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11 Habits of an Organized Mom to Start Today at Home

11 Habits of an Organized Mom to Start Today at Home

Have you ever wondered how an organized mom does it all? How to be organized at home when you’re a busy mom just trying to keep up.

Well, I am going to let you in on the secret habits of a highly organized person and how you can do it too!

You’ll learn how to start organizing a messy house without getting overwhelmed and keeping it up. All you need to do is adjust your thinking to that of an organized mom. It sounds hard but it is easier than you think.

Busy moms can use these helpful tips to get their chaotic lives under control and feel good about themselves. So follow along and steal these secrets of an organized mom so you can get started today!

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11 Habits of Organized Moms at Home – That You Can Do Too!

11 Habits to Become an Organized Mom at home. Easy tips organized moms use to keep up with their house stress-free. Daily habits you can follow and incorporate into your day. Plus getting your kids to help at home. Check it out and become an Organized Mom too! #organized #moms #momlife #getorganized #howtobeorganized #homeorganization #organizedmomtips

Does fear strikes you in the heart every time a guest is coming? Then you’re ready to change your mindset and get started.

First of all, don’t compare yourself to the perfect mom down the street with an immaculate house. Instead of getting mad just borrow some of her secrets to use yourself.

People don’t start out organized they learn how to be organized at home and then choose to be organized people. If you can use even half of the organizational tips of highly organized people it will be a total game-changer.

So read through this and see how an organized mom thinks. Steal her organizational hacks and adjust your thinking to become an organized mom too.

I am telling you starting these new habits will be a huge stress relief in your life and give you more time to spend with your family members.

How to Be Organized at Home

The First Step is to Declutter

Declutter your home to help get you organized with these easy steps.

If you have chaotic countertops, floor space, and tables full of stuff you can’t possibly be effective in keeping your house clean. First, there is nowhere to put things away and second, all the clutter just makes it feel messy.

When you get rid of all the stuff you really don’t use you’ll find all the great items your family actually needs.

You also need to make sure you don’t become an overwhelmed mom so you need to break down your decluttering into manageable bites.

How to Start Decluttering – Begin by choosing one room or organizing project to start so you don’t get overwhelmed. When you finish a room move on to the next.

I’d choose the most problematic areas to start with so you really feel like you’ve accomplished something.

For each room have 3 boxes – Keep, Throw Out & Donate

Set a timer and give yourself 15 minutes to go through the room sorting things into those 3 boxes. This way you don’t spend too much time analyzing and the chore won’t take hours.

If it takes too long you’ll dread the task and keep putting it off.

Tip: Don’t spend a ton of time analyzing your items if you haven’t used something in a year it goes.

Find more great tips on Decluttering your Whole House plus a free printable Decluttering checklist.

Once you have your boxes set make sure everything you have left has a spot.

If it doesn’t reconsider what you have decided to keep and if you have any other places to put the item or if it needs to go.

To hide the items away so they’re not on your table surfaces or floor use cute baskets or bins. However, don’t use them as catch-alls so you can keep more stuff (:

At the end of the day, you’ll have a clean home and you can feel proud when your friends & family come over.

Tip: Keeping items out of sight and off counters and tabletops will make the house feel cleaner.

Weekly Cleaning Rountine made easy with a Free Printable Checklist. Get organized and take the stress out of cleaning your house. #cleaning #cleaningchecklist #weeklycleaningroutine #cleaningroutine

How to Think Like a Highly Organized Mom

Now that you’re done decluttering you need to work on changing your mindset to keep the house clean. Thinking like an organized mom is the key. So take these ideas and apply them to your life.

Use these smart & cheap organization hacks with Dollar Tree Items to get everything organized in your home.

Pick Up Everyday

Don’t put off picking up all the items your kids and hubby leave around the house. The key is to pick things up on a daily basis as you walk around the house don’t make it a chore.

Although that sounds like a huge pain it’s actually less work to do a little at a time instead of waiting until it’s a big mess.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the rest of your family mess but if you stop thinking of it as a chore and rather something you do as part of your daily routine it will make it less daunting.

