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50 Things to Do at a Sleepover Fun Ideas, Games & Activities

50 Things to Do at a Sleepover Fun Ideas, Games & Activities

Do your kids want to host a sleepover party and now you’re stressed about how to entertain the kids? Don’t worry there are tons of fun things to do at a sleepover to ensure everyone has a good time.

With just a little planning you can easily host slumber parties your kids will love. I’ll show you fun sleepover games, theme ideas, activities, and the all-important slumber party food. It’s a great way to celebrate birthday parties or just a Saturday night with best friends.

Have the kids pack their sleeping bags and get ready for an awesome slumber party.

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Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover With Friends

Easy & Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover for Kids, Tweens & Teens. Find slumber party games, activities and unique ideas & themes to entertain kids all night long at home. Use these sleepover ideas to easily host a slumber party your kids will love.

Look through this list of slumber party games, themes, ideas, and food to help you get your sleepover party-ready.  Next, decide how many sleepover guests you’ll be inviting. 

Lastly share a few sleepover ideas with your kids and see how they want to spend the evening with their friends. They’ll appreciate being part of the planning and giving their input to the slumber party.

Planning a Birthday Party? Visit our Birthday Party Ideas to find tons of fun party ideas.

Sleepover Party Ideas

I find it’s easier to plan a sleepover party when I have some direction which is why I love coming up with a theme for the night.

These slumber party ideas will help you set the tone for the whole night and really make it unique. Look through the list and find a few things to do at a sleepover your kids will enjoy.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Get the kids up and running around with a fun scavenger hunt at home or in your neighborhood. Find tons of ideas in our free printable Scavenger hunts for kids.

Older kids can pair up to do a Neighborhood Scavenger hunt or a Photo Scavenger Hunt (selfie hunt). They’ll have so much fun trying to find all the items as a team. Make it a contest to see which team members can find all the items first.

Keep younger kids close by with a fun backyard scavenger hunt or indoor scavenger hunt at home.

2. Spa Night

Girls will love a fun Sleepover Spa Day. Help the girls feel all grown up with face masks and painting their nails.

Plan an easy Spa Night at home letting the kids give each other mani/pedis, and make face masks.

Set up a mani / pedi station with different nail polish bottles, toe separators, and nail files. Then set up another station to do the face masks. You’ll find tons of homemade face masks on Pinterest.

Lastly, play soft relaxing music to set the tone for your at-home spa and put out flavored water & snacks.

3. Movie Night

Plan a fun movie marathon for your next kids slumber party. It's a easy and fun way to entertain kids at your next sleepover.

Pop some popcorn and plan a movie marathon for the kids. Pick a theme like 80’s movies, princesses, Star Wars, sports-themed, or animated.

Really any movie the group of kids who are coming would enjoy. Some kids may even enjoy a scary movie or two but I’d check on this first before showing it.

4. Craft Night

Kids Activity for Rainy Days. Coffee Filter Butterlies are a fun at home craft kids will love.

If your kids love art plan a fun craft night for the kids. It can be as simple as making coffee filter butterflies or painting with bubbles.

You’ll find tons of cheap craft kits at dollar tree such as their wooden models to paint. It’s a great place to pick up supplies to create your crafts and save money.

5. Escape Room Games

Fun Escape Room Games for Kids to play at Home, Parties or a family game night. Find the perfect printable escape room kit for your kids.

Plan a cool escape room slumber party with printable escape room games. Kids will love the fun challenge of working in small groups to figure out the puzzles and being the first team to escape the room.

This is super easy as you just print out the escape games and you’re ready to play with minimal prep time. Learn how to throw an Escape Room Birthday Party the easy way.

If your kids really enjoy solving clues and puzzles try these fun Detective Games too.

6. Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a fun thing to do at a Sleepover for kids. They'll love singing songs and dancing around the house at your next slumber party.

If your kids are big singers a Karaoke night would be a really fun activity. Use an at-home karaoke machine or a simple karaoke microphone.

Let the kids look up the words to the song on a phone, iPad, or cast it to your TV. Get a few boas and funny hats for the kids to wear while they sing.

7. Lip Sync Contest

Have a friendly contest to see who can lip-sync songs the best. Let the kids pick out a song they want to lip-sync and see who can perform it the best.

8. Treasure Hunt

Plan an Epic Treasure Hunt through your house or backyard for the sleepover. You can create customizable treasure hunts in minutes with Riddle Me that the kids will love.

