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Best Cooperative Board Games for Families By Kid’s Age

Best Cooperative Board Games for Families By Kid’s Age

A great way to spend time with your kids is by playing cooperative family board games. What’s unique about a cooperative game is it promotes teamwork rather than focusing on competitiveness like other board games. So you’re not playing against each other but rather with each other.

This idea of collaborative play is a perfect choice for family game nights. There are tons of great co-op games the whole family will enjoy playing together.

Plus it gives you a good reason to turn off your electronics and just enjoy some quality time together. The active play and excitement of the games will hold the attention for kids of all ages to make sure everyone has a good time.

Check out our list of the best cooperative board games and start playing tonight.

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22 Fun Cooperative Board Games for Families

No more arguing about who won the game. Play these fun cooperative board games & work together as a family to solve the challenges. 22 Co-Op games starting at age 4 to Teens & Tweens. Kids & parents will have a blast playing together on family game nights.

What is a Cooperative Board Game?

Cooperative board games are also called co-op board games. These games emphasize cooperative play working together as a team with a similar goal of solving a problem. Rather than focusing on competition like a traditional board game. You’re not trying to beat your fellow player but rather solving the puzzles together.

You’ll need to build your strategies as a team and use good communication skills and listening skills to win.

These games do not have to be in the form of a board game we’ve found fun Detective Games and Escape Room Games that have the same spirit of working together to solve the mystery.

For both the cooperative board games and the Escape Room Games, you’re working on a common goal of finding the answers together.

It really is a blast to play these games and you can even plan a whole family game night around them. A weekly game night is a great way to connect as a family and these games are perfect for that.

You’ll find I use a lot of Peaceable Kingdom brand games as the company has created so many really great cooperative games for kids.

The cooperative games are listed in order of age range with games for the younger childern first and ending with older kids and teens.

Tip: If it’s Christmas time make sure to try our favorite Christmas Board Games for Familes too.

So let’s channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve some mysteries with our favorite cooperative board games. Your family is going to love the friendly competition.

1. My First Castle Panic

Age Range – 4 years old & Up

Number of Players – 1-4

This is a younger version of the popular game Castle Panic and is a great first cooperative game. The object of the game is to protect your castle from invading monsters. 

Together families will match shapes and colors to the game board in order to stop the monsters. It’s a pretty simple game but great for younger kids.

2. Hoot Owl Hoot

Age Range – 4 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This is a great game for young children to start learning to play cooperative games together with the whole family.

Kids need to help the owls fly back to their nests before the sun comes up in this fun color-coordinating matching game.

Let the kid’s strategies together to decide which color card to use to help the owls get home the fastest. But watch out for the sun card that will get you closer to daylight and keep you from winning the game.

Bonus Hoot Owl Hoot has two levels of play so as your child gets older you can still play.

3. Outfoxed

Age Range – Age 5 years old & UP

Number of Players – 2-4

This fun whodunit board game has kids trying to solve the case of who stole Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie.

You’ll gather clues as you go around the board game and use a special evidence scanner to rule out suspects. Families will have to work together quickly to solve the case before the wiley fox gets away.

Each turn you’ll decide if you’re going to reveal two suspects or a clue. At the same time if you roll the wrong number the fox will move closer to the exit. So you’ll need to work together fast with the clues you find in an exciting race to the end.

Outfoxed is a great game for 5 -7-year-olds but pretty easy for older kids so I would definitely stick to playing it with young kids.

4. Race to the Treasure

Age Range – Age 5 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

Another fun co-op game for younger players is Race to the Treasure. The goal of this simple game is to work together as a team to beat the Orge to the treasure.

You’ll have to strategies and cooperate to make a path from the start of the game to the treasure. While collecting keys along the way. The competitive element comes in with you trying to beat the Orge to the treasure at the end.

5. Cauldron Quest

Age Range – Age 6 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

Pretend you are Harry Potter in this game playing young Wizards and Witches trying to save the kingdom from a dark spell.

In this fantasy setting your goal as a group is to figure out the three ingredients needed in the cauldron. Then get them into the cauldron before the evil Wizard. But watch out he’ll try and block your path.

