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90 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids, Toddlers & Teens 2024

90 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids, Toddlers & Teens 2024

It’s Easter Time Again! Do you need some creative Easter Basket Ideas for kids? Find tons of fun Easter basket fillers & stuffers for toddlers, kids, and teens. Each can be a challenging age to shop for Easter basket gifts but this list should help you find the perfect gift.

Find great gift ideas and Easter basket goodies your kids will love on Easter Sunday. They’ll be excited to have their own Easter basket filled with their favorite things.

The best part is these are non-candy Easter basket ideas they’ll actually use. This means I left out Easter candy like jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and chocolate bunnies but you could always add these in if you think your kids want a little bit of candy.

So, stop stressing and find the perfect Easter Basket stuffers so you can check this off your to-do list.

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Easter Basket Ideas & Fillers for Kids from Toddlers to Teenagers

90 Non-candy Easter Basket ideas for kids, toddler, tweens and teens. Make a DIY Easter basket with these unique easter stuffer ideas for your whole family. Creative Easter gifts your kids will be excited to find Easter Morning.

Ready to find the Easter basket gifts your kids will be excited about this year? I am sure you’ll find the perfect Easter basket gifts your kids will be thrilled to open on Easter morning.

This list has our favorite easter basket ideas for kids of all ages with non-candy items. The gift ideas are broken up by age so you can separate the gifts for older kids and little kids.

A great way to use the list is to scroll to the age you need fun gifts for this year and pick out which themed Easter baskets will work.

Can’t Be with Family this Year on Easter? Throw a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt & Party with your family on Zoom. Don’t miss out on celebrating with your family & friends.

Start a new easter basket tradition using a scavenger hunt to help kids find where the Easter Bunny left their basket. Use our free printable Easter Egg Hunt clues for the kids on Easter morning.

After they open their baskets enjoy a family game of Easter Bingo and then entertain the kids all day with a free printable Easter Activity & Coloring Packet for kids.

If you need to find an Easter gift for boys make sure to visit 73 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys to get even more ideas.

Easter Baskets

One of the most important things to have for your kids on Easter is an actual Easter Basket. I’ve found a variety of baskets to suit your kid’s taste from cute and cheap plastic baskets (which include grass), to fun metal baskets and a sweet bunny basket for the little kids.

You can use these baskets for any Easter Egg Hunts you attend and then have your kids leave them out for the Easter Bunny to fill on Easter morning.

Plus Easter Bunny Basket

A cute small basket for babies and toddlers.

Joyin Easter Baskets

Clear basket that will look cute stuffed with Easter grass and colorful Easter eggs.

Large Easter Basket Bin

If you have larger gift items this would be a great Easter bin to use.

Easter Tote Bag

These Easter tote bags would be great for Easter egg hunts too!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Fun Toddler Easter Basket ideas little kids will love to find on Easter Morning from the Easter Bunny. Small easter basket stuffers and gift ideas perfect for this young age group. All non-candy ideas they'll love.

This age is so much fun because they still believe in the Easter Bunny and are so excited for Easter morning. Make it a memorable morning for them with these sweet Easter gifts ideas.

Baby’s 1st Easter Basket

Sweet 1st Easter basket for babies.

Gund Easter Bunny

Small Easter Bunnies

These cute & soft Easter bunnies are fun Easter baskets for babies and toddlers.

Easter Books

I love the idea of encouraging the kids to read with these cute Easter books. Pick out a cute classic book with a fun Easter theme.

Happy Easter Mouse – Board Book

Bunny & Chick The Egg Hunt Oops

Easter Nursery Rhymes Book

Easter Look & Find

Coloring Books

Give the kids something fun to play on Easter with these coloring books and activities. It’s a great time for new art supplies and new crayons to go along with the coloring books too.

Easter Coloring Book for Toddlers

My First Coloring Book for Toddlers

Easter Basket Stuffers

Here are a few cute Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas. I love the finger puppets in plastic eggs for toddlers. They’re small gifts that are the perfect size for baskets.

Easter Egg Animal Finger Puppets

Light Up Easter Bunny Bubble Wand

They’ll love chasing these bubbles on Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Music Shakers

Let your little one make some holiday music with these cute Easter Egg music shakers.

Pull Back Cars Eggs

Toddler Games

This is a great time to buy small games your family can play together at home.

Carrot Harvest Wooden Game

Match the carrot to the right size in the garden.

Color Matching Egg Game

Cute toddler game to match the egg to the right color and shape.

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards

Acorn Soup Toddler Game

Easter Puzzles

Bubble Machine

Little ones will love running after the bubbles with this cool bubble machine. It’s a fun way to keep them active this spring without having to blow all the bubbles.

