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Easy DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Gifts 2023

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Gifts 2023

Did you know you could create beautiful Christmas decorations and save money? Learn how to make cute & cheap DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations that will impress your friends and family this year.

Head to your local Dollar Tree and you will be amazed at all the fun Christmas Decorations, hostess gifts, gift basket ideas, dollar tree crafts, and stocking stuffers that are only $1.25.

Find out how easy it is to make these Christmas decor ideas with Dollar Store items. You’ll make cute Christmas wreaths, holiday card displays, table decorations, and outdoor decorations you can use over and over again each year. Plus tons of stocking stuffers, gift baskets, and hostess gift ideas.

Your friends and family will never know you only spent $1.25 on your Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations and gifts this year!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations & Hostess Gifts

Save Money this Christmas with Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations, Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, holiday crafts & more. Everything you should be buying in 2021 at Dollar Tree from fun holiday towel to serving trays, Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, & cute holiday signs. Decorate your whole house indoors and outdoors with cute Dollar Tree Christmas Décor. You'll be amazed what you can do with $1!

If you don’t have time to shop did you know you can order online at Dollar Tree and get free shipping to your local store? This is a game-changer during the busy holiday season.

Just head to your local stores and pick up your cute dollar tree Christmas craft and decorations to make this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Step up the holiday decorations at your house with these easy DIY projects and décor ideas. Learn the basic ideas on how to make Christmas Decorations. Then use your imagination to make your own holiday creation. You won’t believe how easy this is going to be.

The best part is you’ll save a lot of money shopping at Dollar Tree rather than Target or Amazon for easy DIY Christmas decorations that look good and no one will know are cheap. 

Don’t forget to decorate for Fall & Thanksgiving with Dollar Tree too!

Christmas Ornaments

Holiday Christmas Ornaments for a DIY Christmas Craft with Dollar Tree items.

A quick and cheap way to decorate is by picking up a sleeve of Christmas ball ornaments and stacking them in a glass vase. It’s an inexpensive item that turns your vase easily into holiday décor.

Use a glass vase and Christmas Ornaments to make cute dollar tree Christmas decorations.

You can use a vase you already have at home or pick up a new vase at Dollar Tree.

A cute DIY Christmas Decoration for a dining table with a vase and ball ornaments from Dollar Tree.

Place the Christmas tree ornaments in one big vase or several surrounded by a mix of Christmas figures you already have at home. If you want to decorate the vase use a hot glue gun to paste some ribbon onto it.

Find tons of Christmas ornaments to add to your decorations or tie on holiday presents with inexpensive item from dollar tree.

You will find a large number of individual Christmas ornaments too.  Use these beautiful ornaments in different sizes to update your tree this year. Or make a statement by finding a new top piece to your tree.

TIP: It’s also fun to bring the kids and let them pick out a new ornament each year. They will be so excited to help you decorate the tree and hang up their new ornament.

My kids liked getting their own tabletop Christmas Tree for their room at Dollar Tree and decorating it with ornaments.

Get Organized this holiday with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. 62 Printable pages filled with to do lists, trackers, gift lists, meal planners, monthly calendars & more.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Learn how to make DIY Christmas wreaths with item you buy at Dollar Tree.

These DIY Christmas wreaths are super easy Christmas crafts with dollar tree supplies. All you need is a wreath form, some ribbon, and a few cute holiday supplies like Christmas bows, jingle bells, or holiday berries.

Use these wreath froms with dollar tree items to make a Holiday wreath.
wreath forms

I found two wreath forms to use this year from Dollar Tree. A candy cane form and a traditional circle wreath form. I also found the hooks to go over the door to hang the wreaths.

Use dollar tree ribbon to tie onto a candy cane wreath form to make a cute Christmas wreath.
Tie the ribbon on the bottom to start,

To start your wreath tie your ribbon to the bottom of the form. Then I added the mini Christmas bows that can bend around the metal form.

Tip: you could also add the bows or holiday berries later by pushing the wire attached to them between the layers of ribbon.

Next wrap your ribbon around the form and under the bow ties. At the end stuff the last end of the ribbon into the ribbon on the back to hold it. You could also use a hot glue gun to glue it down.

When you’re done you’ll have a cute holiday wreath to give as a gift or hang up on your front door.

Christmas Centerpiece

Cute & easy DIY Christmas Centerpieces with Dollar Tree items. Use a silver planter, fake red flowers & pine cones, holiday ornaments and stockings to decorate your holiday centerpiece.

Create this easy Christmas centerpiece with items from the flower section of Dollar Tree. These look great on a side table, your countertop, or your holiday table as a centerpiece.

Find a cute flower pot like the silver one I used. Then add a styrofoam block to the bottom of the pot.

Add to the styrofoam block fake red flowers, berries, pine cones, and holiday accents like the stockings. All of these items are on sticks you can poke into the block.

