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Best Editable Summer Schedule & Templates for Kids

Best Editable Summer Schedule & Templates for Kids

When summer time rolls around many parents struggle with how to keep kids engaged and active without the bickering. An easy solution is using editable summer schedules that allow you to create the perfect daily routine or weekly routine for your family. 

Kids thrive when they know what to expect and look forward to over summer break. It’s amazing how much you can cut down on arguing at home with a simple daily summer schedule. 

It’s a great way for parents to make sure their kids get a mix of fun activities and educational activities every day. It also helps cut down on screen time and lets you plan for the week ahead.

Use our pre-planned printable schedule to inspire you then add in the edits you want to make the daily schedule template your own! 

It’s quick and easy to make the changes to create visual schedules that are easy for your kids to follow over summer vacation.

What is in the Editable Summer Schedule Bundle

Get organized this summer with these editable Summer Schedules & checklist for kids. Includes, Daily & Weekly Schedules, Screen Time Rules, Summer Reading Log, & Chores Chart, Summer bucket list printable. Edit the pre made templates to work for your family or use the blank templates to create a schedule that best fits your family life style. It's quick to make and will help keep your family focused all summer long.

This is the easy summer routine you’ve been searching for! All the schedules and checklists you need in one bundle. Here’s what’s in the Editable Summer Schedule Template Bundle.

Two versions of a Daily Summer Schedule

Create a customized Daily summer schedule for your family with these editable printable templates. Use the pre made schedule & add changes to make it your own or use the blank daily schedule template to create the perfect summer schedule for your family.

Includes a pre-made daily schedule which you can edit & customize and blank schedules if you want to make your own schedule from scratch. 

Two Weekly Schedule Template

Keep the chaos out of your summer with a weekly summer schedule for kids. These editable printable templates will help you create a plan for each day of the week this summer. Simply edit the pre made weekly schedule to make it your own or use the blank weekly schedule to create your ultimate family schedule this summer.

Includes a pre-made weekly planner with theme days which you can edit & customize and a blank weekly schedule if you want to make your own schedule for each day of the week. 

Two Screen Time Rules Checklist

Stop arguing with your kids & use this editable Screen Time Rules for Summer template. Let you kids know exactly what they need to get done before electronics time with an easy to follow checklist. Edit the pre made Rules for Summer or use the blank template to create your own list. Set the boundaries now for a stress-free & fun summer with your kids.

Includes a pre-made Screen Time Rules checklist to let kids know what they need to get done before electronics time. It has an editable checklist and a blank checklist.  

Chores Chart Template

An easy to use editable Weekly Chore Chart for summer. Create the list of chores your kids need to finish each week and can have fun checking off when they're completed.

Plan what summer chores your kids can help with this summer by adding specific chores for each child.

Reading Log Template

Get your kids reading this summer with this editable summer reading log. The printable template can be changed to match the days to read, title of book and number of pages to read. An easy way to keep track of all the reading they do this summer and to give the teacher at back to school night.

Make sure your kids read all summer with a fill-in-the-blank summer reading log. 

Summer Bucket List

Create a customized Family Summer Bucket list with this editable template. A great way to plan & set goals for the summer with indoor activites, outdoor activites, STEM & field trip ideas. Edit the pre made bucket list to make it your own or use the blank list to make the perfect Summer bucket list for your family.

An inspiring to-do list of fun things to do with your kids this summer. Customize the pre-made list or create your own family bucket list.

Why You Need a Summer Schedule

Summer is a time for kids to be busy, with friends, trips, activities, and family visits. With so much going on, organization is key, and a good schedule can help keep everything running smoothly. However, creating a summer schedule for your kids can seem overwhelming. 

That’s why I’ve included the pre-made daily & weekly schedules so you have a place to start your planning. Simply edit the pre-made schedules & checklist to make them your own. Or use them as inspiration to create a whole daily routine that works best for your family. 

Every family has a different kind of routine that works for them. This is why I love using an Editable summer schedule. Easily adjust the daily planner to your kid’s age group and interests.

For instance, if you have younger kids add in their sleep schedule or quiet time to rest. While older kids might need more time to do school work or take field trips. 

If you want a more flexible routine use the weekly schedule for a general theme to your day rather than a set schedule. 

In the end, you’ll have a great guide to your day which will allow for less stress and more quality time spent with your kids. 

Tip: You can also use the planners to create your own DIY Summer Camp they’ll love too.

​What You’ll Receive

Create a customized Daily & Weekly Schedule for your family with these editable templates. Find pre made templates you can edit to fit your kids lives or use the blank schedules to create the ultimate schedule for your family. Bonus Screen Time checklist, Chore Chart, Reading Log and Summer bucket list. All editable for an organized and fun summer with your kids.

You will get an Editable PDF with all 12 pages of Schedules & Checklist in your email inbox. Follow the easy directions on how to quickly make the edits in the free version of Canva to create your own summer schedule. 

Adjust the time slots, routine ideas, and activities to match your family’s needs in minutes. Then print out all the schedules or only the ones you need at that time. 

Stay at Home Moms and Work from Home Moms have loved these editable summer schedules to help get organized for the summer and I think you will too!!

What Does it Cost

For only $5 you’ll get all 12 pages of editable summer schedules and a checklist to get your family organized and ready for a fun summer. No more wasting time searching Pinterest & Google for the perfect family schedule when you can create your own.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Editable Summer Schedules and start getting your family organized today!