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Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens 2024

Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens 2024

It is so hard to find party games that teens and tweens will actually play. Get your kids laughing and having fun with friends and family doing hilarious Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens.

Stop the whining and complaining about playing family games with these quick one-minute challenges they’ll beg to play again. The best part is you probably have all the supplies you need in your house already.

You’ll find Minute to Win it games are perfect for Holiday parties, birthday parties, school parties, and family game nights. These Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens are sure to get your kids engaged and having fun.

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Fun Minute to Win It Games for Teenagers

Minute to Win it Games are the best Party Games & Family Game Nights for Teens & Tweens. Quick games kids age 10-18 will enjoy. Learn how to play games like like junk in the truck, cup stacks, keep it up, dice stack and more. Kids will have a blast playing all these party challenges!

Minute to Win It Games are fun to play in groups at parties or at home for family game nights. You’ll be surprised how much your teens and tweens will open up when playing silly games together. It’s an easy way to break down their tough exterior and get them to just have fun with you.

Plus the one-minute games are fast so they’ll keep your teenagers attention. 

The best part is these are all simple games to set up and most will be using household items you already have at home. 

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Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. Perfect game to get teens engaged as conversations starters or parties.

How to Play Minute to Win It

Set Your Groups

First, divide up your party or family into teams. This adds to a fun level of competition.

Decide if each team member will play all the games or will one person will represent your team for each game.

Pick the Games to Play

Decide which games you want to play and make sure you have all the supplies ready. Supplies are listed with the games below.

Competitive or Not

Decide before you start how competitive you want the game to be. Are you playing for fun or do you want to declare a winner? If you want to make it competitive keep track of the scores for each round of games.

How to Win

The player who completes the Minute to Win It challenges in 1 minute wins the game. If you are playing on teams or competitively and two or more players complete the challenge then the fastest player wins.

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Best Minute to Win It Challenges for Teens

Go through the list below and find the perfect Minute to Win It Challenge for your teen or tween. Each game lists the supplies you’ll need so you can be prepared for a fun teen party.

Add one of these fun Board Games for Teens and your whole party or game night is planned.

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1. Cup Stacking or Stack Attack

Cup Stacking is a fun Minute to Win It Game for Teens & Tweens to play at parties and family game nights.

Supplies Needed: 21 Solo Cups for Each team

How to Play – Split your players up into teams. Each team will need 21 plastic cups to stack. The kids will have one minute to unstack the cups and create a pyramid then restack the cups back into a single stack again. 

To decide a winner for each team and find out which team has the fastest player. You’ll do this by watching your timer and seeing the time each player completes the challenge. Write down what time each player finishes so you can compare.

The player with the quickest time to complete the challenge wins for their team.

2. Drop in the Cup

Drop in the Cup is an easy & challenging minute to win it game for Teenagers and kids.

Supplies Needed – 5 Solo cups and 10 ping-pong balls per player, masking tape

How to Play – To set up tape plastic cups to the end of the table. Each player or a team of two players together is given 10 ping pong balls and stands at the other end of the table from the cups.

When the timer starts players need to roll their ping pong balls and try to get all their balls to land in a cup in 1 minute. If you roll all your ping pong balls and still have time on the clock players can pick up balls that fell on the ground and keep going.

The winner is whoever gets the most ping pong balls in the cups in 1 minute.

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3. Blind Food Challenge

Guess what your tasting in this fun Minute to Win it Game for Teens & Tweens  - Blind Food Challenge.

Supplies Needed: 5 Bowls or paper cups per player, spoons, variety of food tastings, blindfold

How to Play – One player from each team will have 5 items to taste and need to identify the foods in under 1 minute. Blindfold one player once they are seated.

We used cheap bandanas and rolled them up for blindfolds. When the timer starts have another player on their team spoon them the food item to taste.

See if they can name the food or need to move on. The player who names the most items correctly in 1-minute wins for their team.

If multiple players name all the items, the player who did it the fastest wins for their team.

Tip: Make sure to ask if anyone has any allergies before you start this game as they will not be able to see what they are eating.

