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Easy Elementary School Indoor Party Games for Kids

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Elementary school parties can be so much fun to host if you have the right indoor party games for kids. You get to see your child in the classroom & put a face to all the names you hear at home.

What I am not such a big fan of is coming up with easy party games that all the kids will enjoy and are quick to make.

So, I have created a list of easy kids’ party games that any room parent can put together quickly. These fun indoor party games can be used for events any time of year from Halloween, to Christmas (Winter), Valentine’s Day, and End of the Year Parties.

I’ll also show you how to adjust each of the games for different seasons too. Take a look at this list and find the perfect party games for kids at your next school party.

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Easy Elementary School Indoor Party Games for Kids

Best Classroom Party Games for Elementary School Kids at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day & End of the Year parties. Quick & fun party game ideas both kid and teachers will enjoy. So stop stressing about throwing a school party and try these easy games everyone will enjoy.

Indoor Party Games for Kids

The following are fun games to play in person at school parties or at your home. If you need to social distance this year many of the games you can space the kids out or visit the post below for virtual ideas

Fun Halloween Social Distancing Ideas  – 24 Family Halloween Activities

Christmas Social Distancing Ideas for 2021 – Fun Things to Do with Your Kids During the Christmas Season

Virtual Party Zoom Games for Kids – Zoom Game for School Parties.

Don’t have time to plan a party? Well, you don’t have to with My Classroom Party. It’s a holiday-themed school party in a box with 3 games, 1 craft, and decorations. Everything you’ll need to throw an easy and fun class party. It’s the ultimate busy mom hack!

Freeze Dance

All you need is your phone with music and maybe a speaker. The kids have tons of energy at the school parties and are always ready to dance around. This is a great way to get their wiggles out!


What You Need –  a long stick and some music 

Super easy and fun game. Download some kid’s music on your phone to play. Have two people hold a long stick and the kids line up behind it. The kids then try to go under the stick without falling or touching it.

Each time the kids come around lower the stick a little until there is one child left. They are the winner.

Here’s a blow-up limbo stick that would be easy to bring to the school. 

Would You Rather 

What You NeedWould You Rather Printable Questions

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Game for Kids. Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Kids can raise their hands to vote or yell out their answers. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Grab your free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Funny Would You Rather Christmas Questions for your next holiday party or classroom party. A fun party game the whole family will enjoy playing together this Christmas.

Try these themed Free Printables too –  Would You Rather Christmas, Would You Rather Teens & Tweens, and Would You Rather Valentine’s Day 

Bozo Buckets

8 Easy Elementary School Party Games

What You Need – 4-5 buckets and items to throw 

This is another game easily customizable to the time of year your party is held. If you have a Halloween party get some plastic pumpkin buckets the kids trick or treat with and some fake eyeball ping pong balls. (I get these at the dollar store)

For a Winter or Holiday party use red or blue buckets and white fake snowballs. Line up 4 or 5 buckets and have the kids try to toss the balls into each bucket.  

For Valentine’s Day use heart-shaped buckets and bean bags. And for End of year parties just use colorful buckets and bean bags. 

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Plan an Awesome Family Game Night with a printable game planner. Everything you need from 12 months of game ideas, to meal and snack ideas, prizes and more. Reconnect with your kids with a fun and easy family game night!

Hallway Obstacle Course 

What You Need – 4 hula hoops, paper cut-outs, 8 cones, 4 bean bags 

8 Easy Elementary School Party Games No more school party stress! Just use these 8 fun School Party Ideas. Great classroom games for kids on Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, End of the Year and Winter school parties. #schoolparties, #partyideas, #partygames, #halloweenparty,

This game may need to be played in the hallway at school. First, create cutouts with a poster board for the kids to jump to.

For Halloween parties cut out pumpkins, for winter parties do snowballs, valentine’s day parties do hearts.

There will be two obstacle courses next to each other so the kids can make two lines one for each team. Both sides will be identical.

First kids jump from cut-out taped to the floor to cut out, next they weave between cones, and last, they need to toss a bean bag into two hula hoops.

After the bean bags are in they need to go back through the course and let the next kid in line go. Whichever team gets all their players through first wins. 

