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Best Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas, Games & Supplies

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Cool Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas. Everything you need to throw the best Fortnite party. Fun DIY games to play, Cake, V Bucks Cookies, targets, bases, goody bags and more. Plus a free printable birthday party checklist. Make it your child's best birthday ever! #fortnite #fortnitebirthday #birthdayparty #birthdaypartyideas #fortniteparty

(Updated 2020) Are your kids wrapped up in the Fortnite craze too? Wondering how to make this craze into an unforgettable Fortnite Birthday Party? Well, I got you covered with all my Fortnite Birthday Party ideas!

My son loves the game and wanted a Fortnite themed party. I admit I panicked a little at first but then came up with some fun DIY Fornite party ideas and games that will be easy for any parent to throw together.

Get ready to throw an amazing birthday party with all my Fortnite party supplies, games, food, cake, supply drops, slurp juice, Fortnite dances, free printables, and more. The ultimate list of Fortnite Party Ideas.

Need a Virtual Fortnite Birthday party so you can social distance? We’ve added some fun ideas for this too! Just scroll to the bottom to find out how easy it is to do or read our virtual party idea post

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Best Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas, Games & Supplies

How to Throw a Fortnite Birthday Party for Kids. Cool Fortnite party ideas with fun games to play, goody bags, decorations, food, cake & supplies. Everything you need to host the Ultimate Fortnite Birthday Party kids will love. #fortnite #kidsbirthdayparty #fortnitepartyideas #Fortnitebirthdayparty #kidsparty #fortnitegames #fortnitesupplies

How to Make Fortnite Bases

Cardboard Bases

The first step is to figure out how to make the kids feel like they are in the live version of a Fortnite game. To do this created bases and obstacles for kids to hide behind and use their Nerf guns to feel like real Fortnite players. 

Fortnite Base Ideas for a Fortnite Themed Party. Great for Fortnite decorations and for playing Fortnite games at home.
Fortnite Birthday Party Bases

Build the bases using cardboard boxes that you spray paint to look like camouflage. To do this use a mixture of green, orange & black spray paint. Or find a camouflage color spray paint

Lay the boxes out in your yard on an old sheet and let the kids help spray paint them.

Get Set up for Fortnite Party Games by creating cool DIY Fortnite Bases.
Process of creating DIY Fortnite Bases

When the bases dry, just tape them together and put a rock or brick inside as an anchor on the bottom so it does not blow away. 

Cool Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas for create bases to play capture the flag games.
Fortnite Party Bases for Backyard Fortnite Games

Sawhorse Bases

Don’t have time to paint boxes? No problem here is an even easier trick! Use the sawhorses in your garage and borrow a few from some neighbors. Then purchase a camouflage mesh netting to place over the sawhorses.

Create a DIY Fortnite Base with a saw horse & mesh netting. Use it for super fun Fortnite Party Game Ideas like capture the flag.
Fortnite Base with camouflage netting party idea.

The mesh netting I used comes in a roll so you can cut it to the length you need.  If you don’t have sawhorses, you can put the mesh netting over anything.

I even used one of my kids’ small climbers. Super quick and easy set up on the day of the party. 

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Fortnite Party Game Ideas

Capture the Flag Game 

Previously we had done a nerf gun party and all the kids loved it. So, I adapted a game I used for that party.

We played capture the flag with each team needing to locate the flag that the other team hid.

Create fun Fortnite Party Games with a mix of DIY Fortnite bases from cardboard boxes and mesh netting. Kids will love hiding behind the bases and playing capture the flag.
Fortnite Obstacles with a mix of box bases and sawhorses for Games.

Separate the kids into two teams and have them all start at their base. When you say start, the kids will need to search for the flags while at the same time shooting their opponents.

If they get hit by a nerf bullet, they need to go back to their base and restart. The first team to find the hidden flag wins. Part of the fun is having each team come up with a strategy to find the flags.

For the flags, I bought bandanas in several colors and cut them into strips. 

Fun Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas to convert your backyard into a Fortnite battle with DIY bases and fun Fortnite games for kids.
Camouflage Fortnite Bases

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Turn it into a Fortnite Birthday Party Game 

Here’s how adapt the Capture the flag game to be a Fortnite Theme.

Each child starts out with 10 bullets that I put in a nail belt for them to wear (pictured below). I hide extra bullets around the yard for the kids to find, just like how they would find supplies in the actual game.

I also would randomly yell supply drop and throw a bag with bullets into the field. The kids LOVED this part!!

