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15 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids

15 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids

Zoom calls have become one of the most popular ways to connect with friends & family. Your kids are great at using zoom and there are tons of fun games to play on Zoom with kids. They can use these classic games to play in large groups or one on one with friends.

No longer do you need to use these popular games only to stay socially distanced. Virtual games can be used with family who live far away or to play with friends as an online game. The great part is while playing the games on a video call kids can talk with friends and stay social even when they’re not together.

Plan with your family members a big virtual game night or host virtual birthday parties, Halloween Parties, Christmas parties, and a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt. It’s a fun way to spend an evening celebrating a special occasion or just visiting.

Teachers will also love to create these as classroom games for their students to keep kids engaged while remote learning.

Read through my list of the best Zoom Games for kids and find game ideas like board games, Heads Up, Charades, Chess, Battleship, Scavenger Hunts, Would You Rather, and more.

These classic games are broken up into two-player games and large group games. You’ll also find a list of items you’ll need to play each game. Check it out and find the perfect game to play on zoom with your kids.

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15 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids

15 Virtual Game Nights Ideas for Kids to play on Zoom. Stuck at home still play with friends and family by playing virtual games on Zoom and Facetime. Free games your whole family will love. #zoom #virtualgames #kidsgames #zoomgames

Two Player Games

These two player games are perfect for when you child wants a virtual playdate or a fun game with a grandparent. You could play these games on Facetime or Zoom.


How to Play Battleship on Zoom or Facetime with friends. Stay connected with this fun game for kids and adults. #zoomgame #gamestoplayonzoom #kidsgames #virtualgames

What you Need – Each player needs a Battleship game

How to Play – This game is a perfect virtual game as you don’t want the other player to see your board anyway.

Players place their ships on their board and the other player guesses at the coordinates to sink the other player’s ships. The first person to sink all the opponent’s ships wins.

Guess Who

Guess Who Game on Zoom or Facetime for kids. A great kids game to play on Zoom with friends and family to stay connected when your apart. #gamesforkids #kidsgames #zoomgames #virtualgames #guesswho

What you Need – Each Player needs a Guess Who Game Board

How to Play – Each player picks a card with a picture of someone on their board. The other player then tries to guess who they picked by asking questions to eliminate the other pictures on their board.

For example – does the person have glasses or a hat. When you guess the opponent’s person, you win.

Energy Busting Indoor Activities for Kids at Home. Fun games to play when your stuck inside to keep kids off screens and playing all day long. Use these easy DIY activities for kids and enjoy a family day at home. #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #indoorgame #screenfreeactivities #familygames

Guess the Animal

What You Need – Nothing

How to Play – This is a great game for younger kids. One player thinks of an animal and the other player asks questions to figure out what animal it is. Simple and fun.

I Spy

What You Need – Nothing

How to Play – One player picks an object in the background of their screen area. Then the other player tries to guess what object they picked by asking questions to figure it out.

Free Printable Summer Screen Time Rules for Kids. No more arguing with kids over electronics. Use this daily checklist to get organized and set expectations this summer.

Chess Game

Play a game of Chess on Zoom with Friends. Easy virtual game to play over Zoom or Facetime for kids and adults. #virtualgames #chess #kidsgames #zoomgames

What You Need – A Chess Board or Chess App

How to Play – One player needs to have the chessboard with the zoom camera pointed on it. The player with the board makes the moves for both players.

You can also use an online Chess Game and talk through Zoom while you play the game on your phone.

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Large Groups Games for Kids & Families

Best Family Games to Play on Zoom. Kids will love these virtual game ideas to play with friends and family through Zoom or Facetime. Stay connected and have fun while we are all stuck at home. #zoomgames #gamesonzoom #familygames #gamesforkids #virtualgames

A Multiplayer game is the perfect game for large groups of kids and families on Zoom. These classic games will have everyone laughing and having a good time together.

If you want more family game ideas to check out our Printable Family Game Night Planner. With 12 pre-planned family game night ideas one for each month of the year. All you have to do is print it out and play!

