden Rings

Christmas Tree

Santa Claus

Polar Express

At your next Christmas party play this fun Christmas Pictionary game. Grab your free printable words list and ideas to make it a easy and entertaing party game to play at school parties, youth groups, Christmas parites or office parties.

Are you ready now to add this fun holiday game to your next Christmas party? It’s such an easy game to throw together during the hectic holiday season.

The game is pretty versatile too you can use it at holiday parties, school parties, and at home on Christmas Eve with your kids.

Virtual Christmas Pictionary Option

Do you have family or friends who live far away? Host a virtual Zoom Christmas party this year so you can still celebrate together.

You can play Christmas Pictionary as a fun Zoom Game. Use the zoom white board feature to draw and let everyone guess what your Pictionary word is.

Guests can answer in the chat feature or just yell out the answers. Have them all wear ugly sweaters to add to the fun!

Get more directions in our 15 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids.

Christmas Charades Game

Kids & Adults will Love playing Christmas Charades at your next Holiday Party. This easy family game comes with 32 Free printable Christmas word list ideas. Just print it out and your ready to play!

Keep the fun going with a game of Christmas Charades. Players will act out Christmas words, Christmas songs, and Christmas activites instead of drawing them.

It’s a funny game for the whole family to play together. All you need are these free printable Christmas Charades Word Lists

More Christmas Games & Ideas

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Free Printable Christmas Games

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Are you ready now for a fabulous Christmas Party? I hope your family enjoys the printable Christmas Pictionary Words list as much as our family has. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Don’t forget to grab your free printable Christmas Pictionary Words List

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Bonus, you’ll get a free printable Would You Rather Christmas Questions to bring some laughs to your holiday party or family dinner.

Funny Would You Rather Christmas Questions for your next holiday party or classroom party. A fun party game the whole family will enjoy playing together this Christmas.

Don’t Forget to Pin This for Later

Fun Christmas Pictionary Words List for kids, teens and adults. An easy Christmas party game with free printable words list and ideas to use at your holiday party or classroom party. Just print out the word list grab a white board and you're ready to play. The word list has christmas songs, movies, holiday characters, winter activities, sayings and more. Print out this word list now and your holiday party game will be set!
Christmas Pictionary Words lists & free printable cards. A hilarious Christmas party game for families. Kids & adults will have a blast playing this super easy party game.