Elementary School Kid’s Easter Baskets

90 Creative & Easy Easter basket ideas for kids to make DIY baskets. Cute easter basket stuffers for the whole family from toddlers to kids, tweens and teens. All non-candy gift ideas with toys, books, STEM, electronics, legos, stuffed bunnies and more. Fun gifts your kids will be excited to find Easter morning from the Easter Bunny.

This age is starting to get harder to shop for, but they are still excited to come down on Easter morning to see what the Easter Bunny left.

Here’s a fun variety of gift items for Elementary-age kids ranging from slime to games, Legos, drones and more.

Check out the shrink dinks from our childhood too. Remember how fun they were?

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals are still loved by many elementary-age kids and are a favorite in kids’ Easter baskets.

Easter Bunny & Baby Bunnies

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit

Bunny to Strawberry

Slime Eggs & Stuffed Easter Eggs

Kids love slime and these come already made in Easter Egg forms. Plus a full slime kit to keep them busy for hours.

Galaxy Slime Easter Eggs

Easter Slime Kit

Dinosaur Slime

Easter Slime With Toy Inside (Rabbit, Chick)

Easter Egg Squishy Toys

Add these 8 cute Easter squishy toys that are inside eggs.

Unicorn Easter Eggs

Build a Dinosaur Stuffed Eggs

Science Experiment Packed Eggs

Lego Easter Projects

3 in 1 Lego Bunny

Lego Easter Rabbit Display

Lego Creator Easter Chick

Lego Creator Flowers

Books & Activities

Give the kids something to do on Easter and while schools out with these fun activity books and books to read.

Would You Rather Easter Questions

Easter Coloring Book

Easter Color by Numbers

Super Interesting Facts for Smart Kids

Card Game for Kids

A small card game set is the perfect size to add to your kids’ Easter baskets.

Guess in 10

Classic Card Games Bundle

These cards have some all-time favorites the whole family can play together.

Sushi Go

Happy Salmon

Classic Shrinky Dinks & Jewelry Shrinky Dinks

Your kids will love these shrinky dinks as much as you did as a kid.

Robots & Cars Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dink Jewelry

Shrinky Dinks Disney Princess

Scratch Notes for Kids

3D Puzzles

Give the kids a little challenge on Easter morning with these fun 3D puzzles.

Easter Eggs Filled with Puzzles

Puzzle Balls & Fidgets

2D & 3D Maze Book for Kids

Indoor Soccer Ball

Keep the kids active with this fun indoor Hoover soccer ball. This toy has been a huge hit at our house!

Extreme Egg Toss Game

Play this fun game of egg toss without the mess of real eggs.

Hand-Held Drone

This is a fun drone that is controlled by your hands. It’s easy to use for younger kids and can be played in your house. The air that pushes it around will keep it from hitting your walls. This was a huge hit in our house and with all the neighbor kids.

Force 1 Scoot Skeet Drone

2 Pack Hand Held Drone

Fun Outdoor Toys

Encourage the kids to go outside with these really fun outdoor toys.

Stomp Rocket

Bug Catcher Kit

Let the kids explore your backyard and find some bugs and plants to examine.

Larger Bug Catcher

Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Create awesome bubble shapes with this fun kit.

Easter Garden

Paint and Plant Spring Garden

Tween Girls & Boys Gift Ideas

This tricky in-between age group of 9-12-year-olds can be tough to shop for they’re not little kids but not quite teenagers yet either. Use this gift list for tweens to find fun things they’ll like and the perfect gift.

71 Hottest Gift Ideas for Tween Girls Age 9-12

71 Tween Girl Gifts even the pickiest Tween Girl will love for Birthdays and Christmas. Stop stressing about gift ideas for girls age 9, 10, 11 & 12 years old. Find the perfect gift on this tween girl gift guide. Everything from clothes & purses to electronics, spa days, Barbie and Stem ideas. Check it out and be ready for upcoming Birthdays & Christmas presents.

70 Cool Gift Ideas for Boys Age 10-12 Years old

70 Cool & Unique gift ideas for boys they'll be thrilled to get on Birthdays or Christmas. Find fun gifts for sports, STEM, electronics, board games, gaming ideas, books, useful gifts they need and more. You're sure to find the perfect gift for tween boys in this gift list!

Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Teens they'll actually be excited about. Find fun easter basket stuffer that young adults will still enjoy finding on Easter Morning. Get inspired by this list to find the perfect Easter gift for your teenager.

Finding Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage girls or teenage boys can be pretty difficult. They really are a hard age to please. Hopefully, this list will have your teenager still excited about Easter Morning.

Artistic Gifts

Bring out the artist in your child with this complete art set and activity books made specifically for Teenagers.

