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Cute Free Printable Easter Bingo Game & Cards for Kids

Cute Free Printable Easter Bingo Game & Cards for Kids

Easter Bingo is an easy holiday game to print and play with kids. It’s a fun game for Easter parties or to play with your kids on Easter Morning. Just download the free printable Easter bingo cards and you’re ready to play.

All the game boards have fun pictures of Easter eggs, jelly beans, Easter bunny, and Easter baskets plus the calling cards. It couldn’t be easier to play this fun Easter activity and a great way to spend time with your kids.

The best part is this Easter bingo printable is a simple game kids of all ages can play so your whole family can play together. It’s also a great game for class parties or Sunday school.

Pair the game with a few other Easter activities like an Easter Scavenger Hunt, Easter Coloring pages, or free printable Easter activities, and your whole Easter party will be planned.

Free Easter Bingo Printable Game for Kids

Free Easter Bingo Game to play with kids at Easter parties, in classrooms or at home on Easter Sunday. This free printable holiday game will entertain your kids while they enjoy the fun Easter themed cards. Just print it out and your ready to play Easter bingo!

A fun way to celebrate Easter with your family is by playing a fun Easter game together. Everyone will have a good time and it’s couldn’t be simpler to prepare and play.

What I like best about this bingo set is all the different bingo cards go with the Eater Theme. We play these games at other holiday parties too with themed sets for Christmas Bingo and Valentine’s Day Bingo.

If you’d like to try and make your own bingo cards try this free Bingo Card Generator.

Or find even more fun ideas in our Free Printable Bingo Cards Games for Kids.

Supplies for Bingo

Here is what supplies you’ll need for Easter Bingo

  • Scissors to cut out the bingo calling cards after your print it out
  • Bingo Sheets and calling cards (free printable below)
  • Something to mark the bingo boards or sheets with when the picture is called.

To mark the pictures you can either get Bingo Dot MarkerBingo Chips, or use candy such as Easter colored M&Ms or Hershey Kisses or other small Easter treats.

How to Play Easter Bingo

Bingo really is a super simple party game all ages can play. Here’s what you need to do to play the game.

  1. Download the free printable Easter Bingo Game
  2. Cut out the sheet with calling cards or calling pictures
  3. Place the calling cards in a paper bag
  4. Give each child a different Bingo Card
  5. Let the kids mark off their free space
  6. Then pull a calling picture from the bag & say what’s on the picture.
  7. Kids who have that picture place a marker over the square that matches.

The first child to mark three in a row wins the game.

Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards

Cute Easter Bingo Cards Game for Easter Parties, classroom parties or at home with the kids. The Free printable includes bingo cards and calling sheet. Just print it out and your ready to play.

Now you’re ready to play all you need to do is print out your free printable Easter bingo cards pdf file. Then start having some Easter fun!

Bingo Card Games

Fun Free Printable Bingo Cards for Family Game Nights or Classroom fun. Pick out the bingo theme you'd like and download the bingo cards and calling cards. Kid will love this fun Bingo Game.

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Are you ready now to play Easter Bingo? This fun Easter bingo printable game is sure to be a hit with your kids. I hope you have as much fun playing this classic game as my family has at your next Easter celebrations.

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Bonus, you’ll get our Easter Coloring Book for Easter parties, classrooms, or fun at home.

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Fun Easter Bingo Game with Free Printable Bingo Cards. An easy game to play with kids at Easter Parties, Classroom parties or on Easter Sunday. All you need to do is print it out and your ready to play Easter Bingo.
Cute Easter Bingo Cards for Easter Parties & Easter Sunday. This free printable Easter Bingo game has 9 different bingo cards and the calling cards. All you need to do is print it out and you're ready to play Easter Bingo at home or your next holiday party.