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Best Free Printable Christmas Games for Parties

Best Free Printable Christmas Games for Parties

Christmas is the perfect time of year to play fun party games with friends and family. Entertain both kids and adults this year with free printable Christmas games. It’s the easiest way to entertain all your guests when you don’t have time to plan during the busy Christmas season.

All you need to do is print out the holiday party games and you’re ready to play. You can enjoy these hilarious games at family Christmas parties, school parties, office parties, on New Year’s Eve, or family game nights over winter break.

Look through our list of free printable Christmas game ideas like Bingo, Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions, Pictionary, Charades, Christmas Would You Rather Questions, Scavenger Hunts, What’s Your Elf Name, Christmas Word Scramble, Christmas Minute to Win It Games, and more to find the perfect games for your guests.

Let’s get the entertainment for your Christmas party planned so you can check it off your to-do list and enjoy this holiday season.

I’m sure your friends and family will have a blast playing and making great holiday memories together.

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Fun Free Printable Christmas Games for Family Parties

Free Printable Christmas Games for Holiday Parties with Kids & adults. Families will love playing Christmas Bingo, Charades, Pictionary, Christmas Trivia Questions, Holiday Would you Rather, Scavenger Light Hunts and more. All are free printables you can just download and play. It's that easy!

Enjoy time with your friends and family this holiday by playing free printable party games together. It’s a great way to relax and have fun just being with each other.

The free printable Christmas games are pretty versatile and can be played with all ages and at all different types of parties. You can use these games for large groups at family gatherings or small groups of close family members on Christmas Eve. 

You can even play these as zoom games with a virtual Christmas party for family or friends who live far away. It’s a great way to stay connected if you can’t be together this year.

You’ll find both kids and adults will enjoy the challenge of the games and laugh while they watch each other compete and answer questions.

After you grab a few free games check out our favorite Christmas Board Games for Families & Parties. They’re super fun for family holiday parties & family game nights over winter break.

So let’s get started and find you the perfect Christmas party game for your family to try this year.

Make sure to get organized this Christmas for parties, meal planning, gift buying, and more with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. 62 Pages of everything you need to be ready for the Holidays in a printable packet you can use every year.

Get Organized this holiday with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. 62 Printable pages filled with to do lists, trackers, gift lists, meal planners, monthly calendars & more.

1. Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers

Families will love these funny Christmas Quiz Questions & Answers. Grab your free printable Christmas Trivia party game. It will be the hit of your Holiday party or School Party!

Test your guest’s knowledge with fun Christmas Quiz Questions & Answers. This Christmas Trivia game is fun to play with older kids and adults. Use this game at your next holiday party with family or office Christmas party. 

How To Play: You can divide your guests into groups or play individually. If you have younger kids you might want to mix them into a group with adults. There are some easier questions for kids to answer too.

Hand out the quiz questions to all the groups upside down. When you say go have the teams flip it over and start filling in the answers.

The winner is whichever group answers the most questions correctly. Use the included answer key to check party guests answers. 

Grab Your Free Printable Family Christmas Quiz Questions & Answers

2. Christmas Bingo

Fun Free Printable Christmas Bingo Game for Kids. Easy Holiday Game for classrooms, or Family Christmas Parties. It includes 20 Christmas Bingo Cards and calling cards. All you need to do is print it out and your party game is ready!

Christmas Bingo cards are fun printable Christmas games to play with all age groups. It’s a casual game that allows the family to chat while you play which the adults will like and simple enough for kids to play.

It’s also one of the easiest Christmas party games to play. Making it the perfect School Party Game for classroom parties too.

How to Play: Give each player a Christmas Bingo Card and something to mark the boxes off. If you want to reuse the cards I’d use bingo chips. If you don’t plan to reuse the cards you can use Bingo dot markers.

Before the game cut out the calling sheet with the bingo square pictures and add them to a bowl. These are what you’ll use to call out the pictures.

When you’re ready to start pick a picture out of the bowl and call out the picture. Players will mark the square if they have the picture. The first person to get 5 squares in a row wins.

There are 20 different cards in the free printable set to use and calling cards.

Grab Your Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards.

Save money on greeting cards with these Festive Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags. Just print them out and add to any gift!

3. Christmas Would You Rather Game

Hilarious Christmas Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun holiday party game, winter road trip game, or just a night at home with the kids. This free printable is the perfect Christmas game to get the whole family laughing and having fun together. Print it out and try it today!

