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30 Fun & Cheap Family Bonding Activities at Home

30 Fun & Cheap Family Bonding Activities at Home

It’s so important to spend time together as a family but it can be hard with our busy lives. The key is reconnecting with quick and fun family bonding activities at home. Things to do with your kids to get your whole family laughing and making memories together.

The best part is you don’t have to spend tons of money to create family bonding activities just some creativity. Our cheap family activities will help you spend time together whether you’re staying at home or just needing something fun to do together.

Get inspired to spend more family time together with our list of Fun Family Bonding Activities at Home. You’ll be ready to stay at home and make new family memories and traditions.

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30 Fun Family Bonding Activities at Home

Cheap Family Bonding Activities at Home. Spend quality times with kids connecting through fun family activities, games & crafts. Find easy & quick things to do with kids you can fit into your busy life. Start now and build a better connection with your kids. #familybonding #familytime #familyactivities #familygames #familynight #kidsactivities #quilitytime #kidsathome

Use these fun family bonding activities to get closer to your kids. They’ll love spending time with you and you’ll be amazed how much you will learn about your kids.

Family Game Night

The easiest way to bond is to have a family game night. Dust off your board games and enjoy playing together. Make it a full night with a fun themed dinner and desserts.

Minute to Win It Family Game Night Ideas
Minute to Win It Games

If you don’t want to play board games try Minute to Win It Games. Their quick one minute games you can do with items around your house. The games are pretty hilarious to watch too!

A few of our favorite board games :

Balloon Games

You’ll be amazed at how many games you can make out of a simple balloon.

Some favorites are Keep It Up where you try to see who can keep the balloon up in the air without it touching the floor the longest.

For more ideas try Balloon Volleyball, Balloon Race, or Balloon Tennis. These could be done in teams or one on one. You’ll love all the energy they burn playing these games indoors.

Would You Rather

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Game. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your kids. Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Go around the table and see what each of you would rather. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Get a free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Laser Maze or Obstacle Course

Indoor DIY Laser Maze for kids to keep them busy on rainy days when your stay indoors. #indoorgames #indooractivities #lasermaze #kidsactivities #kidsgames

Work together as a family to create a Hallway Laser Maze or Obstacle Course. The set up alone is a fun family bonding time. When you’re done let kids run through the maze. If they like competition time the kids to see who’s the fastest.

Find more indoor games for kids when you’re stuck at home in Awesome Stay At Home Indoor Activities for Kids.

Family Walk or Hike

Family Bonding time on a nature walk or hike with your kids.

Get out and explore your neighborhood or local forest preserve together. Talk about things you see or what’s going on in your kid’s lives. It’s amazing how much more your kids will talk when your walking.

Add some fun to your walk with free printable Nature Scavenger Hunts. We even have a scavenger hunt for teens to get them to come along too.

Virtual Games with Family or Friends

When you’re stuck at home families can still bond with others by playing virtual games.

Use Zoom Games for kids to play with grandparents or friends you can’t see in person. Everyone will love seeing each other and competing in fun games like Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Bingo, Pictionary & More.

Arts & Crafts

Coffee Filter Butterflies are a fun Craft for Kids at home.

Do your kids love to make crafts at home? Pull out your crafts items and create projects together as a family. A great way to spend family time together at a table and off electronics just chatting and being creative.

Pinterest is filled with fun and easy craft ideas for kids to do at home. One of our favorites is Coffee Filter Butterflies made with items you already have a home. Kids can use their creativity to make each butterfly unique.

STEM Projects

STEM project for Kids an Erupting Volcano you can easily make at home. Kids will want to do it over and over again.

Encourage your kids interest in science with fun STEM projects at home. The whole family will love creating cool expeiments and seeing what happens.

One of our favorites is creating an Erupting Volcano. It’s super easy and the kids will be in awe every time the “volcano” overflows.

Chalk Games

Fun Chalk Games for Kids to play outdoors.

Use chalk on your driveway or sidewalks to create fun chalk games for kids to play. Make a huge hopscotch, color finding game, draw a big candy land board on your driveway, or simply draw pictures.

Family Hide & Seek

Have an epic game of Hide and Seek in your house or backyard. Search out new places to hide and see if the kids can find you. They will want to play this over and over again.

Build a Fort

Let Kids create a DIY tents when stuck indoors on rainy days. A fun kids activity to keep them busy all day.

Work together to build a cool indoor fort from couch cushions, sheets, and blankets. The kids will love having your help creating their own home fort. When you’re done use it for imaginative play together as a castle or army fort.

The fort could also be your new reading nook. Add pillows and blankets to the fort floor and snuggle up reading books together.

Indoor Camping

Put up your camping tent in the family room and have a sleepover together in your tent. Use your fireplace to roast marshmallows and tell camp stories. Kids will love sleeping in sleeping bags with the whole family surrounding them.

If you don’t have a tent just build your own fort to sleep in together.

Neighborhood Walk

If you don’t have time to head to a forest preserve walk around your own neighborhood together. Kids can ride bikes, scooters, or walk with the family. Just getting outside is a fun way to spend time together.

