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17 Genius Dollar Tree DIY Organization Hacks

17 Genius Dollar Tree DIY Organization Hacks

Frustrated by your disorganized house but not sure where to start? Getting your house organized can be easier than you think with simple DIY organization hacks. A great place to start is Dollar Tree for cheap storage bins & organization solutions that will make all the difference in getting an organized house.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the mess take it room by room organizing the kitchen, bathrooms, linen closets, and more. Our genius Dollar Tree organization hacks and ideas will have you loving your house again when you’re done.

Not to mention saving tons of money shopping at the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree for all your storage bins ideas.

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17 Genius Dollar Tree DIY Organization Hacks

17 Clever Home Organization Hacks from Dollar Tree. Easy DIY Ideas to declutter & organize your closets, kitchen, bathrooms and more. Check out these cool hacks and get started today! #decluttering #organization #homeorganization #dollartree #dollarstore

Kitchen Organization

Having an organized kitchen can really make a difference in your daily stress level. It’s the place where you and your family spend the most time preparing for all your meals and things need to be accessible.

First, start out by doing some simple decluttering. Go through and see what you really need in your cabinets and what it’s time to let go of.

If you need some tips on where to start check out How to Declutter Your Home Stress-Free.

After you declutter your kitchen make sure to clean the shelves and cabinets by wiping them down with disinfectant sprays. This way you’ll start fresh.

Dollar Tree has tons of great cleaning disinfectant sprays and cleaning supplies too that we’ve tested and love.

Under the Sink

Under cabinet kitchen storage bin solutions that only cost a dollar.

You’ll find lots of different size storage bins at Dollar Tree. I use these to organize all over my house.

You can see in the picture above how I used the baskets to keep all the cleaning supplies organized. I also like that you can pull out a basket and take it with you to different rooms you want to clean.

This seems like a small area but what a difference it makes when you can find the bottles you need quick to clean up a mess in the kitchen.


Kitchen Organization hacks for  Tupperware tops using a cooling rack from the Dollar Store.

Organize all those Tupperware tops in your kitchen with a cookie cooling rack. The tops fit perfectly into the slots of the cooling rack.

Silverware Drawer

There are several different options to organize your silverware drawer. You can get a larger divider that holds all your silverware.

Organize your silverware drawer in the kitchen with storage bins from the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.

Or choose individual storage trays for forks, spoons, and knives. Both work great and it’s just a preference of what you like.

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Junk Drawer

We all have that terrible junk drawer in our house. Get it under control by using small storage bins to hold rubber bands, keys, pens, and all the other clutter you throw in there.

I did this a year ago and I have been able to keep my junk drawer organized. It’s amazing! The main factor is making sure when I add something to the drawer to put it back in the right storage bin.

Cereal Containers

Dry Cereal Food Storage Containers from the Dollar Tree

Keep your cereal organized and fresh longer with a dry food storage container. There see-through so everyone can still see what is inside the container and you’ll stay organized.

Shelf Liners

Non slip shelf Liners for your Cabinets at the Dollar Store.

While you are decluttering and organizing use shelf liners to keep your drawers and cabinets clean. Dollar Tree has a variety of options from Self Adhesive contact paper with cute patterns to nonslip shelf liners.

I like the nonslip ones better because I can change them out easier but they’re not as cute looking as the contact paper.

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Bathroom Organization

Keep your bathroom less cluttered and organized with these simple bathroom hacks.

Towel Rack

Hook for bathroom Towels from the Dollar Tree to get organized

Make space for your large bath towels with an over the door hook. You can find ones with just two hooks or multiple hooks so the whole family has somewhere to put their bath towels.

Bathroom Drawer

Bathroom Drawer storage bins for  from the Dollar store to organized toothbrushes, hair brushes, medicine and deodorant.

Get all your toothpaste, floss, hairbrushes, and more organized in your drawer with these small storage baskets.

The best part is they come 3 for $1. So you can fill up your whole drawer with baskets for $2. No more searching for your dental floss!

Under the Sink

Get the area under your sink organized with a mix of Caddys and Larger Baskets. The caddies are great to store bath toys you want to bring over to the bathtub for the kids.

You can use a filing basket to keep all the big bottles of shampoo and soap organized. I like the file basket because it’s easy to slide out the whole thing when you need bath items.


Suction Cups with sponges an organization hack from Dollar Tree

Keep your bath sponges off the bottom of your bathtub by hanging them up on your shower wall. Use a suction cup hook to hold them up and let the sponge dry out in between uses.

The hooks above worked great on shower walls but not great on cabinets.

A stronger hook to use on cabinet doors is the self-adhesive wall hook. This can be stuck on your cabinet door to hold your hair dryer or curling iron. It would also be a great way to hang cleaning brushes.

Hair Ties

Carabiner with Hair Ties to organize your bathroom drawer.

Do you find your hair ties all over the bathroom too? Keep them organized by placing them on a carabiner. It’s easy to get the rubber bands off and on and quick to find when you need them.

Realistic Cleaning Checklist & schedule to get organized. A free printable checklist to help make cleaning your house less stressful. #cleaning #freeprintable #cleaningchecklist

Laundry Basket

Add a laundry basket in your bathroom to help keep all the clothes off the floor the kids leave.

Linen Closet Organization

When you open the linen closet does everything fall out and you can’t find what you need?

This was my closet until I decided to get it under control and organized. It seemed like a big task and I kept putting it off but once I started it only took me a half-hour to do.


DIY Organization of your Linen Closet with blue baskets from Dollar Tree

I got my linen closet under control by using a system of baskets. What I like about the baskets is I can pull out just what I need and easily see what is inside.

To make sure I knew where everything was and to keep up the organization I added labels to each bin. You could use cute chalkboard labels or just tape a piece of paper with a name on it to be quick. I showed you both in the picture above.


Collapsible Storage Bin to hold folded towels to organize the bathroom

To keep it neat fold the towels nicely and stack them. You could also use cloth collapsible bins and roll the towels to keep them organized. It just depends on the size of your closet.

If you don’t have room in your linen closet you can also place these baskets on the floor with towels. It works as a decoration too.

How to Use a Caddy

I love to use storage caddies around the house to get organized. It’s a great DIY organization hack to carry everything you need. You can fill them up and store them on a table, closet, or cabinets.

Then when you need the items just pull out the caddy and take it around the house.

Homework Station

Caddy storage bin holding school supplies to organize homework station

Create a homework station with your caddy. Fill it with pencils, markers, pens, rulers and anything else your kids need for school. Then put it out on the table when it’s time for homework.

Bath Toys

Caddy holding bathroom toys to organize the bathroom with a storage bin.

Keep all the bath toys in your caddy when the kids are not using them. You can store it neatly away in your cabinet and then bring it out to the tub when it’s bath time.

Or leave the caddy in the bath tub so all the water can drain out of the toys.

Cleaning Supplies

Store your caddy under the sink with all your cleaning supplies. When it’s time to clean just bring the caddy with your room to room. No more running back to get the Windex or scrub brushes.

Did you know Dollar Tree has awesome Cleaning supplies for $1 too? Find out which ones work best in my list of the 45 Best Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies.

Are you feeling inspired now to make your own DIY organization hacks? Plus saving money with cheap Dollar Tree organization hacks and storage bins that will only cost you $1. You’ll be organized and save money!

I hope you use these Dollar Tree storage bin ideas and stop feeling overwhelmed with your messy house. You’ll finally be able to find everything you need!

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