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Don’t CXL Halloween! Fun Social Distancing Ideas for Kids 2022

Don’t CXL Halloween! Fun Social Distancing Ideas for Kids 2022

Halloween 2022 is going to be a little different again this year with the pandemic but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or you need to cancel. With a few precautions and some creative Halloween Social Distancing ideas and activities, it can still be a Halloween the kids can look forward to.

Create an unforgettable Halloween 2022 with cool Halloween activities, crafts, games & virtual party ideas. Follow along to find fun things to do at home and in your community safely this Halloween.

The best part is many of the Halloween activities you can continue to do after Covid and make them your new family Halloween traditions.

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Fun Halloween Social Distancing Ideas for Kids

How to Celebrate Halloween with your kids. Super fun Halloween Social Distancing Ideas, Activities & Game kids will love. Safe and family-friendly things to do this fall. Plus free printable Halloween Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts and You've Been Booed signs. Make this the best Halloween ever!

Let’s get you ready to have a fabulous Halloween in 2022! Look through our list of 15 Halloween kid’s activities your family can enjoy together. Find a few unique ways to celebrate this year with Halloween social distancing ideas your kids will love.

Make sure to also read 24 Spooktacular Halloween Activities at Home for kids for more unique ideas families love.

Go Big on Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween Yard Decorations. Make a huge display for Halloween 2021 while social distancing.

Get into the Halloween spirit this year with Halloween yard decorations. Embrace the tradition of decorating your house for Halloween. It’s an easy Halloween social distancing idea that will bring joy to the whole neighborhood.

Let the kids help you decorate your yard and make it a family affair. They’ll love getting outside and helping you set up your yard displays.

Create a big Graveyard, spooky figures, Halloween blowups, giant spider webs, and fun Halloween signs.

Get your neighborhood to hold a contest for who has the best front yard Halloween displays. All the neighborhood kids will love taking walks by your house.

Don’t forget to decorate the inside of your house too! If you don’t have time to shop try Decocrated a cool decor subscription box that sends you 6-8 cute holiday decorations 4 times a year. So you don’t have to shop it just arrives at your door!

Save Money with our Fall Decorations from Dollar Tree.

Head to Your Local Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch - Fun Halloween tradition you can continue as a social distancing Halloween activity.

Let the kids put on masks and head to your local outdoor pumpkin patch to find a great pumpkin this year. This is a tradition you don’t have to give up.

Carve Jack O Lanterns

Cool Jack O'Lanterns pumpkins to decorate this Halloween with Kids.

Get more creative this year with your pumpkin carvings. You can use traceable pumpkin stencils to create fun faces and scenes on your pumpkins. Put them out on your porch before Halloween to show off your cool creations.

Organize a Neighborhood Parade

A socially distanced Halloween Parade for kids. How to make it work for Halloween 2021 & let the kids show off their Halloween costumes.

Another fun Halloween social distancing idea is hosting a Halloween Parade. Let the kids show off their costumes this year just more spaced out.

Kids and parents can put on their costumes and walk down the sidewalk spaced out from other families. Have the neighbors come out on their porches to cheer on the parade.

Don’t forget to pick up fun Halloween Costumes for your kids. We found a great Halloween discount site we love and you might too. See if Halloween Costumes has that cool costume your kids really want this year!

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Play Halloween Bingo

20 Spooky Halloween Bingo Cards & Calling Cards for classrooms & kids Halloween parties. These free printables are an easy Halloween game just print it out and play.

Play a fun family game of Halloween Bingo with your kids. You can all play together by placing your cut-out bingo pictures in a bowl and calling them out for everyone to mark down.

It’s also an easy game to socially distance if you need a school party game.

Grab our FREE Printable Halloween Bingo Game Cards

Pumpkin Walk

Create a Pumpkin Walk this Halloween with Neighbors by putting out pumpkins for all your neighbors to walk by and see.

Another great way to get your neighbors involved is to organize a pumpkin walk. The week of Halloween have everyone in your neighborhood carve pumpkins and put them out on their front porches.

Then take family walks through your neighborhood to look at everyone’s pumpkin creations.

Or host a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. Use this free printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt to inspire items for your neighbors to put in their yard displays.

Families can walk around or drive on their own searching for the items in the yard displays.

Free Printable Neighborhood Halloween Scavenger Hunt for kids.

Have a Family Game Night

Enjoy a night at home playing fun family games together. You kids will have a blast!

Make some yummy Halloween treats and fun dinner to make it a whole night of fun.

You’ll find tons of ideas in our Favorite Family Game Nights or Elementary School Classroom Party Games (these work for home too)

Don’t have time to plan a family game night? No problem make it easy with our Complete Family Game Night Planner with a full year of monthly game nights already planned for you. Just print it out and you’re ready to play!

Check it out and see if the Family Game Night Planner is for you!

Plan an Awesome Family Game Night with a printable game planner. Everything you need from 12 months of game ideas, to meal and snack ideas, prizes and more. Reconnect with your kids with a fun and easy family game night!

