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Family Minute to Win It Games for Christmas Parties 2023

Family Minute to Win It Games for Christmas Parties 2023

Are you looking for hilarious family Christmas party games? Then you’ve found it! Everyone in your group will love these fun Minute to Win it Games for Christmas parties.

Minute to Win It games are fast challenges that are completed in 1 minute that families can play competitively or just for fun. This edition has all Winter and Christmas-themed game ideas.

The best part is the games are enjoyable for all ages making it the perfect Christmas game for kids and adults. Not only can you play them at your family holiday party they are great for white elephant parties, classroom parties, family game nights, and holiday birthday parties.

Check out our list of the Best Family Minute to Win It Games for Christmas Parties and be ready for an unforgettable holiday party.

Make sure to visit our Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids and Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens to get even more party game ideas.

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Fun Minute to Win It Games for Christmas Parties Edition

Funny Minute to Win It Christmas Party Games the Whole Family will Love. Easy and quick games kids and adults can play together at family holiday parties, family game nights and school parties. Best part you probably have all the supplies at home already! Make this your new family Christmas tradition!

Are you ready to have a blast with family and friends playing these awesome Minute to Win It Christmas party games? It’s the perfect addition to any Christmas or Holiday party to add some excitement to your night.

Who knows it may even become your new Christmas family tradition.

Another great addition to your Christmas party is the FREE printable Would You Rather Christmas Questions. They’re funny holiday questions your kids will love. Read them off at dinner and get the whole family talking.

Free Printable Would You Rather Christmas Edition for Kids. Families will love these hilarious questions to ask at holiday parties, school parties, or family events. Just download the Christmas questions and print them out. It's that easy!

Consider adding to your Christmas party a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange too. It will go along with your Holiday party game theme plus who doesn’t love having a gift to take home after the party.

How to Play Minute to Win It Christmas

To play the game players are given a series of challenges that they need to be completed in 1 minute. You can play this game in large groups or in small groups for families.

Decide on Teams or Individuals

First, decide if players will compete as a group or individually. This really depends on how many people you have playing the game.

If you decide to have groups you will now pick who is on each team. Sometimes it’s easier to assign the groups ahead of time so there is no fighting.

Decide Which Games to Play & Supplies

Decide which games you want to play and make sure you have all the supplies ready. Supplies are listed with the games below.

Save money on supplies by picking them up at Dollar Tree. You’ll be amazed at all the Christmas items you can find!

I even love to decorate my house for our Christmas party with DIY Christmas Decorations from Dollar Tree.

Competitive Or Not

Now determine if you want it to be a competitive game or a friendly game. Players can simply try to beat the 1-minute timer or play to beat the other teams.

If you choose to be competitive make sure you have a chart to write down each player or team’s times. This will help you keep track of who won each game.

How to Win

The team member who completes the Minute to Win It challenges in 1 minute wins the game. If you are playing on teams or competitively and two or more players complete the challenge then the fastest player wins.

20 Christmas Minute to Win It Party Games

​Here are our favorite Christmas Minute to Win It Games to play this Christmas season. There are 20 different games to choose from for your holiday party with a mix of individual games and group games.

1. Gift Wrap Challenge

Who Can wrap the gifts the fastest? A fun Minute to Win It Christmas Challenge for Holiday parties.

Supplies Needed gift boxes, wrapping paper, tape, scissors

How to Play – Give each player a stack of shirt gift boxes and wrapping paper. See how many boxes they can wrap in 1 minute.

This would be a fun game at a White Elephant Party too.

Tip: To make it harder use different size boxes so it’s more challenging to wrap. Just make sure there are similar sizes for each player.

Save money on greeting cards with these Festive Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags. Just print them out and add to any gift!

2. Snowball Drop

Easy Minute to Win It Game for Families Drop in the Cup. Make it a Christmas party game with ping pong balls as snowballs and red solo cups. A fun addition to any holiday party.

Supplies NeededRed solo cups, painter’s tape or masking tape, white ping pong balls

How to Play – Set up by taping 5 red solo cups to the edge of the table for each player. Have players stand at the other end of the table across from their set of solo cups.

Each team can have two players working together or choose one individual to compete for each team.

Players or Team members are given 10 ping pong balls. If you buy white ping pong balls you can draw a face to make it look like a snowman.

When the timers start players have 1 minute to get as many ping pong balls in the cups as they can. If they drop balls on the ground and there is still time they can pick up the balls and keep going.

The winner has the most ping pong balls in their cups.

Did you Plan New Year’s Eve yet? Get Ideas in our How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids.

21 Cute Letters to Santa Templates for kids. The free printable Dear Santa letters have 21 different versions so kids can each have their own letter. A mix of blank templates and fill in the blank. Plus 3 Letters from Santa to your kids. A fun Christmas Tradition made easy this year!

