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60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids Screen Free

60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids Screen Free

Are you looking for kids’ activities that will keep them entertained and off electronics? Then you’ll love this list of 60 fun & free things to do with kids. Use this list to inspire you with fun game ideas, arts & crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, and finding free places to go near you.

Keep the kids from being bored and driving you nuts with these fun activities for kids in the summer, days off school, or just something fun to do this weekend with the entire family. The best part is they won’t cost you a thing!

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60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids Screen Free

60 Fun & Free Things to Do with Kids Indoors & Outdoors. Summer activities for kids to keep them entertained at home and in your own town. No more hearing I'm bored from the kids!

Free Local Places to Go

There are so many great activities for kids in your local community and tons of them are free. Here are some of the best places to go to find fun things to do in your local area.

Look through the list and find the perfect place for your kids.


Visit the Library for a fun free thing to do with kids.

We love going to the library to find new and exciting books to read. It’s also a great place to rent free movies and video games for the whole family.

Before you go check out their website to see when they are hosting free events for kids. Often there are storytimes and group activities they sponsor at no charge. You’ll find they have events for all ages from babies to teenagers so you can keep all your kids entertained.

Most libraries also have reading programs the kids can join and get prizes for reading books.

Tip: See if you can get a library card for your child. This will help them get even more excited to go to the library.

Park District

Look at the websites of the park districts in your area and see when they offer free events. You don’t usually have to live in the town to participate in events open to the public. Most have holiday events and summer events kids will enjoy.

Grab your free printable Summer Bucket List ideas and plan your whole summer with your kids. Fun Indoor & outdoor kids activities, crafts and things to do in your local community. Your family will love checking off all the fun things to do this summer.

Town Website

See if your local town is sponsoring free live music or free concerts in the park, movies in the park, or family events like Touch a Truck.

There should be a community events page on their website that lists everything upcoming. 

Local Parks

Take advantage of all the local parks in your area. Your kids will have so much fun exploring the city parks and trying all the different playgrounds. In the summer find parks that have water features to keep your kids cool and have fun splashing in the water.

Children’s Museums

Free days at your local museum. A really fun kids activity that won't cost you a thing.

Look to see if any of the larger museums or children’s museum in your area offers free admission days. Often they will have a day once a month that is a free entry day or discounted general admission. 

Next, see if you have any small free museums you can explore in your area. Often small towns have local history museums you can explore and learn all about the people who lived in your area.

Local Mall

Many of the local malls are trying to get people to visit by hosting free family events. Also, look to see if they have a free indoor play area for the kids to run around.

Visit a Zoo

Visit a local free zoo like the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. A great idea from our list of 60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids.

A fun place to go any time of year with kids is a zoo. Save money with a visit to a free zoo. There are several fun free zoos around the country your kids will love.

Here are a few Free Zoos to visit:

If you don’t have a free zoo see if you have an animal rescue location you can visit with the kids. 

Create an unforgettable Mom Camp this summer using this printable Summer Camp Planner. Includes camp themes, activities, games, schedules, budgets, field trip ideas, and more. Plan your whole summer with this easy to follow camp planner.

Nature Preserves & State Parks

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Perfect for hiking with kids.

Check out your local nature preserve, state park, or nature trails to see if they offer any free educational programs, free tours, or ranger lead hikes.

They often have a small nature center or visitor centers with local animals and plants for the kids to look at too. Check their website for free events.

Then head out to hike with the kids on their miles of trails. Keep the kids engaged with a Nature Scavenger Hunt while on the walking trail.

If you have big kids see if they have bike trails you can ride throughout the park too.

Make sure to take a scenic drive through the parks to give you a better idea of everything the park has to offer. 

If you’re planning to camp for your hike grab this free printable camping scavenger hunt.

Train Ride

Often in the summer local trains have kids’ ride-free programs or charge a nominal fee to head into the city from the suburbs. The Metra train in Chicago often offers this program.

The kids will love riding the train and looking out the window. Get off and explore the local city, visit a free museum, have some ice cream, or have lunch out before heading back home.


Bowling is free in the summer for kids with the kidsbowlfree site.

This summer let the kids bowl for free through a program called They can bowl 2 free games a day at participating bowling alleys.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Head to your local farmers market and let the kids see all the items farmers in your area are selling each season. Get inspired to try and grow your own vegetable garden at home.

Often you can also see artwork or crafts being sold by local artists too. If your family enjoys it try visiting new farmers markets in your area each month.