Virtual Zoom Halloween Party

Halloween Zoom Games for a Virtual Halloween Party with Kids. Don't' forget to add Halloween decorations to your background. Find out how fun a virtual party can be!

Don’t miss out on Halloween parties this year host a virtual party on Zoom. The kids will love celebrating with their friends and showing off their costumes online. Then play a few fun Zoom Games to keep kids entertained.

Older Kids – Use Halloween-themed words to play games like Charades and Pictionary and Halloween-themed questions in a round of Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader.

Younger kids – Create a fun virtual scavenger hunt finding items around their house. The first one back with the item wins the round.

Scavenger Hunt ideas – Find things that are orange, pumpkins, a witch, a piece of candy, a cat, something spooky, etc. Find more ideas in our Zoom Scavenger Hunts to do online with your friends.

Don’t forget to decorate the background of your Zoom view to add to the fun. Put up Halloween signs on the wall behind you or hang ghosts or witches from the ceiling. The kids will enjoy helping you with this too.

Take a look at our Games to Play on Zoom with Kids to get more game ideas.

15 Halloween Social Distancing Ideas & Activities for Kids. You can still have an unforgettable Halloween 2020 with these unique & fun ways to celebrate.  Decorating your yard, You've Been Booed signs, Zoom Games for virtual Halloween parties and more. Make this a great Halloween for your kids! #halloween2020 #virtualhalloween #socialdistancing #kids #halloweenparty #activitiesforkids #halloweengames

Fun Halloween Masks

Embrace the masks for social distancing with cool Halloween masks to wear during the month of October. Make sure they’re not too scary.

Social Distanced Trick or Treating

How to Socially Distance for Trick or Treating on Halloween 2021.

This year going to strangers’ houses to trick or treat might not work. Instead, talk to families in your circle you feel comfortable with about leaving candy out on their porch for your kids.

Instead of a bowl to dig through lay the candy out flat on a tray. Another fun idea is to add the candy to your Halloween Yard display. Then invite one family at a time to hunt for candy in your yard.

With Halloween falling on Sunday this year you’ll have more time in the day to space out-groups. Then trade-off with other families so your kids get to find candy in their yards too.

You could also place small Halloween goody bags on the yard display and let kids know they could find one to take home.

We did this in 2020 and it was so much fun! The kids loved picking a bag off the tree.

Pick up clothes pins at Dollar Tree and click goody bags to a small tree, bush, a large board you create, or yard display.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Tree Ideas. Fun Halloween decorations to give out candy socially distanced.

If you don’t have a tree to hang the candy on add the candy to a potted plant by your door outside. Last year I made this cute Halloween tree I picked up at Target but I also found cute ones on Amazon.

The kids loved it so I am going to trying it again this year. It’s also a great way to leave candy out for trick or treaters when you are out trick or treating with your own kids.

To hang the candy just punch a hole in the candy wrapper. Then spread out some webbing to make it seem spooky. Leave it at the end of your driveway and kids can walk up and grab candy.

Instead of candy consider giving out pencils or small Halloween party favors parents can wipe down before the kids play with it.

It’s not exactly the traditional trick or treating but it will let kids wear their costumes, go outside and get candy. The kids will love it!

Make sure to find that awesome Halloween costume your kids want to wear this year too. We’ve found all our kid’s favorites at Halloween a great Halloween discount site.

Glow in the Dark Halloween Hunt

Backyard Halloween Pumpkin Hunt. Fun family Halloween game in your backyard.

Fun Halloween social distancing ideas to do at home is to create a Halloween hunt in your backyard.

Pick up small plastic pumpkins like the ones shown above. Throw in a glow bracelet and a piece of candy.

Have the kids go out at night and search for the glowing pumpkins in your backyard. This would be really fun on Halloween night too.

You’ve Been Booed

FREE Printable You've Been Booed Sign. Great Halloween Activity for your whole neighborhood.
Click for Free Printable

A fun Halloween tradition you can still do is the You’ve Been Booed game. Families fill a cute Halloween bag with candy and leave it on their friend’s porch with a You’ve Been BOOED tag. The family who receives it passes it forward by creating a gift bag of their own to leave on another friend’s porch.

This is usually done anonymously but this year I would let the parents know you are going to do this to make sure they’re comfortable. It can still be an exciting surprise for the kiddos!

Get our Free Printable You’ve Been BOOED Sign

Halloween Movie Night

Family Movie Night Ideas for Halloween Activities.

Make it a fun family night in with a Halloween movie night. Pop some popcorn and enjoy some Halloween candy while you watch.

Family Halloween Movie Ideas: Hocus Pocus, Toy Story Terror, The Adams Family, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Scooby-Doo, Gremlins, Hotel Transylvania, Casper, Mickie’s House of Villians

Fall Foliage Drive

Fall Foliage Drive to enjoy watching the changing of the leaves. Perfect fall activity for families.

