Kids Activities & Games

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Are you sick of hearing the kids say I’m Bored? Keep the kids busy and happy with our fun family games & activities. Get inspired by these entertaining games, crafts, and activities for kids.

All are screen-free activities kids will love. You’ll find indoor activities that are perfect for rainy days at home. Plus fun outdoor games and activities when you want the kids to play outside. Everything you need to keep them busy on school breaks and the long summer months.

The sections are broken up by Games & Activities, Science Experiments, Crafts for Kids, and Educational Activities at Home.

Games & Activities

20 Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids

20 Easy Minute to Win it Games for Kids. Entertaining games for birthday parties, group events or for School & classroom parties. Find tips to adapt games for the holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day too. Get ready to plan the best party! #minutetowinit #kidsparty #games #schoolparties #minutetowinitgames

Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids and Indoor Games

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids at Home. Find Boredom Busters for Summer, After School, Rainy Days or school closing due to Coronavirus. Quick and fun kids games you can easily put together and keep them entertained all afternoon. #kidsactivities #kidsgames #indoorgames #kids #activities

30 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Fun Things to do in the Winter with Kids. 30 best Outdoor winter activities Kids will love at home & in your area.

Fun & Easy Snow Painting Winter Activity for Kids

How to Make Snow Paint for a fun Winter Activity for Kids. They'll love snow painting new creations on their next Snow day.

15 Awesome Balloon Games for Kids at Parties & Indoors on Rainy Days

Fun Balloon Party Games for Kids to play indoors & outdoors. 15 cheap balloon games to play kids will love.

Best Family Game Night Ideas & Tips

Plan the best family game night with fun ideas, games to play and tips.

10 Cool Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes

10 Things to Make out of Cardboard Boxes. Fun cardboard craft ideas and toys kids will love playing with at home.

Staying At Home? 20 Fun Indoor Activities & Games for Kids

Energy Busting Indoor Activities for Kids at Home. Fun games to play when your stuck inside to keep kids off screens and playing all day long. Use these easy DIY activities for kids and enjoy a family day at home. #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #indoorgame #screenfreeactivities #familygames

Cheap & Fun Family Bonding Activities at Home

Cheap Family Bonding Activities at Home. Spend quality times with kids connecting through fun family activities, games & crafts. Find easy & quick things to do with kids you can fit into your busy life. Start now and build a better connection with your kids. #familybonding #familytime #familyactivities #familygames #familynight #kidsactivities #quilitytime #kidsathome

15 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids

Best Family Games to Play on Zoom. Kids will love these virtual game ideas to play with friends and family through Zoom or Facetime. Stay connected and have fun while we are all stuck at home. #zoomgames #gamesonzoom #familygames #gamesforkids #virtualgames

DIY Hallway Laser Maze – Indoor Activity for Kids

Easy DIY Hallway Laser Maze for Kids. Fun indoor activity for kids on cold or rainy days. If you stuck inside this is the perfect energy busting game for kids. Find out how simple it is to make a laser maze with streamers & tape. #lasermaze #hallwaymaze #rainyday #indoorgame #indooractivites #kidsactivities #obstaclecourse

60 Fun & Free Things to Do With Kids Screen Free

Free Things to Do with Kids at Home on the weekends, summer and rainy days. Find fun indoor and outdoor games that will keep the kids busy & happy and off electronics. Best part these kids activities will not cost you a thing! #kidsactivities #thingstodowithkids #freethingstodo #kidsgames #indoorgames #outdoorgames #kids

Easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids from Dollar Tree

Easy Outdoor Games for Kids - DIY backyard games from Dollar Tree. Keep kids entertained at home with fun water balloon games, chalk games, obstacle course, Frisbee golf and more. Boredom Busting Games they'll want to play over and over. #outdoorgames #kidsactivities #backyardgame #kidsgames #kidsboredombuster

31 Days of Boredom Busting Indoor Games for Kids – Free Printable Activity Calendar

Fun Indoor Games to Entertain the kids at Home. Free Printable with 31 Days of boredom busting kids activities. Prefect for school cancellations, summer months and rainy days. #indoorgames #kidsactivities #gamesforkids #entertainmentathome

36 Things to Do When Your Kids Are Bored – Free Printable to Make Your Own I’m Bored Jars

Free Thing to Do with Kids when your stuck at home. Fun Indoor & Outdoor activity ideas all on a free printable. Clip them out and put in an I'm Bored Jar. A fun way to keep the kids & happy at home. #indooractivities #outdooractivities #thingstodowithkids #thingstodoathome #kids #boredjar

Fun Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Nature, Neighborhood & Teen Hunts – Free Printables

Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids. Outdoor free printables Nature, Neighborhood and Teen Scavenger Hunts to keep them busy for hours. Make your next walk with the kids fun and exciting. #scavengerhunt #scavengerhuntideas #nature #teens #neighborhoodhunt

Fun Outdoor Chalk Games for Kids

Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids. An easy kids activity for your sidewalk or driveway to keep kids entertained for hours. Keep the kids active outside and off the electronics. #chalkgames #kidsactivities #outdoorgamesforkids #kidsgames #sidewalkchalk

Super Easy Summer Camp at Home Ideas, Themes & Activities

How to Make a Summer Camp at Home with easy Ideas, themes, schedules, camp activities and more. You'll learn how to make summer fun at home with kids.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids with Water Toys

Fun Outdoor Water Activities for Kids in your backyard. Stuck at home this summer? Stay cool with these awesome water toys they'll love so much they won't miss the pool. #watertoys #outdooractivitiesforkids #wateractivitiesforkids #outdoorgames #kidsactivities #summer

Science Experiments for Kids

Cool Ice Balloons Science Experiments for Kids

How to Make Ice Balloons. A fun science experiment at home for kids.

How to Make a Volcano at Home in 3 Easy Steps

How to make a Volcano Science Experiment for kids at home. Just 3 easy steps with items you have in your house. All you need is a jar, baking soda, dish soap, food dye and vinegar. Kids will be in awe and want to do it over and over again. #scienceexperiment #stem #volcano #kidsscience #kidsactivity

Cool DIY Cardboard Marble Run Ideas for Kids

DIY Cardboard Marble Run Ideas for Kids

Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice – Science Activity for Kids

Fun Science Activity for Kids - Dinosaur Frozen Eggs to make at home. DIY science experiment for Preschool kids to elementary kids. All you need is balloons, mini dinosaurs and water. Kids will love trying to melt these dinosaurs eggs and discovering the what's inside. #dinosaurseggs #scienceexperiment #scienceactivity #frozeneggs #frozendinosaureggs

Rain Cloud in a Jar A Fun Science Experiment for Kids

Cool Science Experiment for Kids at Home - Rain Cloud in a Jar. Teach kids about rain with shaving cream and food dye. The kids will be in awe of this super simple science experiment. #scienceathome #scienceexperiment #raincloudinajar #shavingcream

Crafts for Kids

Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies- Kids Craft Idea

Easy Coffee Filter Butterflies Craft for kids. Make these pretty butterfly crafts with items you have at home. All you need is coffee filters, markers, water and clothespins or pipe cleaners. Then use your imagination to make beautiful butterflies at home. #kidscraft #craftforkids #coffeefilterbutterflies #butterflycraft

Easy Cardboard Butterfly Craft Ideas for Kids – Recycled Art Project

Easy Butterfly Craft Activity for Kids with Cardboard Boxes and tissue paper. An easy recycled art project for home or school.

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas & Shadow Art for Kids

Fun Shadow Art & Chalk Drawing Ideas for kids. A cool outdoor activity using your kids favorite toys silhouette. Enjoy art projects outside on a sunny day. An entertaining kids activity. #shadowart #shadowartideas #chalkdrawings #outdooractivitiesforkids #kidsactivities

Painting with Bubbles – Fun Bubble Art for Kids

Easy Bubble Painting Art for Kids. A fun kids craft with bubbles, paint or food dye. Quick to make for kids of all ages with items you have in your home. They love making this unique bubble art. #bubbleart #bubblepainting #artforkids #kidscraft

Educational Activities for Home

Find tons of Homeschool and Remote Learning Tips to help you encourage your kids to learn from home. From the best educational websites to free teaching resources, how to set up a homeschool or remote learning space, Brain Breaks, and more.

Best School Apps & Educational Websites for Kids to Use at Home

Best School Apps & Educational Websites for Elementary School and High School Students. Free and easy to use websites for kids you can use to teach your kids at home. #schoolapps #educationalwebsites #educationalresources #websitesforkids

Fall Activities for Kids

40 Awesome Fall Activities for Kids & Things to Do

40 Fun Fall Activities for Kids Outdoor & Indoors. Plus easy fall crafts for kids & a free printable bucket list of fun activities to do all fall long. Make great family memories from fall hikes to pumpkin carving, and apple stamping. Get inspired for a great autumn with your kids. #fallactivities #kidsactivities #autumn #fallcrafts #freeprintables

15 Fun Halloween Social Distancing Ideas for Kids

How to celebrate Halloween which social distancing for kids.

I hope these activities and games for kids will keep your family as entertained as ours. We hope you enjoy playing our outdoor games for kids on nice days and staying indoors with our rainy day activities.

Get more fun activities for kids on the Happy Mom Hacks Pinterest Page too!

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