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

What You Need – Questions and either a piece of paper, whiteboard, or chalkboard for each player. Plus a writing utensil for each player.

How to Play – One person comes up with all the questions to ask the group. We found great questions on by category and age if you have younger children playing, too.

When the leader asks the question, players write down their answer on the piece of paper, whiteboard, or chalkboard. The leader says show me your answers and everyone holds up their paper to the screen.

You can either just play for fun or you could keep score by track who gets the most answers correct.

Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Free printable PDF. Fun party games for kids to play on Zoom, Classroom parties, birthday parties, road trips, school brain breaks, holiday parties and virtual parties. Funny questions that will have kids, parents and teachers laughing and having a great time together. #wouldyourather #kidsgames #gamesforkids #partygames #schoolgames #holidaypartygames #classroomgames #virtualgames #zoomgame

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Game. Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Kids can answer in the chat feature or raise their hands for their answers. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Get a free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Try these themed Would You Rather Questions too – Would You Rather ChristmasWould You Rather Teens & Tweens, and Would You Rather Valentine’s Day 


How to Play Bingo on Zoom. Fun virtual Games to play on Zoom with friends and family for kids and adults. Stay connected with this classic group game. #gamesforkids #bingo #bingozoom #zoomgames #virtualgames #virtualbingo

What You NeedBingo Cards, chips, and a designated person to call out numbers

How to Play – This is a great basic game all ages can play together. Each player just needs a bingo card and something to mark their card with to play.

Grab our Free Bingo Cards Printables for Halloween Bingo Cards and Christmas Bingo Cards to play at Holiday parties.

There are two ways to make Bingo Cards for home.

  • Players can each make a card at home with 5 rows down and 5 rows across. Then fill in a number 1-75 of your choice for each square. Use this Bingo Number Generator to pick the random numbers to be called out while you play.
Kids Virtual Games to Play on Zoom they'll love. Great for Virtual Birthday parties or to visit with friends and family you miss seeing. 15 Different games to enjoy playing on Zoom and Facetime for a fun night! #zoomgames #virtualgames #kidsgames #kidsactivities #virtualbirthdayparties

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Fun Zoom Scavenger Hunts for Kids. Free Printable Virtual scavenger Hunt ideas for students, teachers and parents. Exciting Zoom games for, classrooms, virtual birthday party, school brain break or family holiday party. Learn how to play and print our your free printable scavenger hunt list. It's a blast! #freeprintable #scavengerhunt #scavengerhuntideas #kids #students #virtualparties #zoomgames

What You NeedScavenger Hunt List

How to Play – The leader asks the kids to find an item in their house. Some examples could be a teddy bear, sunglasses, keys, a red book, something soft, or anything else most people have in their house.

The first kid back to show off their item on the Zoom chat wins.

You can also play this game with several families on Zoom with each bringing their own list of 5 items to find.

Each family competes to find the items on the other families list the fastest.

Learn more ways to play with Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids.

Holiday Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunts

During the Holiday season try our Christmas-themed Christmas Scavenger Hunts Ideas for Virtual Parties.

Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas. A fun Holiday party game kid and adults will enjoy at home, virtual parties and searching neighborhood Christmas Light Displays.

Plan an Easter scavenger hunt for your upcoming Easter party too. Host a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt & Party on Zoom for your whole family.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Free Printable for Virtual Easter Parties or at Home Easter Hunts.

Use our fun free printable Easter Egg Hunt and enjoy the holiday with your family even if you can’t be in person.


How to Play Hangman on Zoom. A fun Zoom game for kids to play one on one or in a group. Stay connected with friends and family with this fun virtual game. #zoomgame #hangman #virtualgames #kidsgames #kidsactivity

What You Need – Zoom Whiteboard Feature

How to Play – Hangman is a simple game of trying to guess a word or phrase. To do this on Zoom, the first player will screen share so everyone can see the Zoom Whiteboard.

