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Easiest DIY Confetti Party Poppers in 7 Quick Steps

Easiest DIY Confetti Party Poppers in 7 Quick Steps

Add a BANG to your next party with easy DIY Confetti Party Poppers. These simple homemade party poppers are made with toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, and confetti. They’re quick to make and sure to be a hit at your next 4th of July or New Year’s Eve party.

Kids and adults will have a blast breaking open the poppers and shooting the confetti out. The best part is they are not loud like traditional poppers which helps when you’re entertaining a crowd.

Follow along and learn how the party poppers work, how to make party poppers, and how & where to use them. You can have these made in only a couple of quick steps.

Once you learn how to make a party popper there are endless places to use them like birthdays, gender reveal, graduations, weddings, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, and more.

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How to Make DIY Confetti Party Poppers

Make Fun DIY Confetti Party Poppers for New Years Eve, 4th of July, Gender Revels, Christmas parties and more. Quickly make this fun party activity for kids with toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and ribbon. They're sure to be the hit of your next party.

It really is pretty simple to make Homemade party poppers. It’s a great way to get everyone excited at your party. And don’t worry the clean-up is not bad just sweep up the confetti and your set.

How Does It Work?

It is pretty simple to make a party popper work. You’ll create it out of toilet paper rolls and fill it with paper confetti.

When the time comes you’ll simply break the toilet paper roll open and out pops the confetti.

Supplies You Will Need

Supplies to make your Confetti Party Poppers at home. All you need is toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, and ribbon..

You only need 4 items to create your confetti party poppers.

  • Toliet Paper Rolls (1 roll for each guest)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Confetti (can buy ahead or cut up yourself from tissue paper)
  • Ribbon

How to Make a Party Popper

There are only a few easy steps to make your confetti paper popper.

1. Make Your Confetti

Cut up confetti out of tissue paper to fill up your Party Popper.

If you plan to make your own confetti cut up small squares from tissue paper. I did this quickly by piling several layers of tissue paper together and first cutting long strips. Then I cut the strips into smaller squares.

You don’t need perfect cuts because it is just popping out of the roll.

No time to make confetti? You could also buy premade confetti or try themed confetti to fit your party theme.

2. Create Your Toliet Paper Tube

Cut toilet paper rolls to make your Confetti Party Poppers

Take your toilet paper roll and cut it in half.

Start collecting toilet paper rolls a couple of weeks before the party so you have enough to use for the DIY project.

Tip: You could also use paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls you cut into the size of a toilet paper roll. About 4 inches long.

3. Cut Out Tissue Paper

Create the outside of your party popper by cutting out at 9x9 piece of tissue paper and wrapping it around the toilet paper roll.

Now you need to create the outside tissue paper layer for your party poppers. Cut out 9×9 squares from tissue paper. These will be your outside layer.

4. Add the Toilet Paper Rolls

Create your DIY Party Poppers by rolling up a toilet paper roll in tissue paper.

Lay the two pieces of your toilet paper roll onto a 9×9 square of tissue paper. Then roll up the tissue paper around the toilet paper rolls.

5. Tie with Ribbon

Use Ribbon to tie the ends of your Confetti Party Poppers

Tie one end of the roll with your ribbon to seal it closed.

6. Add Your Confetti

Add confetti to the end of your Party Popper before you tie the end with a ribbon.

On the side, that is not sealed closed add in your confetti. Doing it this way helps to make sure the confetti does not fall out the other end.

7. Tie off the Other End

Use a DIY Confetti Party Popper at your next New Year's Party, 4th of July Party, Gender Revel, Birthday Party and more. A fun way to celebrate with family and friends.

Finish your confetti party poppers by tieing off the other end with your ribbon.

All Finished

Learn how to make confetti Party Poppers for your next holiday party, New Year's party, birthday party or gender reveal.

Now your poppers are ready for the kids & adults to play. Can you believe how easy these are to make!

How to Use Your Party Poppers

To use your confetti party poppers just crack them open by pulling each end of the popper at the same time. It will break open pretty easily because the toilet paper roll is already cut in half.

Then just watch the confetti fall and enjoy the festive atmosphere it brings.

Tip: The bigger size confetti is easier to clean up so don’t cut your tissue paper confetti pieces too small.

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Where to Use Your Party Poppers

There are tons of special occasions and holidays for you to use your DIY confetti party poppers.

We made ours for a New Year’s Eve Party and it was amazing to see how excited everyone got.

Holidays & Occasions to Use Your Poppers

4th of July

Let the kids pop these like fireworks.

New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes Midnight let everyone pop their popper. It adds even more excitement to the countdown.

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Birthday Parties

When the birthday person blows out the candles have everyone pop their poppers. Make it a new Birthday Tradition.

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Gender Reveal

Let your friends and family know if you’re having a girl or boy with the party poppers.

Add in pink or blue confetti depending on what you are having. Then have everyone pop their poppers at one time to reveal your baby’s gender.

Christmas Parties

Place a popper on everyone’s plate at dinner to start out a festive night. Or let your kids shoot them off on Christmas Eve to welcome Santa.

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Celebrate this huge moment in your kid’s life with poppers before dessert or after a congratulations speech from the parents.


Let guests set off the poppers after a congratulations toast at the wedding or the start of the couple’s first dance.

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Are you ready to try making the DIY confetti party poppers? I think everyone at your party will have a blast with these homemade party poppers.

The best part is they are easy and cheap party activities for your guests or at home with your family.

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How to Make DIY Party Poppers in 7 quick steps. All you need is toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and ribbon to make these cool poppers. Use these to celebrate New Years, 4th of July , Gender Revels, Birthdays, Graduations and more. Your kids will love these!
New Year's Eve Party Poppers for Kids. Make DIY confetti party poppers with toilet paper rolls and tissue paper to celebrate the new year. Kids will love cracking open these poppers and seeing the confetti fly. A cheap and fun New Years activity at home you'll want to try this year!