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25 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks

25 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks

Are you fed up with your chaotic kitchen and wondering how can I organize my kitchen? It’s so stressful when you’re cooking and can’t find what you need! But don’t worry these clever kitchen organization hacks and storage ideas will help you take back your kitchen.

Find simple kitchen storage solutions that will blow your mind and make your kitchen functional again. These cool kitchen organization ideas are perfect for a whole kitchen makeover or just a pantry & cabinet organization.

So stop searching for your missing Tupperware tops & utensils and get organized!

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25 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks

25 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas. Easily organize your cabinets, pantry, pots & pans and drawers. Awesome Kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier. Check out how to get organized today! #kitchenorganization #organization #householdtips #kitchengadgets

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Make it easier to find items in your kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers with some new kitchen storage ideas. Start by going through each kitchen cabinet or drawer before you start and declutter any items you no longer need.

Think about do I really need all these pans or do I only use a few? The more clutter in your cabinets the harder it is to find the items you need.

Next use these cool kitchen storage solutions to finding your pots & pans, silverware, and Tupperware easily when you need them. No more searching all over for the pan you need to cook.

If you need more help Decluttering read How to Easily Declutter Your Home without Getting Overwhelmed.

Pots & Pans Storage

Instead of just throwing your pans into the cabinets and then searching for them when it’s time to cook use this pan rack.

What’s great about this storage rack is it can be made into two separate racks or expanded to hold up to 7 pans, sheet pans, cookie sheets or muffin tins. I like that it’s versatile for each user.

Also when you use a potholder the pans are not stacked onto each other which can lead to scratches on the pans.

The Simple Trending Pot and Lid holder can be used lying flat or standing up. It looks great on your kitchen counter or inside your cabinets. I like that it is adjustable to the size of your pans and can also hold your pot lid.

Now that you have your pans organized in the cabinets you need a place to put your lids. This door-mounted pot lid rack is the perfect complement to the potholders. You’ll save tons of space by mounting it on your cabinet door.

Pan Storage Hack

Use cloth trivets to protect your kitchen pans and keep them from scratching.

Another great idea to keep your pans from scratching each other when stacked is to use cloth trivets in between pans.

In my own kitchen in the island’s large drawers, I stack my pans with these Woven Trivet Coasters in between each frying pan. It’s a clever way to keep your pans from scratching each other.

Bonus when you need extra trivets at holiday dinners you can use these.

Cutting Boards & Sheet Pan Storage

Get your cabinet organized with a divider for your cutting boards and sheet pans.

Make it easier to find all your cutting boards and sheet pans with a simple organizer in your cabinet like the one I used above.

It’s a great way to organize your cutting boards and sheet pans using this expandable 7-section holder. The non-slip feet keep the unit from moving while you’re grabbing a cutting board. You can easily see what you need and grab it from the kitchen cabinet.

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Over the Door Cutting Board Holder

If you don’t have room on your shelves for these cutting boards try this cool kitchen hack with an over the cabinet door holder. Just hook it over your cabinet door and slide in your cutting boards or sheet pans.

Aluminum Foil Holder

Use this kitchen wrap organizer to hold your boxes of Aluminum Foil and Clingwrap. It mounts to your cabinet so you can hide the holder away and then easily grab foil when you need it.

Tupperware Organization

Do you get upset every time you try to find a matching Tupperware top and bottom? It makes me crazy! Try this awesome Tupperware organizer and find all your missing pieces.

I’ve been using it for a year and I am amazed how this simple kitchen hack took the stress away from putting away leftovers and packing lunches.

Make Decluttering your house simple with our Free Printable Declutter Checklist Room By Room

Grocery Bag Holder

Do you have grocery store bags all over your cabinet? Mount this grocery store bag dispenser and have a small space to hold all your plastic bags.

Kitchen Hack: If you don’t want to spend money – use a tissue box or plastic cereal container to stuff all your grocery bags and easily pull them out when you need them.

Grab your free printable Meal Planner to get yourself organized. Includes Weekly & Monthly meal planners, grocery shopping lists, brainstorming meal ideas list and more. Make weeknight meals less stressful with a weekly meal plan that will take you 15 minutes to set up.

Large Garbage Bag Rolls

This is a smart kitchen hack -Store your rolls of garbage bags on a wall-mounted paper towel holder. Attach the paper towel holder to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and quickly tear off a bag when you need it.

Here are two paper towel holders we like.

The Cary 360 involves no drilling instead just use the strong adhesive tape that is included. It also has a small shelf on which I like to store extra kitchen sponges or small bottles of detergent.

If you want something simpler try this paper towel roll that you can screw into the cabinet. Make sure you get one that has both ends closed so when you pull off a garbage bag it doesn’t go flying off the holder.

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Pantry & Cabinet Organization

With all your food packed into the pantry, it can be hard to find anything when you need it. Make cooking dinner less stressful by organizing your pantry items so you can find the ingredients you need.

Check out these simple organization products and read my Easy Pantry Organization for Kids Snack & School Lunches to get more ideas.

Food Storage

Store your dry goods like pasta, dry beans, flour, sugar, and cereals in clear airtight containers. These airtight food storage containers make it easy to see what you need, are stackable to fit better in your cabinet, and keeps food fresh longer.