You can easily adjust the obstacles in this game to whatever you have in your home or classroom. This is just an example of a course. 

Charades for Kids

Kids will love this fun game of Charades for Kids plus it’s super easy to run for school parties.

First, print out our Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids with 144 Words & 8 Categories to choose from. There is a Halloween & Christmas category too.

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 8 Charades categories & words lists.

Then break the kids up into teams. You can do two larger teams or if you have a lot of kids maybe make 4 teams.

Have a bowl with the printed-out Charades words for the kids to pick from when it’s their turn.

The first player on a team has 1 minute to act out the word on their paper. If their team guesses the word before the 1 minute is up their team gets 1 point. If they don’t guess the word the other team has one chance to guess the correct answer and win the point.

Trade-off between teams taking turns until all the students have had a chance to act out a word.

The winning team has the most points at the end of the game.

Make it a Christmas Game with our Funny Christmas Charades Ideas for Kids.

Bingo Games

Halloween Bingo Cards are the Perfect Halloween Party Game for home or school parties. Entertain the kids with these free printable Holiday Bingo Cards with 9 different card options. Just download the PDF and your ready to play!

What You NeedBingo cards and chips to cover the cards 

This is a fun and quick game to calm down the kids after the more active games. It’s also a really easy game to social distance in classrooms. 

For Halloween Parties grab our FREE Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Grab Your Free Printable Christmas Bingo Games for Kids Parties. Fun party game for kids classroom parties and family Holiday parties.

For Christmas grab our Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Balloon Keep it Up

Keep it Up Bubble Challenge is a fun Minute to Win It game for teens. Kids try to keep 3 balloons up in the air for 1 minute without any touching the floor.

What You Need – A balloon for each child in the classroom

This is a fun and simple balloon game for kids. Each child is given a balloon and then the kids space out around the room. When you say go they need to try and keep the balloon up in the air without touching the ground. 

The last student to keep the balloon up in the air wins the game. 

Winter Party Games

Fun games to play at winter parties in the classroom.

If you are throwing a Christmas Holiday party use our Free Printable Christmas Games. You’ll find tons of Christmas-themed printable games perfect for school parties. 

Best Free Printable Christmas Games for kids at Christmas Parties, school parties and family game nights. Enjoy playing party games like Christmas Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, Scavenger Hunts and Holiday Would You Rather. Just print out the games and your ready to play!

Ice Cube Relay Race 

What You NeedSquare Foam blocks as your ice cubes – (look at the dollar store by fake flowers) 

Divide up kids into two teams, then line them up for a relay race. Kids need to put the “ice cube” between their knees and race around a cone or chair then come back and pass the block to the next kid in line.

See which team can finish first. We did this at a family holiday party and it was tons of fun too!

Snow Ball Toss 

What You Need – clear plastic cups, white ping pong balls

Snowball Toss is a fun Elementary Classroom Winter Party Games. Kids will love tossing these ping pong balls into the cup and seeing if they make it. A hilarious party game for kids.

The Players need to toss the snowball (ping pong ball) into the plastic cup. If you’re playing this on a table save room by line cups up in triangle form like bowling pins. 

To make it harder space the cups further away. See which child can get the most ping pong balls into the cups. 

Minute to Win it Kids Party Games 

Minute to Win it Games are really fun party games because you can rotate through the groups of kids quickly so that all can play in a limited amount of time. Perfect for quick classroom parties. 

Here are a few favorites but if you want more ideas check out 20 Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids and at the Holidays try our Minute to Win it Game for Christmas Parties

If you have Tweens in the class for 4th or 5th grade also try Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens too. 

Snowman Stack 

What You Need – Bag of Marshmallows, Chopsticks

Fun School Party Game Marshmallow Snowman Stack Minute to Win It Game. Perfect for Holiday parties for kids at school or home.

This is another great Winter party game. Players must stack 3 marshmallows in under 1 minute. They use chopsticks to build up their snowman.

Make it easier or harder based on the player’s age. Younger kids can use oversized marshmallows and older players can use mini-marshmallows. If you have a mixed age group use the regular size marshmallows.

How to Play the Marshmallow Stack Minute to Win It Game for School Parties with chopsticks.