This Christmas Would You Rather game will have all your guests laughing either from the questions or the hilarious answers. You’ll love hearing why your kids would rather Meet the Grinch or Be the Grinch.

Not only could you play this game at holiday parties it would also be fun as a family game night or road trip game while you travel for the holidays this year.

How to Play – Just print out the 32 funny questions and read the questions off to your guest. It’s that easy!

Grab Your Free Printable Christmas Would You Rather Game

16 Cute Free printable letters to Santa for kids. Dear Santa Templates to make sending your holiday requests to Santa easy this year.

4. Christmas Scavenger Hunts for Lights & Home

Get your guests up and moving with a fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt. There are two different printable scavenger hunts one to do at home and one to do while visiting Holiday Light Displays.

You’ll get both versions with our free printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt lists Kids, Teens & Families will love to play. Enjoy this fun holiday party scavenger hunt game while exploring your neighborhood light displays. Teens will like the selfie challenge to finding the holiday items. Plus it keeps younger kids engaged while walking your local holiday displays or driving around town. It's the easiest holiday game ever!

The Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt will get you out of the house and explore local neighborhoods or holiday events.

Head to a local neighborhood where all the houses decorate or a Holiday Light Display in your area such as the Zoo or Botanical Gardens. While there search for the items on the list with the goal to find as many items as possible.

You can do this with just your family or go with friends in more than one car and see who can find the most items on the list. Crank the Christmas songs and have a blast looking at holiday lights. 

If you’re in the Chicago area here are our favorite Christmas Light Displays In Chicago to do the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt at Home

Easy Holiday Party Game Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids. The free printable hunts can be used at home with your kids, holiday parties or on virtual Christmas parties. Kids and adults will love competing to see who can find all the items first. Find out how to play and get your free printable Scavenger Hunt list.

You can also choose to do the scavenger hunt at home too. This version gives you holiday items to search for in your house and is a blast for kids of all ages.

To play at Christmas get-togethers give the entire family a list and see who can find all the items first. Or give a time limit and see who found the most items in say 4 Minutes for example.

If the group is large you could split up into teams to play and make it a competition.

Another idea is to make this a family game night. It would be fun on Christmas Eve to send the kids on a hunt to get out all their excited energy and have a fun activity for the night.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

If you can’t be in person this year with family or friends plan a Virtual Christmas Party. You can easily do this as a Zoom Scavenger Hunt by emailing the list ahead of time and asking each family not to look at the list.

When you’re on Zoom tell everyone when to start and have each family search their own house for Holiday items on the list. Whichever family is back to the Zoom camera first with the list completed wins.

The Christmas Scavenger Hunt List for parties at home will work for this hunt.

Grab Your Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunts – You’ll get both printable games

5. Christmas Pictionary Word List

Christmas Pictionary Words lists & free printable cards. A hilarious Christmas party game for families. Kids & adults will have a blast playing this super easy party game.

A great group game is Christmas Pictionary with teams at parties. Or play as individuals on a family game night.

All you’ll need is the Christmas Pictionary Word List, a large pad of paper, and markers. We like to use the Table Top Easel Pads so everyone can see what you’re drawing.

How to Play – Cut up the Pictionary cards, fold each card over, and place them in a bowl. Teams then decided the order they will take turns drawing.

Each team will have one minute to draw what’s on their card and see if their teammates can guess it correctly. If they guess it the team gets 1 point. If they do not guess it correctly the other team gets one guess to see if they know the answer. Getting the point instead if they guess correctly.

The game ends when all the players have drawn one time. If your group is competitive make sure to keep track of the points to determine the winning team.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Word List

6. Christmas Charades Game

Kids & Adults will Love playing Christmas Charades at your next Holiday Party. This easy family game comes with 32 Free printable Christmas word list ideas. Just print it out and your ready to play!

Have your friends and family act out Christmas Charades at your holiday party. This classic game is sure to be a hit. 

How to Play: Print out the Charade cards, fold them, and add them to a bowl. Divide your party into teams.

Each team has 1 minute to act out the word on the card and have their team guess. If they get it right the team gets 1 point.

If they don’t get it right the other team has one guess to get the word correct. Then that team will get the point if they get it correct.

Have each team give everyone a chance to act out a word. Once everyone has gone the winner is the team with the most points.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas Charades Ideas and Word List

If you need more words try our Charades Ideas for Kids with 144 Words & 8 Categories including Christmas.