It’s so easy! Just enter the type of event, location of indoors or outdoors, age group, hiding spots in your house you want to use, and the number of riddles. The system will quickly generate all the fun riddles you need for the personalized treasure hunt.

Don’t have time to create your own treasure hunt? Grab our free printable Treasure Hunt you can just print and play.

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

9. Make Friendship Bracelets

Creating beaded jewelry is a fun things to do at a sleepover with kids. They'll love making their own necklace and bracelet designs.

Let the kids create their own beaded jewelry to wear or create friendship bracelets. Find tons of beads and string at Dollar Tree or a craft store for the kids to make their own unique bracelets or necklaces.

The kids can even make friendship bracelets to give to one another.

10. Decorate a Pillow Case

Buy a bunch of white pillowcases and let the kids decorate them with paint. First, have them draw out their design on paper then paint the pillowcases.

Let the pillowcases dry overnight if you paint them and the kids can take them home in the morning.

11. Video Game Night

Kids will love spending time a sleepover playing video games.

Let the kids do a fun video game night. Pick out video games that several kids can play at a time. Like Super Mario Kart, Fortnite, or sports games.

Another idea is to have a video game tournament with the winner playing the next kid in line and seeing who can beat the most kids.

Tip: If kids have a Nintendo Switch have them bring it so more kids can play.

12. Go Indoor Camping

Host an indoor camping sleepover by letting the kids create tents out of blankets. They can sleep and watch movies while hanging out in their tent.

Let the kids pretend to be camping indoors by letting them build a huge blanket fort in the living room or bedroom to sleep in.

Then make hot dogs and smores for dinner. If you have a fireplace or fire pit help the kids cook their smores & hot dogs over the fire.

Kids could even do a nighttime hide-and-seek game with glow sticks in the backyard. And finish the night telling ghost stories around your indoor campsite fake fire.

13. Plan a Classic Game Night

Plan a good old-fashioned sleepover with a classic sleepover game like truth or dare, telling scary stories, playing card games, and classic board games like Trivial Pursuit. They can even have a pillow fight or watch horror movies.

Use these game ideas:

Favorite Family Game Night Ideas

43 Board Game Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Best Cooperative Board Games for Kids

14. Have a Nerf Battle

Awesome Nerf Gun Games & Nerf Targets for Kids to play at home.

If your kids are big Nerf fans turn your backyard or basement into a Nerf arena with DIY Nerf games and targets. They’re easy to make and the kids will love playing with them.

Try having a contest to see who can hit the most targets. Or play a fun game of Capture the Flag.

Get more ideas in our Awesome Nerf Wars Birthday Party Ideas.

15. Play Truth or Dare

Have the kids sit in a circle. The first player asks the person next to them Truth or Dare. Then they make up a question they have to answer for Truth or a task they need to complete for Dare. When they’re finished you continue on around the circle until all the kids get a chance to go.

This is a simple game to play but you might want to set some boundaries to make sure it doesn’t get too crazy

16. TikTok Dance Off

Tweens & Teens love TikTok so why not let them make a few new dance videos? They can plan out their outfits, dance moves, or cool tricks to show off in a new TikTok video.

Make it into a dance contest and clear a dance floor space in your living room or basement.

Tip: Make sure the parents are okay with it before they film the video.

17. Do a Fashion Show

DIY Fashion Shows are a fun thing to do at a sleepover. Kids can create different outfits and a music sound track. Then walk down an isle showing off their designs like a real fashion show.

Let’s strike a pose. Have the kids come up with fun costumes and cool music they like. Then create a fun runway fashion show in your house.

Give kids a heads-up to bring a few fun pieces like hats, scarves, or dresses. This could take them hours to create and a blast to watch!

18. Host a Talent Show

​If you have a group of close friends that like to perform ask them to prepare a talent show act to perform in front of the other kids. Or pair the kids up and give them each 30 minutes to come up with a two-minute show for everyone to watch. 

19. Have a Tea Party

Host a Tea Party Sleepover for your kids. A fun slumber party theme your girls will love.

Plan a sweet tea party with small cakes and sandwiches set out on pretty platters.

Get some fun hats or scarves for the kids to wear as dress-up to the party. Younger kids might enjoy bringing their favorite stuffed animals to join in on the party too.

20. Play Hair Salon

Let the kids color each other hair with hair chalk. It’s simple to apply and they’ll have a blast adding color and braiding each other’s hair. 