Stack Your Cans

Do you shove cans onto your shelf and then can’t see which ones are in the back too? I tend to forget about them as they get pushed further back into my cabinets by other food.

Take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets by adding this cool aluminum can holder. It’s on an angle so you can see which cans there are and will save space in your cabinet.

Shelves for Your Cabinets

Make more space in your cabinets by adding extra shelves. This is perfect when you have smaller items like coffee mugs or spices. Add this shelf and now you have two layers on each shelf in your cabinet.

I like that the DecoBros shelves can stack together or slide into each other to adjust to the length of your cabinet.

Tip: It’s a perfect time to clean your cabinets, shelves, and drawers when everything is out. Get my favorite Dollar Store Cleaning Supplies to make your cabinets feel fresh and clean.

Spice Packets

I had taco season and ranch seasoning all over my cabinet and I could never find it when I needed it. This cool little clear storage holder is perfect for all those spice packets. Use these clear bins and they’ll never get lost in your cabinet again.

Weekly Cleaning Routine made easy with a Free Printable Checklist. Get organized and take the stress out of cleaning your house.

Pantry Storage Bins

Make the shelves in your cabinet more organized with simple storage bins. The plastic containers can be used to keep all similar items together so you can easily find them.

For example, keep all of your pasta boxes together or pasta sauce jars.

I also love these clear containers to organize the kid’s school snacks. Find out how in my Easy Pantry Organization for School Snack & Lunch. It will help the kids be more self-sufficient.

Water Bottle Holder

Do you have tons of reusable water bottles that just keep falling out of the cabinet when you need to grab one? Use this easy stackable water bottle holder to contain all your bottles. It’s an easy way to save some kitchen cabinet space too.

Pantry Door Organizer

If you have a pantry with a door why not use your door as more storage space? Take advantage of this extra space with this SimpleHouseware over-the-door hanging pantry organizer.

The possibilities are endless of what you can put in the organizer which hangs with hooks over your door. Some simple uses are adding your jars of spices, sauces, packets of oatmeal or hot chocolate, and anything small you have in your cabinet.

You could even add kids’ snacks at the bottom to make it easier for them to grab snacks.

Spice Holder for Shelves

Organize all those bottles of spices so you can find the ones you need for dinner quickly.

This cool three-level spice rack has pullout shelves that let you easily grab the spice you’re looking for. It also comes with labels to put on your shelves so that you can find the spices you need.

I love that it pulls down to a height we can all reach and has grips on the bottom to keep it from falling.

Spice Holder on Cabinet Doors

Don’t have space on a shelf for all your spices? Clip them to the door with the simple solution from SimpleHouseware that can hold twenty spice jars.

You can attach the clips with strong adhesive tape or screw them into the cabinet.

Organize Your Kitchen Tasks

Use checklists to help you organize your kitchen tasks and stay focused. I love the printables in the Fantabulous Home Management Binder it’s a staple on my kitchen counter.

The declutter checklist will help you get started organizing your kitchen. Then use the food storage tracker, grocery list, meal planner & baking measurements to keep your kitchen in order. Plus 40 other checklists to manage your house stress-free.

Get Organized at Home with this simple Home Management Binder. 45 Printouts of everything a mom needs to stop the chaos at home and get organized. Make your life less stressful by having everything in one place. #organizaiton #organized #moms

Under Kitchen Sink Organization

Does the area under your kitchen sink get totally disorganized like mine? See if these kitchen products will help you.

Under the Sink Shelves

Get the area under your sink organized with this two-level shelf system. It is adjustable to fit around the pipes of your sink making it a great space saver.

Sponge Holder

Keep your sponge and soap handy right in the sink. This stainless steel container hooks over your double sink for convenience.

With an open design, your sponge can drain into the sink and keep it more sanitary.

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Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

Stop searching for that missing serving spoon or utensils you need with some kitchen drawer organization.

Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Get all your silverware organized with a drawer divider. I like this one because it is expandable and can be used in any size drawer. Just adjust it to what works best for your kitchen drawer space.

Junk Drawer Dividers

We all have that drawer where we just throw things in our kitchen. If you’re like me you need a catch-all drawer but hate that you can never find what you need in it.

An easy solution to this is adding a drawer organizer. I find once it’s in it forces me to throw things into the correct spot.

I like that this one is adjustable to fit my different-size drawers.

Cooking Utensil Organizer

Hold all your cooking utensils in a simple container on your counter. Make them easily accessible while you cook.

Hold all your cooking utensils in a simple container on your kitchen counters. It will give you easy access while you’re cooking and it gets rid of the clutter.

Here is a cooking utensil organizer that spins. I love that you can rotate it to quickly find what you need.

Did you find some great kitchen organization hacks and ideas to get started organizing your kitchen? Don’t get overwhelmed and feel you have to do it all at once. Just pick one cabinet or drawer to do at a time until you’ve made it through your whole kitchen.

These simple kitchen storage solutions should make all the difference in creating your functional kitchen. When you’re done your Kitchen will be organized and the stress you feel when trying to cook will be gone.

So get started using these easy kitchen organization ideas today!

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25 Clever Kitchen Organization Hacks to Destress your life. Make your kitchen a place you want to be with organized cabinets, pot and pans, Tupperware, pantry and more. Simple organization tips to make you love your kitchen again. #orgnaizationtips #kitchenorganization #kitchenhacks #pantryorganization

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