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Spooktacular Halloween Activities at Home for Kids

Spooktacular Halloween Activities at Home for Kids

It’s that time of year again to plan some spooky & fun Halloween activities at home for your kids. The Halloween season is such a fun time of year for the whole family. It’s all about make-believe, costumes, and enjoying family & friends. Plus there are Halloween parties, cool Halloween decorations, pumpkin carving, and more to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Let’s get you ready with fun Halloween ideas for kids of all ages to do at home and in your community. Use our list of favorite things to do at Halloween to help you plan an awesome October with your kids.

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Best Halloween Activities at Home for Kids & Families

Celebrate Halloween at Home with fun Halloween activities for kids. Find easy Halloween games, crafts, and spooky ideas to get your kids excited about Halloween. Plus free printable Halloween scavenger hunt, Halloween bingo, and Halloween charades for Halloween Parties or Family Game Nights. Everything you need to plan the best Halloween for your family.

Halloween is a great time of year to spend time with the kids. What I love about this holiday is there are no presents it’s just about enjoying all things Halloween & fall-related.

A great way to keep the Halloween excitement going all month is trying fun Halloween activites at home. But don’t worry our list only has easy Halloween activites to try because let’s be honest we are all so busy.

Look through the kid’s activities list and pick out a few to try this year. Who knows they may even become your new Halloween Tradition.

You can also use our Free Printable Fall Bucket List to help you plan your Halloween activities.

Get ready for fall with a free printable Fall Bucket List for Kids & Families. Fun things to do this fall at home and in your community. Plus Halloween activities to keep you busy all September and October.

If you want to stay more socially distanced this year check out How to Have a Fun Socially Distanced Halloween with Your Kids.

Favorite Halloween Games

Keep kids entertained at home with fun Halloween Games for Kids. Great for Halloween parties too!

The entire family can have fun playing Halloween games together. These are also great games for a fun Halloween party at home or at Halloween school parties.

Halloween Mystery Boxes

Halloween Mystery Boxes are a fun Halloween activity using sensory play for kids.

Create DIY Halloween Mystery boxes out of an old shoe box. They’re a play on a sensory box filled with spooky Halloween items. Kids will reach inside and try to figure out if it’s Zoombie Brains or spaghetti without looking inside the box.

My kids love trying these every year at home and I’ve used them at my kids school party too. It’s a simple way to add sensory play to a Halloween party.

Learn how to make a DIY Halloween Mystery Box

Game of Halloween Charades

free printable Halloween Charades Word List to make playing a game of charades easy at Halloween parties.

This is a great family game night idea. Split up into two groups and try to guess what Halloween word your teammate is trying to act out.

Use our free printable Halloween Charades word list to make this an easy game for home or parties.

Halloween Bingo

20 Spooky Halloween Bingo Cards & Calling Cards for classrooms & kids Halloween parties. These free printables are an easy Halloween game just print it out and play.

Play a fun game of Halloween bingo at home with the kids. Use these free printable Halloween Bingo Cards & Calling cards. Then use candy corn or candy pumpkins as your bingo markers.

Halloween Pumpkin Toss

Fun Halloween Game at home Pumpkin Toss

All you need are a few plastic pumpkins and plastic eyeballs or candy pumpkins to toss. Line up the plastic pumpkins in a long row and see how many plastic eyeballs the kids can toss into the pumpkins.

If you do this at a party give out small prizes like plastic spiders, rubber witches’ fingers, or Halloween candy.

Halloween Spider Races

Race Plastic Spiders across the table for a fun and easy Halloween game at home or at school parties.

Can you beat your family at racing a spider across the table? All you need to race are plastic spider rings with the ring part cut off, straws, and painter’s tape.

Use a long table or floor area and place a strip of painter’s tape to act as your finish line. Then kids will each take a spider and a straw.

When you say go they will blow air through the straw to push the spider towards the finish line. The first player to get the spider over the finish line wins.

I have used this game at school parties several times and it’s been a huge hit. It also works great at Halloween parties at home.

Tip: If you don’t want to put tape on your table you could also have the winner be the first spider to fall off the end of the table.

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe Game

Fun Halloween game of Tic Tac Toe with small pumpkins.

Create a DIY Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe game for the kids to play. Create a tick tac toe board on the table with painter’s tape or draw one on a big poster board.

Then get small pumpkins and paint an X or O on the pumpkins or some type of design to distinguish between players. Painting the pumpkins could be a craft to go along with the game before you play too.

You could also use small white pumpkins and small orange pumpkins to designate the player. Now use these pumpkins to play a game of Tic Tack Toe.

Witches Hat Toss

Fun Halloween Witch's Hat Toss Game for Kids to play at home or at parties.

This is a fun and easy game to make with paper plates and poster board. Create a witch’s hat from a black poster board by cutting out a circle for the bottom of the hat and shaping a larger piece into a cone. Then tape the bottom and cone together to create a hat.

Now take a paper plate and cut out the middle portion. This is what kids will toss to go over the witch’s hat.