3. Christmas Junk in the Trunk

How to Make Junk in the Trunk Minute to Win it Christmas Party Game for Kids. Turn this classic minute to win it game into a Christmas theme with wrapping paper. It's a hilarious game everyone in your family will have a blast playing. Make it your new Christmas family tradition.

Supplies Needed – Empty tissue boxes, Belt, 10 ping pong balls or marshmallows, Christmas wrapping paper

How to Play – This game is Junk in the Trunk Holiday version. The first thing to do is make your holiday box. I wrapped my tissue box in Christmas wrapping paper to make it a holiday game.

To make your box first wrap a Kleenex box in Christmas wrapping paper making sure to leave the area you pull Kleenex tissues unwrapped.

Next, cut two slits on the opposite side of the box opening. Then have the belt go through the slits.

Lastly, add to the box 10 ping pong balls and place the box around a player’s waist with the belt.

Players then have 1 minute to shake out all their ping-pong balls. This is hilarious to watch!

4. Hershey Kiss Challenge

Supplies Needed – Large bags of Hershey Kisses

How to Play – See how many Hershey kisses players can unwrap in 1 minute. Kids & adults love this game because they can eat all the chocolates they unwrap.

5. Balloon Keep it Up

Fun Holiday Party Game Keep It Up. A Minute to Win it Game perfect for Christmas parties for families. Kids and adults will have a blast playing and trying to keep the balloons from touching the ground.

Supplies Needed Red & Green Balloons

How to Play – Give each player 3 balloons. When the timer starts players need to keep all the balloons in the air for 1 minute. If any balloons touch the ground the player is out.

Start new Holiday Traditions with fun Christmas activities for families. Festive things to do with kids and adults at home or near you in your community. An inspirational list to help make the best holiday memories for your family.

6. Christmas Song Mash-Up

Supplies Needed – Snippets of Christmas songs to play and paper & pen

How to Play – Create a Christmas song mash-up with short clips of several Christmas songs. Players need to identify what the title of the Christmas song is correctly for all the songs you play to win.

If no one names all the songs correctly the player who names the most correctly wins.

7. Snowman Stack

Christmas Party Game Marshmallow Snowman Stack Minute to Win It Game. Perfect for family Holiday parties for kids at school or home.

Supplies Needed – Bag of Marshmallows & Chopsticks

How to Play – Each player is given 4-5 marshmallows and a set of chopsticks. Players then have one minute to use the chopsticks to stack the marshmallows without them falling over.

8. Snowball Toss

Holiday Minute to Win It Party Game for Families. Snowball toss is a fun party game to play in groups at family Christmas parties.

Supplies Needed – Bag of Large Marshmallows & red solo cups

How to Play – Have each player pick a partner on their team. Have the partners stand 2-4 ft across from each other each holding a red solo cup. Give one of the partners a marshmallow to hold.

When the timer starts the players need to toss the marshmallow into their partner’s solo cup. The winning team has the highest number of throws that make it into the cup in 1 minute.

Tip: If you want the game to be harder get the miniature marshmallows to throw.

9. Pipe Cleaner Pick Up

Quick Minute to Win It Game Pipe Cleaner Pick Up. A fun Christmas Party games for families.

Supplies NeededRed and Green Pipe Cleaners, Hardware Nuts (not the food)

How to Play – The objective is for the player to get all the nuts (5-6) onto a pipe cleaner within a minute. Players can only use one hand to thread the pipe cleaner into the nuts. If you have more than one player the first person to move all the nuts wins.

Tip: To make it easier for younger kids wrap two pipe cleaners together so it doesn’t flop as much.

10. Suck it Up

Fun Christmas Minute to Win it Game Suck it Up. Quick party game with M&Ms or Skittles, a straw and paper plates. Kids will love the challenge of this fun Holiday game.

Supplies Needed 2 paper plates per player, straws, and Red & Green M&Ms or Skittles

How to Play – Each player has two plates in front of them and a straw. On one paper plate add 10 -12 M&Ms. Players need to use the straw with one hand to suck up an M&M at the end and transfer it to the other plate.

The first player to move all their M&Ms before the timer is up wins.

11. Trim the Tree

Fun Minute to Win It Christmas Challenge Trim the Tree. A fun holiday party game to race to decorated the tree in 1 minute.

Supplies Needed – Fake mini Christmas trees & small round ornaments (I bought these all at Dollar Tree or the Dollar Store)

How to Play – Give each player a tree and 20 ornaments. When the timer starts see who can hang all the ornaments on the tree before the 1-minute timer goes off.

12. Holiday Cup Stacking Race

Easy plastic cups stacking game. A fun Mintue to Win It game to use at Christmas parties.

