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96 Free Dot to Dot Printable Worksheets for Kids

Dot to Dots is a fun way for kids to solve puzzles by connecting the dots. These free Dot to Dot printable worksheets are a great way for kids to work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Plus they are a really fun activity to do at home or in the classroom. Kids of all ages will enjoy dot-to-dot worksheets and discovering what pictures will emerge. Once kids have connected the dots they can use the printable worksheets as coloring pages in their own creative way to bring out the hidden picture.

Look through all our dots worksheets and find the perfect ones for your kids. You’ll find dot pages with number recognition, food, flowers, animals, transportation, space, and more.

Fun & Free Dot to Dot Worksheets Printables Kids Love

Search through our Free printable Dot to Dot worksheets and find the dot puzzles your kids will enjoy tracing. Then click on the Free worksheets and print them out. It’s that easy to find activity sheets for your kids.

Use these dot-to-dot free printable pages as educational activities in the classroom or as a fun activity time at home on rainy days. The best part is this is a low prep kids activity you just print it out and you’re ready to go.

So take advantage of this free resource and help your kids with some extra practice on their fine motor skills.

How to Do a Dot to Dot

  1. Pick out the Dot to Dot worksheet below your kids will like
  2. Download your Free Printable PDF file Dot to Dot puzzles by clicking on the picture.
  3. Have kids trace a line following the number order until the hidden pictures are revealed.
  4. Let the kids use the Dot to Dot as a coloring pages

Dot to Dot Printable Worksheet Packets

Each Dot to Dot worksheet packet has between 5-20 pages for Dot Puzzles.

Dot to Dot Number Recognition

These Dot to Dot worksheets will help young children with number recognition, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The packet has two sets of number dot sheets. The first has the numbers 0-9 and the second is 1-20. Both are included in the download below.

Free Printable Dot to Dot Number Recognition

Dot to Dot Printable Number Recognition packet. Fun dot worksheets to help kids with fine motor skills, number recognition and hand eye coordination.

Food Dot to Dot

Choose from two food-related Dot to Dot printable worksheets below.

Food Theme Dot to Dot Worksheets

Fun Dot to Dot Worksheets with a food theme. Free printable dot puzzles your kids will have fun tracing and coloring.

Food Fun Dot to Dot Worksheets

Dot to Dot puzzles with a food theme. Free printable Dot worksheets for kids to use at school or home.

Animal Dot to Dot

Kids of all ages love animals so print out these fun activity worksheets with animal themes. Find farm animals and animals you’d find at the zoo or in the wild.

Animal Theme Dot to Dot

Free Printable Dot to Dot Worksheets with Animals. Fun dot puzzles to trace and use as coloring pages at home or in the classroom.

Animal Fun Dot to Dot Worksheets

Fun Animal Dot to Dot Printable Worksheets for kids.

Flower & Plants Nature Dot to Dot

For your nature-loving kids, they’ll love these fun flowers and plant printable worksheets. Connect dots to reveal beautiful flowers then let kids use their creativity to turn the worksheets into coloring pages.

Flowers & Plant Theme Dot to Dot

Flower & Plants Dot to Dot Worksheets for Kids. Free printable dot puzzles for kids of all ages.

Sea Creatures Dot to Dot

Printable connect dot Sea Creatures. Fun pictures of animals under the sea.

Sea Creatures Dot to Dot

Fun Dot to Dot Worksheets with Sea Creatures like Dolphins, Squids and Octopus. A free printable Dot to Dot packets for Kids.

Penguin Dot to Dot

Cute Penguin printable activities with fun pictures in this Dot to Do worksheet.

Penguin Dot to Dot Printable

Free Printable Dot to Dot Worksheets with Penguins. A fun kids activity at schools or home to help with fine motor skills.

Transportation Dot to Dots

These are fun free printable dot puzzles for kids that love cars, trains, boats, and more.

Dot to Dot Transportation Worksheets

Free Printable Dot to Dot Worksheets with Transportation theme. Dot puzzles with cars, trucks, boats and more.

Are you ready now to try this fun activity at home or in the classroom? These free dot-to-dot printable worksheets for kids are an easy educational activity they’ll actually enjoy doing. Plus you have the added bonus of coloring fun after the dot pages are finished.

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Fun Letter & Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids. Free printable letter worksheets to help kids with letter recognition and fine motor skills.
Grab your Free printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for kids. There are 55 Magical unicorn images in this printable pdf Unicorn coloring book. Perfect for all the Unicorn Lovers out there!

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Free Printable Dot to Dot Worksheets Kids love. Fun dot puzzles to help kids with fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Plus when their done tracing the dots it becomes a fun coloring sheet. Pick the dot to dot design you like and print it out today.