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DIY Hallway Laser Maze -Indoor Activity for Kids

DIY Hallway Laser Maze -Indoor Activity for Kids

Are you ready for a cool indoor activity for kids on a snowy or rainy day? A fun activity at home to add excitement to your day when you’re stuck inside? We love creating a DIY Hallway Laser Maze. It’s such an easy game for kids and will keep them busy for hours.

The best party is all you need for your laser maze game is streamers and tape. That’s it!

The kids will have a blast creating their own DIY Laser maze and then challenging themselves to make it through the maze. It can be a fun family activity at home or something they can do on their own.

Follow along and learn how to turn your hallway into an awesome indoor laser maze.

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DIY Hallway Laser Maze Indoor Activity & Game for Kids

Easy DIY Hallway Laser Maze for Kids. Fun indoor activity for kids on cold or rainy days. If you stuck inside this is the perfect energy busting game for kids. Find out how simple it is to make a laser maze with streamers & tape. #lasermaze #hallwaymaze #rainyday #indoorgame #indooractivites #kidsactivities #obstaclecourse

Are you ready to make an awesome Hallway Laser Maze at your home? Your gonna love this!

Materials for Your at Home Laser Maze

You only need two items to make your laser maze.

Tip: If you don’t have streamers you could also use string too.

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How to Design a Laser Maze

Creating a laser maze at home is pretty easy. All you need to do is create a zig-zag pattern with your streamers. Start at the furthest end of your hallway and work your way out so you don’t get stuck.

Secure the start of your maze with tape and then each time a streamer touches the wall tape it.

Tip: I found it was better to rip individual pieces of streamers across your hallway rather than keeping the roll in tack across the whole maze. This way if your kids break part of the obstacle course it won’t take the whole course down just the part their foot hit.

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Obstacle Course Game

Indoor Hallway Lazer Maze game for kids when your stuck at home.

To go through the maze encourage your kids to climb through without touching the streamers. They may need to duck, step or slide on their tummy to get through the obstacle course.

Make it into a laser maze game by having the kids race through the course. Time the kids and see who can make it through the obstacle course the fastest.

The challenge is they can’t break the streams or they’re out.

Create a cool Hallway Laser Maze as a fun kids activity when your stuck at home. An energy burning indoor activity for kids they'll love.

Let them use their imagination and pretend to be a spy or an explorer discovering how to make it through the maze to find the treasure at the end of the hallway. You could even hide something at the end for the kids to find.

When they get bored with the laser maze change it up. With individual pieces of streamers, it’s easy for kids to change the course themselves.

Tip: This game would be great for indoor birthday parties or holiday parties too!

Laser Maze Party

DIY Escape Room Laser Maze to play after your escape room game at home.
Escape Room Party Laser Maze

Use this easy laser maze as part of your birthday party games. At Detective Parties or Escape Room Parties the kids can end the game by making it through the laser maze. They’ll touch pictures with clues as they go through the maze.

Make it competitive by seeing who can make it through the maze the fastest without breaking the steamers.

Another idea is at birthdays parties or holiday parties have the kids go through the laser maze to get to the desserts.

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DIY Laser Maze are a fun Indoor Activity for kids. Create a Hallway Laser Maze with streamer for an energy busting indoor game they'll love. Keep the kids busy when your stuck inside on rainy days with this cheap activity for kids. Find out how easy it is to make! #lasermaze #hallwaylasermaze #kidsactivity #indoorgame #indooractivity #diy #kids

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