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Easy Lunch Kabobs Your Kids Will Want to Eat at School

Lunch Kabobs with Meat, Cheese and fruit

Packing lunch for school seems to always be a huge pain for me. It takes a while to pack in the morning when we are already rushing to get out the door. Plus, most of the time the kids come home with half their lunch not eaten. I especially noticed if I send kids with sandwiches all the bread would be left over.  What a waste of bread. I started to wonder why do I even bother sending them with sandwiches. Then one day my mother in law made cute kid friendly kabobs and I realized that was my answer.  Lunch Kabobs


How to Make Kid Friendly Lunch Kabobs

The lunch kabobs are very versatile and can be made with a huge variety of items to please any kids. I start out with some type of lunch meat. Whatever your kids like best and roll it up onto a toothpick. 

Deli Meat rolled up on toothpicks

Next I cut up some type of cheese for the other end of the toothpick. I have used cheddar, string cheese and Babybel cheese. However, any hard type of cheese will work. 

Cheese for Kabobs

Lastly, I add a fruit or vegetable to the other end of the toothpick. I have used tomatoes, grapes, cuties, cantaloupe, mango. Basically, whatever I have in the refrigerator the kids will eat and can stay on the toothpick. 

Kabobs with added fruit and vegetables

The great thing about this school lunch is it is quick and easy to make but it is also fun for the kids to eat. I can easily customize the kabobs to each kids liking to make sure they eat their lunch. And when the Tupperware comes home empty I know it was a winner.  

Let me know your creative ways of making the kabobs. I love when my readers share all their great ideas with each other.  

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Easy to Make School Lunch Kabobs


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