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Creative DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas

Creative DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas

It’s Christmas time again and I bet you are getting tons of Christmas cards. If you’re like me you’re looking for ways to display Christmas cards throughout your house. I hate throwing away all those great family pictures we receive and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make Christmas card display holders.

I came up with some super simple DIY Christmas card display ideas to show off all your cards. They turn into beautiful Christmas decorations that hardly cost you anything to make. Who doesn’t want to save money during the holidays?

Following along with me to find out how you can make these simple Homemade Christmas Decorations. You can even make it into a fun Christmas Craft for kids.

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Easy DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas

Make Holiday Displays with DIY Christmas Card Decorations Ideas. Recycle those cute holiday cards you receive and turn them into easy and cheap holiday decorations. Learn how to make card displays on fireplaces, stairways, & hanging off your wall. It's a quick & easy way to put up Christmas decorations this year in your house.

How to Make Christmas Card Displays

You will find below a few different DIY Christmas card holder ideas. It’s a really easy way to turn those holiday greetings into affordable Christmas decorations.

I’ll show you my favorite way to display holiday cards but use this as your starting point and add in your own creative ideas.

Let’s get started and bring some holiday cheer to your house.

Supplies You Need

DIY Christmas Card displays Ideas for your holiday cards. All you need is clothes pins and ribbon to make homemade Christmas decorations. Make these DIY Crafts for your stairs, walls, around doors or fireplaces. Make your home Festive for Christmas without breaking the bank! #christmasdecorations, #holidaycards, #christmascarddisplay

To create these Christmas clips, all you need are a few items. The clips I am using are wooden clothespins you can buy at the dollar store or craft store. You can also use mini clothespins if you want a small-size look.

Next, you will need a can of spray paint in whatever color you like – I chose red for this project but green, silver, or gold paint would work great too.

You will also need pretty ribbons or string to hang the clothespins and cards on. You can decide if you need wide ribbons or narrow ribbons based on where you are placing the card display.

Lastly, you will need one or two cardboard boxes to spray paint the clothespins on while painting.

Don’t have time to run to the store and find all of these items? I added links below to the products I use on Amazon. One less thing to run out and do during Holiday time.

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How to Make Christmas Wooden Clothespins

DIY Christmas Card displays Ideas for your holiday cards. All you need is clothes pins and ribbon to make homemade Christmas decorations. Make these DIY Crafts for your stairs, walls, around doors or fireplaces. Make your home Festive for Christmas without breaking the bank! #christmasdecorations, #holidaycards, #christmascarddisplay

Decide how many clips you want to use to hang up your pictures. You can put more than the one-holiday card on a clip so keep that in mind when deciding on your number of clips.

Next, find a box you won’t mind getting paint on. I picked one up at Costco but any cardboard box you have will work.

Clip the wooden clothespins to the edge of the box, then get your spray paint ready. If you don’t want the floor to get paint on it make sure to throw down an old sheet, towel, or box before spraying. I just did it out in the yard and the grass was fine.

DIY Christmas Card displays Ideas for your holiday cards. All you need is clothes pins and ribbon to make homemade Christmas decorations. Make these DIY Crafts for your stairs, walls, around doors or fireplaces. Make your home Festive for Christmas without breaking the bank! #christmasdecorations, #holidaycards, #christmascarddisplay

Now, begin spraying the front, back, and sides of the clothespins.  Remember to add something underneath the box to save your floor.

If you don’t have time to paint your clothespins you could also buy decorative clips.

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Christmas Wooden Clips

While the clothespins are drying look through your collection of holiday cards and decide on your favorite Christmas cards that you want to display. I would try and add a mix of photo cards with family and friends’ pictures and simple holiday greeting cards.

Best Christmas Card Display Ideas

Now that you have your clothespins created here are a few different ways to turn them into a great Christmas card display.

Banister Card Display
DIY Christmas Card displays Ideas for your holiday cards. All you need is clothes pins and ribbon to make homemade Christmas decorations. Make these DIY Crafts for your stairs, walls, around doors or fireplaces. Make your home Festive for Christmas without breaking the bank! #christmasdecorations, #holidaycards, #christmascarddisplay

Once the clothespins are dry, you can clip them to a string along a banister. Decide on the lengths of the ribbon to use based on the location you are hanging it and the number of cards you need to display.