That’s all you need to do to make a Witches Hat Toss perfect for a Halloween game at home or school party.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt for your Neighborhood.

Get your kids outside with a fun Neighborhood Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Head out on a walk through your neighborhood with our free printable Halloween scavenger hunt and see how many spooky items you can find.

If you want to make it a competition break up into groups and see who can return with the most items checked off their list by your preset end time.

Halloween Color by Number Worksheets

30 Free printable Halloween Color by Number worksheets to help kids with number recognition and fine motor skills. 30 pages to use as a classroom activity or at Halloween parties.

Get into the Halloween spirit with cute Color by Number Halloween Printables. There are 30 Free printable Halloween-themed coloring pages your kids will have a blast creating.

Free Printable Color by Number Halloween Pages

Halloween Party Ideas

Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

This is a great time to throw a Halloween celebration at your house. Kids love coming over to celebrate Halloween. Here are some cute ideas to have at your party.

  • Best Halloween Costumes Contest
  • Halloween Games (listed above)
  • Halloween coloring or Halloween crafts
  • Watch a Halloween Movie
  • Carve Pumpkins together

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Indoor & Outdoor Halloween Decorations ideas like this spooky graveyard.

Get into the Halloween spirit by decorating your house with a fun Halloween Theme. I love to create my own DIY Halloween decorations with Dollar Tree items. It’s super cute and no one knows how little you spent on the decorations.

-Add a large Spider web with a spider

-Hang adorable bats from the trees

-Place gravestones on your front lawn

-Put Jack-O-lanterns on the front steps

-Flashing Halloween lights for some spooky fun in your yard

-Hang a Halloween sign on your door or a large plastic Halloween door covering

-Drap Ghost Garland over the front door frame

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Create a cute fall table scape with a Halloween theme. Save money with items you can pick up at Dollar Tree.
Halloween Decorations for your dining room table.

Don’t forget to decorate the inside of your house too! Find ideas for indoor Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree too. It’s a great way to save money & decorate for the holidays.

-Put out cute Halloween Signs on your tables or counter

-Make a Vase filled with plastic pumpkins and gords.

Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas with Pumpkins and a Vase. Pick up plastic pumpkins and gourds at Dollar Tree and add them to a clear vase. Then place a cute Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving sign in front of the vase and your Fall table decorations are set. It's a cheap an simple fall décor idea any one can create.

-Create a table tray with real pumpkins and gords

Fun Fall centerpiece idea with pumpkins and dollar tree fake fall leaves. Cute and easy fall decor idea.

-Use fake spider webs to spread across a hallway or corner of a door opening with spiders hanging down.

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids & Families plus traditions to start this year.

Halloween Photo Shoot at Home

Create really fun family Halloween photos or videos to share on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Try this super cool Pumpkin Head Photo shoot idea that is the latest trend.

First, have your family carve pumpkins to look like a face. Then add some Halloween-colored smoke to the pumpkin for a spooky effect. Lastly, hold the pumpkin up like it’s your head. It turns out really cool!

Make sure to dress up in your Halloween costumes and pose with your Halloween decorations outside.

Haunted Gingerbread House

Fun Halloween Activity at Home for kids creating a Halloween Gingerbread house.

Gingerbread houses don’t just have to be for Christmas you can make a spooky Halloween Haunted House too. The whole family can decorate the house together and then use it as a Halloween decoration in your house. That is if the kids don’t eat it first (:

Halloween Bonfire & Scary Stories

Have a bonfire in your backyard and roast marshmallows while telling spooky ghost stories. Let everyone make up a Halloween story to tell. It could be scary or end up being pretty funny to hear the stories your kids create.

Outdoor Pumpkin Hunt

Use these plastic pumpkins for a Halloween Night time Scavenger Hunt

On Halloween Night Host a Night Time Pumpkin Hunt with mini plastic pumpkins and battery-operated tea lights. You can hide them all over the yard and then send the kids to find them. See who can bring back the most pumpkins.

If you want to do a Daytime pumpkin hunt do the same thing but instead of putting lights inside the pumpkins add Halloween candy. It’s just like an Easter egg hunt but for pumpkins instead.

Scary Movies – Halloween Movie Marathon

Make it a movie marathon with Scary Movies all night for Halloween.

Pick a night to stay in with the kids and have a Halloween-themed Movie Marathon. There are tons of fun Halloween movies for kids ranging from scary to cute. Here are some ideas:

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  • Ghostbusters
  • Toy Story Tower of Terror
  • Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus 2 coming to Disney+ Sept. 30th)
  • Beetlejuice
  • Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales – not a terrifying movie (:
  • The Adams Family
  • The Goonies

Pumpkin Carving

Have a blast as a family carving pumpkins for Halloween.

Visit your local pumpkin patches to find the best pumpkin. Then bring it home to carve into fun Halloween shapes. We like to use pumpkin carving stencils to help guide us while we are carving.

