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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers, Teenagers & Kids Inbetween

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It’s Easter Time Again! Do you need some quick Easter Basket Ideas for kids? I have done the research for you and come up with fun last-minute Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers to Teenagers. Each can be a challenging age to shop for Easter gifts so hopefully, this will ease your stress.

With all of us being stuck at home this year Amazon Prime is really the best mom hack for gift buying. Find gifts that will help entertain the kids at home during school closures too. So relax and use Amazon to get all your Easter Basket ideas and gifts!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers to Teenagers

Easter Baskets

One of the most important things to have for your kids on Easter is an actual Easter Basket. I found a variety of baskets to suit your kids taste from cute and cheap plastic baskets (which include grass), to fun metal baskets and a sweet bunny basket for the little ones.

You can use these baskets for any Easter Egg Hunts you attend and then have your kids leave them out for the Easter Bunny to fill on Easter morning.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

This age is so much fun because they still believe in the Easter Bunny and are so excited for Easter morning. 

Make it a memorable morning for them with these sweet Easter Gifts. Below are options with soft stuffed animals, fun Easter books, Easter Eggs filled with surprises, Paw Patrol characters and Disney Princesses.

Small Stuff Animals

Easter Books

I love the idea of encouraging the kids to read with these cute Easter books. These are especially great while we are stuck at home during this season.

Coloring Books

Give the kids something fun to play on Easter with these coloring books and activities.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Here are a few cute Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas. I love the finger puppets in plastic eggs for toddlers.


This is a great time to buy games your family can play while stuck inside.

Elementary School Kid’s Easter Baskets

This age is starting to get harder but they are still excited to come down Easter morning and see what they got. Here’s a fun variety of gift items for Elementary age kids ranging from slime to mad libs, puzzle erasers (my kids love these) and drones.

Check out the shrink dinks from our childhood too. Remember how fun they were?

Slime Eggs

Kids love slime and these come already made in Easter Egg forms. Plus a full slime kit. Keep them busy for hours.

Books & Activities

Give the kids something to do on Easter and while schools out with these fun activity books and books to read.

Classic Shrinky Dinks & Jewelry Shrinky Dinks

Your kids will love these shrinky dinks as much as you did as a kid.

3 D Puzzles

Give the kids a little challenge on Easter morning with these fun 3D puzzles.

Indoor Soccer Ball

Keep the kids active with this fun indoor hoover soccer ball set.

Hand-Held Drone

This is a fun drone that is controlled by your hands. It’s easy to use for younger kids and can be played in your house. The air that pushes it around will keep it from hitting your walls. It was a huge hit in our house and with all the neighbor kids.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers

Finding Easter Basket Ideas for Teenagers can be pretty difficult. They really are a hard age to please. Hopefully, this list will have your teenager still excited about Easter Morning.

Artistic Gifts

Bring out the artist in your child with this complete art set and activity books made specifically for Teenagers.

Makeup & Bags

Have a Daughter or Granddaughter who loves to wear makeup? Check out the new makeup brushes and makeup holders. 

Books for Teens

Is your teen getting ready to drive? Take a look at this driving book geared to engage teens with tips on starting driving. This gift is great for parents and kids. Plus fun books sets to keep them reading while stuck at home.

Technology Gifts

Use the kids’ love of technology to fill their basket with new headphones, a cell phone holder or a cute handheld blue tooth speaker. Ditch a basket and just get them what they really want. Elementary age kids would probably love these too!

Teenagers will love the all-new Echo Dot. With new and improved sound your teens can listen to all their music plus have the benefit of Alexa.

Games for Teens

Keep your, teens outside and off their phones with the super fun Ladder Ball Game and Spike Ball Game they can play with family or friends.

Premade Easter Baskets

Don’t Have Time to Put an Easter Basket together? Here are a few cute premade baskets.

I hope you have found a few great Easter Baskets ideas for your kids and Grandkids. Have a happy and exciting Easter morning with these fun Easter Gifts. I wish you a wonderful Easter!

Do you have some other great ideas for Easter basket ideas for Toddlers or Teenagers? Please share your ideas with us in the comments I love to hear from my readers.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids you can buy when stuck at home. Unique Gift ideas from Toddlers to Teenagers the'll love.  Find somethings for everyone online. #easter #eastergifts #giftideas #easterbasketideas #giftsideasforkids #kidsgifts

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Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist. Be organized and prepared for your next kids party with free printable. Timeline set for your whole to do list. #freeprintable, #checklist, #partyplan, #birthdayparty
Unique Easter Gift Ideas for Kids from Toddlers to Teens. Fun Easter basket items the kids will love to open Easter morning. #easter #easterbasket #easterbasketideas #giftideas #giftsforkids #holidaygifts
Easter Gift Ideas for Kids you can order online when stuck inside. Make Easter exciting this year with fun Easter Basket Gift ideas for Toddlers to Teenagers. Entertaining gifts to keep the kids busy while stuck at home. #Easter #eastergifts #easterbasketgifts #giftsforkids #kidsgifts

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