Botanical Gardens

See if your local botanical gardens offer any free family-friendly events or self-guided walking tours through the gardens. This is a great place to explore with the kids or take a bike ride in the summer months. 

Volunteer as a Family

Find a local nonprofit that will let kids volunteer and sign up. It’s a great day out with your family giving back and you won’t be spending any money.

Free Printable After School Checklist to Create an After School Routine. Get organized after school with this easy to follow checklist. It will make your day so much easier!

Indoor Activities for Kids

Keep the kids entertained at home when you’re stuck inside in the winter months or rainy days. Find tons of fun family activities and things for older kids to do on their own.

Get even more ideas on our popular Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids.

Cook a Meal

Let the kids help pick out a dinner idea and make it together. Get inspired with our 25 Family Meal Ideas for Busy Weeknight Dinners. All are easy meals for the kids to help make with you.

Bake Together

Kids love to help make something sweet so take some time to bake together. You can make it from scratch or buy a box of brownies and have fun mixing it together.

If you want a no-bake recipe to make together my kids love making Oreo Balls and decorating them for different holidays.

Want to make a quick snack together try these kid-favorite no-bake peanut butter energy balls.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Explore your house and try to find all the items on the home Scavenger Hunt Checklist.

Have a Lego Challenge

A Lego Challenge is a great free activity for kids to do at home.

Give the kids a box of Lego pieces and 10 minutes to build something. Then have the kids show off what they made. Do multiple rounds by making different parameters such as creating a moving vehicle, buildings, or animals.

Playdoh & Moon Sand

Let the kids build and play with Play-Doh and Moon Sand. This could keep them busy for hours.

Build a Farm or Zoo

Use wooden blocks or Lego blocks to create your own Zoo or Farm. Use plastic farm animals or zoo animals you already have to populate your zoo.

Homemade Race Track

Make your own race car tracks with painters tap. Plus 60 other fun free things to do with kids.

Use tape to create a race track on your floors. If you use painter’s tape it won’t leave any marks on your floors. You can also use cardboard boxes as a ramp to make the cars go faster.

Part of the fun will be spending time creating your race tracks.

Free Printable Summer Screen Time Rules for Kids. No more arguing with kids over electronics. Use this daily checklist to get organized and set expectations this summer.

Sensory Activities

Create some sensory activity boxes for your kids. These can get messy so use a plastic tablecloth or old newspaper to protect your table.

Fill a plastic bin with shaving cream and small drops of food dye. Then give kids plastic forks to make designs.

Dinosaur Bin – Hide small dinosaurs or small plastic animals for the kids to discover in a bin of sand.

Construction Trucks – In a bin of sand or wood chips add small toy construction trucks

Water Beads – Fill a bin with different color water beads.

Frozen Bin – freeze some small toys into ice cubes then put the frozen cubes into a bin with water.

Mazes and Crossword Puzzles

Find some free printable mazes, crossword puzzles, or workbook pages for the kids to do. You’ll find tons of free printable games on Pinterest.

Visit Family

Spend the day visiting family and friends in the area. What kid doesn’t love a trip to Grandma’s house?

Treasure Hunt

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

Create an exciting treasure hunt for the kids to go on around the house. Use riddles they need to solve to move on to the next clue. At the end of the hunt leave a small prize for the kids to find.

If you have older kids have them create the treasure hunt for their siblings or friends.

Use our free printable Treasure Hunt Clues & Answers to make an easy scavenger hunt.

Science Experiment

Creating a DIY Volcano for kids in 3 easy steps.

Do a science experiment with the kids at home. Have the kids in awe with an erupting Volcano you can create at home in 3 easy steps. Kids will want to do it over and over again.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs a Fun Science experiment for kids at home. Simple to create with balloons, dinosaurs and water. Kids will love discovering how to melt these frozen eggs. #scienceexperiment #scienceactivity #dinosaurs #frozendinosaureggs

Discover Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice with this easy at-home science experiment. Use balloons, water, and miniature dinosaurs (or any animals you have at home) to create frozen dinosaur eggs the kids can then explore and melt.

Free Printable Kids Daily Routine Schedule. Get organized when school is out this summer with an easy to follow routine. Make your summer stress free! #kidsschedule #dailyschedule #kidsroutine #freeprintable

Indoor Games for Kids

Indoor Games for Kids

There are tons of fun & free games to play indoors. Check out our Rainy Day Games for more ideas and the games listed below.

