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How to Travel Cheap on a Family Vacation

How to Travel Cheap on a Family Vacation

Are you planning a family vacation and wondering how to travel cheaply? You want to have a great trip but you also don’t want to break the bank. I have found traveling on a budget with a family can be easier than you think.

Our family loves to travel and figuring out ways to budget travel has allowed us to travel even more. The family bonding and fun your family has together on vacation just can’t be duplicated at home.

So, let’s figure out how to travel on a budget and still have fun while saving you money. I created some easy money-saving tips to help you save money and not feel like you are missing out on a fabulous vacation.  

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How to Travel Cheaply with Family

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Travel on a Budget – Hotel Deals 

Best Money Saving Tips for Families . Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation

Best Travel Times 

To get the best bang for your buck, travel at off-peak times to get lower rates on hotels and airlines. If you don’t want to go at off-peak times when the weather might not be the best, try looking for deals in what the Travel Industry calls it Shoulder Seasons.

These are the travel seasons between peak and off-peak seasons, which typically are April through May and in the Fall after the kids go back to school. These are great options because the weather is still good but rates are lower than peak season. 

Hotel Deals with Younger kids 

If you have younger children not in school yet, try traveling during the school year or during the week. Rates tend to go up during the summer, spring break, Thanksgiving break, and winter break.

Take advantage of the time before they start school by traveling during the school year for off-peak rates, especially if you are headed to a more family-friendly location such as Disney, waterpark resorts, and other family amusement areas. 

Make your hotel stay easier using our Genius Hotel Hacks with Kids. You won’t believe you didn’t think of these before. 

Travel Website 

Do your research and check travel websites to find the best deal. If you are flexible on the hotel check out (our favorite) or one of the many other travel sites and see which hotel can give you the best deal.

I like using because you can search for a large number of hotels and see which ones have the best price and most amenities. I also like to use Groupon for hotel stays or activities because you will often get something extra, like kids’ activities or a spa day.  

Also, check out the website of the hotels and go under specials. A lot of times, the hotels will offer package deals for families. These might include breakfast or an activity at the hotel which is a great money saver.

Rent a Condo or House 

Have you ever looked into renting a condo or house while on vacation? Often, you can rent a condo for the same price as a hotel room. Some of the big benefits include getting a kitchen to make meals, extra space for the kids, and all the amenities of the condo building or association, such as a pool.

My family really likes having a kitchen to make breakfast in the morning or a quick dinner. It’s also a big plus to have more than one bedroom so the family can spread out.  

If you choose to do this, make sure the owner has pictures up on the website so you can see if the place is up to date. Also, check reviews on the rental unit to make sure you are getting what is listed.

Type the location into Google to find the most reviews on a location. I also recommend going through an Owner rental website so you can contact someone if you have any issues.

A few we have liked are, and 

Share a Vacation Rental  

Looking to get a bigger or nicer rental unit and save some money? Consider going on vacation with family or friends and splitting the cost of the rental condo or house. This way you can save some money and have a great company to enjoy your vacation with.  

Free Printable Family Travel Checklist with everything you need to pack for family vacation. Be prepared to travel with kids with this handy printable checklist.


Hotel Family Travel Hacks

Save money while staying at a hotel with simple travel hacks. Families can pack breakfast to have in-room and use the ironing board as a table. Share beds with the kids by placing a pillow down the middle to keep them from getting kicked. Plus baby proof the room with a simple roll of painter’s tape.

Want more easy Hotel Tips? Check out these 20 Genius Hotel Hacks to simplify your vacation.

Kids Stay Free and Eat Free 

Many resorts, especially all-inclusive resorts, will have Kids Stay Free and Eat Free specials. Take advantage of these great deals. You will save on food and hotel so all you are paying for is the kid’s airplane tickets. 

Driving vs. Flying 

If you really want to save money traveling with kids, drive to your destination. You will save the cost of plane tickets for each family member plus the car rental fee.

I also find a great bonus to driving is you can bring everything you need and not have to buy stuff on vacation. We like to drive on beach vacations because you can bring along chairs, umbrellas, sand toys, coolers, and more.

Save money by bringing all the toys you need and packing food from home. This can be a huge game-changer in saving money on vacation.

If you do plan to fly we like to use Baby Quip to rent baby strollers, cribs, high chairs, and other kid items. This is especially helpful if we are staying with friends or family who don’t have kids’ stuff. The best part is Baby Quip will deliver it right to your destination. 

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Trip Cost Calculator

Find out the full cost of your upcoming vacation with my free Trip Cost Calculator. Use this easy tool to help build your travel budget and get a better idea of how much you need to save for a vacation.

You can adjust each travel item cost until you find a total amount that you can afford. Then build your dream vacation around your personal travel budget.

  Travel on a Budget – Free Travel Apps 

Best Money Saving Tips for Families . Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation

Don’t spend money on travel apps to help you find the best travel route, lowest gas prices, places to eat along your route, and last-minute hotel deals. Use a free travel app!

The question is which free travel app will help you the most. Well, I already did the research for you and tested out the best free apps available. Check out my list of 5 Free Travel Apps for Road Trips to know which I recommend for your family vacation.

Money-Saving Tips – Meals 

Best Money Saving Tips for Families . Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation


Have breakfast in your hotel room. This is one of my biggest easy money-saving tips. Why spend all that money on breakfast when you can eat something quick in your room.

Most hotel rooms now have mini-refrigerators and microwaves so take advantage of them. Bring along some bagels, cream cheese, fruit, yogurt drinks, and breakfast is served. It’s also a great time saver to feed the kids while you’re getting ready in the morning so you can head out early to all the local attractions.  