DIY Inspirational Bookmarks

145 Piece Art Set

Fashion Design Sketch Book for Teen Girls & Teen Boys

DIY Window Clings

Makeup & Bags for Teens

Have a Daughter or Granddaughter who loves to wear makeup? Check out the new makeup brushes and makeup holders a teenage girl would enjoy. 

Egg-shaped Makeup Blender

Flower Make-Up Pallete Gift Set

Era Tour Makeup Bag & Bracelets

Travel Jewelry Box

All-in-One Makeup Sets

Teen Face Masks

Books for Teens

Ultimate Brain Game & Puzzles for Teens

Teen Cookbook

Making YouTube Videos

Technology Gifts

Use the kids’ love of technology to fill their basket with new headphones, a cell phone holder, or a cute handheld Bluetooth speaker.

Ditch a basket and just get them what they want. Elementary-age kids would probably love these too!

Corsair Wireless Headphones with Microphone

Gaming Headset

Cell Phone Holder

Prop ‘n Go Slim iPad Holder

Portable Speaker & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Mobile Gaming Controller for Cell Phones

Check out this really cool remote to turn their cell phone into a mobile gaming console. Just make sure to check if you want one for an Android or iPhone.

Games for Teens

What Do You Meme Card Game

SUSSED The Wacky ‘What Would I Do?’ Card Game

Unstable Unicorns Teen Card Game

Easter Eggs Filled with Mazes & Puzzles for Teens

Challenging Maze games for older kids.

Keep your, teens outside and off their phones with the super fun Ladder Ball Game and Spike Ball Game they can play with family or friends.

Spike Ball Game

Ladder Toss Game

Premade Easter Baskets

Don’t Have Time to Put an Easter Basket together? Here are a few cute premade Easter basket gift ideas.

Candy Easter Baskets

Easter Bag

Easter Snack Tin

Easter Care Package

More Gift Ideas for Kids

Get more gift ideas your kids will really enjoy for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Birthdays.

73 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys – Fun Easter gift ideas boys really want

Find the perfect easter basket gift ideas for boys from toddlers to kids and teens.

70 Best Gift Ideas for Boys – Top Gift boys hope to get this year

71 Hottest Tween Gift Gift Ideas – What girls will be excited to find Easter Morning

Best Gifts for Fortnite Players & Gamers – What to Get Kids Who Love to Game

Cheap DIY Gift Basket Ideas from Dollar Tree – Gift for Kids, Relatives, Friends, and hostess gifts

Family Games to Play on Easter

Easter Games Bundle

Entertain the whole family with these 17 printable Easter games kids and adults will love. From Easter Bingo to scavenger hunts, Easter Trivia, Easter Word scrambles, coloring and more. A fun easter bundle to entertain kids at home or in the classroom.

Family Printable Easter Games & activites for kids to play at Easter parties, Classrooms, or at home. With games like Easter Trivia, Scavenger Hunts, What’s Your Bunny Name, Easter Word Scramble, Candy Match Up, Candy Dice Game, Charades, What Am I Riddles, and more.

Easter Activity & Coloring Sheets

Entertaining & Fun Easter Activity sheets & coloring pages for kids. Free printable worksheets with 50 pages for kids to do at school or on Easter Sunday.

50 Pages of Free Printable Easter Activities & Coloring Pages for Kids.

Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo Game is a fun holiday game for the whole family to play. Grab your free printable Easter Bingo Cards and your ready to play.

Grab this Free Printable Easter Bingo Game for your kids to play at Easter Parties or on Easter Sunday.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Free Printable for Virtual Easter Parties or at Home Easter Hunts.

Plan a fun Easter Scavenger Hunt for the kids to find their Easter baskets on Easter morning.

Virtual Easter with Family

How to Make a Virtual Easter Party and Easter Egg Hunts. Plus fun Virtual Easter Games & Activities for Kids. Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt clues to get started on Your Zoom Easter Party.

If you can’t be with family in person this year celebrate the holidays together with a Virtual Easter Party. We’ve all learned how to use Zoom so why not take advantage and visit over Easter with your family that lives far away.

Enjoy catching up and playing fun zoom games and Easter games together. Then send your kids on a virtual Easter Egg hunt ending with their Easter baskets. A fun and easy way to celebrate when you can’t be together.

I hope you have found a few great Easter Baskets ideas for your kids and Grandkids. Have a happy and exciting Easter morning with these fun Easter Gifts. I wish you a wonderful Easter!

Do you have another great Easter basket idea for kids from Toddlers or Teens? Please share your ideas with us in the comments I love to hear from my readers.

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Bonus, you will get a free printable Easter Bingo Game Cards. A fun game to play at Easter parties, family game nights, or classroom parties.

Kids will have fun playing with these free printable Easter Bingo Game Cards and calling cards on Easter Sunday, Family Easter parties or in the classroom. Just print out the bingo cards and you're ready to play.

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