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

While you’re carving your pumpkins save the pumpkin seeds to roast. This is one of our family’s favorite Halloween traditions. I like this pumpkin seed recipe from

Bake Pumpkin Cookies

Easy Recipe for Pumpkin Cookies with only 3 ingredients. Super simple to make and they taste delicious. You'll love the smell of pumpkin in your kitchen this Fall. .

You’ll love the smell of pumpkin cookies baking in the oven as yummy Halloween treats.

Try this super easy recipe for Pumpkin Cookies with only 3 ingredients. The kids will love helping with these so make it into a fun fall kids activity.

Zoom Costume Party

Let the kids show off their costumes to family and friends who live far away at a Halloween Zoom Party. This is a great way to include the grandparents who can’t be in person to see the kids on Halloween night.

Get ideas on how to throw a zoom costume party in Fun Social Distancing Ideas for Halloween. Plus other safe Halloween activities to try if we need to stay inside again this October.

Don’t forget to decorate the wall behind where you sit on Zoom to give the call a party vibe. Even just hanging some black and orange streamers and a Halloween sign would be fun.

You’ve Been Booed

Use this free printable You've Been Booed Halloween Sign to leave a fun surprise treat at your neighbors house this Halloween.

A fun Halloween tradition to do with your neighbors is the You’ve Been Booed game. Families fill a cute Halloween bag with candy and leave it on their friend’s porch with a You’ve Been BOOED tag.

The family who receives it passes it forward by creating a gift bag of their own to leave on another friend’s porch.

It’s a fun surprise the kids in your neighborhood will love! Grab your Free Printable You’ve Been Booed Sign.

DIY Haunted Houses

Turn your living room into a haunted house by using the furniture to make a tent maze.

Throughout the maze add in some spooky skeletons, plastic spiders, bats, witches’ cauldron, and any other Halloween items you have at home. You can use cotton balls spread out as spider webs for kids to crawl through too.

This is a great alternative for younger children as the big haunted houses can be too scary.

Fun Halloween Crafts

Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids to try this Fall at home or at Halloween Parties.

Get the kids into the Halloween spirit with some fun Halloween crafts at home. It’s the perfect Halloween activity to keep your kids excited about the holiday.

Pumpkins – Let kids paint a paper plate orange when it dries glue on cut-out construction paper to make a nose and mouth then glue on googly eyes. Finish the top with a green stem.

Spiders – Make a large circle by wrapping two pipe cleaners for the body. Cut small legs out of a black pipe cleaner. Glue the pipe cleaners’ legs to the body of the spider.

Monsters & Bats – Wrap a paper towel or toilet paper roll with construction paper. Glue on google eyes and cut out construction paper shapes for the mouth, teeth, and crazy hair to make monsters. To make bats glue on construction paper wings.

Ghosts – Place a white napkin over a lollipop. Then tie a ribbon under the lollipop to make it look like a ghost. Use a marker to draw eyes and then tie up the ghost to hang from the ceiling.

Leaf Collage – Collect colorful leaves in your backyard or on a family walk. Then paste them to a large piece of construction paper to make a leaf collage.

Find cheap Halloween crafts at Dollar Tree too!

Halloween Books

Kids love to read Halloween Books to get into the Halloween spirit.

Add reading time to your Halloween fun! Go to the library or buy some fun Halloween books you can read together as a family or the kids can read on their own.

Fun Fall Kids Activities

Let’s get you a few more fun fall activities you can do with your kids this year. Check out our Holiday Page to find the latest ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

First Grab this Free Printable Fall Bucket List to give you inspiration for fun things to do this fall with kids.

Fun Fall Bucket list for kids and families to use all autumn long. Grab your Free printable today!

40 Awesome Things to Do in the Fall with Kids. Plan your whole fall season with the kids!

Find out How to Make Cheap Fall Decorations from Dollar Tree That Look Expensive.

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Don’t forget to get ready for Christmas too! 40 Fun Christmas Activities for Families and the Ultimate Printable Christmas Planner to get you organized for a stress-free holiday season.

I hope you have found a few fun Halloween activities at home to try with your kids this year. It’s such a great time of year for families to spend time together.

If you enjoyed these Halloween ideas get more family fun activities, easy weeknight meals, family travel ideas, and household hacks by joining the Happy Mom Hacks community weekly newsletter.

Bonus, you’ll get our free printable Halloween Bingo Cards to use at your next party or family game night.

20 Halloween Bingo Cards & calling cards for classrooms or Halloween parties. Grab your free Printable today.

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Plan the best Halloween with fun Halloween Activities at Home for Kids. Enjoy easy Halloween Games, Crafts, Movie Ideas, pumpkin carving, indoor & outdoor Halloween decoration ideas and more. Plus free printable Halloween Bingo, Charades & Scavenger Hunt. Make it a Halloween they won't forget!
Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids at Home or at Halloween Parties. Find easy & fun Halloween Games, crafts, ideas and decorations kids will love. Great ways to spend an unforgettable Halloween season with your kids.