7. Christmas Family Feud

Christmas Family Feud is a fun & easy Christmas party game kids & adults will love. Read the game instructiosn & get your free printable Family Feud questions and answers sheets to play at home. Split up your holiday party guests into two teams and compete to see which team knows the top Christmas answers. The perfect Christmas party game to try this year!

This super fun 70’s game show is back on TV making it the perfect game show to try at your next holiday party.

How to Play – Grab your Free printable Christmas Family Feud Questions and Answers.

Just like in the game show, 2 guests will start out trying to answer a question with the most popular answer. The winner will then go back to their team to try and think of all the remaining top answers.

If they get three wrong the other team has a chance to win the round.

This fun and competitive game is a great group game. All the rules, questions, and answers can be found in our printable Family Feud Game.

Grab your free printable Christmas Family Feud Questions & Answers.

8. Finish the Christmas Song Game

Finish the Christmas Song is a fun Christmas party game to play with these free printable song titles and answers. See which party guest can name all the songs correctly. A an easy and fun holiday party game all ages will enjoy playing.

Do you know your Christmas songs? Challenge your guest to finish the titles of these Holiday songs.

How to Play – Hand out the Free Printable Finish the Christmas Song Questions and ask players to lay the paper upside down until you say go.

Set a time limit on how long guests have to fill out the song list to make it competitive. When you say go they flip over their paper and start filling in their answers.

When time is up read through the Finish the Christmas song answer key and have guests count up how many they got right.

The winner is the person who guessed the most song titles correctly.

Grab your Free Printable Finish the Christmas Song Game

9. Christmas Word Scramble

Challenge your kids to a Christmas Word Scramble. See how many holiday words they can unscramble with this free printable Christmas Word Scrable and answer key. A fun holiday party game, classroom activity or family game night at home. Just print it out and play!

Try your best to unscramble all these Christmas Words at your next holiday party.

How to Play – First print out the free printable Christmas Word Scramble and answer sheet.

Next hand out a word scramble to each party guest. Set a timer to determine how long your guests have to unscramble the words.

When the timer goes off read through the answer sheet and see which guest was able to solve the most answers on the Christmas Word Scramble.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble and Answers.

10. Christmas Word Game

Christmas Word Game is a fun free printable Christmas party game to play at your next holiday party. See how many words guest can make out of the letters in Merry Christmas. Then check the Answer key to see how many you got right. Just print it out and play at home, school or Christmas parites.

How many words can you make out of the letters in Merry Christmas?

How to Play – First print out the free printable Christmas Word Game and answer key.

Next, give each player the Christmas words sheet and start a timer for the game.

When the timer goes off see which guest has the most words created. You can reference the Word Game answer sheet to get ideas of all the words you can create out of Merry Christmas.

The winner will have the highest number of words created.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas Word Game and Answer Key

11. What’s Your Elf Name?

Need a Funny Christmas Party Game? This free printable What's Your Elf Name is an easy and silly game kids and adults will enjoy. Match up your first name and birth month to find your Elf Name then share it with friends and family. A funny game to play at home, school or Christmas parties.

What’s Your Elf Name is a silly but fun game to play with kids and adults. It’s also a great conversation starter at your Holiday party or Christmas dinner.

How to Play – Print out the free printable What’s Your Elf Name worksheet.

Give a copy of the Elf name sheet to each guest. Guest will then use the first letter of their first name and the month they were born to match Elf names.

Once everyone knows their name have all the guest share their silly names and vote on the best Elf Name.

Grab your Free Printable What’s Your Elf Name?

12. Christmas What Am I? Party Game

Christmas What Am I Free Printable party Game is a fun & easy Christmas game for kids and adults. Use the free printable questions and answers at your next holiday party and see which party guest can name all the red things. A fun Christmas party game for home, classrooms or the office.

Can you guess what red Christmas item I am before the rest of the party guests?

How to Play – First print out the free printable Christmas What Am I clues and answers.

Guest will try and guess what the red Christmas item is based on the clues you give them. The host can either read the questions out loud and see who answers correctly first or give everyone the clue list to fill out on their own.

The winner is the person who gets the most answers correct.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas What Am I clues & answers.

13. Kid Friendly Christmas Dares

Kid friendly Christmas Dares free printable questions. Silly holiday dares for Christmas parties or family holiday parties. See which family memeber can take on the most dares. It's a hilarious party game the whole family will enjoy playing.

Silly and funny Christmas Dares the whole family can do. These will get kids and adults laughing.

How to Play – First print out the free printable Kid’s Christmas Dares.