Food Sample Ideas – peanut butter, honey, lemon juice, jello, avocado mashed up, apple sauce

4. Dice Stack Challenge

Teens can Stack the Dice in this fun Minute to Win it Game. All you need for this challenge is dice and chopsticks.

Supplies Needed – 6 Dice per team, 1 set of Chopsticks per team

How to Play – Each player needs to stack all the dice using chopsticks in under 1 minute. This is harder than you think!

5. Music Mix Up

Supplies Needed – Paper and pen, speaker for music

How to Play -Create a mix-up of music with only a few seconds to listen to each song. Players need to identify what each song title is in 1 minute.

6. Junk in the Truck

Hilarious Junk in the Trunk Challenge for kids parties with Kleenex box, belt and ping pong balls. A great Minute to Win It game.

Supplies Needed – Each player needs a Kleenex box, belt, and 10 ping pong balls

How to Play – Take an empty tissue box and cut two slits on the opposite side of the box opening. Then slide the belt through the slits. Add to the box 10 ping pong balls and place the box around a player’s waist with the belt.

Players have 1 minute to shake out all the ping pong balls. This is pretty hilarious to watch!

7. Bottle Flip

Supplies Needed – Water bottle for each player

How to Play – This is a game most teens will know how to play. The object is to flip your water bottle and try to get it to land standing up. See how many bottles you can flip in 1 minute.

Whichever player flips the most wins the challenge.

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. Perfect game to get teens engaged as conversations starters or fun at parties.

8. Bubble Challenge

Fun Bubble Minute to Win It Game with bubbles and paper plate target. Easy game for kids & teens parties and family game night.

Supplies NeededBubbles for each player, paper plates, markers

How to Play – Color targets with markers onto paper plates. Give each player a bottle of bubbles and line them up on one side of a table. Across from each kid on the other side of the table place your target plate.

When the timer starts have the kids try to get a bubble to land on the target. Whoever gets the most bubbles to land on the target in 1-minute wins.

9. Cookie Face

Supplies Needed – An Oreo type of cookie for each player

How to Play – Each player puts an Oreo on their forehead. When the timer starts kids need to get the Oreo to move down to their mouth without using their hands or dropping it.

If they drop the Oreo you can pick it up and try again starting with it on your forehead. The first person to get the Oreo in their mouth wins.

10. Cereal Box Puzzle

Quick Minute to Win It Challenge Cereal Puzzle. Teens work to put together the puzzle in 1 minute.

Supplies Needed – A cereal box cut up into pieces for each player.

How to Play – Each player is given the pieces of a cereal box and has 1 minute to solve the puzzle. The winner is whoever finishes the puzzle first.

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11. Mummy Wrap

Supplies Needed – Toilet Paper Rolls or Streamers, a Chair

How to Play – Each team chooses one player to sit in the chair and be wrapped. The player sitting is given the end of the roll to hold.

When the timer starts players need to use their toilet paper rolls to wrap their friend up continuously. Whichever team wraps their player up the most in 1-minute wins.

Tip: Make it a Holiday Minute to Win it by using holiday-themed toilet paper or streamers.

12. Keep It UP

Keep it Up Bubble Challenge is a fun Minute to Win It game for teens. Kids try to keep 3 balloons up in the air for 1 minute without any touching the floor.

Supplies Needed – 3 balloons for each player

How to Play – Each player is given 3 balloons to hold. When the timer starts they need to keep all three balloons in the air without touching the ground for 1 minute.

This sounds easy but it’s not. However, it is pretty funny to watch.

13. Candy Wrap

Supplies Needed – Wrapped pieces of candy like Hershey Kisses

How to Play – Kids will have a plate of Hershey Kisses in front of them. When the timer goes off they must put one hand behind their back and try to unwrap as many pieces of candy as they can in 1 minute. 

14. Ping Pong Madness 

Supplies Needed – Ping pong balls and plastic cups

How to Play –  Set up the plastic cups into a triangle shape on the opposite end of a table. Teens have one minute to try and bounce all their ping pong balls off the table and into the cups. 

15. Hole in One

Mintue to Win it Golf game with old cardboard boxes, golf balls and a golf club.

