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12 Fun Games to Play in Line at Disney

12 Fun Games to Play in Line at Disney

Do your kids get bored waiting in ride lines and drive you crazy? Make waiting in line fun with easy games to play in line at Disney or any amusement parks.

I came up with this list of things to do in line at Disney on our last trip when I got tired of hearing my kids say “I’m Bored”. If that’s you too let’s fix this for your next Disney Vacation.

All you need are some easy games to entertain your kids while standing in line at Disney. You’ll find it’s a fun way to distract them from having to wait and will help make your family day out less stressful.

The best part is once you know these line games you can use them any time you need to wait with your kids from other amusement parks to airplane lines, waiting at appointments, and long fast food lines.

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Easy Games to Play in Line at Disney

12 Fun Games to play in line at Disney parks. Keep your kids entertained while you are waiting with quick and easy games. No more whining about being bored while you wait for long rides. Check it out and have a stress-free family day at Disney.

Entertain your kids while waiting in line at Disney and amusement parks like Six Flags with these fun games to play in line ideas.

Is this your first time to Disney? Make sure to read our 15 Tips for Disney World First Timers before you go or refresh your memory from your last trip.

Heads Up

Entertain Kids in lines with Heads Up iPhone game. Your whole family will love this game to play while waiting in line at Disney World. Keep your kids from getting bored.

The game Heads Up was all the rage when we were at Disney. This is a free game you can get on your iPhone.

To play one person flips the phone to their forehead and a word will appear. The rest of the players need to give clues for that person to guess what the words are.

It’s a quick game as each player only has a minute to get through a list of words. You can adjust the levels to easy or harder depending on the age of your kids.

Heads Up is great in a small space as you need to be close to the phone to see the words. Also, it’s usually pretty funny so it keeps everyone entertained in line.

Magnetic Games to Play in Line

Fun Magnetic Games to play in line at Disney, Amusement Parks or as a travel game on Road Trips.

We brought a Magnetic game in our backpack to play when we were in line. We originally bought these as a road trip game but they worked great at Disney.

The best part is you won’t lose the pieces because they’re magnetic and they work well waiting at restaurants for food too.

There are lots of different types of magnetic travel games to choose from. We played Bingo but some other favorites are Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Checkers, and Matching Games.

Tip: Add a zip lock bag to the box to hold any pieces you’re not using while standing in line.

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Put a Charades app on your phone and play the hilarious game while standing in line. See if you can guess what you family is acting out.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a fun game to play with kids waiting in line. A fun way to entertain kids while waiting at Disney or Amusement park lines.

All you need are your hands to play this classic game of Rock Paper Scissors. Kids say rock (closed fist) paper (flat hand) scissors (fist with index finger & middle finger extended into a V) after they say this they show which one they pick.

Rock crushes scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper.

Simon Says

To play Simon Says the leader gives a series of commands such as Simon Says touch your eyebrows. Then the players all do the action the leader calls out.

If the leader gives a command without saying Simon Says you do not do the action. The players that do the action without the Simon Says command is out.

Keep it fun by changing who is the leader throughout the wait in line. Also, make sure everyone knows to only ask players to do things they can accomplish standing in line.

Examples – Touch your nose, jump up and down. run in place, touch your toes,

Guess the Animal

Have one player think of an animal. Then everyone must ask yes or no questions about the animal until they can guess the correct animal.

The player who guesses the animal correctly gets to think of the next animal for everyone to guess.

Guess the Disney Character

Play Guess the Disney Character while waiting in Line at Disney World. An easy game to play while waiting in line. One person gives clues to their Disney Character while everyone else guesses. A great way to distract and entertain kids when stuck in lines.

This is just like guess the animal but instead, you think of different Disney Characters to guess. This will gets everyone into the Disney spirit.

I Spy

Use your surrounding to find things to guess. One player sees an item in their eye line to guess then everyone asks questions until they figure out what that person is looking at in the room.

Find the Color

A super simple game to play in line is find the color. Pick a color or pattern and have the rest of the group try and find it.

3 Truths & a Lie

This is a game for a little bit older kids. One player tells 3 true things and then one lie. The rest of the players need to guess which is the lie out of the four thoughts.


Bring Bubbles to entertain kids while waiting in line at Disney World or Amusement parks.

Another popular activity in line at Disney World was bubbles. They are expensive to buy at Disney so bring a cheap bubbles container with you. Then you can blow bubbles for the kids to jump around. You’ll keep the other kids in line entertained too.

Make it even easier to blow bubbles with a battery operated Bubble Wand Machine with a Frozen Theme.

Look for Hidden Mickeys

While at Disney have the kids keep an eye out for hidden Mickeys and other characters while inline.

Play a Game in line on a Phone

When all else fails let the kids play a game on your phone. If you have the My Disney App several of the lines have Disney Trivia that you can only get while waiting in line. So make sure to check that app on each ride.

Are you ready to keep your kids entertained in line now? I hope you found a few fun games to play in line at Disney that your whole family will enjoy.

Do you have a few games to play in line that your kids like? Please share in the comments so we all can play them and entertain our kids.

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