Zoom Games

While stuck inside on a rainy day stay connected to friends and family with fun Zoom Games. Kids will love playing Battleship, checkers, and group games like Trivia and Pictionary.

Get inspired with our 15 Favorite Games on Zoom for Kids.

Hot Lava

Kids pretend the floor is hot lava you can’t touch. They put pillows on the floor and try to cross the room without touching the floor.

Freeze Dance

Break out the music and let the kids dance. When the music stops they freeze and anyone that moves is out.

Board Game Marathon

14 Cooperative Family Board Games for kids. A fun way to entertain kids at home.

Pull out all the board games or card games and start playing. Let each child pick a game they want to play and enjoy a fun day inside.

Here are some of our favorite board games:

Best Cooperative Board Games for Families

32 Board Games Teens & Tweens Will Be Excited to Play

Play Charades

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 10 Charades categories & words lists.

Play a fun family game of Charades with the kids. Grab these free printable Charades words and you’ll be ready to play.

Hide & Seek

This is a fun game to play in the house, in the backyard, or park. Kids will love running around trying to find each other.

Obstacle Course

Fun & FREE Backyard Obstacle Course for kids. This DIY obstacle course uses items you have at home.

Create an obstacle course for the kids to run inside or outside with things you have at home

Inside have the kids make their way around furniture, pillows, dolls, and anything else you have inside.

Outside use cones, playground equipment, hula hoop, bikes, and sports equipment. It doesn’t have to be huge and intricate just something fun for them to run around.

See an example backyard obstacle course 20 Stay-at-Home Indoor Activities for Kids

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It Games are fun indoor games for kids and a cool idea on our list of free things to do with kids.

If you want some fun quick games to play try Minute To Win It Games. Fun one-minute challenges with kids racing the clock or their siblings. Perfect for Family Game Nights too.

Older children will like Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens.

Paper Airplane Challenge

Airplane toss is a fun indoor activity for kids at home with streamer and paper airplanes. An easy DIY Game kids will love to play.

Have the kids each design a paper airplane and then race the planes. Make it a science experiment by adding paper clips to see what the added weight will do and changing the design on each new plane.

Then use steamers across a doorway and see if the kids can shoot the paper airplane between the streamers. (pictured above)

Nerf Gun Targets

Nerf Gun Targets are easy to set up and a fun indoor game for kids on a rainy day.

For the Nerf Gun loving kids set up some simple Nerf Gun Targets in your home or backyard to play. This one was easy with solo cups and miniature army men you probably have at home.


Work together as a family to complete some puzzles.

I’m Bored Jar

Indoor & Outdoor activities to entertain the kids at home. Keep them busy by making a fun I'm Bored Jar filled with all the things they like to do. #boredjar #thingstodowithkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities

Keep the kids busy with an I’m Bored Jar. Fill up a jar with fun activity ideas for the kids to do. Make it a game and let them pull out a new activity whenever they’re bored.

Use our free printables in 36 Things to Do When Your Kids Are Bored to fill up your jar and learn how to make it.

I Spy Game

Your Little Detective will love this fun I Spy Game. Use little figures you already have in your home & shredded paper to play this fun detective game.

Play the I Spy game with your kids. Take turns picking an item in the room and then have the rest of the family guess what item you’re thinking about. For example, kids will say “I spy something yellow”. Then everyone starts guessing things they see that are yellow.

Another idea is to create a DIY I Spy Game. Use the small figures you have at home and add them to a bin with shredded paper. Then take a second set of identical small figures and place them on a sheet of paper.

See how many of the matching items the kids can see in the shredded paper. Keep the fun going by letting the kids go around the house to find matching items to create another I Spy game for their siblings to solve.

Arts and Crafts with Kids

Paint / Fingerpaint

Arts & Crafts are a fun free activity  with kids to do at home. Kids will love making apple stamps with paint. Get more ideas on our list of 60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids.

Break out the paint and let the kids create a masterpiece. I fun way to paint is to cut an apple in half and make paint stamps.


Arts & Craft Ideas for Kids - Coffee Filter Butterflies made with items you have at home.  #coffeefilterbutterflies #kidscraft #butterflies #craftsforkids

Let the kids use their imagination to create easy coffee filter butterflies with items you have at home.

Leaf Collage

Collect leaves in the yard and glue them to a large piece of paper to make a leaf collage.

Bubble Art

Painting with Bubbles is a fun art activity at home with items you already have. All you need is bubbles, food dye, and paper to make this fun kids’ craft.


Have the kids draw something they see outside, their family, a place they like to visit, or their favorite character.