Finish off the centerpiece by tying a holiday ribbon around the outside of the flower pot with a cut Christmas ornament attached.

Decorate with Your Holiday Cards

Holiday Decorations for Christmas Parties. A fun way to show off your Holiday cards and Christmas activity for families.

Do you wonder what to do with all those holiday cards you get in the mail? I love all the pictures but never know what to do with them.

Then I figured out how to make this cute Christmas card display pictured above and below.

Create DIY Christmas decorations with a dollar tree ribbon, bow and your Christmas cards.

All you need is a roll of Christmas ribbon and wooden clothespins to make a beautiful display of all your Holiday Cards.

Get step-by-step directions in my Easy Homemade Christmas Card Displays.

Save money on greeting cards with these Festive Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags. Just print them out and add to any gift!

Christmas Tree

Buy this cute Christmas Tree & decorations at Dollar Tree to dress up your holiday table.

Decorate your dining room table or side table with a small Christmas Tree. At Dollar Tree, you can pick up a small tree, tree skirt, tree ornament pack, and tree topper.

Items you'll need to decorate your Christmas Tree with Dollar Tree items.

I also added festive foam Christmas decorations to the top of the tree skirt to finish off the look.

Outdoor Christmas Porch Decorations

Cheap Christmas Porch Decorations with outdoor Holiday pots made with Dollar Tree Items.

Decorate your porch with cute Holiday planters. Use a large outdoor pot and fill it with evergreen cuttings or faux greenery.

I cut down branches from my backyard evergreen tree but you could also get them where they sell Christmas trees.

Use cheap Outdoor Christmas Planters for your front porch, evergreen and add Christmas decorations from Dollar Tree.

Then fill the pot with small Christmas yard signs, fake red poinsettia flowers, and pine cones on a stick. These will look amazing by your front door!

DIY Ice Suncatcher ornaments kids craft to make at home to decorate their trees outdoors.

Another outdoor Christmas decoration idea is to create Ice Ornaments to hang on the trees in your yard. This is a really fun DIY winter craft with your kids.

21 Cute Letters to Santa Templates for kids. The free printable Dear Santa letters have 21 different versions so kids can each have their own letter. A mix of blank templates and fill in the blank. Plus 3 Letters from Santa to your kids. A fun Christmas Tradition made easy this year!

Dining Room Table Decorations

Easily decorate your dining table or kitchen with Nutcrackers, candle sticks, signs and more with holiday decor at Dollar Tree.

Make sure to decorate your dinner table too. At Dollar Tree, they have a new section of favorite things for the holidays that cost a couple of dollars more but have beautiful Christmas decoration ideas that can be the perfect piece for your holiday table. 

Nutcrackers are a fun Christmas Decorations idea from Dollar Tree.

You can use seasonal Nutcrackers, snow-covered Christmas trees, miniature holiday figures and buildings, tea lights, or red flowers with red berries on your dining table.

Create a whole Christmas village on your table with all the miniature items they have like a little house, church & people.

Another idea is to add in candles and holiday candle holders these will make your home smell great when guests come over for the holidays.

Bonus the candles make your home smell great when guests come over for the holidays.

Cute DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decoration Ideas. Easy décor to decorate your whole house while saving money by shopping at Dollar Tree. Plus stocking stuffer and Hostess gift ideas friends will love. You'll be amazed what you can get with $1.

Christmas Signs

Use Christmas Signs, ornaments and holiday decor to decorate your home for Christmas with dollar tree items.

I love to scatter a few Christmas signs around the house with cute seasonal sayings. The wooden sign is a great way to break up all the other decorations and Christmas lights. It’s a super easy way to decorate your dining room table, shelves, or countertops too.

They have a vast selection of signs to choose from, so pick one that fits your family the best.

If you don’t have time to shop try Decocrated a cool home decor subscription box I found and love. You’ll get 6-8 cute home decorations 4 times a year so you’re ready for every season including Christmas Decor.

You’ll be so excited about what Decocrated sends and you won’t have to shop or make it!

Outdoor Metal & Wooden Signs

Cute Dollar Tree Christmas Wooden Sign to hang on your door. Fun holiday décor to welcome your guest.

Don’t forget to spread a little cheer in the front of your house with fun outdoor Christmas signs for your door. You’ll find a mix of snowmen signs to Santa Claus.

Cute Holiday signs for home at the Dollar Store.

They also have cute holiday yard signs to stick in your Front yard.

Tree Skirts

Don’t forget to make the bottom of your Christmas tree pretty with a nice holiday tree skirt.

DIY Holiday Selfie Station

Create a DIY Selfie Station this Christmas with this easy photo prop kit and holiday background from Dollar Tree.

People love to take selfies and remember a fun holiday party. Use these two loves and create a holiday selfie station. It’s a great way to get family and friends to take lots of fun pictures together.