Take a family drive to see the leaves change. Head to your local state park or National Park and take in the beauty of fall. Make it a full day with a fun family hike through the forest.

Kids can collect leaves and make rubbings or a collage when they get home. Just place the leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over the outline to create your rubbing.

Find out when the leaves will change on the Farmer’s Almanac Fall Foliage Predictor.

Halloween Gingerbread House or Donut Kits

Celebrate Halloween at home with a Halloween themed Gingerbread kit or cookie kit. #halloween #kids #kidsactivitiy #familyactivity #halloweengingerbread

Add some fun with a Halloween-themed Gingerbread kit to make together as a family. Or reach out to your local Donut shop and see if they make Donut kits for Halloween.

The kids will love putting on their own frosting and decorations.

Halloween Mystery Boxes

Halloween Mystery Boxes or Sensory Boxes are a hilarious Halloween game for kids. Find out how easy they are to make at home. #halloween #mysterboxes #sensorybox #halloweengames #halloweenactivity #kids

Kids will be in stitches guessing what is inside these Halloween Mystery Boxes.

Is it brains, witches’ fingers, guts, monster teeth, or spiders? Let them feel around inside the box and squeal as they feel what’s in there.

The Mystery boxes are super easy to make with a tissue box and a couple of ingredients you have at home like grapes, spaghetti, and candy corn.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts the kids will love. Fun make at home craft ideas for kids with a Halloween theme. #halloweencrafts #kidscrafts #craftideas #halloweenactivities #kidsactivities

Get the kids into the Halloween spirit with some fun Halloween crafts at home.

Pumpkins – Let kids paint a paper plate orange. When it dries glue on cut-out construction paper to make eyes, nose, and mouth. Finish the top with a green stem.

Spiders – Make a large circle by wrapping two pipe cleaners for the body. Cut small legs out of a black pipe cleaner. Glue the pipe cleaners’ legs to the body of the spider.

Monsters & Bats – Wrap a paper towel or toilet paper roll with construction paper. Glue on google eyes and cut out construction paper shapes for the mouth, teeth, and crazy hair to make monsters. To make bats glue on construction paper wings.

Ghosts – Place a white napkin over a lollipop. Then tie a ribbon under the lollipop to make it look like a ghost. Use a marker to draw eyes and then tie up the ghost to hang from the ceiling.

Leaf Collage – Collect colorful leaves in your backyard or on a family walk. Then paste them to a large piece of construction paper to make a leaf collage.

Find cheap Halloween crafts at Dollar Tree too!

Halloween Food

Yummy Cake Mix Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Super easy to make and they taste delicious. You'll be craving them all Fall.. #pumpkincookies #cakemixcookies #easydessert #halloweencookies #thanksgivingcookies

Food always makes a holiday special. This Halloween create some yummy dishes together with a Halloween & Fall theme. Turn it into a family activity by letting the kids help too.

Pumpkin Cookies – Let the kids help you mix these easy Cake Mix Pumpkin Cookies with only 3 ingredients. You’ll be craving them all fall.

Oreo Balls – This no-bake dessert is super easy to create and fun for the kids to decorate. Use the Oreo Balls outside candy layer to make different colors and add decorations for Halloween.

Mummy Hot Dogs – Wrap a hot dog in Pillsbury crescent rolls that you cut into thin strips to look like a mummy.

Leave a space between the strips to look like bandages. Place candy eyes at the top of the face.

Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Quesadilla – Turn a regular quesadilla into a Halloween dinner by using a knife to cut out a pumpkin face on the top tortilla.

Halloween Pasta – Turn your pasta green with a little food dye and have it spilling out of hollowed-out orange bell pepper.

Make spaghetti and eyeball meatballs. To make eyeballs cut up cheese sticks and add a round piece of black olive on top.

More Fall Family Activities

Enjoy all of Autumn with an exciting family Halloween activity every weekend.

Get outside and build a scarecrow, jump in the leaves, go apple picking, and more. Indoors play family games with pumpkin bowls, pumpkin toss bean bags, and Left Center Right with Halloween candy.

24 Spooktacular Halloween Activities at Home for Kids – More fun ways to celebrate Halloween with your family.

Get inspired with our 40 Awesome Fall Activities for Kids to try this year.

Use this Free Printable Fall Bucket List to keep track of what you want to do this year.

Be ready for Christmas this year too24 Christmas Activities for Families while Social Distancing & Minute to Win It Christmas Games for Families.

I hope these Halloween Social Distancing Ideas have gotten you excited about celebrating Halloween with your kids. Don’t let Covid-19 keep you from having an amazing Halloween. Use these fun Halloween activities for kids to make great memories for your family this year.

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Bonus, you’ll get our FREE printable Halloween Bingo Cards for Kids to play at home or school parties.

20 Halloween Bingo Cards & calling cards for classrooms or Halloween parties. Grab your free Printable today.

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