Shadow Art

The kids will love using shadow art to create drawings with sidewalk chalk and on paper of their favorite toys. Step outside and use the sun to draw amazing pictures.

Make Your Own Book

Let the kids create a story and draw pictures to go along with it. Then staple it into a small book for them to look through.

Rock Painting

Let the kids find some rocks in the yard and paint them. Then use the rock creation as decorations in the backyard.

Make Puppets

Use paper plates or paper lunch bags to make puppets. Let the kids color and glue items onto the plates and bags to design their puppets. To make the paper plate into a puppet glue a popsicle stick to the bottom.

When they are done let the kids perform a puppet show for you.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Free Outdoor Games & Activities for Kids. Get inspired with our list of 60 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids.

Keep the kids active by heading outside for fun games and activities.

Nature Walks

Nature Hikes with the kids are a great free activity with kids. Enjoy a fun day out exploring nature with the whole family.

Head out on a nature walk for some fresh air. It could be in your local natural areas, botanical garden, or just on a walk around your neighborhood. See how many birds and different animals you can find.

Look and see if they have any biking trails too.

Scavenger Hunt

Free printable scavenger hunt for kids and Teens - Neighborhood and Nature Scavenger Hunts

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt through your local neighborhood or on a nature walk. Use these Free Printable Scavenger Hunts to make your family walk more engaging for kids.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Plan a fun photo scavenger hunt for kids with this free printable checklist of outdoor scavenger hunt ideas kids and adults will enjoy.

Pair up on teams with friends and family for a photo scavenger hunt throughout your neighborhood. Each team will get a list of items to find in the neighborhood. The team must take a picture or selfie of every item they find.

The first team back to the house with all the items wins. Or do it as a family and challenge yourselves to see how many items you can find.

Use our free printable Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Snow Painting

Painting a Snowman with cool snow paint the kids will love this winter activity.

A fun outdoor activity in the Winter is Snow Painting. With only two ingredients water and food dye you can make your own snow paint. Kids will love spraying the paint on their snowmen and snow forts. Or create their own masterpiece using the snow as their canvas.

Find out How to Make Snow Paint

Ice Ornaments

Easy DIY Ice Ornaments Winter Craft for Kids

Get your kids to go outside in the cold by creating cool Ice Suncatcher Ornaments. Collect leaves, stickers, pine cones & other items from your yard then freeze them in water to become an ornament to hang on a tree.

DIY Outdoor Yard Games

Cheap Outdoor Balloon Tennis Game for Kids. Use paper plates and wooden spoons to make the tennis rackets. Then hit a balloon back and forth.

Make your backyard fun again with some easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids. Create obstacle courses, frisbee golf, balloon tennis, sports games, and more. Bonus it’s all with items from Dollar Tree so you’ll save money while having fun.

Photo Walk

Take pictures on your walk of your child’s favorite things. Then print out the pictures and let your child make a collage or small photo book.


Geocaching is a huge treasure hunt in your own town. Use the Geocaching App or GPS to locate the geocache near you. The app will show you a map of all the geocaches in your area.

Head to the Beach

Beach Days are a fun free things to do with kids in the summer months. Kids will love this outdoor activity, jumping in the waves and building sandcastles.  #beachday #kidsactivities #thingstodowithkids #beach #sandcastles

Spend a day at the beach hunting for shells and building sandcastles. Enjoy your day at the beach with these cool beach hacks for kids.


Let the kids see how many bubbles they can catch without popping. Then see if they can blow the bubbles into a hula hoop or chalk-drawn circle.

In the wintertime put the bubbles in the fridge before you go out. When you go outside have the kids dip the wand in the bubbles. Then wave the wand in the air to make ice bubbles. Don’t blow on the bubbles or it will melt them.

Chalk Drawing

Let you kids decorate your whole driveway with fun chalk drawings. A free & fun things to do at home.

Let the kids use your driveway to create beautiful chalk drawings. They could spend hours on this and it only costs a box of chalk from the dollar store. Get some fun sidewalk chalk drawing ideas for kids.

Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk games for kids with hopscotch, color finds, board games tick tac toe and more.

Extend your playtime outside with fun chalk games for kids. Turn your sidewalk or driveway into a big game board, scavenger hunt, or obstacle course. Or just a fun color search and hopscotch for the younger kids.


Enjoy a fun game of hopscotch on your driveway with kids.

Use your chalk to draw a hopscotch game on the driveway.

Glow in the Dark Games

Play glow-in-the-dark tag or hide and seek with glow sticks.