An even better option is finding a hotel that serves free breakfast in the morning. This saves you money and the kids will love picking out the food they like.  

Lunch / Snacks 

Pack a picnic for the day. Many attractions now provide picnic benches for families to have lunch. Pack something special in the lunch that the kids really like to make them feel like it’s special and not just their regular school lunch.  

Bring along fun and filling snacks for the family to eat while visiting tourist sites. Hungry kids tend to get crabby which can put a damper on the trip. Avoid this and save money by bringing your own snacks instead of buying snacks at expensive tourist locations.

For the hotel room, I like to bring microwave popcorn for the family. It’s easy to throw in a suitcase and a quick snack to settle them down with a movie or after late-night swimming in the hotel. 

Pack Drinks 

Water bottles can get expensive, especially at hotels. I suggest bringing along a case of water, juice boxes, and maybe even a bottle of wine for the adults.  

Order Pizza In 

Save money on eating dinner out by ordering a pizza to your hotel room one night. You have your own drinks already so the expense is a lot less than dinner out at a restaurant. Most pizza restaurants will even bring napkins and paper plates if you ask.   

My family really likes to do this when we have a hotel with a pool. The kids would rather eat quickly and go swimming than sit at a long dinner in a restaurant. It’s a win-win, the kids are happy and you save money. 

Grocery Delivery 

Don’t have a car to pick up food for breakfast or lunch in your room? No problem, try out one of the many grocery store delivery services to help you.

Here are a few to try – Insta CartShipt and even Target will now deliver your groceries. Just order online and you’re set.  

Travel on a Budget – Travel Games 

Best Money Saving Tips for Families . Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation

Travel Games  

Keeping the kids busy and happy will make the trip easier for everyone. I like to bring several different travel activities to play in the car, for airplane rides, or in the hotel.

I save money buying games by shopping at Dollar Tree. Load up on activities before you go so that you don’t have to buy anything at the expensive hotel shops.

Want some ideas of what your kids will love at Dollar Tree? Take a look at my 15 Best Road Trip Games for Kids at the Dollar Tree

I also found some economical travel games and gadgets on Amazon if you don’t have time to run to Dollar Tree before your trip. Get some fun travel game ideas by reading Boredom Busting Road Trip Games for Kids.

Travel on a Budget – Free Family Activities 

Best Money Saving Tips for Families . Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation

Before you head out on vacation, do some research on free activities in the city you are going to visit. You would be surprised how many fun free things there are to do even at popular tourist destinations. Look for some of these fun family-friendly activity ideas.

Town’s Website 

Look up the town’s or city’s website and see what local free events they have going on while you are visiting. There are often free concerts or movies in the park, community events for kids, and local festivals – all fun events you won’t have to pay for. 

You will be amazed at how much you find even in more expensive touristy areas. A great example is our family’s vacations to Naples, Florida. It’s a pretty expensive area but we were still able to find fun & free activities for the whole family.

Take a look at my article on 10 Free Things to Do in Naples to get an idea of what you can find.

Local Parks, Forest Preserves, and State Parks

Spend a couple of hours in the outdoors on local hiking trails or discovering the area’s cool playgrounds. Save money on lunch by packing a picnic to eat at the park.

Museums Free Days 

Most museums offer some type of free day or discounted day. Look on their websites to see when they are or just Google the museum name and free days. If you are visiting during the week, you will find more options than on busy weekends. 

Here is an example of Chicago Museum Free Days 

Smaller towns often have small free museums to showcase their town history. It’s a great way for kids to learn more about the history of the city you’re visiting, plus it’s another fun free outing. 

Museum Reciprocal Programs 

Do you have a membership to a local museum, zoo, or aquarium? Check and see if your pass is reciprocal to museums in other cities. Often you can get in free or with a discount to sister museums.

Another option when on vacation is to buy a membership at a museum you are visiting if they have reciprocal memberships to a museum in the town you live in. Both ways can save you some money and give your family extra museums to visit.

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Travel on a Budget – Use a Packing List

It’s so hard to remember everything you need to pack for vacation, especially when you are packing for a whole family. So, I created an easy packing list I use for my family trips that I think will help you too.

Click here to download my free Family Vacation Packing List and never forget anything again!

Ultimate Family Travel Checklist to get you prepared for traveling with Kids. Everything you need to pack for your vacation. You'll never forget things again. #freeprintable #travelchecklist #travelingwithkids #familyvacation

Did you get inspired by these Budget Travel Money-Saving Tips? I hope you learned how to travel cheaply on a family vacation. It is definitely a lot more fun to travel if you are not stressed about money.

Let me know in the comments which ideas you liked and any great money-saving tips your family likes to use. I love to hear from my readers! 

Don’t forget to try out my Trip Cost Calculator too to get your personalized travel budget!

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Best Money Saving Tips for Vacation with Families. Use these simple and easy tips for vacation with the kids and save money. Moms and Dads will love thse money saving ideas. Get more out of your vacation! #savingmoneytips, #savingmoneyideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation 18 Money Saving Ideas for Vacation with Kids. Easy ways for families to save money while traveling. Follow my money saving tips to get more out of your vacation. #savingmoney, #moneysavingideas, #familytravel, #familyvacation  Easy Money Saving Tips for vacation with kids. Keep to your budget on vacation with these simple travel hacks. Great for road trips or family vacations. #savemoney, #familyvacation. #traveltips, #budget

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