Tip: For players that have a hard time using chopsticks, we use cheater chopsticks for our kids. It’s a simple reusable plastic piece you put on the end of your chopstick so it’s easier to use.

For more Winter party games visit our Favorite Winter & Christmas Minute to Win It Games.

Cup Stacking

What You Need –  42 red solo cups.  

Cup Stacking - A Minute to Win It Party Game for Kids. Perfect game to play at classroom parties or family game nights. Kids can play in groups or individually racing against other kids.  They have one minute to stack & restack the cups in this fun & easy minute to win it game. #minutetowinit #kidsgame #partygame #holidaygame #classroomgame

First, split cups into two groups (21 each) and have two children compete against each other.

Kids have one minute to unstack the cups and create a pyramid then restack the cups back into each other.

Use the timer on your phone for this and write down the time they finish. At the end look at the times to find a winner. Just add more cups if you want to have more than two kids compete at a time.

Tip: when stacking cups up don’t press them tightly together or they can be hard to get apart.

Drop in the Cup

Drop in the Cup is an easy & challenging Minute to Win it Game for tweens at school parties.

What You Need -5 Solo cups and 10 ping pong balls per player, masking tape

This is a Minute to Win it Game for Tweens so try this with older 4th or 5th graders. 

Each player or a team of two players together is given 10 ping pong balls. When the timer starts players need to roll their ping pong balls and try to get all their balls to land in a cup in 1 minute.

If you roll all your ping pong balls and still have time on the clock players can pick up balls that fell on the ground and keep going.

The winner is whoever gets the most ping pong balls in the cups in 1 minute.


What You Need – box of plastic spoons, 24 ping pong balls, 8 small paper bowls

8 Easy Elementary School Party Games No more school party stress! Just use these 8 fun School Party Ideas. Great classroom games for kids on Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, End of the Year and Winter school parties. #schoolparties, #partyideas, #partygames, #halloweenparty,

This game is for four kids at a time. Give each a spoon and two bowls. In one bowl add six ping pong balls. Kids have one minute to try to transfer the ping pong balls to the other bowl using only the spoon in their mouth. They may not use their hands.  

For Winter Parties pretend the ping pong balls are snowballs. 

Straw Race  

What You Need – box of straws, and items to race, blue painters tape 

8 Easy Elementary School Party Games No more school party stress! Just use these 8 fun School Party Ideas. Great classroom games for kids on Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, End of the Year and Winter school parties. #schoolparties, #partyideas, #partygames, #halloweenparty,

This game can be customized by the time of year the party happens. For Halloween get some spider rings cut off the ring part and you have a spider to race. For, Winter parties use cotton balls for snow and Valentine’s Day candy hearts.

At a long table in the classroom put down blue painter’s tape (it shows up well & doesn’t stick to the table) at one end for the finish line. On the other side of the table have two kids line up with a straw and they have one minute to race their spider to the finish line by blowing on the straw.  

TIP: If you want to stay socially distanced have each child at a different table with two people watching to see when they cross the line with their spider. 

Don’t forget to check out20 Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens

I hope that you have found a few easy indoor party games for kids that will be perfect for your next school party. All these classroom party games are simple to put together and have been a hit at my kid’s school parties. I hope your kids will love them too. 

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Family Game Night

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

Plan a fun family game night at home or play these games once a month in the classroom. Our Family Game Night Planner includes 12 family game night ideas for each month of the year plus tips, food ideas & prizes.

Just print out the Family Game Night Planner and you’re ready for an awesome night at home with the kids.

More Party Games for Kids & Activities

Need more fun ways to keep the kids busy both at school and at home? Visit our Kids’ Party Page and get inspired by some of our favorite activities for kids listed below. 

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If you have some great indoor party games for kids and want to share them please leave them in the comments for us all to see. I love to learn from my readers.

Did you try these games? Let us know how it went in the classroom. Have a fun school party!! 

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Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

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Are you wondering where to get the items you need for the games? I gathered a few of them below to make it a little easier for you.


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8 Awesome School Party Ideas for Room Parents. Need a quick and easy game for End of the year party, Holloween, holiday party or just a fun day at school? These games are super easy and the kids will have a blast
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