Water Toys for the Backyard

Keep the kids cool this summer with the best water toys to keep kids entertained in your backyard. Use water tables, sprinklers, slip-n-slides, and more to keep kids happy on hot summer days.

Check out our review of the Best Water Toys & Activities for Kids.

Water Balloons

Water Balloon Fights are a fun free thing to do with kids in the summer. Find more fun ideas in our list of 60 Free Activities for kids.

Fill up some water balloons and have a water balloon fight.

If your kids love sports turn it into a water balloon baseball game. The pitcher throws three balloon pitches. If the batter hits it they advance to first base. If they miss the three pitches they’re out.

Water Gun Battle

Fill up the water guns and have a water gun battle. Great way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Collect Bugs

Fun Outdoor activity for kids finding bugs and studying them in your bug catcher.

Kids love digging for bugs under rocks and stones and around your backyard. You can get a bug holder and magnifying glass to study the bugs you catch.

Nerf Gun Battle

Nerf Targets & Games for kids. Keep the kids busy this summer with a Nerf War in your backyard and capture the flag. Get more great ideas in our list of 60 Free things to do with Kids.

Let the kids run around outside and do a Nerf gun battle. Kids can play capture the flag and other Nerf games or just build a base and run around.

Bike Ride

Take a family bike ride around the block or head to a local bike trail in the area.

Star Gazing

Head out at night to look up at the stars with the kids.

Find a New Playground

Best Play ground in Chicago Maggie Daley Park. It's on our list of 60 Fun & Free Things to do with Kids.

Kids will love finding a new playground to explore in your area. We were so excited when we found Maggie Daley Park in Chicago. It’s an amazing playground and if you’re in Chicago make sure to check it out.

Take advantage of all the local parks in your area. Your kids will have so much fun exploring the parks and trying all the different playgrounds. In the summer find parks that have water features to keep your kids cool and have fun splashing in the water.

Feed the Ducks

Head to a local lake or pond and feed the ducks.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great free activity for kids. Enjoy a day outside without spending any money. Get more ideas in our list of 60 Free Things to Do with Kids in the Summer.

Head to a local lake that allows you to fish. Often kids don’t need a fishing license in local town ponds where you throw the fish back.

Go on a Picnic

Pack up lunch and head out on a picnic. Bring a frisbee or a ball to play with and enjoy a nice day out.

Run Through a Sprinkler

Break out the sprinkler and let the kids run through it to cool off.

Fly a Kite

Head to an open park and enjoy flying a kite on a windy day.

Camp in Your Backyard

Camping in your backyard is a great free thing to do with kids. Enjoy the outdoors with your kids by camping in your backyard with them.

Save money by camping in your own backyard. Grill some smores and pitch a tent to sleep in. Add the fun with a camping scavenger hunt.

Have a Snowball Fight or Build a Snowman

In the wintertime head out to build a snowman or make snowballs for a snowball fight. Let the kids build a snow fort to hide behind and store their snowballs.

Go Sledding

Head to your local public sledding hill and swoosh down the snow.

It’s amazing how many fun free things to do with Kids there are without screen time. I hope after reading this list you’re inspired by some new activities for kids. The indoor games for kids and arts and crafts will keep you busy on rainy and cold days. While the outdoor activities will have you playing outside all summer long.

If you have more great free activities for kids please share with us in the comments I love to hear from readers.

Summer Bucket List

Create a customized Family Summer Bucket list with this editable template. A great way to plan & set goals for the summer with indoor activites, outdoor activites, STEM & field trip ideas. Edit the pre made bucket list to make it your own or use the blank list to make the perfect Summer bucket list for your family.

Grab this editable summer bucket list to make your own summer wish list based on what your family loves to do. Parents can make edits to the pre-made bucket list or use the blank template to make their own list.

Create the perfect summer bucket list for your family to keep your kids busy all summer long.

More Fun Kids Activities

At Happy Mom Hacks we have tons of Kids Activities for both indoors and outdoors to fend off hearing kids say the dreaded I’m Bored. Here are a few of our favorites:

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If you enjoyed these kids’ activities get more family fun activities, easy weeknight meals, family travel ideas, and household hacks by joining the Happy Mom Hacks community weekly newsletter.

Bonus, you’ll get Free Printable Would You Rather Questions – It’s a hilarious game perfect for family game nights or birthday parties.

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards.

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for kid’s activities, household hacks, family travel, and fun parenting humor to give you a laugh on your tough days.

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