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Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids -Backyard Ideas

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Throw a birthday party kids will remember with fun outdoor birthday party games. Easy DIY party games and ideas kids and parents will enjoy. Stop spending all that money on birthday facilities and throw an awesome party at home.

All of these outdoor birthday party games are simple to set up to make throwing a party at home less stressful. Plus having all the kids outside will keep your house clean (:

So, keep reading, to find easy ways to celebrate the perfect backyard birthday party with fun games for your kids will love.

If you can’t be together in person this year consider a Virtual Birthday Party with friends or family.

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Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids at Backyard Birthdays

Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids Backyard Birthday Parties. Simple games ideas parents can set up and kids will love playing. Your sure to find the perfect outdoor game for your party, BBQ, or family event.

Look through our list of fun outdoor birthday party games for kids and find a few that are perfect for your child’s personality. You can even look over the list with your kids to find games they want to play at their party. They’ll love having input into their own birthday.

If you want a combination of indoor and outdoor party games make sure to read our 30 Party Games for kids too.

It would also be fun to add in a few Meaningful birthday traditions before or after the party with just your family. This will help make the whole day extra special.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt for kids. A fun outdoor party game or backyard game kids will love.

Let the kids explore your backyard with a scavenger hunt. You can break the kids up into smaller teams and give each a backyard scavenger hunt list to complete.

See which group makes it back first with a completed list and give out a small prize to that team. ( I find tons of cheap goody bag items and prize ideas at Dollar Tree)

Make sure to look over this free printable backyard scavenger hunt before the party to make sure you have everything. You can even hide a few of the items to make it more challenging.

I left open the last two spots on the printable so you could add your own unique items from your backyard.

If you want to take the kids on a walk you could also try a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. Older kids could go off in small groups searching your neighborhood for items and see who can make it back first.

If the kids are a little older and enjoy taking selfies try the Pre-Teen & Teen Scavenger Hunt.

Nerf Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Kids love to play with Nerf Guns outdoors. Create some cool Nerf Targets to spread out around the yard for the kids to shoot. If your kids are really into Nerf Guns host a Nerf War party and play capture the flag.

DIY Nerf War Battlefield Ideas for Nerf Birthday Parties. Learn how to make these cool bases at home and in your backyard for the birthday party. #nerfparty #nerfbases #nerfwarbattlefield #nerfbirthday

These parties can be really fun with a few DIY bases set up in your yard. The kids can even bring their own Nerf Guns to play. We’ve done a few of these parties and they’re a huge hit.

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Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is a fun Outdoor Birthday Party Game for Kids. An easy DIY game kids will love to play in your backyard. Perfect for birthday parties too!

This is super easy to do in your backyard for parties. All you need is a few buckets or trash cans spaced out around your yard. Then give each kid a frisbee to throw.

Make it a circuit to go around and have them try to throw their frisbee into the bucket.

Find more fun games like Frisbee Golf in Easy DIY Outdoor Games from Dollar Tree. Cheap & fun games to play with the kids in the backyard.

Minute to Win It Games

Fun Party Game Marshmallow Snowman Stack Minute to Win It Game. Perfect for birthday parties at home.

If you’re looking for quick games to hold the kid’s attention try Minute to Win It Games. They’re easy to play in your yard by setting up a long table to fit all the kids or set up a couple of card tables. Each could hold a different game.

The goal is to complete each game in under a minute. Here are a few ideas but make sure to visit our Minute to Win It Games for more ideas.

Cup Stacking Races – See who can build a pyramid with 21 solo cups and take it down within a minute.

Straw Race – See who can move all the M&M’s from one plate to another only using a straw in under a minute. (you can use any candy)

Marshmallow Stack – Try and stack 3 marshmallows using chopsticks. (kids can use cheater chopsticks too)

If you have older kids try our Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens.

Relay Race

A relay race is a simple outdoor birthday party game that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. First, create an area in your yard that will be your relay track.

Then make relay wands out of a paper towel roll. You can paste construction paper on the roll so that each team gets a different color.

Next, break the kids up into small groups so they are evenly matched. Line the kids up and say go.

The first team member runs the track and then hands the wand to the next teammate. You do this until all the team members have run. The first team with all their teammates to the end of the track wins.

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Balloon Pop Race

Fun Party Game for Kids Balloon Pop Race. Kids love working on teams to pop the balloon quickest to win the game. Super easy game to play at birthday parties and backyard BBQs

Balloon Games are a fun & cheap way to entertain kids at a birthday party. The Balloon Pop Race is a hilarious game that only needs some chairs and a bag of balloons. Here’s how to play:

Divide the kids up into even groups of 3-4 kids. On one end of the room put a line of chairs to match the number of groups you have. Then on the other end of the room have a start line with the kids lined up with their groups.

When you say GO the first kid races with their balloon to a chair, places it on the chair, and needs to pop the balloon by sitting on it. When they pop it they run back to their group and the next kid goes.

The first group to get all the kids to pop their balloons on the chair and make it back to the start line wins.

Get More Cool Balloon Party Game Ideas

Obstacle Course

Fun Backyard Obstacle Course for kids backyard birthday parties.

Create a backyard obstacle course. This is easier than you think. Use items that you already have in your garage to lay out around the yard. Here are a few ideas.

  • place small cones or buckets for the kids to weave through
  • place a longboard on bricks to walk on like a balance beam
  • If you have a backyard climber have kids run through that.
  • If you have a slide add that to the course
  • Layout hula hoops and have kids jump or crawl through them

If you don’t have time to make your own obstacle course. America Ninja Warriors has a cool backyard obstacle course you could set up.

We really loved the American Ninja Warriors full ropes course we set up in our backyard. The kids used it for a party and then kept playing with it all summer.

