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Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids

Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids

Need some new summer games for your kids? Keep them busy with fun outdoor sidewalk chalk games for kids. Make your front yard exciting all summer long with these easy activities for kids. All you need is a box of chalk and some imagination.

Learn how to play entertaining sidewalk chalk games like the classic hopscotch game to obstacle courses, long jump, 4 Square, and more. Pick out a few games and make a day out of playing with chalk on your driveway or sidewalk.

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Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids. An easy kids activity for your sidewalk or driveway to keep kids entertained for hours. Keep the kids active outside and off the electronics. #chalkgames #kidsactivities #outdoorgamesforkids #kidsgames #sidewalkchalk

Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a fun Sidewalk Chalk Game for kids

Use your sidewalk to create a list of items for your kids to hunt. Look around your yard and find a few easy things to find and a few harder items.

Have kids bring over the smaller items and place them next to the list. Or give them chalk to mark off what they find like a checklist.

Examples – red flower, square rock, birds nest, a bug that crawls, a feather Find more ideas in our free printable scavenger hunts.


Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch for Kids

Draw a hopscotch on your driveway or sidewalk. It has 10 squares with some next to each other and some by themselves like pictured above. Kids then throw a small object as a marker to see where they should jump to on the board. Try to hop on one foot without falling.

On hot days my kids use wet sponges I pick up at the dollar store for markers. You can also have the kids hunt the yard to find a pebble or small rock to use as your marker.

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Sidewalk Chalk Game with a Bullseye and wet sponges. A fun summer game kids love.

Draw a big bullseye on the driveway and have the kids try and hit the middle. They can make it a contest of who can get closer to the bullseye or just try individually to hit the target.

Again the kids can use a wet sponge to make it more challenging or a small rock. Don’t use balls as they will bounce away.

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Targets or Buckets

Chalk Games with Targets on your driveway.

Make a row of targets starting with bigger ones closest to you and getting smaller as they get further away. We used hula hoops and drew circles but you could also use a row of buckets or anything you have in your garage.

If you use buckets I would give the kids a small ball to throw into the target. For the chalk and hula hoops use sponges or rocks again.

Chalk Checkers

Chalk Checkers Games for kids for sidewalks and driveways.

Play a board game outdoors by making a checkerboard out of chalk. To make the pieces let the kids find small rocks and colored them with chalk. Each player can choose a color and make all their pieces that color.

Coloring the rocks was actually a fun activity on it’s own before we played.

How to Make it – You will need to draw 8 squares across and 8 squares down. Alternate between filling in the squares and leaving them blank.


Candyland Board Game with Sidewalk Chalk for Kids

If your more ambitious try making a Candyland board out of chalk. Make a row of colorful squares on the driveway for the kids to follow. The kids will be the moving pieces on this game rather than a rock like the other games.

Let the kids roll a dice to see how many squares they can more. See who makes it to the end first.

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Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course Game with Sidewalk Chalk

Create a fun obstacle course with items you write on the driveway or sidewalk. Make a path of things the kids need to do.

Here are some ideas – Start out with leap frog jumps, then a twist, touch your toes, go left, go right, hop over sticks, and walk backward to the end. Really anything goes so change it up each time you make this to make it fun every time.

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Long Jump

Long Jump with Sidewalk Chalk - Fun outside game for kids.

Make a long jump for the kids. Use a measuring tape to find a 12 ft distance. Then draw a line every 2 ft so kids can measure how far they jump.

First, let kids jump from a standstill and see how far they can get. Next, let them do a running jump and see if they go further. It’s a science class and a fun outdoor game.

4 Square Game

4 Square Game for Kids with Sidewalk Chalk

This is an easy game the kids probably play at school. Draw four squares on the driveway. Have four kids each stand in one square.

The kids will bounce the ball to another square and that child needs to catch it before it bounces twice in their square. If they don’t catch the ball their out.

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Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

Sidewalk Chalk drawings for kids a fun art activity with chalk

Let the kids be creative making sidewalk chalk drawings of their favorite toys or items in your yard. Kids can trace the shadow of the toy or another kid and then color it in to create beautiful pictures on your driveway.

Color Search

A fun chalk game - Color Search. Kids can search for items to match the color in the circle around their house.

Draw different color circles on the ground and have kids search for items that color. Each color circle will end up with a small pile of matching color items. Kids can search the yard and garage toys to find items that match the color.


Play Pictionary on the driveway. Either make up a few items to draw and add them to a bowl for kids to pick out or let them come up with their own ideas. As the child starts drawing everyone else can guess what the picture is.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Chalk Game for Kids

Draw Tic Tac Toe boards and play the game on the driveway. Great for all ages.

Do those sound like fun outdoor chalk games for kids? I hope they will enjoy playing sidewalk chalk games as much as my kids have enjoyed them. Its been a great way to keep them busy in the summer months with a new activity every day.

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Fun Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids - 13 outdoor kids activities to play on your sidewalk or driveway. Keep the kids busy all summer long with these easy games they'll love. #chalkgames #sidewalkchalkgames #gamesforkids #kidsactivities
Awesome Chalk Games & Ideas for your sidewalk and driveway. Keep kids outdoors and entertained with these easy games all summer long.  #chalkgames #gamesforkids #kidsactivities #sidewalkchalkgames

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