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Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies Kids Craft

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Looking for a fun craft for kids to do at home? We love making clothespin crafts to create coffee filter butterflies. It’s a simple and easy kids craft with coffee filters, markers, and clothespins or pipe cleaners.

Your kids will love doing this activity indoors and outdoors to keep them busy this summer. Toddlers, preschool, and elementary age kids can use their imagination to create their own beautiful butterflies.

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Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies Craft for kids. Make these pretty butterfly crafts with items you have at home. All you need is coffee filters, markers, water and clothespins or pipe cleaners. Then use your imagination to make beautiful butterflies at home. #kidscraft #craftforkids #coffeefilterbutterflies  #butterflycraft

Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies Kids Craft

What You Need

  • Coffee Filters
  • Markers
  • Spray Bottle, Water Dropper
  • Pipe Cleaner or Clothespin Clips


As many of us are stuck at home with limited resources I wanted to give you some alternatives.

  • If you don’t have a spray bottle or water dropper you can use a cleaned out old medicine dropper or a meat baster.
  • If you don’t have clothespins or pipe cleaners use a popsicle stick for the middle of the butterfly. You can just glue it into the middle.

How to Make a Coffee Filter Butterfly

This cute kids craft can be made in only a few steps as an inside or outside activity. Follow along to find out how to create your butterfly.

To keep the table clean I threw down a plastic table cloth I picked up at the dollar store for crafts. This way the marker doesn’t bleed through to your table. You could also decorate the filter in a throw away pie tin.

Step #1 – Stack 2 coffee filters together and smooth them out so their flat.

Coffee Filter Art Activity for kids

Step # 2 – Use your markers to draw a pattern on each coffee filter. The colors will eventually blend with the water so don’t draw a picture just use dots and lines.

Tip: If your makers are new then you can color just the top filter and let it bleed the color into the filter below.

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Step # 3 – Now it’s time to wet your coffee filters. Stack them back together and either gently spray them with water or use your dropper to add water. You don’t want your filter soaked just wet enough to let the marks bleed.

How to Make coffee filter art into a butterfly. Cool kids craft activity.

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Step #4 – Let your filters dry while stacked together.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft Ideas for Kids.

Step #5 – Fold your filters like an accordion

Fun Coffee Filter Craft Ideas for Kids. Make pretty butterflies in just a few easy steps. Great kids activity for home.

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Step #6 – Wrap the middle of your accordion with a pipe cleaner or a clothespin. Then gently open the sides so it looks like the wings of a butterfly.

Kids Crafts Idea - Coffee Filter Butterflies activity for home. Easy to make and the kids will love them. #kidsactivity #activityforkids #kidscraftideas #coffeefilter

If you only have a popsicle stick fold out the wings by using your pinched fingers to hold the middle of the butterfly. Then paste the popsicle stick down the middle.

Tip: You can decorate the clothespin with paint or markers to give your butterfly more color.

Isn’t that an easy kids’ craft? I hope your kids will enjoy making these clothespin coffee filter butterflies as much as mine have.

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Free Printable Kids Daily Routine Schedule. Get organized when school is out this summer with an easy to follow routine. Make your summer stress free! #kidsschedule #dailyschedule #kidsroutine #freeprintable

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Fun Coffee Filter Art to Make Butterflies crafts for kids. Toddlers to elementary age kids will love creating and imagining up designs for their beautiful butterflies. A fun activity to keep the kids busy at home. They'll want to do it over and over again. #kidscraft #craftforkids #butterflies #butterflycraft #activityforkids
DIY Kids Activity at Home - Coffee Filter Butterflies craft for kids. An indoor or outdoor craft idea. Make these creative butterflies with items you have at home. Kids will take hours designing their butterfly creations. #kidsactivity #activityforkids #kidscrafts #indooractivity #outdooractivity #coffeefilterart

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Coffee Filter Butterflies Craft for Kids with clothespins, markers, pipe cleaners & coffee filters. An easy art activity kids will love to do at home over and over again. Make these beautiful butterflies today! #craftforkids  #kidscraft #coffeefiltercraft #butterflies #artforkids

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