Then they use the annotation tools to draw out a Hangman board.

Next, each player takes a turn guessing a consonant or vowel to see if they can figure out what the word or phrase is.

Players need to figure out the correct answer before they run out of guesses on the Hangman.


Pictionary games to play on zoom with kids, teens and adults. Enjoy this fun virtual game with friends and family when you can't play in person.  A great way to connect when your far away or stuck at home. #pictionary #virtualgames #gamesforkids #zoomgames #gamesonzoom

What You Need – Either a large paper you can prop up for the zoom camera or the Zoom Whiteboard Feature

How to Play – For this game, one player picks an item to draw that the other players need to guess. There are two ways you can draw using zoom.

  1. Use a large paper you can prop up to draw in front of the camera.
  2. Use the Zoom Whiteboard Feature. The player drawing shares their screen and uses the annotation tools to draw the picture.
Free Printable Screen Time Rules Checklist for Kids to use this Summer. Stop arguing with your kids about electronics and use this summer checklist to set expectations.


What You Need Charades Word List

How to Play – Print out your Charades Word List, cut up the words, and add to a bowl. The player chooses a word from the Charades bowl. Then the player acts out the item they picked without using words.

The other players watch on Zoom and place their guesses in the zoom chat. The first person to guess correctly wins.

Get more Charades directions and a Free Printable 144 Charades Word List. At Christmas time try our Christmas Charades Words List too.

Heads Up

Heads Up Game on Zoom. Fun Virtual Game to play on Zoom with kids, teens and adults. This hilarious game will keep you entertained and having fun with friends and family when your far apart. Find out how to play. #zoomgame #headsup #virtualgame #gameforkids #gameforteens

This is a great game for preteens and teens

What You Need – Each player needs a cell phone and to download the free apps Heads Up!

How to Play – One player holds up their phone above their head to show a word on the screen. The other players describe the word and the player with the phone tries to guess the correct answer or word. Then the next player takes the phone and starts the game over. This can be a pretty funny and entertaining game for the .


What You Need – Free Scattegories Game Generator

How to Play – For this game, players are given 5 categories and one letter. They need to think of a word for each category starting with that one letter. Add the timer in to make it more challenging.

To get the categories one person needs to go to the Scattegories game generator and send a link to all the other players.

Players will then write down their answers on paper and hold it up for everyone to see when time is called.

Name, Animal, Place or Thing

Scavenger Hunt for Kids on Zoom. Enjoy a fun game of scavenger hunt in your home on Zoom with Friends and family. Find out how easy it is to play and entertain your kids at home. #virtualgame #gameforkids #scavengerhunt #kidsactivitiy #zoomgame

What You Need – Nothing

How to Play – Each player will be given a letter and they need to use it to give a Name, Animal, Place, or Thing starting with that letter in one minute. They can type their answers into the zoom chat.

Go around the group on zoom with each person getting the next letter in the alphabet until you finish the whole alphabet.

Board Games

Many board games can be adapted to play online if you have your own dice at home to make your move and one player shows the game board.

What You Need – A favorite board game that uses dice. Each player needs dice. For example, the game of Sorry works well.

How to Play – One player has the board game to show on Zoom. Each player rolls their dice at home and tells the player with the board what their move will be.

Are you ready now to reconnect with friends and family with these fun games to play on Zoom with kids? These virtual games are a great way to throw a virtual birthday party or just pass the time at home.

It’s amazing what a little bit of time talking with others online can do to lift your spirits.

Do you have a favorite Zoom game? I’d love to hear it. Leave it in the comments so we all can find more fun games to play on Zoom.

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Bonus, you’ll get our free printable Would You Rather Game to use as a hilarious virtual party game or fun family game night.

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

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Best Family Games to Play on Zoom. Kids will love these virtual game ideas to play with friends and family through Zoom or Facetime. Stay connected and have fun while we are all stuck at home. #zoomgames #gamesonzoom #familygames #gamesforkids #virtualgames
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