21. Make Tie-Dye Shirts

Get a plain white T-shirt for all the kids and buy a tie-dye kit. Then let the kids create their own unique tie-dye shirt. They’ll love creating something they can wear

Fun Sleepover Games

The best part of a slumber party is playing a fun sleepover game. The good news is there are tons of great ideas to entertain your kids all night long.

Here are a bunch of games and fun activities to try at your next slumber party.

Tip: Make sure to set the ground rules for the game before you start so there is no arguing.

22. Minute to Win It Games

Hilarious Minute to Win It Games for kids to play at Sleepovers.

Minute to Win It Games are hugely popular right now and a blast to play. They are quick challenges kids try and complete in under 1 minute. You can let the kids compete against each other or against the clock.

Find tons of ideas in our 20 Easy Minute to Win It Game for Kids or Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens.

23. Play a Game of Charades

Kids Love these Hilarious Charades Ideas as a fun party game or family game night. The whole family can play together or use it for kids parties. The free printable has 192 words with 10 different categories. With all these ideas you can play this game over and over with out repeating words. Print it out today and your ready to play.

Kids will love playing a classic game of Charades. Plus it’s is the easiest possible game to play as all you need are printable Charades words and your game is ready.

Break the kids up into teams to make it a contest. The challenge is trying to guess the word their teammate is acting out before the timer goes off.

Learn more on how to play Charades at Parties.

24. Hilarious Would You Rather Game

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A Free Printable game for kids to play at Sleepovers. Just read them off and listen to their hilarious answers.

Have the kids all laughing and talking with a fun list of Would You Rather Questions for kids. Just read them off and hear their hilarious answers.

If you have older kids try the Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. The kids can even make up a few Would You Rather Questions themselves after learning how the game works.

25. Create a DIY Laser Maze at Home

Create a cool Hallway Laser Maze as a fun kids activity during a sleepover party.

Have the kids try to get through a DIY Hallway Laser Maze. They are easy to set up with streamers and painter’s tape in a hallway or between furniture.

If the kids want more of a challenge set a timer and see who can complete the laser maze the fastest without touching the lasers.

26. Have a Paper Plane Challenge

Airplane toss is a fun indoor activity for kids at home with streamer and paper airplanes. An easy DIY Game kids will love to play.

Host a paper airplane challenge indoors or in the backyard. Kids can first be creative coloring their airplane then folding the paper into an airplane.

When the planes are made see who can get their plane to go the furthest or make it in between streamers you’ve hung in a hallway.

Learn how to make an obstacle for the airplanes in our indoor games.

27. Fun Balloon Games

Keep it Up Bubble Challenge is a fun Minute to Win It game for teens. Kids try to keep 3 balloons up in the air for 1 minute without any touching the floor.

Create a bunch of cheap & fun balloon games for kids. You can do simple games using balloons such as – who can keep the balloon up the longest, balance it on your foot, volleyball, or a balloon relay race.

28. Obstacle Course

Make a DIY obstacle course for the kids to race through in your backyard or living room. Use items you have at home to create a course and time the kids to see who can make it through the fastest.

Then when you’re done let the kids create their own obstacle course and have everyone race through the new course. They’ll spend tons of time creating a new course idea. 

29. Classic Freeze Dance Game

Freeze Dance is another oldy but a goody. Just turn on some music and see who can freeze when the music stops. If you don’t freeze you’re out.

When you’re done turn the music up and have a dance party.

30. Play Hide & Seek

Don’t discount a simple game of hide and seek. You’ll be surprised how much fun all ages even those pick teens will have playing this fun game in the house or backyard.

31. Ghost in the Graveyard

Kids head outside at night and one child hides in the yard. The rest of the kids are at a base spot and they count down to midnight (count to 30). When the clock strikes midnight they leave the base and try to find the person hiding. The player that is found then has to run and tag another person who will be the next kid to hide.

32. Mini Golf

Easy Cardboard golf game for kids. Turn your cardboard boxes into golf tees in your home. A fun indoor activity for kids.

Play a fun game of mini-golf in your house with simple cardboard box miniature golf holes. You can set up a course for the kids to hit and see how many of them can get a hole in one.

33. Heads Up

Play a fun game of Heads Up at your kids next slumber party.

Teens & Tweens will enjoy this free game app on their phones. One child holds the phone up to their forehead while it displays a word. The other kids give hints to help the one with the phone guess the word. If you get it right you flip the phone to get more words and see how many you can guess correct in one minute.

34. Play Telephone

Although this is a classic game for parents for many kids it’s new and fun to play. Have the kids sit in a circle. Then have one child write a sentence on a piece of paper and read it to the person sitting next to them. That person then tells the sentence to the next person and it goes on until the last kid hears the sentence.

