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Cute Free Printable Letters To Santa Templates PDF 2022

Cute Free Printable Letters To Santa Templates PDF 2022

Do your kids love to write letters to Santa for Christmas? Make it easier to write this year using free printable letters to Santa templates. You’ll find cute & decorative Dear Santa letters for kids to fill in the blank before mailing them off to Santa.

This sweet Christmas tradition can become a great keepsake in years to come too. You’ll love looking back to see what your kids wrote to Santa and what they asked for that year.

Don’t let the hectic holiday season make you miss out on this fun Christmas activity. Look through all 16 free printable letters to Santa templates below and find one your kids will have fun writing this year.

The mix of free letter templates has blank templates for older kids and fill-in-the-blank templates for younger children to share their Christmas wishes.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to send a reply from Santa with the included return letter from Santa template for parents. Plus learn how to mail your letter in 2022 and what to do.

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Free Printable Letters To Santa Templates & Letters from Santa

Cute Santa Letter Templates for Kids. Free printable Dear Santa letters to make this Christmas Tradition an easy holiday activity. Choose from 12 different versions with blank templates and fill in the blank pages. Just print it out and write your letter!

Writing letters to Santa is one of the oldest Christmas Traditions and a really fun way to get ready for the holiday season.

Your kids are going to be so excited to fill out one of these free Santa template printables and ask Santa for the gifts they want to receive this year.

Filling out their own letter will get your kids into the Holiday spirit. It’s also a great way for you to figure out what’s on their Christmas wish list.

Older kids can write out their letters to Santa themselves on the blank letters. While younger kids can get a little help from parents to fill out a more simple letter with fill-in-the-blanks.

If the holidays are stressing you out grab my Ultimate Printable Christmas Planner to get you organized. It includes kids’ wish lists, gift trackers, things to do, calendars, budgets, meal planners & more in this 44-page printable. Just print it out and you can start getting organized today.

Get Organized for the Holidays with a Complete Christmas Planner for 2022. You can download and print out these 44 pages of Christmas to do lists, budgets, gift lists, Black Friday & Cyber Monday tracker, Calendars, meal planner, party planner and pretty much everything you'll need for the Holidays. Make this a stress-free & fun Christmas season.

How to Mail Your Letter to Santa

Here are some quick tips on how to mail your letter to Santa.

You can mail your child’s letter to Santa and a response letter from Santa through the USPS Greetings from the North Pole program.

-First have your child write the letter to Santa and address it to Santa Claus, North Pole

-Next, you write out a personal response to your child and sign it “From Santa Claus”

-Place both letters into an envelope and address it to your child.

-Add the return address as: Santa, North Pole to the envelope.

-Ensure a First-Class Mail stamp is affixed to the envelope.

-Place the complete envelope into a larger envelope with the appropriate postage with the North Pole Postmark address below.

It is recommended to mail your letter by December 10, 2022.

TIP: Instead of sending a separate letter back from Santa write on the back of your child’s letter Santa’s response. This way you can also keep the letter your child wrote as a keepsake.

Visit USPS Greetings from North Pole Office for more details.

Address to Mail Letters to Santa

Here is the USPS post office box (AKA Santa’s address) to mail your complete package of letters to Santa:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Local Places to Mail Your Letters

Macy’s Department store has a Santa Letter program called Believe. When your child drops their Santa letter into one of the big red letterboxes Macy’s will donate $1 to Make a Wish and give away up to 1 million dollars.

It’s a great way to bring a little charity into your holiday tradition.

However, you will not get a letter back from Santa in this program.

Also, check your local park district, Village hall, or local post office to see if they have a Santa writing program.

Cute Christmas Coloring Pages for kids. A fun Christmas activities at home or school. Grab your 76 Free printable coloring worksheets with holiday themed pictures and start coloring today! Great Christmas Eve activity too!

Letters from Santa to Your Child

You will also need a letter from Santa back to your child. The look on your child’s face when they get a letter from Santa is priceless so don’t skip this step.

You can write something up yourself or try one of these printable Santa Letters you can personalize on your computer.

Here is a free printable Letter from Santa Template you can use to write back to your child too.

Send your kids a Letter from Santa to answer the letter they sent. This free printable has Santa's reply with a sweet Christmas letter response.

Letters to Santa Template PDF

Take a look at the different templates below to find the free download you’d like or grab this bundle with all 16 Letters to Santa & 1 Letter from Santa Template PDF.

To get individual Santa Letter Templates just click on the pictures below.

Fill in the Blank Santa Letters

Santa, Elves & Reindeer Letter

Cute North Pole letter with Santa, elves, and reindeer.

Cute Free Printable Santa Claus letter template. Have kids fill in the blanks and their letter to Santa will be ready to send. An easy Christmas activity to do at home.

Download this Santa Template

Dear Santa – Naughty or Nice

Help your kids let Santa know they should be on the nice list.

Free Printable Santa Letter for Kids. Check off if you'll be on the nice list this year and let Santa know what you hope he'll bring. A fun holiday tradition for kids.

Download this Santa Letter Template

Santa Letter List of Gifts

A simple letter for young children. Just a simple gift wish list.