There are 20 kid-friendly Christmas dares for your family to try. You can let everyone choose their own dare to try.

Or cut out the dares into small slips of paper and add them to a bowl. Everyone then picks out a dare from the bowl they need to do.

All the dares are in good fun and humorous to try to do and watch.

Grab your Free Printable Christmas Dares

14. Christmas Minute to Win It Games

Hilarious Minute to Win It Games for Christmas Kids and Adults will Love. The ultimate list of family Christmas Games & how to play. Everything you need for an unforgettable Holiday Party.

Try these hilarious Christmas Minute to Win It Games at your holiday party this year. They are quick 1-minute games that are really funny to watch. Plus they are super simple to create.

Guests can compete in teams or individually to see who wins the most challenges.

Make sure to visit our Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens to get even more party game ideas for different ages.

We have tons of holiday-inspired games on our Family Christmas Minute to Win It page but here are a few favorites.

How to Play – Players try to shake ping pong balls (ie: snowballs) out of a tissue box tied to their waist. It’s pretty funny to watch!

To create the box you’ll wrap a tissue box with Christmas wrapping paper and add slits to slide a belt through to hold on players’ waists.

Once a player has the box on their waist add in 10 ping pong balls. When you say go the players have one minute to shake out as many balls as they can without using their hands.

When the minutes up count how many balls are left in the tissue box and the person with the lowest amount wins.

Snowman Stack

Fun Party Game Marshmallow Snowman Stack Minute to Win It Game. Perfect for Holiday parties for kids at school or home.

How to Play – Players use chopsticks to try and stack marshmallows on top of each other. The player who stacks the most marshmallows in one minute wins.

Suck it Up

Fun Christmas Minute to Win it Game Suck it Up. Quick party game with M&Ms or Skittles, a straw and paper plates. Kids will love the challenge of this fun Holiday game.

How to Play – Give each player two holiday-themed paper plates and a straw. On one plate add red and green Skittles or M&Ms.

When you start the 1-minute timer players need to use the straw to suck up the Skittles and move them to the other plate.

Whoever has the most Skittles on the second plate after a minute wins.

Snowball Drop

Easy Minute to Win It Game for Families Drop in the Cup. Make it a Christmas party game with ping pong balls as snowballs and red solo cups. A fun addition to any holiday party.

How to Play – Tape 5 red solo cups to the end of a dining room table. This is a two-player game unless you have room to add more solo cups to your table.

Give each player 10 ping pong balls with each player having a different color. When you say go the players have 1 minute to get as many balls as possible into the red solo cups.

Find even more tips and game ideas in our Family Minute to Win It Games for Christmas.

White Elephant Party Games

Funny White Elephant Holiday Gift Ideas People Really Want. All gifts are under $20 on Amazon. 22 unique gift exchange ideas for kids and adults. Make it a new Holiday party tradition with a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange. #holidayparty #holidaygiftideas #holidaygifts #whiteelephant #giftexchange #giftsforkids #giftsforadults

A fun holiday tradition is throwing a White Elephant party. Ask each guest to bring a funny wrapped gift under a certain price point you determine. Keep the amount low as this is just for fun.

Get tons of Christmas gift ideas in our Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20 for Kids & Adults.

How to Play: At the party, the guests will place their wrapped gifts on the table. Have your guest pick a number out of a bowl to determine the order everyone will pick their gifts.

The first player picks a gift off the table and unwraps it for everyone to see. The next player can either pick the gift the first player has or pick an unwrapped gift. If they pick a gift that is already unwrapped that guest gets to pick another gift from the table.

Keep going until everyone has a gift. See which gift is the one everyone at the party wants this year.

Holiday Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a fun family game to play at holiday parties or on Family Game nights. Follow the clues and try to solve the challenge together.

Another fun game idea for your Holiday party is hosting an escape room party. Escape room games are hugely popular right now and work great for groups or family parties.

One of our favorites to use is the Escape Room Geeks – Printable escape room kits. Just print out the story & clues and play. It’s that easy and a blast to play.

The escape kits range in player age from 5 years old to teens & adults. If you have kids who are a little older this would be fun for them to play while the adults talk at the holiday party too. Or play together on family teams.

Christmas Board Games

This holiday season entertain your kids with fun Christmas Board Games all ages will love. Perfect as Christmas party games and family game nights over the holidays.

Another great way to spend time as a family during the holidays is with our favorite Christmas Board Games for Families. This list of holiday-themed board games, card games, and trivia are perfect for family game nights over winter break or family Christmas parties. Great gift ideas too!