Have the last child say the sentence they heard and see how close the kids got to getting it right. It’s usually hilariously off!

35. Hot Lava: Don’t Touch the Ground!

Hot Lava Indoor Game for Kids at Sleepovers. A fun energy busting kids activity they'll love.

Let the kids throw some pillows or blankets on the floor and use them to jump on and avoid the hot lava (floor).

Create a path and see if the kids can get to the other side without touching the floor. Then let them keep making new paths and challenging themselves. This could keep them busy all night!

36. DIY Photo Booth

Entertain kids at Sleepovers with a fun Selfie station. A great thing to do at a sleepover with teens & tweens.

Kids love to take selfies and share them on social media when they’re older. Create an easy DIY photo booth with a background of streamers hanging down (taped to the wall) and a happy birthday sign.

Then give the kids cool photo booth props to make the pictures more fun.

37. Spooky Flashlight Game

Let the kids play tag outside when it gets dark using flashlights or glow sticks. This seems so simple but they’ll have a blast getting to play in the dark.

I found the easiest glow sticks are the ones kids can wear as necklaces or bracelets while they run around.

38. Musical Chairs

Entertain kids at Sleepovers with a fun game of Musical Chairs.

This is another classic game but kids love it. Set up chairs for all the kids minus one. Then turn on the music and when it stops the kids need to find a seat.

The child who doesn’t find a seat is out. Then remove more chairs and start the music again. Keep going until only one kid is sitting in a chair.

39. Hula Hoop Contest

​Host a hula hoop contest it’s super easy and all you need are a couple of hula hoops. Have a prize to give out to make it more exciting. 

40. Pillow Fights

What kid doesn’t love a fun pillow fight at a sleepover party.

41. Play Twister

Break out the twister game and see who can stay in the game the longest without falling.

Slumber Party Food

The best thing about sleepover parties is the food and having a fun time with friends. Here are some yummy food ideas they’ll love.

Tip: Make sure to ask ahead of time if any of the kids have food allergies.

42. Pizza Stations

A fun way to feed the kids is a Create Your Own Pizza station. Kids can make their own pizza for you to bake. Get premade dough & place it on a cookie sheet for the crust. Then set up a toppings bar with cheese, pizza sauce, veggies, sausage, pepperoni, and any other toppings your kids like.

Let the kids add the topping they want and bake it. Dinner is done and they’ll love that they got to make it exactly how they like.

43. Popcorn Bar

Make bowls of popcorn and set up a topping station with M&Ms, marshmallows, peanuts, gummy bears, pretzels, crushed Oreos, Mike & Ikes.

44. Ice Cream Bar

A favorite dessert of all kids is ice cream. Set up a topping station with chocolate chips, M&Ms, peanuts, crushed candy bars or candy canes, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and hot fudge.

45. Smores

You can make smores over a fire pit, fireplace, or in your oven. All you need is Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, and Hershey’s Chocolate Bars.

46. Puppy Chow Mix

Always a popular snack while watching a movie or while playing fun games. It’s just Check Mix, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. You’ll find tons of recipes on Pinterest.

47. Decorate Cookies

Make or buy some sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

48. Hot Cocoa Bar

Create a fun hot cocoa bar for the kids with different toppings to add to their hot chocolate. This would pair great with their decorated cookies!

What to Put in your hot chocolate bar – marshmallows, candy canes, crushed Andes candies, crushed M&Ms, Cinnamon, whipped cream, sprinkles

49. Healthy Snacks

If you want a few healthy snacks mixed in try our Banana Sushi or Peanut Butter Energy Balls. You can mix these in with all the junk food and feel a little bit better.

50. Pancake Breakfast Bar

A great idea for breakfast is a fun Pancake bar. Make fresh pancakes and then make a topping station with chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, peanut butter, whipped cream, or walnuts.

Birthday Party Checklist

If you plan to make your sleepover a birthday party use our free printable birthday party checklist. Everything you need to remember to do before the party in one easy printable checklist.

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

More Fun Kids Party Ideas

Looking for a few more birthday party ideas or party games? Here are a few of our favorites.

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Epic Teen Birthday Party Ideas & Themes

Are you ready now to plan an epic sleepover? I hope you have found enough things to do at a sleepover to keep your party guests busy all night long.

Sleepovers are a rite of passage kids will come to cherish. I hope this list of slumber party games will help keep the stress out of hosting a slumber party and just make it a fun night for all.

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