Supplies Needed – 42 Red solo cups

How to Play – The first team to play will be given 42 plastic cups in a single stack. When the 1-minute timer starts the player will need to stack all 42 cups into a pyramid without it falling down. Then take apart the pyramid and return the plastic cups into a single stack. 

13. Holiday Push

Supplies NeededHoliday gift box folded down, round ornaments, painter’s tape

How to Play – Create a start and finish line with painter’s tape on the floor. Make the lines 6-12 ft. apart. I like to use painter’s tape so it won’t leave a mark on your floor.

Give each player a folded-down gift box and a round ornament. When the timer starts players use the box as a fan to roll the ornaments across the floor to the finish line.

Players can not touch the ornament with the box only the wind can push it across. The first player to cross the finish line in 1-minute wins.

Tip: Make sure you get shatterproof plastic ornaments so they don’t break on your floor.

14. Christmas Cookie Face

Supplies – Christmas cookies that are small & round like Christmas Oreos

How to Play – Have the team member playing sit in a chair with their head facing up on the back of the chair. Then place a Christmas cookie on a player’s forehead in the center but not touching their eyebrows. When the timer starts players try to get the cookie into their mouth by using their facial muscles. 

Players can not use their hands or toss the cookie into their mouth they can only use facial movements.  

15. Reindeer Toss

Supplies – Reindeer Antlers & rings

How to Play – Each team will need two players for this game. The first player will wear the Reindeer antlers. The other player will stand on the other side of the room with the 5 rings. When the timer starts they have 1 minute to see how many rings they can get hooked onto the reindeer antlers. 

16. Hula Hoop Toss (group game)

Supplies – Hula Hoops and Red Pompoms

How to Play – This is a fun team game. Lay out on the floor a hula hoop for each team. The team members will all line up in a single file at the starting line across from their hula hoop. When the timer starts the first team member will try and throw a red pom pom into the hula hoop. When they get one in the next player on their team tries to get a pom pom into the hula hoop. Keep going like this until the timer goes off. 

Have each team count the number of pom poms they got into the hula hoop the team with the highest number wins. 

17. Candy Cane Pick Up

Supplies Needed – Candy canes and empty bowls

How to Play – In an empty bowl add 5 candy canes lying on the side of the bowl. Players will each be given 1 candy cane that they will put between their teeth. When the timer starts they need to use the hook side of the candy cane to try and pick up the candy canes in the bowl and take them out. 

18. Snowball Pick Up

Supplies – cotton balls or white pompoms, plastic bowls, and plastic spoons

How to Play – Each player is given a plastic spoon, 1 empty bowl, and 1 bowl filled with white pom poms or cotton balls. The player will put the spoon between their teeth and use it to try and scoop the cotton balls out of one bowl and add them to the other bowl. 

Tip: When done let the kids use the cotton balls for an indoor snowball fight.

19. Holiday Candy Divide

Supplies – Red & Green M&Ms or Skittles, plastic bowls

How to Play – Give each player 1 bowl filled with red and green M&Ms and two empty bowls. The players need to separate the red and green candies into two separate bowls. 

20. Snowball Relay Race (group game)

Supplies – Large Cotton Snowballs and large wooden spoons

How to Play – This relay race is another fun team game. All the team members get into one line. On the other side of the room place a chair. The first player in line will get a large snowball to place on their wooden spoon. 

When the timer starts the first player races to go around the chair and back to their teammates trying not to drop the snowball off the spoon. If they drop the snowball they have to go back and start over.

The first player will then pass the spoon and snowball onto the next player in line to do the same race. When the timer goes off the team that has had the most players make it back to the finish line wins. 

Christmas Charades & Pictionary Game

When you play Charades and Pictionary players only have 1 minute to guess what their partner’s word is. So I think this could also be a fun Minute to Win It game for families.

Supplies NeededFree Printable Christmas Charades or Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Words List

How to Play – For Christmas Charades players will act out holiday-themed words and have their teammates guess in one minute what word they’re acting out.

Christmas Charades Ideas & Word list to play at Holiday parties with kids and adults. A fun Christmas game for the whole family. Just print out the charades words and play!

Get directions and grab your free printable Christmas Charades Ideas and Word Lists for Kids.

When playing Christmas Pictionary you will draw holiday-themed words and try to get your teammates to guess the correct word. For this game, you will also need a tabletop easel pad to draw on.

At your next Christmas party play this fun Christmas Pictionary game. Grab your free printable words list and ideas to make it a easy and entertaing party game to play at school parties, youth groups, Christmas parites or office parties.

Get directions and grab your Free Printable Christmas Pictionary Words List

Best Free Printable Christmas Games for kids at Christmas Parties, school parties and family game nights. Enjoy playing party games like Christmas Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, Scavenger Hunts and Holiday Would You Rather. Just print out the games and your ready to play!

More Minute to Win It & Holiday Games

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