Make your neighborhood interesting with a free printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. Find all kinds of hidden things on your own block.

Movie Marathon

Fun Family Movie Night to spend time together as a family.

Enjoy staying in with a fun Movie Night Marathon. Let each kid pick a movie so there is no fighting. You can even spread it out over a couple days or pick once a week movie night. Friday Nights are always a good night to relax and watch a moive after a long week.

Make movie night more exciting by dressing up like the character in the movie or create a snack to go along with the movie theme.

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Delicous Homemade Pizza with Prosciutto and Pesto for family pizza night.

Let everyone create their own pizza for dinner. Pick up the pre-made dough to make it fast and set out bowls with lots of different toppings. It’s fun to see what each kid creates and you might even get them to try something new.

Our favorite Homemade pizza for adults is Homemade Prosciutto and Pesto Pizza. It is amazing!

Bake Together

Spend quality family time together baking Oreo Balls.

Pick out a favorite baking recipe or something new and enjoy an afternoon of baking sweet desserts. Kids love to be in the kitchen with you so embrace it and have fun creating something delicious.

If your not a baker try simple cake cookie recipes or no-bake oreo balls. All you need is some cake mix or Oreos and a couple of indigents to mix together for a batch of yummy desserts.

If you make extras share some with neighbors and spread your family fun. Kids can decorate a card to go with it too!

Read a Book Together

Kids love to hear you read to them. It’s a great way to increase their vocabulary and enjoy time together. Pick out a book the whole family can enjoy and have a reading night while you eat your delicious baked goods.

Sports Day

Playing sports is a great family bonding activity for the whole family.

Grab a few different balls and head outside to play sports together. Enjoy a game of soccer, basketball, whiffle ball, football, or whatever is your kid’s favorite game. Play more than one game to enjoy a whole afternoon outdoors together.

New Playground or Park

Find a new playground or park to explore together. Enjoy swinging on the swings, going down the slides and flying across the monkey bars. Make a day of it by packing a family picnic.


Bond with our kids playing fun games at home like Dominos.

Create an epic domino course with your kids. Spread it out across your family room with different levels and turns. Then test it out and see what works and what you need to change.

Watch Old Family Videos

Break out all those old family videos of past relatives or your kids when they’re little. They’ll love hearing stories about your family and learning about their family history. Plus watching themselves on the tv when they were little is pretty cool too.

Relay Race

Create a relay race in your backyard. Set up obstacles to run around and jump over as a fun race course. Use paper towel rolls as your relay batons.

Pair up with a family member onto teams. You will see which team is the fastest. The first players set off to run the course with their batons. When they get back to the start they hand off the baton to their teammate who takes it and races to the end.

A simple game all ages can play just make it harder or easier depending on your children’s ages.

Dance Party

Throw a Dance Party at home and enjoy some fun family time together.

Have a family dance party. Crank up the music and get out all that energy with funny dance moves to get the whole family laughing.


Pull out a puzzle for the whole family to work on at the kitchen table. Enjoy chatting together while you find the many pieces of your puzzle.

Seek & Find

Print out some Seek and Find worksheets where you search to find items hidden in the pictures. When you need a calm and low-key family activity this is it. Find lots of free printables on Pinterest.

Sundae Bar

Create a yummy Sundae Bar for Family Game Nights at home.

Make a fun sundae bar for the kids. Put out all kinds of yummy toppings like sprinkles, cut up candy bars, hot fudge, cookie dough, caramel sauce, and your family’s favorite toppings. This would be great paired with a movie or game night.

Karaoke Night

Pick out favorite songs and let each family member belt it out. You can put YouTube on your tv or computer to get songs or buy a Karaoke Microphone that will do it all for you.

Sac Race

Fun Sac Races for Kids to play indoors to get their energy out. When you stuck at home grab some pillow case and start a race. Kids will be laughing and having a blast! #indoorgame #indooractivity

All you need for a fun Sac Race is pillowcases. You can do this indoor or in your backyard. Kids and adults climb into a pillowcase and hop to the finish line. Create a finish line with painter’s tape or two chairs at each end.

Head Outdoors Each Season

Summer Month

Plan a fake beach day at your house with fun water games to keep them busy all day long.

Fall Months

Rake leaves and jump in the huge piles you create. Then collect leave and make leaf rubbing crafts.

Winter Months

Enjoy the snow outside by building snowmen and having snowball fights. Then head to your local skating rink to try out ice skating.

Spring Months

Fly a kit in your local park or yard if you have enough space. On warm rainy days throw on your rain boots and jump in the puddles.

Each season there are tons of fun outdoor activities for families to do together.

Are you ready to spend more time with your family? I hope these family bonding activities will help your family enjoy more time together. The key is to find fun family activities at home that can fit into your busy life and be enjoyable for everyone.

Need More Fun Activities for Kids?

We have tons of fun ways to keep your kids busy and off electronics at home on our Kids Activity page. Here are a few of our favorites.

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