Would You Rather

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A Free Printable game for kids to play at Birthday parties, virtual parties or school parties. The questions are great for school brain breaks and even as a fun road trip game for kids. Print out this free pdf and start playing this game today. #partygame #gameforkids #wouldyourather #freeprintable #pdf

Hilarious games to play when you are in transition between games or waiting for the cake to be served. Would You Rather printables have great questions to ask kids and you’ll love their funny answers.

The perfect game to pull out when you need to fill in some time. Use our free printable Would You Rather Questions.

Try these themed Would You Rather Questions too – Would You Rather ChristmasWould You Rather Teens & Tweens, and Would You Rather Valentine’s Day 

Charades Ideas for Kids

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 8 Charades categories & words lists.

Kids will love this fun game of Charades for Kids plus it’s super easy to run. The game can easily be played outside with the kids sitting with their teams in the grass and the person acting out the Charades standing up in front.

To play first, print out our Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids with 144 Words & 8 Categories to choose from.

Then break the kids up into teams. You can do two larger teams or if you have a lot of kids maybe make 4 teams.

Have a bowl with the printed-out Charades words for the kids to pick from when it’s their turn.

The first player on a team has 1 minute to act out the word on their paper. If their team guesses the word before the 1 minute is up their team gets 1 point. If they don’t guess the word the other team has one chance to guess the correct answer and win the point.

Trade-off between teams taking turns until all the kids have had a chance to act out a word.

The winning team has the most points at the end of the game.

FREE Printable Charades Ideas for Kids

Hula Hoop Contest

Have a hula hoop contest with the kids. You could do this in two different ways.

The first is playing the traditional way with the kids seeing how long they can keep the hula hoop going on their hips.

The second is a hula hoop toss. Pair the kids up and line them across from each other. The kids will toss the hula hoop to their partner and see if they can catch it. Each time they catch it have the kids take a big step back and try again.

The last two kids left who haven’t dropped the hula hoop wins.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a fun birthday party game for kids both indoors & outdoors.

Play musical chairs outdoors with the kids. Place a line of chairs in your yard with one chair less than the number of kids playing. The chairs will be back to back so the kids can walk in a circle.

When the music starts they walk around the chairs following each other in a line. When the music stops they have to find a chair to sit on.

If they don’t find a chair they are out. Before the music starts remove one chair and play again. Keep going until only one kid is left with a seat. Whoever gets that seat when the music stops wins the game.

Potato Sack Races

Sack Races are a fun Outdoor Birthday Party Game for Kids to play in your backyard.

Sack races are super fun and hilarious to watch. For this game, all you need are a few cheap pillowcases or sack race bags.

Have kids step into the sacks and line up. When you say go they have to hop to a designated spot. The first to cross the finish line wins.

Tip: To add another activity to the party you could buy white pillow slips for each child and let kids decorate them with markers before the big race.

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Sandbox Treasure

Younger kids will love playing in the sandbox at the party. Before the party hide little items in the sand for the kids to find. I would add items that go with your party theme.

Treasure ideas – plastic dinosaurs, unicorns & fairies, superheroes, army soldiers, or construction trucks.

You could even give each kid a sand bucket and shovel for the dig. SAVE MONEY by finding buckets & small figures at Dollar Tree.

Tug of War

Tug of War - Fun Backyard Party Game for Kids. Perfect for Outdoor Birthday Parties, picnics and family events. A super easy game they'll love to play.

Play Tug of War with the kids. All you need is a large tug of war rope for the kids to pull. Tie a flag or place a colored piece of tape in the middle of the rope. This will let you know when one side passes the line you make on the ground.

Lay out the rope on the grass and have a cone or type of marking in the middle. Evenly divide the kids up on each side of the rope. Have the stronger kids at the ends.

When you say go have the kids start pulling the rope. The first team to have their flag pulled over the cone loses.

Tip: Make sure to do this game over a soft surface like grass in case they fall down while pulling the rope.

Mini Carnival Games

Set up a bunch of mini carnival games all over you yard. The kids can walk around and try all the games. You can put a basket of small prizes next to each game and let the kids know they get one prize after each game.

Give each kid a small carnival bag to collect all their prizes.

Here are a some Game Idea for Your Carnival:

You could also get a carnival yard set if you don’t have time to create each game.

Limbo Outdoor Party Game

Play a game of limbo with the kids. All you need is a long limbo stick for the kids to go under and some music.

To play have an adult hold each end of the limbo stick. Line the kids up and have them try to make it under the limbo stick without touching. Each round lower the stick and see who can make it through.

Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon toss is a fun DIY backyard party game kids will love to keep cool this summer.

If it’s a summer birthday party break out the water balloons. You could have a good old fashion water balloon fight or do a water balloon toss.

For the water balloon toss pair up the kids and have them stand in two lines facing their partner. Start off closer together and toss the balloon to your partner. If your partner catches the balloon they then take a giant step back.

Keep going until only one team is left that hasn’t popped their water balloon.

Tip: Get the water balloons that will hook up to your hose to fill a bunch at a time. It’s so much easier than fill each balloon up individually and you don’t have to tie the balloons.

Are you ready now to play all these fun outdoor party games for kids? I hope these backyard games will be perfect for your kid’s birthday party.

Make sure to SAVE MONEY on party decorations and goody bags with our favorite Cheap Birthday Party Supplies at Dollar Tree.

Birthday Party Checklist

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Get organized with a birthday party checklist. A list of everything you need to remember to do before the party. The checklist starts at 8 weeks before the party and ends with what to do after the party. Use it to make party planning so much easier!

Grab your Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist and get organized!

More Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

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I hope you found some fun outdoor birthday party games & ideas for your child’s next birthday!

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