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How To Be Organized for School This Year|Freebie Printables

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Are your kids back in school and you’re feeling a little crazed and disorganized? The mornings are a mad dash to get out of the house and the afternoons are a rush to get to all the kids’ activities. This is how it is for me and I realized I need to figure out how to be organized for school so we didn’t all lose our minds.

I got organized by creating checklists with everything they needed to bring to school and after school activities. Then I set out to plan easy after school snacks and weeknight dinners so it would be one less this to worry about during those hectic afternoons. These little changes have made a huge difference in the stress level in our house and I am hoping they’ll help you, too. Are you ready to learn how to be organized and grab your freebie printable checklists? 

How be Organized for school & home. Tips for Kids, students and moms. Back to school organization tips to have your days be stress free. Free printable morning checklists, quick after school snacks and family dinners. Easy chores and everything else to organize your families afternoons.  #organization #organizationaltips #familytips #kids #backtoschool #backtoschoolorganization

Get Organized with these Freebie Printable Checklists  

With the chaos of family life, it’s hard to remember everything the kids need to pack in their school bags and for after school activities. I created these checklists to make it easier to remember what the kids need to pack. Each of my kids is responsible for checking the list before they leave to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. Not having to remember everything in my head has been a game-changer for us.

I am attaching three freebie printables I use for my home. You will find one simple before school checklist and one that has more detail – decide which will work best for your family. You will also see the freebie activity printable for all after school activities. I also left blank lines so you can customize it to your family’s needs. I suggest you hang these up where the kids pack their backpacks.

Click on the picture below for your free download.

How to Get Organized for School - Before School Freebie Printable Checklist
How to be Organized for School - Freebie Printable Kids Activity Checklist

Organize Your Pantry for Easy School Lunches & Snacks 

The next step in the morning is getting lunches and snacks packed for school. To make this easier, I organized my pantry and refrigerator so the kids can help pack their own school lunch and grab their own school snack. This also made it easier for the kids to get their own after school snack, too. Check out these simple pantry organization ideas to encourage your kids to be more self-sufficient. It was a quick change that made a huge difference in our day.  

Delicious & Quick After School Snacks

When the kids come home starving after school, be ready with these easy and delicious after school snacks. I have two quick snack recipes my kids love and as a bonus, they are also healthy! Both are no-bake recipes so whip them up the night before and you’ll be set for the next day. The first recipe is for my Peanut Butter Energy Balls and the second is for my Apple Slice Cookies (not really a cookie). Check them both out and see if your kids will love them, too. 

Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist. Be organized and prepared for your next kids party with free printable. Timeline set for your whole to do list. #freeprintable, #checklist, #partyplan, #birthdayparty

Easy Weeknight Dinners

I have found after school activities make it a lot harder to have a healthy family meal each night. You really have very little time to cook and squeeze in meals between activities. This rushing to get food on the table was stressing me out and I was making way too many frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets. So, I decided I needed some quick and easy weeknight dinners for when we are in a hurry. Here are some of my go-to meal ideas that I hope will also help you out.

Rotisserie Chicken Dinners

You Bought a Rotisserie Chicken Now What? Turn that leftover Rotisserie Chicken into one of these 10 easy family meals. Learn how to make these quick recipes for your next busy weeknight dinner. Your kids will love them!

What could be faster than picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner? The chicken is already cooked which is a huge time saver and there are so many ways to make it into a delicious meal. Check out these 10 Simple & Quick Rotisserie Chicken Dinners and get inspired for your next meal.

25 Easy Family Dinner Ideas

How to organize you back to school meals with 25 Easy Family Dinner Ideas kids and moms will love. #easymeals #dinnerideas #mealplan #quickmeals

Are you and your family in a dinner rut? Then use this list of 25 Easy Family Dinner Ideas to keep things fresh each night. You’ll find a variety of quick meals that your kids will actually eat!

Sheet Pan Dinners

Sheet Pan Dinners are a quick weeknight meal. Try this Suasage and Potatoes meal this week.

I love a good sheet pan dinner! You just throw everything on a sheet pan into the oven and you are free to do other things while your meal cooks. Plus, it’s only one pan to clean at the end of the night. Our favorite Sheet Pan Dinner has sausage, potatoes, and veggies. Use this recipe as a base and adjust it to the tastes of your family.

Teriyaki Chicken Crockpot Dinner

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Recipe. An Easy Dump and Go recipe your whole family will love! Find out how to make two dinners from one batch. #crockpot #easymeals #familydinner #chicken #teriyakichicken

This dump and go crockpot recipe for Teriyaki Chicken couldn’t be easier. Just throw all the ingredients into the crockpot, turn it on, and your meal will be ready for you at dinner time. Find out two ways to serve this chicken in my Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken Recipe. Bonus, it makes enough leftovers for a second dinner that week.

How Kids Chores Can Help De-Stress Your Afternoons

Easy Chore Charts for Kids. Get Free printable Chore charts by age. Find tips on how to get your kids to do chores without whining! #chorecharts #kids #parentingtips #chores

At the end of the day, there are so many things to get done that it can be overwhelming. Get some help around the house on busy weeknights from your kids. Kids can help set the table, pick up toys, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, and complete other small tasks around the house. Having them help with simple tasks will teach the kids responsibility and help you out. Get a list of Fun Age Appropriate Chores and a freebie printable Chore Chart.

I hope this article has taught you how to be organized for school with your kids. You’ve got freebie printable checklists for mornings and after school activities, pantry organization ideas, after school snacks, quick weeknight meals, and easy chores for kids. All of these together should help make your life a little easier and a lot less stressful.

Do you have something that helps you get organized for school? Please share it in the comments to help us all learn from each other.

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Back to School Organization Ideas for Moms and kids. How to plan your morning routine, quick after school snacks, kids lunches & dinner ideas. Free Printable morning routine checklist. Plus how to organize your kitchen to have the kids help pack their lunch and school snack.  All the ideas you need for an easy school year! #backtoschool #organization #organizationformoms #organizationaltips #morningroutine #backtoschoolorganization
Free Printable Morning routine & After school activity Checklists for kids and moms. Plus how to get organized at home to make back to school a stress free time. Easy kitchen organization for school lunches and snacks too! Make this an easy school year. #freeprintable #printable #organization #morningroutine  #backtoschoolorganization
Free Printables Checklist for Kids. Perfect morning routine checklist for before school and an after school activity Checklist. Learn how to be organized for school this year and have a stress free year.  #freeprintables #printables #morningroutine #kids #parentingtips #backtoschool #backtoschoolorganization

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