Make the selfie area by tapping a holiday door cover on a blank wall. Then place on a table next to it the Christmas photo prop kit.

During the party, people can come and go taking pictures on their phones. Remember to ask them to send you their best pics so you can keep the memories.

Tip: If you’re planning a Virtual Holiday party use these as the background of your Zoom view. It’s a fun way to celebrate when you can’t be together.

Add some fun Zoom Game ideas for your Virtual Holiday party too.

Kitchen Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

Towels and Mitts

Decorate your kitchen for Christmas with holiday oven mitts.

Make your kitchen festive too with new Christmas towels and Holiday oven mitts. Display them on your oven or refrigerator. Then use them when you are hosting guests.

Add Christmas decorations to your kitchen with holiday towels from Dollar Tree.

Dress up your kitchen & bathroom sinks with fun Christmas soap bottles.

Christmas Trays

Cheap Christmas platters, plates, wine glasses and cups can be picked up at Dollar Tree to decorate your table.

When guests come over or if you’re attending a holiday party place your appetizers and desserts on Chrismas Trays. It will make your food look a little extra special for the holidays.

Santa Cookie Plate

Leave cookies for Santa with this cute Santa Plate & Hot Chocolate Mug at Dollar Tree.

Kids will love using this cute “Cookies for Santa” plate to leave cookies on for Santa this year. You can use this plate every year for this fun holiday tradition.

This Christmas Plate for Santa Cookies is a practical Dollar Tree Christmas item you can use and display for the holidays at home.

Christmas Tupperware

Pack Christmas cookies in cute holiday Tupperware from Dollar Tree.

Are you doing a cookie exchange or just want to have a guest take some food home with them? Pick up some disposable Christmas Tupperware.

Perfect boxes for baking a gift for school teachers, neighbors, or anyone else who helps you out all year long.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Create a cute Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar with inexpensive items from Dollar Tree.

Set up a fun hot chocolate bar at home with dollar store supplies. Grab a box of hot chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows, Hershey kisses, Andes candy, cinnamon spice, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.

Set these all up in a row for your guest to create their own delicious hot chocolate drink.

Tip: Make Hot Chocolate hostess gifts by adding all the Hot Chocolate ingredients to glass jars or mason jars. Add a ribbon with a card and you’re set. 

Get your Free Printable Christmas Gift List Tracker and wish lists. Make it easy to keep track of all the holiday gifts you need to busy, shopping lists and budget with these free and easy holiday planners.

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts for Kids

You’ll find tons of premade holiday crafts for kids at Dollar Tree. Here are a few fun craft Ideas

Easy DIY craft at dollar tree with ceramic Christmas trees, santa and snowmen to paint in a   kit.

1.Paint already-made ceramic holiday crafts.

Make Dollar Tree crafts with kids at home using foam Christmas trees and green and red pom poms as your ball ornaments.

2. Pick up foam Christmas Trees, Snowflakes & Angles and decorate them with glued-on rhinestones, green & red pom poms, or puffy paint from the art aisle.

3. Cut out trees and wreaths from construction paper and let kids decorate with crayons and stickers. – These could be made into cute Christmas cards from the kids to family members too.

4. Make a DIY Santa using white foam balls for his beard and red felt for the hat. 

Make DIY Christmas ornaments. It's a easy Christmas craft for kids with Dollar Tree ball ornaments and paint.

5. Paint DIY Christmas Ornaments by getting a solid color ornament and letting the kids paint it to make it their own. Make sure to add the year so you remember when they made it. 

Stocking Stuffers & Hostess Gifts Ideas

Hostess Gift Ideas & Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Holiday Mugs at Dollar Tree are great Christmas hostess gifts or Teacher Gifts that you can fill with gift cards or candy.

There are all kinds of different cute gift baskets and hostess gifts to bring to your next Holiday Party at Dollar Tree. You’ll get to brighten someone’s day with these gifts and save money.

Look at our DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree for inspiration on holiday gifts for kids and adults.

These gift basket ideas would also make great Teacher Gifts too!

1. Fill up a holiday mug, wine glasses, or mason jars with candy. You will find a bunch of options with cute holiday sayings that make them a little more special. If you want to give more add a gift card to the mug too.

Make Christmas gifts by adding candy or Gift cards to Christmas wine glasses and Coffee cups from Dollar Tree.

2. Make a Christmas gift basket by filling up a basket with a Nutcracker, a fun holiday table sign, candy canes, hot chocolate, and a mug.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Basket filled with Holiday ornaments, Gingerbread cookie mix, funny Christmas napkins, potpourri, nutcrackers and more from Dollar Tree. An cheap holiday basket idea friends & Family will love.

Or make a wine or whisky gift basket with festive holiday glasses you’ll find at Dollar Tree.

