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Cheap Homeschool Room Organization & Remote Learning Ideas

Cheap Homeschool Room Organization & Remote Learning Ideas

Are you looking to create a productive space at home for your kids to learn? Our cheap homeschool room organization & remote learning ideas will turn your dining room table or desk area into the perfect e-learning or homeschool space.

To get our kids to focus on schoolwork at home we turned our dining room table into an efficient space. We saved money with organizational supplies from Dollar Tree and a few from Amazon. Once we did this it was amazing home much more productive our kids were.

A dedicated homeschool room or after-school homework space can really make all the difference and it’s easy to do with just a few homeschool supplies. Get inspired by our DIY tips to transform your space into a fun learning environment for the kids.

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Cheap Homeschool Room Organization & Remote Learning Ideas

Easy & Cheap Homeschool Room Organization Ideas at home. Turn your dinning room into a homeschool space with these budget friendly dollar tree homeschool supplies. Make a productive learning space at home.  #homeschool #homeschoolroom #organization #homeschoolspace

Homeschool Room

Decide what space you would like to make into your homeschool room. It can be done in just a small area like a desk, dining room table, or an extra room in your home you can convert.

It would be best if the area can be kept as a dedicated homeschool space. This will help the kids focus better. At the bottom, I have pictures of how I put all these homeschool supplies together to create our learning space.

Storage Idea & Solutions

We like to keep things organized on the table or desk area with storage bins from Dollar Tree.

Use a larger tray to store workbooks for the day.

Storage Ideas for Homeschool Rooms

We are loving these smaller containers that you can write on with dry-erase markers. Perfect to hold the books their reading and lets each child know which bin is theirs.

Book bins to keep school books organized at home.

Get all your pencils, pens, markers and scissors organized on the desk. We like to use this Dollar Tree caddy that has four sections to organize everything.

Dollar Tree Pencil Caddy to get kids organized for school work at home.

A pencil box is a good option if you don’t have a permanent space for homeschooling. It will allow you to keep things organized when packing everything up for the night.

Pencil Case for Homeschool and E-learning spaces at home.

If you just need a few pencils or pens try these little trays that come in a pack of two at Dollar Tree.

Keep pencils & pens organized with these Dollar Tree holders.

To keep calculators or smaller items use these little bins for your desk area.

Small bin to hold kids school items.

Bookshelves are a great way to hold all of these storage bins if you don’t want to use a tablespace. Easily turn a bookshelf into a storage area for all your homeschool supplies. Use the bins above to put all your supplies in to give the kids easy access to everything they need.

Organizing a homeschool room with a simple books shelf and bins from Dollar Tree.

Storage Drawers can also be used to hold books and school items. You can organize these by learning subjects or categories like pencils or notepaper.

Storage Drawers to organize Homeschool supplies and get your homeschool room set up.  #homeschool #organization

Find a complete list of all the Homeschool Supplies you’ll need to start your year.

Organize Your Day

I like to use a to-do list for the kids to do their daily work. It keeps us on task and the kids love to check things off once accomplished. I’ve tried both paper to-do list and a magnet board both work its just your personal preference.

Use a daily schedule to keep your family on task each day. Try our free printable Daily Homeschool Schedule as a guide to create your own family schedule.

Our newest purchase is our huge refrigerator magnet to-do list. I like that it lists out the whole week and has the grid lines for me to write. Plus it comes with magnetic dry erase markers that don’t leave marks when you erase.

Weekly To Do List Magnet to get kids organized at home

At Dollar Tree you can find smaller magnetic dry erase boards and to do list to hang up.

Dollar Tree Magnetic To do Lists to help organize homeschool rooms.

You can also go with a paper option. We converted these paper Chore Chars from Dollar Tree into our weekly to-do list. Kids like using the stickers that come with it to mark off what they accomplished.

Chore Charts & To Do list for Kids from Dollar Tree.

I would suggest the paper to-do list with stickers for younger kids and the whiteboard for older kids.

Free Printable Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids. Make homeschool stress-free with this easy to follow schedule. #homeschool #freeprintable #dailyschedule

Bulletin Board

Hang up a Bulletin Board with educational charts, reminders of reading tips, and writing tips for the kids to look at while they work.

Cool Bulletin Boards for organizing homeschool rooms.

You could also do a bulletin board that is split with a whiteboard on one side and bulletin board on the other side.

Charging Station

Create a charging station area for the iPads or other electronic devices your kids will be using. Here are the two we like.

Library Area

Keep the kids reading by adding an easy to see front-facing bookshelf area. I find if the books are facing forward they are more likely to pick out a book independently.

Front Facing Bookshelf Ideas for Kids rooms.
Budget Friendly Homeschool Room Set Up ideas. Easy organization ideas to help kids learn from home. Turn your dinning room or desk area into your homeschool space with these easy tips and homeschool supplies. #homeschool #homeschoolroom #organization #homeschoolspace

Homeschool Rooms

We have created two spaces for our kids to get school work done at home.

Dinning Room Table Set up

We use our dinning room table to make a work station for each child with everything they need to work.

How to Set Up Dinning Room Table Homeschool & E-learning spaces.

Desk Set Up

Our older son likes to work without as much distraction and prefers to work at a desk in his room. We use just a few bins from his desk and if he needs anything else he can get it from the bookshelf.

I hope these cheap homeschool room organization ideas will inspire you to create a remote learning space in your home. With all the upcoming changes in schools, this year and more and more kids doing school work at home having their own designated space to do e-learning or homeschool will really make a difference.

Educational Resources

If you’re still at the beginning of your homeschooling journey make sure to read our guide on How to Start Homeschooling Your Kids. With everything you need to know before you start.

To help make homeschooling or remote learning easier use our Homeschool resource page. We share our favorite Educational Apps and Websites and Free Homeschool Resources, Curriculum, and Printable to use at home too. Everything from math to literature and science. Plus some virtual field trip ideas.

Also, be ready for the school year with a complete list of homeschool supplies you’ll need with everything from pencils to laminators.

Help your kids get the wiggles out with Remote Learning Brain Break Activities for kids. You’ll be amazed at how much a quick energy busting break can do to help kids refocus on school work.

Get more fun activities for kids, STEM experiments, and kids crafts on our Kids Activity Page. Boredom Buster Ideas to keep kids entertained at home.

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Bonus you’ll get our free printable daily homeschool schedule for kids to make your day organized and stress-free.

Free Printable Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids. Make homeschool stress-free with this easy to follow schedule. #homeschool #freeprintable #dailyschedule

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Easy Remote Learning Set Up Ideas at home. How to make a classroom learning area to keep your kids productive while e-learning at home. Budget friendly ideas from Dollar Tree with homeschool supplies they'll need. Plus how to convert your dinning room table or desk area. Make this a great year! #remotelearning #homeschoolrooms #elearning #remotelearningsetupideas #organization #kids #remoteschool
Easy Homeschool & Remote Learning Set Up Ideas & Spaces. Organize a space at home to encourage learning with these easy & cheap ideas to convert your dinning room table or desk area for kids at home. Help kids be productive while doing their school work. #organizing #homeschoolrooms #remotelearning #homeschoolspaces #kids #school

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