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DIY Spinning Nerf Targets a Cardboard Toy

DIY Spinning Nerf Targets a Cardboard Toy

Are your kids huge Nerf Gun fans too? Then they’ll love these cool DIY spinning Nerf targets made out of cardboard boxes. It’s super cheap to make and the kids will have a blast.

We’ve made tons of different Nerf Targets but the spinning targets seem to be the kid’s favorite. They love the challenge of trying to hit a moving target. Plus it’s a great way to use up all those Amazon boxes to create a fun cardboard toy for your kids.

Follow along and find out how to make the best DIY spining Nerf Targets.

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DIY Spinning Nerf Targets with Cardboard

Easy to Make Spinning Nerf Targets for Kids. These DIY Nerf Targets are made with Cardboard, a straw and a penny. It's super cheap to make using items you probably have at home. The targets will keep your Nerf loving kids busy all day.

For our spinning Nerf targets we added even more fun with cardboard targets on top of the box too. This gives each child several places to shot on each turn.

What You Need to Make a Nerf Target

You only need a few items to make this cool target.

  • Cardboard Box
  • Straw
  • Long stick (chopstick, wooden skewer)
  • Masking tape
  • Exacto Knife

Tip: I like using a box instead of an open board because it collects all the nerf bullets for you. But you could easily use a fold-out cardboard box too and just lean it against a wall.

How to Make a Spinning Nerf Target

There are only a few steps to follow to make your spinning Nerf Target.

Step 1

Cardboard box for Targets

Get your box ready. We like to spray paint our box with camouflage paint to add to the Nerf feel. Check out our spray paint method in our Nerf Party Guide.

Step 2

Depending on the size of the box decided how many spinning targets you can fit on your box. Use your wooden skewer to help decide your spacing. Then use an Exacto knife to cut out circles.

Step 3

Take the new cut-out circles and use scissors to cut them a little smaller. They need to be small enough to spin around in the hole you made in the box.

Step 4

Cut a piece of a straw and attach it on the back of the cut out circle. It should not go across the whole circle. Tape the straw near the top of the cut out circle like shown above.

Then make sure your stick (wooden skewer) goes through the straw.

Step 5

Cardboard Spinner to make your Nerf Targets using a penny as a weight and straw to help the target spin.

At the bottom of your circle tape a penny to the back. This will act as a weight for your target.

Step 6

Make your spinning Target by taping down your cardboard spinner.

The wooden skewer should now be in the staw on the cardboard circle with the penny tapped on the bottom. Now tape each side of the wooden skewer to the hole in your box.

Make sure to position your target so it can spin in the opening before you tape it down.

Step 7

DIY Cardboard Nerf Target cut out of a camouflaged box. Cool spinning nerf target the kids will love playing with at home.

It’s time to play! Let the kids practice and see how many times they can hit the Nerf Targets.

Cool DIY Spinning Nerf Targets for Kids. Learn how to make this easy Nerf targets out of Cardboard boxes. Your kids will love it!.

Paper Towel Targets

DIY Nerf Targets with paper towel rolls and ping pong balls.

We added a few more targets on top of the box with cardboard paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls. Then on top of that, we add a ping pong ball. The ping pong balls are lightweight so it’s easy to knock them off the rolls.

The kids can also just try to knock down paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls if you don’t have ping pong balls.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and are ready to make your own DIY Spinning Nerf Targets. Your kids are going to have a blast!

Do you have a target your kids like to use? Share it in the comments so we all can learn!

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Cool DIY Spinning Nerf Targets for Kids. Recycle all those amazon cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to make these cheap and easy Nerf Targets. It will keep the kids busy for hours.
Awesome DIY Cardboard Nerf Targets with recycled items. Create cool spinning targets with cardboard, a straw and a penny. It's so easy and will keep your kids busy for hours. Find out how to make these cool Nerf Targets today!