It’s small habits like this that make you a more organized mom.

Use these Genius DIY Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People after you’re done picking up.

Use a Planner

Keep yourself organized with a Home Management Binder filled with everything a mom needs to stay focused and organized.

Use a binder or day planner to write down each day what you need to get done so you have a daily to-do list. This way you’ll have a focus for your day and you won’t forget tasks when it gets hectic.

I like to use Fantabulous Home Management Binder with 45 printables of everything a mom needs to stop the chaos at home and get organized. It has to-do lists, weekly planners, meal planners, cleaning schedules, grocery shopping lists, babysitting info, and even budget trackers.

Make your life less stressful by having everything in one place. No more searching for your to-do list, forgetting what you need to buy at the grocery store, or losing those pesky passwords. It’s all in the binder.

Get Organized at Home with this simple Home Management Binder. 45 Printouts of everything a mom needs to stop the chaos at home and get organized. Make your life less stressful by having everything in one place. #organizaiton #organized #moms

I keep my binder in my kitchen so that everything is in one place and I can stay organized. If you need a place to start your organization’s journey a simple day planner is a great place to begin.

Day Designers also have great planners with daily and weekly schedules. I love how pretty & functional they are! These beautiful planners were also featured in Elle, Vogue, HGTV, and Good House Keeping.

To-Do Lists

21 Free printable daily to do list and weekly to do list to plan out your list of tasks and get organized. You'll also find montly to do lists, productivity planner, blank to do list and work to do lists.

Write out the priority things you need to get done on a weekly, daily, or monthly to-do list. This is a great way to keep track of what you want to accomplish and it feels amazing to check things off when done.

Tip: Add a few small tasks so you can make sure to get at least one thing checked off every day. It will make you feel so much better!

Use these Free Printable To Do Lists to help you get started. There are 21 cute patterns to choose from.

Meal Planning

Make your weeknights less hectic by menu planning ahead of time what you’ll make for dinner. Sit down for 15 minutes once a week and plan out your weekly schedule for what you’ll eat every night of the week.

You’ll save money by not eating out as much and it will take the stress out of figuring out a last-minute meal.

Learn how to create a meal plan and weekly grocery store shopping list to help you save time and money.

Then make it an easy task with these Free Printables Meal Planners including weekly & monthly schedules, a family calendar of meals, grocery store lists, and more.

Grab your free printable Meal Planner to get yourself organized. Includes Weekly & Monthly meal planners, grocery shopping lists, brainstoming meal ideas list and more. Make weeknight meals less stressful with a weekly meal plan that will take you 15 minutes to set up.

Get Your Family Members To Help

Chores the kids can do to help you get organized at home.

Stop trying to do it all yourself! Yes, you can start picking things up as you go but an organized mom also gets her whole family to help.

Learn to delegate to get things organized at home. Especially that tornado-struck play area before your kid’s next play date. Or all those shoes and backpacks they leave by the front door. These are two easy areas young children & older kids can help clean.

Give your kids chores by age to do each day so that you get help around the house. Even little kids can pick up their toys or make their beds.

We use this cool magnetic chore chart on the fridge to organize all the weekly chores or activities.

Weekly Chores for Kids to help you get organized at home. An awesom magnetic board to keep track of all the kids chores.

Then create a before and after school routine, the kids can easily follow. It will help take the chaos out of your morning and afternoon hours with the kids.

Easy morning & afternoon routines with these Free Before School & After School Checklist printables. Easy to follow list to make the school year less stressful.

Rotate Items

If you have lots of knick-knacks you want to keep but don’t have room for consider doing a rotation. It’s an excellent way to keep all those sentimental items but not have them out all the time.

First, put your knick-knacks in groupings and box them away together.

Then choose one group to put out at a time and then rotate groups every couple of months. This will keep your tabletops & counters from being cluttered and looking messy.

Do this with toys too – Do your kids have too many toys but don’t want to get rid of any of them? Make a toy rotation too.

It will get items off your family room floor and make it easier to find the toys they do play with. Plus it’s less to pick up.