Create a Wine Christmas Gift Basket with Dollar Tree Items. Find cute wine and drink glasses with holiday saying to add to the basket with Christmas ornament.

3. Another Basket Idea – Fill with a book, Suduko, Cross Word or adult coloring book, a mug, and hot chocolate – Perfect winter gift

4. Create a Holiday baking gift basket with Christmas Tupperware, Gingerbread mix, a holiday plate, a whisk, and measuring cups.

Small DIY Christmas Baking Bin with a reusable holiday Tupperware from Dollar Tree. A fun & Cheap hostess gift idea to bring to Christmas parties.

5. Teacher Gift Basket with school supplies and a reusable bin they can use in the classroom. Add an inspirational sign and a gift card from the class.

DIY Teacher Gifts with a Bin of Classroom supplies for Christmas & End of Year gifts.

Do you need a White Elephant Gift this year? Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20 for Kids & Adults

Gift Baskets for Kids

There are so many fun activities, games, and toys for kids at Dollar Tree. Make a fun Kids’ gift basket to have out on Christmas morning or for friends and relatives.

Fun Dinosaur Gift Baskets filled with kids toys and activities from Dollar Tree. Cheap & unique gift ideas they'll love for Christmas, Birthday and Easter.

Add to a reusable bucket, games, and toys you think your kids will enjoy playing with. This would be a fun idea for holiday parties to keep kids busy while the adults chat too.

Kids Gift Basket filled with games & activities they'll love. A unique list of things to add to the Dollar Tree basket. You'll save money and the kids will be excited to play.

If your child likes art create a DIY Art or crafting station with a caddy and art supplies.

Turn a Caddy into your Art Supply Gift Basket for kids. Fill a Dollar Tree caddy with colored pencils, glue, markers, paint, crayons, scissors and more. Great Christmas or Birthday gift idea.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Save money on Christmas stockings with Dollar tree items. Fun stocking ideas the kids will love and won't cost you a tons of money.

I pretty much buy all my stocking stuffers at Dollar Tree. It’s a great place to save money after you’ve spent so much on all the kid’s gifts. Here are a few ideas:

Candy – You will find Chocolate Santas, Candy Canes, and tons of other holiday-wrapped candy to add to a stocking.

Little figurines of characters – In the Toy section, you can find Disney characters, army men, and other small dolls to throw in.

Games – Card games and small travel games are a perfect fit

Play-Doh – Kids always need fresh Play-Doh. Throw a couple of small tubs in with some Play-Doh accessories.

Coloring book and crayons – Wrap a coloring book and crayons together with a Christmas ribbon.

Books – Find a fun board book to add to your kid’s stockings.

Technology gifts – For older kids grab some new earbuds or cell phone accessories

Hair Accessories – Pick out some fun hair accessories for girls, nail polish, or lip gloss.

Christmas Stocking stuffers fun ideas for  kids at Dollar Tree.

Small stuffed animals – Find cute & small stuffed animals perfect for stockings.

Need More Gift Ideas for Kids? Check out the 71 Hottest Gifts for Tween Girls, 70 Coolest Boy Gifts for 2023 and Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Teen & Tween Boys.

Wrapping Paper & Christmas Cards

Finish off all your presents with Christmas wrapping paper and holiday gift bags to make it seem extra special.

They have tons of different patterns in gift wrap and themes around Christmas time. I even found some Disney wrapping paper for the kids.

You’ll also find Christmas cards and money enveloped Christmas cards for those teens in your life who only want money this year.

Are you inspired by these Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations and gift ideas? Hopefully, these easy DIY decor ideas will help ease the pressure on the holidays for you and make your house festive. Plus save you money on gifts and stocking stuffers.

Let me know if you enjoy your new fun Christmas decorations or have any questions in the comments. I love to hear from my readers.

Once you’re done decorating have some Holiday Fun with your family! 65 Festive Christmas Activities for Families in 2023 and Fun things to do with Teens & Tweens at Christmas.

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Find tons of fun Christmas ideas on our Holiday Page – With DIY Christmas Card displays, gift ideas for hard-to-shop-for kids & adults, and fun activities for families. 

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21 Cute Letters to Santa Templates for kids. The free printable Dear Santa letters have 21 different versions so kids can each have their own letter. A mix of blank templates and fill in the blank. Plus 3 Letters from Santa to your kids. A fun Christmas Tradition made easy this year!

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Can you come decorate my house for Christmas?! LOVE so many of these! I’m terrible at decorating mainly because I can’t get myself to spend money on something that sits there but Dollar Tree? I can totally do! The ornaments in the glass jar…genius! (can you tell I’m a total newbie at decorating?! LOL)


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So excited to hear you like these holiday decorations. I love that you can buy it all at the dollar store and save money too! I do the ornaments in the glass jar every year and people love it