Fill in the blank Santa Letter for Kids. This free printable makes sending letters to Santa easy this year. A fun Christmas activity to do every year.

Download this Santa Letter Gift List

Ho Ho Ho Hello Santa

Tell Santa why you really love Christmas, what to get a family member or friends, and your wish list.

Fun Free printable Santa Letter Templates with a cute elf and Santa theme. Let kids fill out if they have been naughty or nice and what they hope Santa will leave under the Christmas Tree. An easy way to do this Christmas tradition.

Download your Ho Ho Ho Santa Letter

2022 Good Deeds Santa Letter

Tell Santa all the good things you did in 2022.

Free Printable 2022 Christmas Letter Template for Santa. Let kids tell Santa what their good deeds were this year and what they want for Christmas.

Download your 2022 My Christmas Letter

Coloring Page Dear Santa Letters

Help younger kids create a more personalized letter with an area to draw a picture for Santa.

Cute Dear Santa Letter Template for kids. In this fun free printable Christmas activity kids can fill in the blanks and color a picture for Santa. It's a great way to let Santa know what your Christmas wish list is this year.

Download your Coloing Page Santa Letter

The second coloring page also has dotted lines to make it easier for beginning writers. It’s a fun way to practice their letter writing.

Free Printable Santa Letter Template for kids in Preschool or Kindergarten. Let them draw a picture for Santa and practice writing. A great way to let Santa know your Christmas Wish List. 16 different unique designs to choose from this year.

Download your Dear Santa Coloing Letter

Santa Wish List

Here are two quick Santa Wish List templates for kids who don’t love to write and would prefer to make a list to send to Santa.

Fun way to write letters to Santa with this pre made Santa Wish List. Just have your kids fill it out and mail the letter to Santa Claus.

Download Your Santa Wish List

A free printable Santa Wish List Letter for kids. A great Christmas tradition made easy with the pre made Santa Letter. Just print it out and start writing.

Download Your 2022 Santa Letter Wish List

Santa Flying In With Presents

Cute fill-in-the-blank Santa Letter that tells Santa what they’d really appreciate this year.

Let Santa know if you were naughty or nice with this free printable Santa Letter template for kids. Make the christmas tradition of sending letters to Santa easy this year with printable letter. Just fill it out and mail the letter to Santa.

Download Your Flying Santa Letter Template

Best Free Printable Christmas Games for kids at Christmas Parties, school parties and family game nights. Enjoy playing party games like Christmas Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, Scavenger Hunts and Holiday Would You Rather. Just print out the games and your ready to play!

Blank Santa Letter Templates

For older kids chose a blank template so they can write their own personal letter to Santa.

Santa Letters are a fun Christmas Tradition for kids. Let Santa know your wish list with these cute free printable letter templates. A mix of blank templates to fill in the blank. Your sure to find the perfect Santa Letter for your kids.

Download Your Dear Santa Car Letter

Free Printable 2022 Santa Letter Template for Kids. A fun and easy way to send letters to Santa this year. Just print it out and have your kids write to Santa.

Download Your 2022 Christmas Letter Blank Template

16 free printable Dear Santa letters . All different versions from blank templates to fill in the blank. A fun Christmas activity to do with your kids to help write their Christmas Wish List.

Download Your Ornament, Dear Santa Letter

Free Printable Dear Santa Letter Template for Kids. Make this Christmas tradition easy with free printable letter templates. Just print it out and have our kids write letters to Santa. 16 different versions of the letter to choose from. Find one your kids will love to mail Santa.

Download Your Letter to Santa Santa Suit

Share your Christmas Wishes with Santa in this blank template Santa Letter. Free printable letters that make it easy to mail your letters to Santa this year. A fun Christmas Tradition for kids.

Download Your Christmas Santa Letter

Free Letter to Santa Printable for Kids. A blank template so kids can write their own letter to Santa this year. Just print it out & start writing your Christmas letter.

Download Your Christmas Tree Santa Letter

Can’t decide which letter to use? Grab all 16 Letters to Santa and let your kids choose which letter they want to send this year.

Send your Christmas Wish list to Sant with these cute Letter to Santa Templates for kids. Free printable Dear Santa letters for kids to fill out. Plus a letter from Santa to your kids.

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I hope you found a few letters from Santa templates your kids will enjoy using this year. Writing Dear Santa letters is a fun holiday tradition you won’t want to miss out on this year and these free printable templates should make it easier for you.

Hopefully, they will find something on Christmas morning under the Christmas tree from their wish list.

If you enjoyed these printable Christmas letters to Santa get more fun ideas with family activities, easy weeknight meals, family travel ideas, and household hacks by joining the Happy Mom Hacks community weekly newsletter.

Bonus, you’ll get a free printable Would You Rather Christmas Questions to bring some laughs to your holiday party or family dinner.

Funny Would You Rather Christmas Questions for your next holiday party or classroom party. A fun party game the whole family will enjoy playing together this Christmas.

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Cute Free Printable Santa Letter Templates kids will love. A mix of blank templates and fill in the blank templates. Great for kids from preschool and kindergarten to elementary school age kids. Plus a Letter from Santa to send to your kids before Christmas. Make this Christmas Tradition easy this year.