Supplies Needed – 5 smaller cardboard boxes, 10 golf balls, and a golf putter or golf club

How to Play – Make your cardboard box into a golf hole. Players will attempt to hit the golf ball into the boxes for a hole-in-one. Make this a team competition by letting everyone compete and see which team gets the most holes in one. 

16. Paper Plate Rush

Supplies Needed – Paper plates

How to Play – Teens will have to place one hand behind their back and hold a paper plate in the palm of their hand. When the timer starts they will pick up a plate and run it over to the finish line on the other side. Then run back and get another plate and do the same task. The player with the most plates by the finish line after 1 minute wins. 

You can make this into a team game by making it a relay race and having teens line up and take turns running the plate over to the finish line. 

17. Popsicle Stick Race

Supplies Needed – Wooden popsicle sticks and an empty container for each player

How to Play – Layout at least 10 popsicle sticks per player on a table. Teens will have to place their hands behind their backs and pick up a popsicle stick with their mouths. They will then walk over to the finish line with the stick in their mouth and drop the popsicle stick into the empty container. 

The goal of this game is to see how many popsicle sticks you can get into the container before the time limit ends. 

18. Cotton Ball Challenge

Supplies Needed – cotton balls, spoons, bowls

How to Play – Set up two bowls per player with one filled with cotton balls and the other an empty bowl. Players will need to put a spoon in their mouth and keep their hands behind their backs to play. When the timer starts they will use the spoon to pick up and transfer the cotton balls to the other bowl. The winner will have the most cotton balls in their empty bowl. 

19. Rubber Band Tug of War

Supplies Needed – Rubber bands, a small item to move (small plastic cup, box or lightweight container)

How to Play – This is a team game to play. Set up a table with two starting lines and finish lines. Place a small lightweight object to move at both starting lines. Each team will line up behind one of the starting lines. Give each of the team members a rubber band to play. 

When you say go the first player on the team will use the rubber band to move the object to the finish line. When they finish the next team member tries to do the same. Keep going until you hit the 1 minute time limit. The first team that was able to get the most objects over the finish line wins. 

Players can use the rubber bands in any creative way they like to move the object. They can stretch and release the rubber bands to propel the object forward, create a slingshot effect, or use the rubber bands as a makeshift pulley.

20. Soda Can Stack

Minute to Win It game to stack soda cans and paper plates in 1 minute.

Supplies Needed – 15 Empty soda cans, 4 paper plates

How to Play – Players must stack all 15 cans up using 4 paper plates in between. Each team can work together on their strategy to get them all stacked in under 1 minute.

There is no one way to make this work so it’s fun to see each team’s strategy.

21. Card Ninja

Supplies Needed  – index cards or stack of playing cards and a watermelon

How to Play – This is probably the easiest Minute to Win It game to set up. Just slice the watermelon in half and lean against a chair or box to prop it up so the red part of the watermelon is showing.

Teens then throw the playing cards like a ninja at the watermelon and see how many they can get to stick in one minute.

​22. Chop Stick Challenge

Supplies Needed – mini marshmallows, chopsticks, two bowls 

How to Play – This game needs the skill level of using chopsticks. However, if they don’t know how to use chopsticks you can make cheater chopsticks by rolling up paper and rubber banding it to the end of two chopsticks. 

Give each player a set of chopsticks, an empty bowl, and a bowl with mini marshmallows. Players attempt to move the mini marshmallows with their chopsticks from one bowl to the other. The player with the most marshmallows moved wins. 

23. Jelly Bean Sort

Supplies Needed – Jelly beans of all different colors

How to Play – Give each player a large bowl of jelly beans and a separate empty bowl for each color of jelly beans. Players will put one hand behind their back and have one minute to sort the jelly beans by color. The player with the most jelly beans sorted correctly wins the game. 

More Minute to Win It Games

If your Teens have a blast playing these group games plan on more fun Mintue to Win it Game nights. 

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Did you find some great Minute to Win It Games for Your teens or tweens? These fun party games for teens are sure to get your kids involved and having fun with your group. Don’t forget to try them on a family game night or at a family holiday party too.

Do you have more Minute to Win It game ideas? Share them in the comments so we can all play too!

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