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids. A fun holiday activity packet for kids with winter and holiday inspired images for kids to color at school, home or Christmas parties. Great way to celebrate the holiday season with the whole family.

An easy way to entertain your kids during holiday parties and holiday dinners is with cute Christmas coloring pages. The free printable has 76 pages of Christmas coloring sheets, so you can keep them busy all holiday season long.

Christmas Activities for Families

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids & Families plus traditions to start this year.

Keep busy all holiday season long with these 40 fun Christmas activites for families. Festive things to do with kids this year. Great new family traditions to start and entertaining activities & games the whole family will love.

Familes will also love these Cute free printable Letters to Santa Templates. Make this holiday tradition easy by printing out one of our 16 Dear Santa letters for all ages.

Christmas Activities for Teens & Tweens

Get your hard to please Teens excited about Christmas with these 40 Christmas Activities for Teens. Fun things to do with family and friends to get them out of their bedrooms and enjoying time together with family over the Christmas season.

Get your hard-to-please teens excited about the holidays with these 40 Christmas Activites for Teens They’ll Actually Enjoy. Festive things to do with their friends or family the whole Christmas season.

New Year’s Eve Games with Kids

Keep the fun going all season long with New Year’s Eve ideas for kids at home. Make it a special night whether you have a family party or you’re enjoying the evening at home with your kids.

New Year's Eve Party Poppers for Kids. Make DIY confetti party poppers with toilet paper rolls and tissue paper to celebrate the new year. Kids will love cracking open these poppers and seeing the confetti fly. A cheap and fun New Years activity at home you'll want to try this year!

Make easy DIY Confetti party poppers to shoot off and celebrate at midnight. Or whenever you pretend it’s midnight (:

DIY Balloon Countdown for New Years Eve with Kids at home. A fun way to ring in the new year with balloons to pop every hour.

You can also create a balloon countdown the kids can pop every hour to countdown to the New Year.

Find more fun ways to celebrate New Year’s with Your Kids and ring in 2022.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Wondering what the hottest gifts are this year? Use the gift ideas below to be ready for the holidays.

35 Coolest Gift Ideas for Boys in 20232– Fun Gifts boys will love this year.

45 Hottest Tween Girls Gifts for 2023 – Gift Ideas for even the pickiest Tween & Teen Girls

65 Teen Boy Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Great Ideas for small gifts in Christmas stockings

Fun & Cheap DIY Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree – 18 Gift Basket Ideas for Kids & Adults

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas They Really Want – Gift Ideas are all recommended by Teachers

Best Gifts for Fortnite Players – Cool gift ideas for your Fortnite Loving Kid

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20 for Kids & Adults – Make finding your gift easy this year.

Free Printable Gift Tags to Save on Cards This Year – Christmas, Birthdays, Teacher Appreciation & more

Help your kids write Letters to Santa with these cute Dear Santa Templates.

Keep track of all your Christmas gifts, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and your holiday budget with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. Stop stressing about remembering everything!

Don't stress about the holidays! Get organized with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. Grab your 62 printable pages of to do lists, budgets, calendars, meal planners & more. Everything you need for an easy & fun Christmas season.

The 62-page planner will get parents ready for a stress-free and fun family Christmas. You’ll also get Christmas checklists, calendars, meal planners, party planners, Christmas card lists, and Things to Do lists, plus a bonus of 7 Printable Family Christmas games.

Check out the Christmas Planner and see if it will be a game-changer for your holiday planning this year.

Are you ready now for a fabulous Christmas Party? I hope your family enjoys these printable Christmas games as much as our family has. Have a wonderful holiday season!

If you have more Christmas party game ideas please share them in the comments so we can all try them.

If you enjoyed these printable Christmas games get more fun family activities, easy weeknight meals, family travel ideas, and household hacks by joining the Happy Mom Hacks community weekly newsletter.

Bonus, you’ll get a free printable Would You Rather Christmas Questions to bring some laughs to your holiday party or family dinner.

Funny Would You Rather Christmas Questions for your next holiday party or classroom party. A fun party game the whole family will enjoy playing together this Christmas.

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Super Fun Free Printable Christmas Games for Kids & families. Easy holiday party games to entertain everyone. Find Christmas games like Bingo, Charades, Pictionary, Would You Rather, Trivia Quiz Questions, Scavenger Hunts, Coloring Pages, Minute to Win it Games and more. Just print it out and your Christmas party games are planned!


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