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DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Displays with Clothepins

It’s that time of year again when we are all getting into the Christmas spirit. Decorating our homes, buying presents, and visiting with family and friends. One of my favorite things to receive at holiday time are all the great Christmas cards with pictures of friends and family. I love seeing all the family pictures and feel terrible just throwing them in a pile after all the effort that went into making the cards. So, I came up with some Christmas Card Display ideas that are DIY.  Let me show you how to make simple clothespins into cute Christmas Card Displays. 


How to Make the Christmas Card Display Clothespins

Items needed to create Christmas clips

To create these Christmas clips, all you need are a few items. The clips I am using are wooden clothespins you can buy at the dollar store. Next, you will need a can of spray paint in whatever color you like – I chose red for this project. You will also need a large ribbon or string to hang the clothespins and cards on. Lastly, you will need a box or two for the spray painting.

Christmas clips unpainted on the box.

Clip the wooden clothespins to the edge of the box, then get your spray paint ready.


Painting the clips

Now, begin spraying the front, backs, and sides of the clothespins.  Tip: I added a box underneath so that I did not spray paint the grass.

Christmas Cards Displayed on a Ribbon with ClothespinsChristmas Card Display









Once the clothespins are dry, you can clip them to a string along a banister or on a large ribbon on the wall.

Christmas Clips made by kids
Kids Clothespins

Children Christmas clips on display








My kids wanted to paint the clothespins too. So, I let them use their imagination and paint a few. This was a fun addition to the project I hadn’t anticipated.

I hope you will enjoy making this DIY project your own. Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

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DYI Christmas Card Displays with Clothepins


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