It can be a little difficult to win this game so you’ll have to be determined and really work together. But they’ll be so proud and excited when they do win.

6. Outnumbered 

Age Range – Age 6 years old & up

Number of Players – 2-4

This cooperative board game is the best way to get your kids excited about math.

A group of improbable heroes will work together to defeat Absolute Zero and his minions. Kids will use multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction to defeat evil villains and secretly practice their math skills.

There are three modes of play to match your child’s level in math which allows the game to grow with your children. 

7. Space Escape

Age Range – Age 7 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

A band of snakes has invaded the busy mole rats space stations. Oh No!

You’ll have to work together as a team to help the mole rats gather their equipment and make their escape. Players will climb up ladders and slide through airshafts trying to avoid the snakes while rushing to their escape pod.

This game has been described as Chutes and Ladders times 10 in a review and it really is fitting. It’s a little more challenging than the first two games so it’s perfect for slightly older kids in your family.

8. Zombie Kidz

Age Range – Age 7 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This is one of the best board games for kids. They just love playing it with friends and family. 

Zombies have invaded your school! Players of all ages will need to join together to create a strategy to beat the evil zombies and save their school.

There is also an older version of this game called Zombie Teens for Age 8 and up. So not quite teens but this edition adds more challenges to increase the difficulty level of the game. 

9. Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

Age Range – Age 8 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

In Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters it’s everybody vs. the ghosts. You’ll work together as a team to collect all 8 treasure jewels from the house before 6 of the rooms become haunted.

Families can enjoy two levels of play basic and more advanced which means you can keep playing as they get older. It can be a pretty challenging game but the best part is you win or lose together. Plus you’ll learn and get better each time you play.

10. 5-Minute Dungeon

Age Range –  Age 8 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-5

A super fun and chaotic, cooperative game that is very fast-paced. With a time limit of only 5 minutes you’ll have to work quickly as a team to defeat each dungeon. The goal of the game is to match each of your cards to the symbol in the dungeon deck. You’ll need to defeat all 6 bosses (levels) to win.

11. Castle Panic

Age Range – Age 10 years old & Up

Number of Players – 1-6

You and your family are building a castle and training your soldiers in peace. But the monsters, goblins, and orcs are watching you from the woods and are ready to try and take over your castle. You’ll need to all work together to defend your Castle.

What is unique about this game is you can play it in 3 different ways. 1. Co-Op with 1 Winner 2. Co-op All players vs the game 3. Overlord – All players vs. 1 player.

There is even an option for solo play too. I would suggest playing the first game the second way and as you get comfortable with the game trying the other options.

12. Forbidden Island

Age Range – Age 10 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This is not a board game but rather a cooperative card game. For this fun game, you’re on a mission to capture the sacred treasure from the Forbidden Island. But watch out if you make the wrong move the island will begin to sink.

There is plenty of strategy in this game as your team works to get off the cursed island with the treasure before it sinks. We found this game does a great job of engaging both adults and kids.

13. Forbidden Dessert

Age Range – Age 10 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-5

This is another version of Forbidden island with new cards and new adventures. Players will work together to recover the legendary flying machine buried in the desert.

Use the collective cleverness of the players to locate the flying machine before it becomes a permanent artifact of the forbidden desert.

14. Doomlings

Age Range – Age 10 and Up

Number of Players – 2-6

The end of the world is coming to the doomed planet you are on and players will need to try and keep the local species alive. Score points by using your species’ different traits and adapting to your environment. You’ll need to use some strategies to get the most points and win the game before it’s over.

This exciting card game has infinite ways to end which makes every time you play thrilling as you never know what will happen.

15. Flash Point Second Edition

Age Range – Age 10 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-6

It’s time to do a fire rescue! You’re a team of firemen who need to rescue people from a burning building before it’s too late.

At first glance that may not sound hard but you’ll have to contend with smoke, fire, walls collapsing, explosions, and even hazmat areas as you solve the challenges. It’s a cooperative search to find all the people and get out quickly.

This game is a great choice for older players and younger players because there are three different difficulty levels to play.