To make my display look a little bit more like Christmas decorations I wrapped pine evergreen garland around my banister and hid the string I clipped to the cards. The garland I used was pre-strung with lights so it looked great at night with a pretty glow.

Consider adding some Christmas ornaments hanging off the evergreen garland to add even more decorations.

Fireplace or Mantel Display

Easy DIY Mantel Christmas Card Display Ideas. A simple way to decorate your house for the Holiday Season.

Another lovely way to display your Christmas cards is hanging them over a fireplace mantel with the cards and garland cascading down.

On the top of the mantel, you can hang faux greenery and holiday decorations or signs.

Then add your evergreen garland along the fireplace mantel and hang it over the sides. Use your holiday clips to add the Christmas cards.

For a more personal touch, you could place pictures on the mantel of your family from Christmas years past. It’s always fun to see how much your kids have grown.

Frameless Gallery Wall of Christmas Cards

Easy Christmas Card display idea for your wall. Show off all your holiday cards with a wide ribbon, bow, wooden clothespins and some tape.

If you don’t have a mantel or banister use your wall to make a Christmas card display.

Pick out a festive holiday ribbon to hang on the wall. You can either nail this to the wall or use lots of painter’s tape down the ribbon so you won’t ruin your paint.

Next, add the clips and holiday cards to the ribbon.

At the top add a fun Christmas bow to complete your display.

If you have lots of cards have a couple of these next to each other to create a larger Christmas wall display.

Can you believe how easy it is to make DIY Christmas Card displays? Everyone who comes will be amazed by your homemade Christmas decorations. While you’ll be excited that you saved tons of money this year on Christmas decorations.

Simple Decoration Ideas from Dollar Tree

Want to save more money on Christmas Decorations?

I find tons of cute Christmas decorations, stocking stuffers, and hostess gifts at Dollar Tree. Yep, you heard me right Dollar Tree! You’ll be amazed at how much you can find during the holidays to decorate your house.

One fun DIY project is making these cute Christmas Wreaths. All done with items bought at Dollar Tree.

Learn how to make DIY Christmas wreaths with item you buy at Dollar Tree.

Try this cute outdoor holiday display for your front porch too!

Cheap Outdoor Christmas Displays for Your front Porch with Dollar Tree Items.

Get inspired with more fun ways to make Christmas Decorations with Dollar Tree and save more money this holiday season.

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Make it a DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

Fun Christmas Craft with your kids Holiday Clothespins painted with snowman, candy canes and more. Find out how to make them today.

Clothespins Kids Made

My kids wanted to paint the clothespins too. So, I let them use their imagination and paint a few.

It was pretty easy to make a snowman by just painting it white and adding some black dots. Candy canes were also easy just spray paint the clip red and paint white stripes.

This was a fun addition to the project I hadn’t anticipated. It definitely made it more of a fun family project. The kids love showing everyone that comes over which clips they made. I know their not as pretty but they are more sentimental to bring out each year.

Have more fun with your kids at holiday time with our 65 Festive Christmas Activities for Families in 2023. Fun things to do with kids all Christmas season long.

I hope you will enjoy making these homemade Christmas decorations with your holiday cards. Let me know in the comments any other great Christmas card display ideas you have or any questions.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

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  Easiset DIY Christmas Card Displays holder with Clothespins. Use your Christmas cards to decorate your walls, doors or banister with ribbon. So easy and beautiful!! #christmasdecorations, #carddisplayEasy DIY Holiday Card Displays! Families will love creating these cool clothespins to hold your christmas card display. Use Ribbon to decorate your stairs and walls. Or clip the pictures to your tree. Fun Holiday Card Display to easily decorate your house. #holidaydisplay, #christmascarddisplayBest DIY Christmas Card Display Ideas everyone can make. Perfect for hanging on a wall, stringing up on stairs or in a Doorway. Use the clothespins to make a beautiful display on your Christmas Tree too. The kids can even help with this project. A cheap and easy christmas card display you'll love. #diychristmas, #christmascarddisplay, #holidaydisplay

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