The Supply Drop bag is one I made for goody bags so I just made a few extra for the supply drop (find below in Party Favor section). While the kids play, I gathered up bullets on the ground and would add them to my next supply drop bag. 

These ideas added a super fun twist to capture the flag and made it feel more like a Fortnite Game. 

Free Printable Summer Screen Time Rules for Kids. No more arguing with kids over electronics. Use this daily checklist to get organized and set expectations this summer.

Llama Piñata

Kids love to hit a pinata at parties and get all the goodies. Add this cool Llama Pinata to go with your party theme. 

Fortnite Party Illama Pinata - Fun Fortnite Birthday Party Game

Fill the Pinata with cool Fortnite party favors instead of candy. Or do a little of both. Kids can gather what drops out with the Supply Drop Bags you’ll see below. 

Fortnite Dances 

One more Fortnite Party Game Idea is to do a Fortnite Dance off. You can download Fortnite dance music from YouTube and let the kids show off their moves. Who doesn’t love to Floss! 

More Fortnite Game Ideas & Targets

Awesome Nerf Gun Games & Nerf Targets for Kids to play at your Fortnite birthday party.

Want more game ideas and targets to use? Check out the Kids’ Favorite Nerf Gun Games & DIY Target. The targets are a fun addition to the beginning of the party while you’re waiting for all the kids to come. Or at the end while waiting for parents to pick up the kids.

Fortnite Supply Drop and Party Favors 

So, what are you going to give the kids for party favors? First, a practical give away is the cloth nail belt you can find at Home Depot or Menards for $1. They look like this: 

Fortnight Birthday Party Ideas: All You need to Know to throw an unforgetable party. Find Diy bases and games to play including fortnite dancing. Create fun party food with cookies and cakes. Finish up with supply drop party favors and free printables. #fortnite, #partyideas, #kidbirthday, #birthdayparty
Fortnite Nail Belts to hold your ammo

Inside the nail belt, add a pair of safety glasses and 10 bullets for each kid. I bought about 500 bullets in total for 12 kids. That might sound like a lot but you will go through a ton during the game.

Make sure to add the safety glasses to protect the kid’s eyes during the game too. 

Next, the big question is…. Do you want to give each child a nerf gun for the party? This depends on who you have coming and if the kids have their own nerf gun.

The first Fortnite party I threw, I bought all the kids the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster to use and this also was their party favor.

Since then, we have done two more Fortnite birthday parties and I have found as the kids got older, most have their own nerf guns they would prefer to use. 

Check out our full review of the Best Nerf Guns for Kids to get more ideas and to see which is the best one for your child.

Below is the one we used at a party as a gift to the kids. It’s reliable and cheaper than most other Nerf Guns..

Fortnite Supply Drop Goody Bags 

In keeping with the Fortnite party theme, I bought small blue gift bags and glued on a Supply Drop sign.

These are great for picking up items from the Pinata and using during the Fortnite Game too. 

Download free printable supply drop sign here.
Fortnight Birthday Party Ideas: All You need to Know to throw an unforgetable party. Find Diy bases and games to play including fortnite dancing. Create fun party food with cookies and cakes. Finish up with supply drop party favors and free printables. #fortnite, #partyideas, #kidbirthday, #birthdayparty
Fortnite Party Favor Bags

If you don’t have time to make your own printable goody bags you can also find pre-printed Supply Drop Goody Bags on Amazon. 

I added into the bags Pop Rocks (for explosion), Sugar Sticks (for gun powder), small water guns, and blow pops.  Plus, they also took home their nail belt, glasses, and some bullets. 

Get more supplies ideas in my Best Fortnite Party Supply Blog.

Save some money by shopping at Dollar Tree for party supplies and goody bags. Find out the best Dollar Tree Party Supplies & Decorations.

Tip: Want to make the bag a little more authentic? Add a yellow helium balloon to each drop bag. 

Below is a fun way to set up your Fortnite Goody Bags and Supplies.

Fortnite Party Ideas for Goody Bags. Use the Supply Drop theme to create fun good bag with our free printable.
Fortnite Party Table Display

Fortnite Party Food Ideas 

Birthday Cake 

Fortnite Birthday Party Cake Ideas. Fun desserts for Fortnite Parties.

Alright, so I am not a baker and I try to use shortcuts where I can. So, for the cake, I bought a Costco cake with the balloons to mimic a supply drop and added on top some of my kid’s small army men.

It was super easy, feeds a lot of kids, and it’s cheap. You could also visit your local bakery and see if they can make you a Fortnite Cake.