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16. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Age Range – Age 11 years old & Up

Number of Players – 2-4

This Harry Potter game is a cooperative deck-building game. This makes the game more interesting as you’ll be building on your card deck to change the scenario of the game. Kids can play their favorite characters as they work together throughout the course of the game to defend the wizarding world. 

17. Pandemic Legacy Season 1

Age Range – Age 13 and up

Number of Players – 2-4

A pandemic has broken out in the world and you will have to work together as a team to stop the outbreak. The game starts out with a simple outbreak but as you follow it over the course of a year it becomes increasingly more challenging to stop. Players will really get engrossed in this game as the story evolves and each decision you make changes the path of the game.  

18. Spirit Island

Age Range – Age 14 years old & Up

Number of Players – 1-4

If you have a family of teens this is a great family game night idea.

Spirit Island has a science fiction feel to it as Spirit Island comes under attack from invaders. These invaders or colonists are taking over the island and upsetting the natural balance of the spirits.

You’ll have to work together to grow your power and kick out the invaders to win.

19. Spirit Island Jagged Earth

Age Range – Age 14 years old & Up

Number of Players – 1-4 (can play 6 but it’s harder)

This is the expansion game of Spirit Island and has even more fun spirits and powers you’ll need to harness.

It will really keep your family’s attention and excitement throughout the whole game. It even works great as a solo game.

20. Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island

Age Range – Age 14 years old and Up

Number of Players – 1-4 

Set off on an adventure as a castaway on a deserted island. Players will need to build shelters, ward off dangers, and complete missions. The game has seven different scenarios that increase in difficulty level to keep the game interesting and encourage kids to play over and over again. 

21. Marvel Champions the Card Game

Age Range – Age 14 years old and UP

Number of Players – 1-4 

This is a great game for familes that love Marvel and superheroes. The streets of New York have been taken over by fearsome criminals and you’ll need to use quick thinking and a group plan to save New York.

The card game comes with 5 Iconic Superheroes to help you beat back evil but you can add on expansion packs with more superheroes to keep the game exciting.  

22. Escape Room Games

Fun Escape Room Games for Kids to play at Home, Parties or a family game night. Find the perfect printable escape room kit for your kids.

Age Range – Each escape game targets different age groups from age 5 years old to adults.

Number of Players – This varies based on the game.

Did you know escape room games are cooperative games too? Your family will need to work together to solve a mystery so they can “escape the room”.

Each printable escape room game gives you clues to help you solve a series of puzzles. All the escape games have different scenarios and themes to make each game unique and fun.

The best part is all you need to do is download them and the Escape Kits come with everything you need. Making it a super easy Family Game Night.

Some of our favorite games are made by Escape Room Geeks and Lock Paper Scissors. Each has high-quality printable kits that include the game, clues, props, and more.

The games are made for different age groups so that everyone from younger kids to adults has a chance to solve the many challenges. You’ve got to try these they really are a blast!

Read our Review of the Best Printable Escape Room Games and find the perfect game for your family.

Bonus Card Game Select 5

Age Range – Age 8 and Up

Number of Players – 2-4 players

I was just sent this Select 5 game and my family and I have had a blast playing it so I thought I would share.

It’s a fast-paced card game where you race to see who can find the most sets of five cards. You can take from your fellow player’s card pile or pick from the discarded card pile to complete your sets.

A great option to play when you don’t have time for a long board game. It’s quickly become a favorite game of ours and I hope your familes too.

More Fun Game Ideas for Kids

Let’s keep you working together and having fun with more fun family game night ideas.

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I hope you have found some fun cooperative family board games your whole family will enjoy. I love that the games can engage all your family members while eliminating the idea of competitive board games.

Because let’s be honest someone in the family is always upset when they lose. Instead, you’ll work together as a team and try to solve the problem together.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t beat the game your first time many of these may take a couple of times for your family to solve the problem. But that’s okay you’ll still be working together and will have a goal to reach.

Let me know in the comments if you liked these games or if you have another fun co-op game to play. It’s a great way for all of us to share more game ideas and learn from other parents.

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