Bonus the kids will be so excited when a “new” box of toys comes out.

Save Money Organizing with Dollar Tree Organization Hacks and storage solutions.

Make a Weekly Cleaning Routine

Realistic Cleaning Checklist & schedule to get organized. A free printable checklist to help make cleaning your house less stressful. #cleaning #freeprintable #cleaningchecklist

Don’t get overwhelmed with having to clean all the rooms in your house. Break it down by room to make cleaning a more manageable task.

Organized moms have a weekly cleaning checklist they use to keep them on track each week.

Here is a free printable cleaning checklist you can use to get your cleaning routine started. You’ll also find a monthly & weekly cleaning schedule in the Home Management Binder.

It will feel great to check things off your list when you’re done!

Go Through Your Mail Right Away

Stop the Clutter by organizing your mail at home right when you get it. Use a divider to sort your bills and other mail. Keeping it off your counters will help make your house feel clutter free.

Don’t bring your mail in the house and throw it on the counter to sit for a week. Instead, as you come in from the mailbox sort out the junk mail and throw it away immediately.

Bonus if you can throw it in the recycling bin outside the house before junk mail even makes it into the house.

Organize what you’re going to keep right away. I use a small mail divider in the kitchen to sort out the mail and keep it neat.

When it’s time to find that bill or letter you received you’re not searching through piles of mail. This is much more efficient.

Organize Your Paperwork

Do you feel inundated by papers for your kid’s school, bills, medical visits, insurance, and personal papers?

Instead of waiting till it’s a huge task to organize put things in a file immediately when you’re done.

Create a filing system at home with either a small file box or a filing cabinet. Make files with the names of all your types of paperwork so you’re ready.

If this is all set up it makes it easier for you to just drop a bill in a file after you pay it. Resist the urge to leave it on a desk or countertop.

This step makes a huge difference in getting organized at home.

Not having paper clutter all over will make the house feel less chaotic.

If you want to eliminate all the files consider scanning your paperwork into the computer. Then you can shred all that paper and not have to file it or watch it clutter up your desk.

Finish Laundry Right Away

How Mom's can Get Organized at Home by keeping up with the laundry and 11 other habits of highly organized people.

Don’t do your laundry and let it sit in the dryer or basket. Fold it right away and get the task done. The longer you draw it out the more you’ll dread it.

Get the kids to help sort the socks, fold and put their clothes away too.

Or try my favorite – use it as an excuse to sit down and watch a show.

Finish the Dishes

Tips from Highly Organized Moms - Clean your dishes after every use and 11 smart Organizational Hacks for Home

Don’t let your dishes pile up and fill up your sink. Get in the habit of doing your dishes right after the meal is over.

You can also wash up while you’re cooking a meal when you finish using a bowl or pot. That way you have less to do when the meal is done.

Doing this will prevent you from having a huge overwhelming amount of dishes to do either at night or in the morning.

It will also keep your kitchen looking organized and clean.

Check out these Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks for more ways to get your kitchen under control.

If You Bring Items Home Put Them Away

When you bring something new home find a place for it right away. Don’t leave it sitting on the floor for days.

If you don’t have room for your new item figure out what you’re going to get rid of to make a new space.

Make sure it’s not another item that will clutter up your counter but instead something useful you need.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Weekly Home Cleaning Hacks from Highly Organized Moms. Clean out your refrigerator every week and 11 more smart Organizational hacks.

Once a week go through your fridge and clean out food that has gone bad or your not going to eat. That food just takes up space and makes it hard to find the food you do need when you’re cooking.

You can also check dates on food to see if things will be spoiling soon so you know what you need to use up and not waste that week.

Are you ready to be an organized Mom now? The main takeaway I hope is not to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything or trying to be the perfect mom.

Just adjust your mindset on how to be organized at home and focus on doing small daily tasks as part of your routine. In the long run, you’ll feel more on top of things in your home.

They’re small changes that once you get used to will help you become a highly organized person with much less stress.

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Free Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule to get you organized at home. Clean every room in your house without getting overwhelmed.

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