Fortnite V-Bucks Cookies 

Well, because I cut corners on the cake, I wanted to add something a little more fun from the game so I made V-Bucks Cookies. It sounds like a pain but it’s actually pretty easy.  

V-Bucks cookies are the perfect Fortnite Party Dessert Idea. An Easy DIY party food you can make at home.
DIY Fortnite V-Bucks Cookies

Here is how I made these easy V-Bucks Cookies

1. I bought the already made Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, sliced it into round cookies, and baked it according to the package.

2. Then I bought blue frosting which I was so excited to find! If you can’t find blue, just get white frosting and add some blue food dye.

3. Then buy some white frosting you can write with, I used the decorative icing which I found easy to write on the cookies.

To my relief, the kids all knew right away that they were V-Bucks and were so excited to eat them.  

Fortnite Slurp Juice

One more fun addition is to add Slurp Juice to the menu. I did this by buying blue Gatorade bottles and putting a Slurp Juice sign on the cooler. Super easy and fun touch.  

Slurp Juice is a fun Fortnite Party Idea to go along with your theme. Use our free printable to make these Gatorade drinks at home.
Fortnite Slurp Juice. AKA….Gatorade
Download free printable Slurp Juice sign here. 

Fortnite Decoration Ideas

The best colors to decorate with are camouflage, green, yellow, or blue for a Fortnite party. Yellow balloons on the table or around the yard are an easy way to decorate. The drop bag with a yellow balloon tied to it would make a great centerpiece. 

Decorate the tables with blue or green table clothes or use this Fortnite package with Fortnite signs, plates, and napkins

Cool Fortnite Party Decorations to set up your Fortnite Theme

Virtual Fortnite Birthday Party

When you can’t gather together for a party you can still celebrate with a Virtual Fortnite Birthday party the kids will love.

Start the party by delivering Fortnite goody bags and V Bucks cookies to your child’s friends. Then at a specific time arrange for up to 16 kids to all join Fortnite together in Creative mode. This will let the kids all play together as a group.

Afterward, have them hop on Zoom to play a few fun Zoom Games and sing Happy Birthday to your child. This is a great way to celebrate when we can’t be together with friends and family. 

Birthday Party Checklist

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Get organized with my birthday party checklist. Everything you need to remember to do before the party. Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist.

Birthday Gift Ideas

20 Cool Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys age 10-12 years old. Filled with unique games, STEM activities, newest electronics and more. Check it out and find the perfect gift for this hard to shop for age.

So now that you have a pretty good party plan what are you going to get as a birthday present for your child?

I find it more difficult to buy gifts for tweens than little kids. They are at an age where they don’t want little kid toys but also not quite a teenager. Find some fun gift ideas in 20 Cool Gift Ideas for Boys Age 10-12.

Another great birthday option is a new nerf gun for the birthday kid. We did a complete review of the Best Nerf Guns for Kids to help you narrow down which one to order. 

Fortnite Party Supplies 

Here is a summary of all the Supplies you will need for this awesome birthday party. Don’t forget anything when you shop with this free printable Fortnite Party Supply Checklist. Need more Fortnite Supplies? Check out my blog on the Best Fortnite Party Supplies

Download free printable supply list here.
    • Cookie Dough and Frosting for the VBucks Cookies 
    • Gatorade 
  • Army Men for the top of the cake (also check out the Dollar Store) 
Download free printable Fortnite Party Supply checklist here. 

I hope this guide of the best Fortnite birthday party ideas has helped you! A Fortnite Birthday Party can be a really fun and easy party to throw for your kids.

I tried to make the prep work as simple as possible because, hey, we are all busy. I think this will be a party your kids are gonna love and their friends will remember! 

More Birthday Party Ideas

If you want to social distance consider throwing a virtual birthday party with fun Zoom Games for Kids.

Need more boy birthday party ideas?

I have a great article for you with the 10 Most Popular Birthday Ideas and Themes for Boys and How to Throw an Awesome Nerf Gun Birthday Party  Both will help you come up with the best birthday party for your kids!

Did you think of some more great Fortnite Party ideas to add to your upcoming birthday party? Please leave them in the comments to share with us all or just let us know how your party went.  

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Bonus, you’ll get our free Birthday Party Checklist.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

I hope you enjoy your Fortnite Birthday Party and get to use all these great ideas!! 

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Fortnight Birthday Party Ideas: All You need to Know to throw an unforgetable party. Find Diy bases and games to play including fortnite dancing. Create fun party food with cookies and cakes. Finish up with supply drop party favors and free printables. #fortnite, #partyideas, #kidbirthday, #birthdayparty
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